Question Meme

Before I start, I was kinda curious what the word meme actually meant so I went Wikipedia, the ever-so resourceful website and it says a meme

as defined within memetic theory, comprises a theoretical unit of cultural information, the building block of cultural evolution or diffusion that propagates from one mind to another analogously to the way in which a gene propagates from one organism to another as a unit of genetic information and of biological evolution.

Ok tell me you didn’t understand a single word either! Anyway it might not be the same meme as the word bloggers throw around so carelessly. So here’s a short meme from Jiameei:

Ask me ONE question- no matter how personal, inappropriate or random, and I will answer the question truthfully.

However, if I think your question is way out of line, I won’t bother answering it ok? Hurry up, this is the only time you’ll get to ask me stupid questions like “Why do you think the chicken crossed the road?” or “Do you think I should rename myself from Apple to Orange?” wtf.

p.s: I spent like two hours yesterday writing the page “FAQ on American Colleges” up there alongside Contact Me so if you’re interested in American education, please read it first before sending me an email ok! Good luck I wish there will be more of you here next year so we can meet during breaks =D

p.p.s: Please relink me, I think it’s safe to say that this will be my link from now on. Yeah yeah why didn’t I buy my own domain right? $10 for one year is cheap but what if I blog until I die? Say, my lifespan is 70 years so let’s say I blog for another 50 years=$500!!! Can buy one used car already wtf.


  1. Baz says:

    hoh opportunity! have you ever had feelings for anyone else or thought that hmm maybe you’d like to shag/date someone else, and who!

    Suet: no,never had any feelings for anyone else but you and yes, i’ve thought of that before and tekkk exceeded the no. of questions allowed edi wtf

  2. Heartless-Usagi says:


    so why did the chicken really crossed the road?wtf

    and how much wood would a would chuck chuck if a wood chuck wood chuck wood wtf

    Suet: one ques only lah but out of the kindness of my heart, I’ll answer both wtf. 1. cause he wants to get to the other side la doink wtf and 2. a lot of wood wtf

  3. Mei says:

    Which came first? The chicken or the egg? -_-

    Suet: The egg cause I don’t believe in creationism lah. I know evolution doesn’t justify for where the egg came from but I think it’s some sort of atoms shit wtf.

  4. mell says:

    If you can choose one of these, which one would it be? To live 10 years more than you are supposed to, to not look ugly even when u’re old? lol

    Suet: what!! i want both! erm but it depends lah if my husband die already i live another 10 years for what and if i’m old already, still look pretty for what right. so i guess i’ll choose the live older one.

  5. clem says:

    what would you do if your son/daughter bats for the other team wtf.

    Suet: hahahhaa i will support her/him/shim la obviously. i have a lot gay friends also what. not gay as in happy and joyful k wtf. yeah i’ll be very open about it, i’m very very sure.

  6. Jia Meei says:

    At what age did you start realising you were pretty? As in when did you come out of your shell wtf I dunno if I’m phrasing this correctly! Do you get me

    Suet: yes of course i get you my love /boo. erm around form 3 when i slimmed down then alot guys went after me wtf. but that time i didn’t think i was pretty also lah i think after form 5 when i started putting make up only i thought i was somewhat pretty wtf. see i’m damn humble wtf

  7. Jia Meei says:

    As defined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene (1976): “a unit of cultural transmission, or a unit of imitation.” “Examples of memes are tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation.

    I dunno if this qualifies at a meme… maybe the right word for it is ‘tag’. Uh-oh.

  8. gwen says:

    would you rather have very bad sex with a sizzling hot man or very good sex with an ugly bald man?

    Suet: obviously the sizzling hot man one! oh wait..if that ugly bald man is not old and wrinkly then maybe i’ll choose him. i’ll tell him to blindfold me as some sort of sex foreplay wtf then yay i imagine him to be handsome-r lah wtf

  9. Jac says:

    Hmmm, here goes my question

    What keeps/makes you happy/strong when you’re feeling really down, i mean REALLY down (read : to the extent of committing suicide)?

    Suet: i talk to my boyfriend about it or sometimes to my best friends. talking about it helps a lot! (i hope talking to me helps and i hope you’re feeling better =) )

  10. rae says:

    hey u said u bought those stylish grey boots in msia right!
    can tell me exactly where! not everyday u see nice boots available in msia:(

    Suet: aiks shit can’t remember the shop name. it’s in one utama, on the bridge one..2nd floor i think. i bought it for around rm130. very nice!

  11. Liz says:

    hmm okay this is abit ‘wtf’ but here goes,
    can you ever imagine how would it be like for u if you and barry ever break up (WILL NVR HAPPEN TOUCH WOOD! what-if scenario only)? as in… would u picture urself totally devastated and dont wanna date anymore wtf or would be upset but somehow still ok?
    (ya if u read my blog i’m asking this coz i just wanna have other ppl’s opinions on how fast would they move on coz i think i’m abnormal one o.O)

    Suet: i’ll be extremely devastated and will consider suicide wtf. oklah not the latter but i don’t think i cant be the same without him at all. heck i can’t even imagine! i can see myself marrying him you know aww wtf. but i guess if we ever do then i’ll still have to move on right, if things and circumstances don’t allow us to be together again. i guess if we just got together then it won’t be so bad but we’ve been together for quite some time so harder lah

  12. james says:

    ya i wanted to ask about the visitors one too! nvm here: which blog do u like/hate the most?

    Suet: wahhh. ok i only answer one k. my fav blog is xiaxue’s i know damn mainstream but seriously she’s quite interesting lah. i used to like isorule but now his blog is private and i’m too lazy to ask him to let me read. he commented in my blog once! *super proud

  13. suet ling says:

    hey you…how are you doin in the States?
    eh thats not the question i wanted to ask hehe
    hmm,do you think its possible to fall for a guy just by interacting online & the both of you have never met? as in just by chatting you sorta realized hmm this guy is more than what meets the eye

    Suet: mm im fine thanks wtf. ermmm i think’s possible. cause i sorta fell for my boyf last time when we chatted online after we saw each other, if tht counts.

  14. aud says:

    ME ME!

    OK my question is how pretty do you think i am on a scale of 1-10 WTF.

    there is a right answer to this so you better not mess it up *cracks knuckles wtf

    Suet: erm if not that honest but since i like u a lot i’ll give you 11/10 wtf but if very honest and judged from when i first saw u i’ll give 7/10 but since u actually got prettier from when i first saw u so now it’s 8/10. happy? wtf actually i’m very kiam siap even when i rate people one seriously even for say, heather in antm i give her 9.2/10 only wtf not full marks

  15. notaudrey says:

    ok how pretty do you think YOU are on a scale of 1-10?

    Suet: hahahaha u are damn lame. ermmm if judged from today i give myself 7.5/10 wtf but if from how i look normally everyday i’ll give maybe 7.3/10 wah i damn humble wtf (eh but if doesn’t count body lah, just face)

  16. amy says:

    less than 900 is not alot??? *hates u* no wonder la, with ppl who get as many unique visitors like u, how normal ppl like me compete to get ads 🙁
    no la, actually i like u alot dats why i come here everyday. haha~

    my question is… what is the most romantic thing that barry has ever done for u?

    Suet: haha wtf don’t scold me la =(
    ermmmm most romantic thing ar. he does a lot of small small romantic stuff actually like getting flowers for me when i get angry or saying that he’ll bring me to a nice restaurant for our anniversary then bring me back to his house for a private candlelight dinner =D or putting rose petals on the car seat when he fetches me etc

  17. pancakes says:

    woi big apple opened in 1u already did you know (THIS IS NOT THE QUESTION OKAY). yala yala i know you got krispy kreme all.

    here is my question:

    where did you get your sense of humour from?
    like what are you biggest influences or whatever

    Suet: cheh i know la opened damn long ago what! nolah i haven’t tried krispy kreme also =(
    erm sense of humour ahhhh. i don’t think i’m that funny actually but i probably got it from barry haha. actually got influence one meh! it’s god’s gift what WTF i mean i think i’m born with it lah WTF

  18. choc says:

    less than 900?!?
    That’s unfair u didnt answer honestly ):

    Ok fine, u shall pick one answer then.
    A) Ard 50+
    B) Ard 100+
    C) Ard 150+
    D) Ard 200+


    Suet: haha erm D wtf. depends la each day different one but average around..oh wait u lied in your email column! so why should i be honest with u too!

  19. Sex Maniac says:

    how you get orgasm from sex?
    like how baeey does to make you orgasm?

    Suet: who’s baeey wtf? and why you so creative one ah. and why u must lie when u put your email ah? therefore i shall not tell you wtf. but if you are honestly just an innocent guy who wants to learn techniques on how to give your gf orgasms wtf then email me k wtf wtf sex therapy wtf

  20. Sex God says:

    how many times have you had sex?

    Suet: you lied in the email column so why should i be honest with you. if you put proper name and real email add i’ll consider telling you

  21. Carmen says:

    I know the definition of memes aren’t exactly very straightforward, but I was watching a talk by Dan Denett once and he made it very clear for me,

    “If a virus is a string of nuclear acid with attitude, a meme is an information packet with attitude.”

    Something like an idea that penetrates like a virus. I really don’t know how that’s connected to blog memes though. 🙂

    Suet: oh oh yeah i read somewhere about that also. thanks for that! i feel smarter now wtf. anyway they did explain it in if you’re interested

  22. tze says:

    cibai sex maniac ppl already say no offensive question la tiu

    how pretty am i on a scale of 1 to 10!

    oh i wanna do this too on lj

    Suet: cis i know u and aud sure ask the same thing one are all the club members so self-centered except jam ah, look at her question! anyway i’ll say…7.95/10 wtf because you don’t have double eyelids and aud has WTF

  23. june says:

    Uh.. which would you go for?

    A pair of skimpy super sexy gstring thats so lacy it bloody pokes ur ass crack and causes it to itch forever

    A pair of cute comfy cotton undies that are so worn out, theyve got holes and hanging loose threads?

    Suet: erm depends what’s the occasion la if gonna see my bf then wear lacy la if not then wear the holes one wtf

  24. pinkpau says:

    ya i echo the baz! opportunity!!!!!

    okok hmmmmmmmm.

    what is your number one insecurity?

    Suet: eh i blogged about that before i think. my biggest insecurity will be what people think of me. i always feel like after i walk away, everyone will talk behind my back and bitch about me one wtf. if that’s an insecurity lah sigh why i always think the whole world hates me wtf

  25. zelia says:

    hey suet =)

    i’m just wondering, did u ever get jealous with barry’s ex or his girl friends that he is close to?

    Suet: yes i used to but he didn’t really have a gf he loved a looot so i wasn’t worried. and i kinda befriended his close girl friends so erm nope never got jealous of them before! cun leh my tactic wtf

  26. Eng Seng says:

    Hey Suet Li… What do you like best in the USA that you would like to bring back to Malaysia?

    Suet: errrrrrrrrrrrrr if you ask me vice versa i got a million and one things to say lor. lemme think harder..bagel wtf. cis why must it be food! haha ermmm their manners wtf

  27. jesslyn says:

    hehe, How do you find yourself as seductive as a girl should be??
    (rate 1-10)
    *lame*lame me


    Suet: nope i don’t consider myself seductive at all, really. you should ask my boyf that wtf. erm who’s the most seductive girl ah..let’s say erm angelina jolie is 10 and oprah winfrey (WTF) is 5 then i’ll give myself 7 wtf.

  28. yun says:

    where did u get yr ‘instinct’ to find cheap nice clothes?! -___- yea yea yea very lame but oh well..

    Suet: it’s called luck! haha actually i dunno i see cheap then i buy lah, if not i won’t buy. so i guess that’s why all my clothes are considered cheap? wtf

  29. kimfei says:

    all rights,here is my question..How long will you consider long ??slowly …I mean relationship..!!

    Suet: hahahha very long wtf. ermmm for me more than 1 year considered quite long kua? anyway my 3rd yr anniversary is in 9 days *big wet eyes

  30. Hans says:

    Okay, this is totally mean and random la, but like, you only answered one part of this other guy’s two-part question. So, this may be inappropriate but you could always “surrender” by not answering it.

    Which blogger do you dislike?

    I know very mean and inappropriate, but like only a portion of the questions was personally challenging.


    Suet: hahaha surrender wtf! no way man thy king shall not surrender without a fight! wtf. erm actually i don’t even need to think lah but i feel like it’s not necessary to inflict more pain unto that blogger and pinkpau already blogged very boldly about her. so if u can figure out who pinkpau was talking about then yeap that’s her but if not then neh neh neh bu bu wtf.

  31. Jac says:

    which blogger do you find the hottest? 🙂
    (besides dawn yang of cos!)

    Suet: i don’t find dawn yang hot. hahaha the blogger i find the hottest (and i have a crush on her wtf) is angela baby! she’s damn pretty lah not hot. she’s a model from HK.

  32. mervyn says:

    suet li what’s your favorite word next to wtf?

    Suet: errrm actually i don’t say wtf a lot in real life. my favorite word ahh..don’t have lah i like a lot of words! ok i hereby grant you another ques!

  33. Jac says:

    dawn yang is hot? =.=”

    ps : eh dun think I asked the question and answered myself k? someone else used the name as mine ><

    Suet: so what’s your ques wtf? no i don’t think she’s hot.

  34. Alex Y says:

    coffee, tea or me?

    Suet: i don’t like coffee cause it makes me lau sai! wtf. i don’t really like tea too. oh lookie looks like i have choice but to choose you. wtf

  35. Pats says:

    which of your blogger friends that you think imitates the way you blog?

    Suet: i don’t think anyone imitates me, why the question? did you see someone who imitates me?

  36. ling says:

    hmm, the giver explains you very well don’t you think so? especially the good money skills part. i’m the artist.

    thanks for doing, now i get to know you a bit more.

    Suet: haha i didn’t know, didn’t really read the explanations. no prob =)

  37. The knights who say "Nih!" says:

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Nih nih wtf

    I’m 21 btw. You could’ve asked me that and save your one question for more important things like what does Suet think about global warming and the current political climate in the US, but too bad lah she’s probably going to count your question hoho.

  38. Pats says:

    i’m not sure. but i feel it tho. it was sometime ago. i tot u knew her cos u’ve commented on her blog. anyways, she changed her blog url ady. and i forgot her name.. so bah

    Suet: hmmm i dunno who is that lah! itching to know now!

  39. Mindy says:

    A friend introduced ur blog to me and ur posts are quite interesting.

    Anyway, know any tactics to go on a successful diet?

    Suet: hahaha u know what’s my msn nick now ah? Queen Suet NEEDS TO GO ON A DIET. wtf so how to answer your ques when i’m gaining weight myself. anyway how i lost weight last time was i ate much less and exercised a lot lah. i should really do that now but damn lazy laaaa

  40. Amber says:

    hmmph… can i ask two questions??? oh darn… one will do… hmmph… how tall exactly are u??? hehe

    btw… ive been itching to say this… but from certain angles… u look a hell lot like lindsay lohan… i mean really really a lot like her…

    Suet: ok since you made me happy, i allow u to ask one more wtf. i’m very short lah, 156 cm wtf. sigh even my younger sister is taller than me! woe is me =(
    anyway haha yeah i got that before but most ppl say i look like cecilia cheung rather than lindsay lohan la. (che wah wtf)

  41. Ronn says:

    Will you consider trying making love to a girl or having fantasies of doing so??

    I know some straight girls have that, so just curious about you, lol.

    Suet: yes. ok no more about this wtf and no it’s not aud or any of my girl friends wtf

  42. Amber says:

    haha… ok… im not gonna ask any more questions… hehe… but then.. about cecilia cheung… u look a lot like her when u smile… but if u dont… i mean when u just stare or ponder-like at the camera… u look so much like lindsay instead… good la… very hard to get original celebs look-a-like this days what… so ur one damn lucky girl… haha

    cheers sweat…

    ps: i might not ask a question… but i was wondering whether we can make ais kachang from the snow…wtf…

    Suet: hahah okok..thanks. ermmm no cause it’s quite dirty lah right, fall so far down sure trap all the dust etc from the air edi! haha such a wise answer wtf

  43. weiling says:

    Can you tell us about your first kiss? With the juicy details too!

    Suet: my first kiss is with this guy who almost raped me so I rather not talk about it =(
    but my first kiss with barry was reallyyyyyyyyyyy nice! we were on this rooftop garden in klia, and it was our second date. we just stood there looking at planes taking flight and he was pointing constellations out (showoff wtf). we stood there for like 3 hours before both of us finally had the guts to lean in and just do what we were waiting for! it was truly magical. in fact i’ll write about it later cause our 3rd year anniversary is in a few days!

  44. Rebeca says:

    Hahaha…this is so random. im writing this almost 2 years after this post and you prob won’t even read this…but i came to ur blog by change and was reading some posts…gotta say..ur very entertaining 😀

    anwhoo…so my question is: how many languages do you speak? And to what degree of fluency (1-10, 1 being totally fluent)

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