Proper NYC post

Proper NYC post


I finally have proper internet connection now yays! I’m at Barry’s roommate’s house in St Louis, Missouri and it’s like 3 am or something. Let me break world record and try to blog and post ALL my NYC pictures in ONE post. (I don’t think I can do this huhu got 300 over pictures to sieve through and have to upload in flickr etc) Ok nevermind let’s try. 1,2,3 start.

This is New York baby! The view from the apartment where I was staying.

Ah, the famous Krispy Kreme. I was far too excited that I was eating a krispy kreme that I didn’t really remember how it tasted like. sweet. very sweet.

Don’t you just love the view? This is really the city that never ever sleeps.

My bed for a week. I love xmas trees!

The apartment. Barry was looking at the map while I camwhored. To travel around in Manhattan, subway maps is a must in your hand. It’s really confusing at first but you get the hang of it after some time. (oh and when I said there was this homeless guy who shat in his pants, I knew that cause the whole cart stank of his shit!!!! EWW)

Cool couple in H&M wtf

5th avenue!

The apple store where I blogged from

Times Square!!!!!! I love all that hustle bustle and lights! Apparently they never turn off the lights even in the day.

The broadway show! It was amazing and the best part is we didn’t have to pay for it! woot $100 each ok. Thanks, Sarah’s dad! (my roommate’s dad)

At Times Square. The Drowsy Chaperone was the musical we watched.

The huge xmas tree at Rockefeller!

And a skating rink! woot with real ice!

Some nice church.

The atlas man and the empire state building! can’t beat our twin towers lah

in a bar. The best thing about this couchsurfing thing is there is a nice community for it in NY. So the whole time we were there, we weren’t just tourists but it really felt as if we were living there as locals. We got to mingle with the locals and our host brought us to meet his fellow NYC friends and every week there was this party in a bar etc.

Seriously, traveling in a new place is so much more fun when you’re not being touristy.

At one of his friend’s place. Damn damn nice right! Like castle only!

Got harp some more!!!

And got statue of a naked man! Haha wtf no lah all that was in the Metropolitan museum.

Picasso ho hum wtf

This painting of a cute guy and an underaged girl with her nipples showing through her translucent dress was nice

It’s a nice museum but too artistic for my liking.

Barry likes this statue

Outside the museum.

The natural history museum! This museum is fun cause got a lot of exhibits but there were sooo many kids wailing and screaming so it wasn’t that fun. This is also where they filmed the Night in the Museum movie.

tee hee wtf

cheh we also got max brenner what!

a real diner!

a memorial for john lennon in central park. i look damn puffy lah thanks to my coat

oh oh! my new dress! $10 only! We shopped for a whole week but I only bought like a dress and a few tops. So disappointing lah shopping in NY. Unless you can afford more high end clothes, then it’s really not that nice.

The sale was alright though. I bought this Armani top for $20. My first branded top *big wet eyes. I can’t find anything extremely nice but die die also must buy something wtf (no i didn’t gain weight..i

Barry with our French host, Bastien. Me kissing him at new year party.

Me acting sohai (not drunk yet wtf)

And now we’re in his friend’s house with 6 cats and the smallest dog in the whole wide world! This is the friendliest cat!

And our bed for this week. Damn nice okay by the fireplace and huge xmas tree although it’s in the living room and we had to sleep on the floor BUT BY THE FIREPLACE OK damn nice!

His house is really nice, will post the pictures later.

Fuh, so that’s what I did the past two weeks! Actually not a lot of touristy things but we ventured around a lot which was way more fun than going to more museums etc. Oh, and we didn’t even see the statue of liberty wtf how can right! went NY and didn’t see the statue. oh well. we saw the ruins of the world trade center though. It was..erm..there was nothing there wtf duh except lots of ghosts wtf.

wah 4am already! Hope everyone enjoyed this asslong post night! Will write about 2007 soon. Wah I can’t believe it! 2008 already!