Question Meme

Before I start, I was kinda curious what the word meme actually meant so I went Wikipedia, the ever-so resourceful website and it says a meme

as defined within memetic theory, comprises a theoretical unit of cultural information, the building block of cultural evolution or diffusion that propagates from one mind to another analogously to the way in which a gene propagates from one organism to another as a unit of genetic information and of biological evolution.

Ok tell me you didn’t understand a single word either! Anyway it might not be the same meme as the word bloggers throw around so carelessly. So here’s a short meme from Jiameei:

Ask me ONE question- no matter how personal, inappropriate or random, and I will answer the question truthfully.

However, if I think your question is way out of line, I won’t bother answering it ok? Hurry up, this is the only time you’ll get to ask me stupid questions like “Why do you think the chicken crossed the road?” or “Do you think I should rename myself from Apple to Orange?” wtf.

p.s: I spent like two hours yesterday writing the page “FAQ on American Colleges” up there alongside Contact Me so if you’re interested in American education, please read it first before sending me an email ok! Good luck I wish there will be more of you here next year so we can meet during breaks =D

p.p.s: Please relink me, I think it’s safe to say that this will be my link from now on. Yeah yeah why didn’t I buy my own domain right? $10 for one year is cheap but what if I blog until I die? Say, my lifespan is 70 years so let’s say I blog for another 50 years=$500!!! Can buy one used car already wtf.


Long Live The King

Oh hark here ladies and gentlemen and hark here good, ye shall.

Yesterweek, when I chanced upon the miserable weather that was 5 celcius, I had to throw on layers and layers of clothes upon mine humble body. I had on me 4 layers of clothes and I then thought of a very complex mathematical equation to roughly calculate how it’d be if the weather got worse.

After 45 pages of extremely complicated and indecipherable numerical scribblings, I finally came to the absolute conclusion that indeedy indeedy, under the harsh weather of the following months to come (-20c), I’ll have to wear a total of…..20 layers. (said complicated mathematical equations and whatnot shall not be revealed lest I confuse everyone to the brink of mental implosion)

Oh sekian kawan kawanku sekalian, let me ask ye this. How is it possible to throw on so many layers upon oneself without the possibility of suffocation?

But that was in the past for ye listen here good, the future holds much more than 20 layers of clothing. Trust me upon this for today I will prove to all my kingsmen that nothing, I repeat to thee, nothing will ever come in the way of the greater good.

Yes, I grant all of you to stare at me in disbelief for a second. What is she trying to say, you scratch your head in animalistic fury?

Today, I shall create history!

Today, I shall defy gravity!

Today, I shall be thy king!

For today, thy king will weareth the shortest of all short skirts with GASP, nothing underneath except a paltry piece of cotton around thy king’s loins. Thy king shall brace the coldest of all cold! Thy king shall prove to all the men in this world that she can surviveth and surviveth very well she shall.

Bow to thy king and thy blessing shall be granted..

Thy beloved king may not look like she’s showing a lot of skin but those shoddy stockings disappeareth into them boots after a while, leaving at least 10 inches of precious skin for the wind to playeth around with. But it’s okay, for I am thy king! and thy king shall embraceth the cold like her bestest comrade..

Shit, thy king is late for her class!

No, laugh no more ye damned fools! Control your incessant mirth or hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I warn thee!


My Thanksgiving

Hello everyone I’m not dead, just a little sad that my holiday is over and I’m back in this shithole wtf. No lah this isn’t really a shithole, but sigh back to more homework and more females wtf.

Anyway pictures from my Thanksgiving with Barry’s host family!

An ugly picture of me trying to wave silly Barry away for trespassing when I’m taking a self-timer shot wtf

playing with the dogs

MOST important part of the day, FOOD oh glorious food come to momma

Sweet potatoes something with marshmallow! Roasted to perfection.

Turkey, biscuit with honey butter, mash potatoes and this really nice coconut thingy with pecan nuts and more sweet potatoes!

Cutest kid in the whole world! He had to dress up as a girl for a skit haha. He is so damned cute seriously. Once, his cousin Lauren had to go to the bathroom and he wanted to go in, so he knocked. She said wait she’ll come out in a minute. He knocked again and said “Lauren, come out!” and she said “Hold on!” and then guess what he did?? He put his hands under the door and said “Lauren, pull me under!”

HAHAHHAHA isn’t that the cutest thing ever? He really did want her to pull him under the door! hahahaha god I love kids!

Him with a wig. How cute! Look at how he props his arm a little and how he bends his legs! Boy, can he get any cuter than that??

Lauren is the girl in purple who looks much prettier in real life. She’s only 16.

The Asians

The hugeeeee TV. Bigger than the guy who’s more than 6 feet tall and the door!

Hot tub!

His host mom wants us to take picture with the pumpkin pie wtf

In the fishing-themed room

Sigh I miss you so much already babe

Looking out to see if it was snowing-well, it wasn’t.

a big piano and a tiny piano haha lighting damn nice hor

Showing off my $8 dress.

Got buttons! $8=RM28 maybe. Aih why am I so good at finding cheap stuff? The other day I bought the cutest undies ever for $0.75 for one!!!! One day I’m gonna show you all my cheapest clothes and trust me, you’ll feel like strangling me then.

The huge Beatles poster in Barry’s room.

Going through life with only one pose wtf

Ok the end that was how I spent my Thanksgiving which was fabulous. The people were so friendly to us, as usual and the food was great!

Sigh now I’m back to morning classes, freezing my ass while walking to class, waking up at 8.30am for my 8.40am class (i’m the champion lah seriously, 3 minutes to get ready, 5 minutes to get my breakfast, 5 minutes to run to class. Yes yes I do realize that that adds up to 13 minutes which is why I’m always at least 3 minutes late for class wtf), finding myself in a world filled with women (sigh) and more American food.

Anyway I don’t know if I really like this world filled with women but I’m getting pretty sick of it. I’ve always had more guy friends than girls and I’ve always got along better with guys anyway. Why I’m okay with being in a women’s college:

1. the toilet seat is always down! Hallelujah and I don’t have to worry about finding pee stain on the seat wtf

2. less noise!

3. i can walk around the hallway wrapped in my towel!

4. i don’t have to worry about looking like a hag without make up cause there aren’t any guys to impress! Although I still dress up to my classes anyway but at least I don’t have to worry if I have bad hair day or whatever. Although I shouldn’t have a reason to since I have a boyfriend whom I LOVE VERY MUCH wtf and I don’t need to impress other guys wtf.

5. that’s all lah can’t think anymore.

I really feel like transferring to a co-ed college, sigh. This college is really great otherwise! The professors are excellent and the facilities and programs are top-notch. I just wish there are guys so that I don’t have to hear girls going OMG like guess what like my boyfriend is like coming to visit like tomorrow.

The word like is so redundant I wish someone just goddamn take the word away forever. After hearing it so many times, even I say in unconsciously!

Anyway, omg like, winter break is in like, 3 weeks and I’m going to New York with like, my boyfriend. I’m like so excited!


What I’ve been up to lately

Quick announcement: to people who commented in my previous post requesting to be included in the mailing list, yeap you guys are all included. And maybe some of you may have misunderstood this: I’m not locking my entire blog! It’s still open to the public but certain sensitive posts may have passwords. I may not email everyone passwords for every single password-protected post too, ok? Cause maybe I only want certain people to read certain posts.

Anyway now that that’s settled (serious voice wtf), let me enlighten all of you of what I did the past few days. Super boring post ahead.

First I went to this place to watch some 3D film on IMAX and saw Takezo Kensei wtf

And then since it’s near Christmas, they have these people on pigs and horses walking around talking to people (haha see the small legs to make him appear like he’s on the pig)

in IMAX. The movie is called Beowulf and it’s quite cool, imagine Lord of the Rings in 3D!! Ok not as nice but it’s really damn kan cheong to watch a movie like that on 3D. You’ll always be gripping the edges of your seat in suspense.

Then next day I went to Barry’s host mother’s school to play with the kids. They’re all so damned cute! One boy kept asking if I’ve kissed anyone and asked for my cellphone number!

Barry trying to suck my cheek out wtf

waiting for it to snow wtf

Anyway next we went to his host family’s house to cook! Nasi goreng cina dan ikan bilis dan kuah ayam madu!!!!!11

The guy will do the manly task of cutting the chicken

And the girl will do the frying! mmm

Kuah ayam madu


Ok up next is a tour around an American house. Sorry lah dunno what to blog about already.

The toilet is damn cute!

The fireplace

HAHAHA this is damn funny! It’s Barry’s host parents going as native Africans for Halloween! HAHAHAHHA damn creative right!

Then we watched a Christmas movie in anticipation of Christmas wtf

and I kissed the dog

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow and I so can’t wait! Hear hear, Weather God, this girl is now all prepared to embrace the first drop of snow! She already bought her winter jacket ($79.90 from H&M) and she has all her gloves, scarves and whatnots in hand. Bring it on!

OMG! I can’t believe it! It’s already snowing back in my college! OMG I’m so excited it’s supposed to snow here tomorrow omg omg can you believe it?? The only time I’ve touched snow was in that Winter House in Genting Highlands! wtf and it was so dirty cause a million people touched it before me wtf. AH SO EXCITED I CAN’T BREATHE! My..first..snow *big wet eyes

Happy Thanksgiving! mmm I’m gonna eat myself silly tomorrow.

p.s: thanks for the huge ego booster in the previous post. Now my butt is the size of DHL hot air balloon wtf


For future password-protected posts

Hi everyone, I got some of your emails regarding the password-protected posts and I think this way is more efficient in dealing with this in the future. The reason why I want to have password-protected posts is cause I wanna monitor who read those posts. I want to be able to still express my thoughts and views which could possibly offend many people (since I’m quite sexually and politically liberal like that) and at the same time not offend anyone.

So I’m doing this ala Jolene style, leave a comment here and I’ll put you in the mailing list for future password-protected posts. You just have to tell me who you are basically and of course, leave your email. It’ll help if you tell me how sexy I am too wtf. Lie if you must wtf

This way, I can get both the freedom to express my thoughts and not worry about my family members/children/stupid people wtf reading posts that could be a tad too sensitive for them.

p.s: Guess what I’m doing now?!?!

I’m eating instant teriyaki noodles! Oklah closest I can get to something like char kuey teow (although it tastes nothing like CKT T_T just make myself happy only wtf)


Protected: Email me if you want the password

testing only wtf

No lah seriously quite pissed with how stupid some people are. Talk about sex only what very big deal meh now. Ya so I like sex a lot. So I’m not married. So I’m only 19. But at least I don’t sleep around with different people each week what. At least I’ve only ever been the same guy I love for the past 3 years what.



Falling in love all over again

I’m in my boyfriend’s place now and all is well and dandy. I’m very happy and so is he and we’re all very happy and joyful and we’re now a couple in a bubble full with joy, happiness and everything nice.
I know I’ve said this like a million times but whenever we meet again after months and months of not seeing each other, everything seems so worth it. All that fighting and arguing and slamming the phone and missing each other like crazy seem so freaking worth it for just one moment; the moment we both lay our eyes on each other in the airport, hug, kiss, and all goes well and dandy like that.

It was the same ol’ same ol’ yesterday. Same ol’ jitters and nervousness in the plane (and this time I’m the one who got on the plane! I’m usually the one who receives him at the airport) Same ol’ butterflies in my stomach and toes, same ol’ hair brushing, make-up applying, clothes tugging in a frenzy. I want to look perfect for the one guy I love so much but I guess after not seeing each other for 3 months, everything about us will seem perfect no matter how ugly we look.

I asked him if I gained 15 pounds, would he still pretend I didn’t and not say anything about it? He said No, he’ll walk away and tell his host dad that he didn’t see me and they should go back immediately =.= I guess we won’t be thaaat perfect after all wtf. But anyway all is well cause I didn’t gain 15 pounds and he didn’t get uglier wtf.

Seriously, I loveeee how it feels. The first kiss, the first hug, the first everything. I love how time seems to stop to accommodate these two crazy people who are so so in love with each other. I love how we cherish every single moment now cause after 1 week, it’ll all be gone and we have to go through all that arguing, missing each other and phone slamming again. This week is our week and no one’s gonna say no to that. We’re gonna act as love sick as we want. We’re gonna be the love-sickest puppies you’ve ever seen. We’re gonna look as if we just got together and we are NOT gonna argue.

We already held pinkies to that promise.


I hate thinking of titles

Seriously, how do you name the title of a post that is going to be about clothes and the weather (yet again)? Title: Clothes and the weather (yet again) ah wtf.

Anyway Barry found this absolutely fantastic website for us and we (aud, angie and I lah who else I don’t have other friends here wtf) went nuts. like real nuts nuts! I was okay at first because I saw that everything is at least $50 so okay babai close the site. Then the next day, Aud and Angie gleefully announced that they bought 3401 tops and 596 boots and that I MUST give the site a chance again.

And so I did.

And I have hell to pay now wtf.

Total damage done (or going to be done):


Oh là là, c’est une très jolie robe! ($30)


Everyone loves this SOOOO much. Damn damn nice! ($70)


They have this in brown too ($28)


This is ok for the price lah and quite practical for this weather ($38)


Aud got hers in brown but I like this one more ($30)

Anything more than $40 and I don’t bother looking edi cause I know looking at those will only make my heart ache cause I’ll never spend more than this on clothes. This site has soooo many nice clothes man seriously seriously I spent the last 2 days looking at them and I think I’ve only been through 1/100 of their whole collection.

The clothes here are mainly from Korea/Japan/Hong Kong so they’re more suitable for cold weather. I’m starting to like the weather here cause I can play with the layers and all! How fun! Back in Msia, I was always with just a tshirt and shorts.

I’m gonna give you the link but then again, maybe not. Neh neh neh bu bu wtf. If you really really want then I might consider it wtf. Anyway the shipping is really expensive if you want to ship to Malaysia and the prices I quoted are all in USD not RM ok. RM then I buy the whole site already cause damn cheap. Exchange rate is RM3.30 to $1 so you calculate yourself lah.

But SHH ok! Don’t tell the whole world! Cause the more the demand, then the demand curve will shift to right and the price will increase! And we don’t want that to happen, do we now? wtf

Anyway moving on, today I woke up to find myself (and the entire world) completely enveloped in mist. So I brought my camera out with me.


An extremely brave soul walking through life with only a thin t-shirt and pants. *kowtows wtf

Ok it doesn’t look like the whole world was covered in mist but it really seemed like it this morning.


A coward soul with long johns, tshirt, sweater, scarf, gloves AND coat. and fake mist wtf. No seriously really got a lot a lot mist when I breathe/talk but it doesn’t show in pictures!

Ya ya i know I look haggard/ah lian/old wtf with my hair up but bad hair day lah what to do.

Random picture of the day:


Cause we’re cool (or hot wtf) like that wtf

p.s: I’m EXTREMELY excited cause I’m gonna visit the boyfriend in……..2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 And then we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with his host family. Real Thanksgiving. Real FOOD. FREE FOOD! mmm.


An Insomniac’s Conversation with Herself

Being an insomniac is so not funny anymore and I’m putting all the blame solely on my roommate. 1. cause I really think it is really her fault and 2. she doesn’t read my blog so putting the blame on her rather than myself makes things easier.

1. I never ever had problems falling asleep before till I got here. Before this, I can fall asleep almost whenever I want and I gracefully accept that as god’s gift to me wtf. BUT here, my roommate has some dunno what A.D.D and she takes some dunno what pill and does NOT sleep at all. One will think that she takes the pill to help her concentrate in doing her schoolwork but no! She takes it so she can play WARCRAFT the whole night. *faints

Therefore conclusion is, it disrupts my sleep greatly because I can hear her typing to her warcraft mates asking for sword or army wtf. So nevermind, I resort to asking Angie to donate her earplugs to me. Sleep came by easily for the next week or so until one day when I woke up and realized that they’re missing T____T


As you can see, I’m damn free wtf.

Sigh so nowadays I usually take an hour or more to fall asleep even when I’m really tired and sleepy and even when said culprit is not even playing warcraft. It’s like I’m already used to not being able to fall asleep. Long ago when I could fall asleep anytime, I just had to start talking to myself (not aloud la) and the moment when my thoughts became incoherent, that was when sleep would engulf me completely. I would then not fight its possession over me and let myself be consumed totally by it. It was bliss.

But that was long long time ago. Now I can talk to myself forever and without knowing it, the sun will be up and I’ll still be talking to myself.

Example of conversation with myself:

Ok time to sleep! I’m soooo tired yawn.

*blinks 35 times and pretends to yawn again

I’m really tired! and sleepy! I can sleep anytime soon! YAWNNN

Oh I didn’t crack my waist, no wonder I can’t fall asleep! I must crack my waist before I sleep everynight!

*twists body in awkward angle to left, and to right.

*still wide awake

OHHH I forgot to crack my knuckles (fingers and toes)! Silly me!

*cracks every single crack-able part of my body

Hmm what shall I eat tomorrow..Shit did I finish my homework?!?!!$@ Oh I did fuh.

*40 minutes later

OHH I forgot to meditate that’s why can’t fall asleep! Ohm…ohm.. namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammasambudhasa ohm..(WTF why i still remember this)

*60 minutes later

T____________T Why am I still awake I hate myself got class at 8am tomorrow lahhh T__T looks like I have no choice but to skip my morning class. Case resolved.

*falls asleep peacefully

Sigh that’s basically how it is for me EVERY single night. But of course the conversation goes on longer than that. I’ll think of everything think-able like what to blog, what to wear tomorrow, if I should go mall or not, how many days I haven’t shat already, why didn’t I eat vege, why is the sky blue, why did the chicken really cross the road, seriously lah everything imaginable. It’s a wonder why I never ran out of things to think about one lor when it comes to this.

Really really suffering man. Somemore I’m running out of things to ohm with when I meditate. *reminds self to google Buddhist Chants wtf. Last time when I went Buddhist school wtf I damn pro at the whole bhagavato thing one.


Of My Kiam Siapness

I’m so happy! Cause it’s only RM15 to post 1 kg worth of stuff here from Msia!

I’m SOOO forcing my mom to send me indomie/har mee/maggi tom yam! And my favorite biskut ketam! What?? You don’t know what’s biskut ketam?!


This, ladies and gents, is biskut ketam, which happens to be the BEST snack in the world. It’s also known as tam tam/pillow biscuit.

Anyway moving on, I also want the green peas with that white thing! And the yellow ball-y thing! I love those so damn much.

Seriously anyone wants to send stuff to their beloved homesick blogger here? *big wet eyes

p.s: i heard SPM is tomorrow? Well good luck, horses =)

p.p.s: I saw a very nice Guess bag on sale yesterday. $40 after 60% discount (RM140) and I DIDN’T buy it. I honestly hate myself sometimes. It was reallyyyy nice and big and so freaking worth it and the most ‘brand-est’ thing I ever get for myself is..Forever 21 wtf.

I SHOULD SO TOTALLY BUY IT LOR! But I didn’t. Guess why? (guess wtf) CAUSE I can’t! Cause I’m supposed to be stingy like that! Cause that’s so Suet Li and I can’t not be so Suet Li. I can totally afford the $40 and in fact, I HAVE the $40 with me but..but..ARGH. I hate myself T_T

I always tell this to myself whenever I see something nice. “don’t get it Suet it’s ok, just walk away. slowly now, just walk..away..the guilt will go away but the money will never come back” WTF and it always works!

But I’m starting to get tired of it. Seriously I have so much money in my bank account, even more than my mom and whenever she asks me when am I ever going to use it, I’ll say “USE IT?? OF COURSE NOT! I’m gonna save it till I REALLY need it” and she’ll then give me a talk on how money is meant to be used sometimes. Can you imagine my mom telling me to spend instead of save?? And then I’ll usually give her a super long talk on how saving is good cause bank gives you interest (free money $__$) wtf and it’s more worth it compared to spending on clothes etc.

And whenever we go Giant or whatever wtf, my bro and sis hate it when I go along cause I won’t let them buy snacks/useless stuff because it’s a waste of money.

And I manage my family’s account.

And my mom usually consults me when it comes to financial stuff cause I’ll calculate like crazy and come up with the most economical budget wtf. Like when we go grocery shopping then she’ll go “eh should I buy A or B?” and I’ll hold up my calculator (yes i’m one of those aunties who brings a calculator to supermarkets wtf) and calculate how much is 1g of A and how much is 1g of B and see which one is cheaper. Repeats process for every single thing we buy.

I know I know everyone hates me now. I hate myself for being like this too but hmm why do I feel proud when I list all these useless things down? Being stingy sucks ok. I’m always the one who have the least fun when I go theme parks or whatever cause I’ll be busy calculating how much I’ve spent today and end up not having fun at all.

I can so see myself earning a lot in the future but still drive a kancil and live in a flat wtf. Sigh I don’t want that life :( (not really, imagine all that money in my bank!! =D wtf)

(looks like my whole entry is based on my p.p.s wtf)