Falling in love all over again

Falling in love all over again

I’m in my boyfriend’s place now and all is well and dandy. I’m very happy and so is he and we’re all very happy and joyful and we’re now a couple in a bubble full with joy, happiness and everything nice.
I know I’ve said this like a million times but whenever we meet again after months and months of not seeing each other, everything seems so worth it. All that fighting and arguing and slamming the phone and missing each other like crazy seem so freaking worth it for just one moment; the moment we both lay our eyes on each other in the airport, hug, kiss, and all goes well and dandy like that.

It was the same ol’ same ol’ yesterday. Same ol’ jitters and nervousness in the plane (and this time I’m the one who got on the plane! I’m usually the one who receives him at the airport) Same ol’ butterflies in my stomach and toes, same ol’ hair brushing, make-up applying, clothes tugging in a frenzy. I want to look perfect for the one guy I love so much but I guess after not seeing each other for 3 months, everything about us will seem perfect no matter how ugly we look.

I asked him if I gained 15 pounds, would he still pretend I didn’t and not say anything about it? He said No, he’ll walk away and tell his host dad that he didn’t see me and they should go back immediately =.= I guess we won’t be thaaat perfect after all wtf. But anyway all is well cause I didn’t gain 15 pounds and he didn’t get uglier wtf.

Seriously, I loveeee how it feels. The first kiss, the first hug, the first everything. I love how time seems to stop to accommodate these two crazy people who are so so in love with each other. I love how we cherish every single moment now cause after 1 week, it’ll all be gone and we have to go through all that arguing, missing each other and phone slamming again. This week is our week and no one’s gonna say no to that. We’re gonna act as love sick as we want. We’re gonna be the love-sickest puppies you’ve ever seen. We’re gonna look as if we just got together and we are NOT gonna argue.

We already held pinkies to that promise.