Dear Thelma,

Dear Thelma,

I have the biggest dilemma of all dilemmas. You see, I have a boyfriend of 3 years (and 2 months this coming Tues!) and we’re so happily in love..when we’re not arguing. Anyway the arguments are not the problem cause I like it when we argue. So the other day we ran out of things to talk about (yes finally, after so long wtf), so we discussed this topic in great depth.

“Is it really possible to stay and love one person..for the rest of your life?”

If we do end up getting married when I am say, 27, we would have been together for 10 years then. 10 years + forever = a very awfully long time, isn’t it? I know if you do love each other then a very awfully long time seems like bliss but can love really do that? Can love really make up for I dunno..boredom? It just seems kind of scary to me, to date someone for 10 years and then spend your whole life with him.

How does it feel to live all your life with one person, wishing you’d met more people instead? Will I then regret for the rest of my life? Barry said maybe we should date around first and go back to each other later but then what if one of us finds someone better and the other one doesn’t?!???

Sigh this is truly such a big dilemma, Thelma. I don’t know why so many people wrote to you telling you about how he likes this girl but he’s too shy yadda yadda when there is a much bigger dilemma than that (like mine). I wanted to write to Big Bro too but he usually only get stupid dilemmas like how this guy couldn’t stop wanking everywhere he goes (trust me when I say everywhere..when he sees a hot girl in a mall, he’ll wank in the toilet etc eww) so I think my problem is too serious for him to handle.

I know what are you going to say. You are going to tell me to stay with him forever right? Is your name really Thelma anyway?

Tell me everyone, what should I do! Actually this is such a stupid question with no answer wtf. I put this as my personal message on MSN and got a somewhat neutral response. Some people said yes they believe that it’s possible and some said no and asked me not to be stupid wtf. Oh well, we’ll see.

For CNY, I didn’t do much but I was happy enough cause on Day 1, we had fried rice which was really good! On Day 2 we had something like sweet and sour chicken which was sooo good too! On Day 3 we had Kung Po chicken which was good too. Those are the most chinese thing we can get here sigh.

And on Day 3 of CNY, I webcam-ed with my friends back home!

All of them =DD I was so happy!

Cibai..showed me angpows T____T Jess’ mom gave me one through the webcam hahaha but Jess is gonna keep for me till May.

We got bored after a while so we rolling our eyes wtf.

Them gambling while I watch in envy wtf. Sighhhh but it’s ok I’m happy enough to see them and have them see me too. Such is the wonder of technology =)

I miss everyone back home!!! Please wait for me to come back!