Today, Suet is

Today, Suet is

THE HAPPIEST GIRL ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


Why? Cause she just is! Haha damn potong steam wtf. No, it’s cause she’s a very simple girl who gets excited at the slightest pleasures in life!

1. I talked to the bank representative regarding my $40 overdraft fee and THEY PAID ME BACK!! It’s that easy! I just went to her and put on my saddest face and went “oh i didn’t know i didn’t have enough money boohoo i’m so sad i’m from malaysia wtf boohoo i’m so poor please help me T____T” and she went ok sure! and i got all $40 back!

2. I have the nicest readers EVER! EVER EVER EVER! A reader from the US, Fish, saw that I have so much work boohoo so sad then guess what?? She is sending me pineapple tarts!!!!!!! My favorite yummy delicious pineapple tarts! And she’s gonna send me 3 other cookies and BA GUA! am i not lucky you tell me! BA GUA OK NO JOKE! I love ba gua to death! Somemore she’s sending TWO different types! Oh god what did I do to deserve such blessings wtf. As if all that is not enough to send me to cloud nine, she’s also gonna send a pen she bought from Japan which she thinks will help me. I can now die a happy woman who is loved by many wtf (eh it rhymes wtf)

Eh haven’t finish! Another reader read that I am so sad boohoo always use silkygirl and only can stare at MAC products from afar wtf so she is gonna send me some MAC stuff she got for xmas *big wet eyes. I couldn’t believe it when she emailed me ok where got people so nice one! And she’s gonna mail from Msia all the way here! So freaking happy! Thanks Miss Tarek!


3. I received a postcard from the boyfriend from Berlin! postcards make me happy =) Thanks Skyler for yours too =)

4. I finished all my work/papers/exams! Now I can go holiday in peace =DDD

5. I got a new haircut today..for FREE!!! Baby Aud layered my hair for me and it looks sooooo good! So good you don’t even know it ok =DDDD

6. I bought a new dress from F21 (as usual) for really cheap.

It’s more than $5 but cheaper than $10, obviously. nyehehe I’m so good seriously I’m queen of all cheap stuff ok they just come to me =DDDD

No more already lah so many meh.

New poll for everyone =)


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