Philly Day 4-5

Philly Day 4-5

is filled with more shopping..and moreee shopping. Seriously I don’t know what happened to me! Sorry everyone the Suet you all knew and have grown to love is now a changed person. In the span of 4 days, she bought around 8 tops and a pair of jeans which cost her around $100 at least. The old Suet used to buy 8 tops in 2 years..and spend RM330 in like..4 years wtf
I have embraced this path.

I am a whole new person.

I am now…


wtf damn nonsense. So here are more pictures of me in my new clothes. Sorry! no time to think of funny things to blog about cause I’m damn addicted to this TVB called the seventh day! After 2 days, I’m now at episode 14! I really am very amazed at myself too. 4 days, 14 episodes, $100 worth of clothes, where the hell did I find all that time to do all this?? Some more don’t forget I went to the museum and went sightseeing too leh!

Black top from H&M- $5  =D I like the hole at the back!

Sorry face very ugly and arms damn fat can someone please liquify for me wtf. Hmm I kinda regret buying this..but it’s ok! a normal person shouldn’t regret what she just bought and should just stay happy!

Shanshan while waiting for our food in Chinatown!!

Chinatown chinatown i love chinatown!

Rice with char siew and roast duck! Am I not the luckiest girl in the world *big wet eyes

Waiting for bus huhu so cold

Just showing this pic cause I look so damn tall

Wah seriously tall until dunno what wtf can you tell that I’m only 156cm here?

Pretty shanshan!

Nah this is how I sightsee. Take one pic and call it a day wtf

Shanshan and liberty bell. Actually I didn’t even go see wtf I was shopping and she wanted to see the famous bell so I told her to take a pic back. Now I can go tell people I saw it wtf. Don’t play play ok this bell is so important in the us history! and how did i know that? cause i googled it wtf haih why would anyone wanna walk all the way there to see a bell is beyond me. there! i see already what! shanshan said i can’t be helped anymore wtf

Our dinner! This really spicy szechuan dish in.. guess where? CHINATOWN! I LOVE CHINATOWN!

Happy Suet with happy bag


New top!

New top 2! I like this a lot ok although it’s $16 huhu quite expensive lah for me. I loveee the detailing! all that lace =)

And why was I in the hallway you may ask?

Cause we were locked out of the house T______T Noone was at home so we played fashion show outside wtf. Yeah I changed outside hoho

Shan with our mess

Why my clothes all got hole one wtf

Bored 1

Bored 2

Eh sorry to be continued can ar? It’s late and I REALLY want to finish watching all the other episodes tonight! We also did a video of me teaching shanshan how to be a malay wtf but I’m scared it might be offensive =S