Back =(

Hello! I finished my TVB already! Can anyone recommend me good dramas to watch? I’m a fan of one tree hill (obviously), desperate housewives, grey’s anatomy, heroes, antm, house, csi, gossip girl, friends, EH WTF DAMN A LOT! If there’s a class on this I’m sure I’ll ace it with flying colors wtf. I’m also good at tawainese and japanese dramas AND tvb now! Ok I heard they say the Maiden’s Vow is good (a story about 4 generations of women or something, starring charmaine sheh) but I can’t find it anywhere!!! So what else is good? Please recommend arigatou toh che xie xie merci thank you wtf

Haih it’s already Thursday now..the end of my holiday boohoo =( Time to do more work and pray that I survive another two months now. If only life is like in dramas, I just have to wake up everyday and go on a quest to look for my prince charming. All I have to do is put on makeup and look pretty from every angle which unfortunately is something I can’t do. I guess I can never go on tv now =(

I wanted to show the how to be malay video but after asking around, people say the video can be a little offensive to malays so I’m not gonna show it! (if you very hardworking then go search for sweatlee under youtube and look for it lah) Here are the rest of the pictures while we were locked out.

Bored 3

Bored 4

Bored 5

Bored bored bored! but surprisingly time passed so fast! After 50 pictures and 3 videos, 1 hour was gone and they were back yays!

how come I still feel like I didn’t shop enough..haih die lah what’s happening to me! kuai siong san wtf ghost enter body seriously these days i speak so much cantonese it’s scaring the hell outta everyone! Thanks to those tvb la hahaha everyday I wake up thinking I’m acting in a tvb drama hahahha crazy already!

My fortune cookie is getting more and more accurate each time it’s getting freaky!


My blog is so boring these days! I feel like writing something controversial just for the fun of it wtf haih I like women lah wtf

wait! malaysian dreamgirl episode 5 is out! let me go watch! The more I watch the more I feel like joining lor! Let me just lose some weight first wtf and I don’t know why everyone likes jay and alison! I think they’re both not that pretty although rather eloquent. Too many people like Valerie cause she’s supposedly quirky and Jean pulled out..Ringo is a friend so I could be biased..hmm so I think at the end of the day my favorite is myself wtf. Haih if only my body is like one of tall and thin *dreamy eyes

argh my life is so boring la these days no drama! I wanna be like in tv dramas…today get together tomorrow break up then next day get together back then accidentally see me blowing sand out of some other guy’s eyes wtf then break up again! how fun!
ok the end let me go watch. Please remember to recommend me good dramas! Must be very very good only recommend ok!

332 Responses to “Back =(”

  1. Baz says:

    fun your head lah you want to blow other ppl’s eyes for what, come blow me lah wtf

  2. mizlynn says:

    hey…have u watched the My Sassy Mother in Law…damn funny la…u should watch if u havent…:)

  3. fan says:

    oops sorry! if you join, i’ll vote for you definitely 🙂 you have a huge support base here! and i think your life is so much more interesting compared to mine.

  4. reader says:

    watch tvb’s dicey business! NICE

  5. Dave says:

    – The Seventh Day (love drama)

    – Wasabi Mon Amour (comedy, about sushi making)

    Must watch!

  6. reader says:

    malaysia dreamgirl all like 1.7m something one.

  7. Hayley says:

    TVB dramas i dun realy watch la but can try korean dramas la haha…not bad too (if u r interested la..)

  8. Ling says:

    nice blog..

    go to this website if u wanna watch maiden’s vow.. if i am not wrong they have it there and theres other drama too..

    watch this jap drama iryu team medical dragon it is nice too!

  9. Jac says:

    survivor’s law II(is in youtube)

    maiden’s vow is in

  10. cyan says:

    Yes, you should watch maiden’s vow.
    other dramas;
    -To Grow with Love
    -Golden Faith
    -War of In-Laws
    i used to watch a lot tvb dramas but now not up to date anymore. cant get pirated one like in malaysia, hehehe…. btw how do you get your dramas? download?

  11. sweatlee says:

    baz, wtf…….

    mizlynn, ok thanks!

    fan, aww thanks =)

    reader, ok thanks! and i don’t understand must be tall lor dreamgirl must be tall one meh! so superficial ok wtf sour girl talking cause too short

    dave, i just finished seventh day!

    hayley, i used to watch a few! i prefer tvb though


    jac, no it’s not =( they said dunno what taken off edi =(((

    cyan, i cant find maiden’s vow im sooo frustrated! ok i’ll try the rest! thanks! i get some from (have to download the player), some from crunchyroll.

  12. miss nobody says:

    War of In Law 2 i think is quite good.

  13. evvy says:

    the korean drama ‘wonderful life’s pretty good. it is sooo sad T_T til it made me cry myself to sleep thinking about the events of the drama.

    is that a hello kitty bag or pillow in the second last picture?

  14. jh says:

    actually maiden’s vow not that nice. i’m watching it on astro now n it’s quite boring, especially the 3rd generation(u’ll noe wat i mean when u watch it). i recommend those dramas which r shot in the past era 1(wtf dunno wats the term for it again), like ‘A Step into the past’, ‘War and Beauty’, etc

  15. Fuzzy! says:

    Saw the video and wtf. I can see how Malays would be offended since the only place to hear “Apa khabar” and “Khabar baik” is on the TV1 or TV2 Malay dramas wtf.

    Not that I watch them or anything.

    You know, in school, everybody said Survivor and Friends were lame but I stayed loyal to ’em till I realized that Survivor was really lame. But Friends is still one of my favouritest shows. I just watched the last season again, wtf, while complaining I have no time to study wtf.

    Suggestions: Scrubs’s really nice after the first few episodes. Watching 8 Simple Rules but just got after John Ritter died, so, it got a little bleh.

  16. tiff says:

    i dun think maiden vow’s interesting though because i hate charmaine sheh so much. xD. but the seventh day was nice! maybe you can try watching to grow with love, triumph in the skies and golden faith. these are great series!

  17. hey

    u’ve watched all the antm???

    i think in cycle 2, the girl named April looked like you xD and she’s my favourite xD sadly she didnt win T.T

    watch sweet sex and love at it’s like porn with storyline wtf

  18. Nigel says:

    You must watch The Sopranos!! Best TV show ever….

  19. Jia Meei says:


    Shan Shan pulling at the fire alarm damn cute and there’s no need for me to tell you you’re pretty d cause you know I know you’re pretty blabla

    Watch show watch show talk to me la hiuh

  20. huiting says:

    omg, you should so be friends with my grandma wtf. She has the biggest collection of TVB dramas, even the boss must salute her wtf… hahah Suet Li u join dreamgirls i sure vote for u one lor!!! hohohoh~~

  21. Liz says:

    hahaha anything with Mike He or Wu Zun!!! (cos they’re both hot wtf) but i rarely watch taiwanese dramas … did u watch why why love! when mike he and rainie yang had their first (drunken) kiss I almost went to heaven WTF

    War and Beauty is seriously good … and ermm, journey to the west WTF

  22. hui wen says:

    Baz, HAHAAHHA!

    Ok, I agree with jh, a step into the past is DAMN good (got louise koo, yum; war and beauty, about 4 concubines, all also damn pretty, and got alot of backstabbing, syok wtf. And war of in laws 2, [parody of the Devil Wears Prada), funny-ish and nice to see all the fashion and clothes! Err, and triumph in the skies, about pilots wan, this one also DAMN KAO GOOD.

    Aiya, why I so big tvb fan wan. T___T

  23. Life says:

    if u wanna watch shows online go here
    they have korean,japanese n taiwanese but too bad no tvb shows

  24. bex says:

    Try Brothers & Sisters!

  25. Porcupine says:

    Wah wah wah!!!
    Uni student got so much time to watch dramas one ah?
    I’m drowning in a sea of tests and assignments and you’re enjoying yourself??? (T_T)…
    So unfair…

  26. reader says:

    hi there! imo, tvb dramas are not as nice as they used to be before ie. those in the 90s.

    jap dramas i recommend: one litre of tears, 14 sai no haha (14 yr old mother wtf), my boss my hero.

    jap movies i recommend: NANA 1, taiyou no uta, crying out love in the centre of the world.

  27. linfoong says:

    oh there’s this one-my frog prince.its Taiwanese tho, so bit loh soh.

    and my all time fav, my girl.. 😀

  28. siowmay says:

    Under the canopy of LOVE…this one super nice…better than the seventh day…almost the same cast tho..

  29. natalie says:

    yup i agree that tvb shows are not that memorable compared to previous years. but if u really want good ones i can recommend a few like The ‘W’ Files, Square Pegs (the ah wong show XD) etc.

    as for jap dramas oso got plenty 😀 like Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango 1& 2, Densha Otoko (train man lol)

    so that’s all i can list down. hope this helped yea 🙂

  30. missycheerio says:

    Square pegs made me cried like a baby,war of in laws or something like come you tak layan my previous tag?anyway here comes another one. 🙂

    take good care of yourself!

  31. Dr. Tan says:

    Hmm the video is bloody cute wtf.

    But hor, your photo in the tudung is cuter.

  32. alea says:

    eh eh i posted Shan2 lookalike in my blog edi.

    by the way, go watch Skins. It’s a British drama series based on teenagers with drugs, lifestyles. it’s really addictive now. it’s now on season 2. you can find the whole series in youtube.

  33. isya says:

    if you like suspense type series added with some drama and filled with sarcasm. and also a fan of Kristen Bell (voice of gossip girl), then Veronica Mars is a must watch. but its just a recommendation 🙂

  34. deity says:

    i’m aboslutely lovin the seventh day. i was dramaratho-ing for the past weekend. it took me 2 days to fnish it. hmm, a potential competitor to u? lol. btw i muc prefer don n sasa pairin. they two are hilarious n look good together. hv u watched under the canopy of love? same casts as in the seventh day. a must watch k!

  35. sweatlee says:

    miss, yeah i heard someone told me too! thanks

    evvy, i watch before already! it’s a hello kitty pillow haha

    jh, isit?!?! not nice ah! how should i waste my time and watch! i watched war and beauty edi! and step into the past very very long lah dunno if i should watch it..

    fuzzy, wtf apa khabar offensive meh!! i dont like scrubs! and i used to watch 8 rules too haha

    tiff, hah really ar..should i not watch then…..i don’t really like charmaine too. ya i think i’ll watch triumph!

    heartless, haha someone told me that before also. porn wtf?!?! ok i wanna watch wtf

    nigel, that one quite popular hor..nice meh! it’s soap opera right! veyr cheong hei one

    jam, hahah u never come online also! hiuh wtf

    huiting, hahah ya ask ur grandma for me la which one nicest! but grandma sure different point of view hor wtf. thankiu!

    liz, why why love, check. war and beauty, check. journey to the west, check! outdated la u wtff

    huiwen, war n beauty watch edi lorrr ok i wanna watch war of in laws! 1 not nice ah must watch 2?

    life, thanks!!!

    bex, i don’t really liked it when i saw it’s the english drama rigt?

    porcupine, now i one week holiday merrr…last week u didn’t see i was suffering like crazy meh! where got unfair!

    reader, yeah i should watch one litre la! 14 yr old mother? interesting..thanks!

    lin, ya taiwanese one very loh soh! i watch before edi my girl!

    siow, okok i wnana watch tht!! and the maidens in crunchy cannot la they say dunno what licensed copy wor.

    nat, the w files i think quite old right? i watch before edi. and square pegs nice! i watch before edi also. train man sounds’s based on an internet thing right? thanks!

    missy, haha sorry i cannot think of a singer to do the last tag! ok lemme see if i’ve done it before or not ok?

    drtan, haha thanks! yala i look ugly in the video also

    alea, ya i saw! nice meh..isit like gossip girl?

    isya, yaya i heard tht one is ok..will check it out!

    deity, eh why u repeat the same comment in last post one wtf.yeah im gonna watch that one now!

  36. Jac says:

    oh yeah, i check it just now..maiden’s vow not there anymore. survivor’s law 2 is good.much better than the first one. ella koon is pretty n i like her outfits in the series lol. i actually prefer this compare to war of in laws 2. I guess war of in laws 2 is heavily promoted but it wasn’t as good as the first one. Check out Price of Greed (not mistaken with heart of greed)

  37. tzeching says:

    war of in laws 2 quite funny. and golden faith is THE best drama ever ok i loved it /boo

  38. ozzie says:

    so many recommendations already, i give up lah. don’t want to tell you.

    okok one day if you’re free and feel like a laugh…

    “how i met your mother”

    best comedy invented!

  39. shanewei says:

    i found your blog by chance. interesting 🙂

  40. roy says:

    try the L word..

    you’ll get addicted. trust me. its already in season 5 now. oh you can watch it with shanshan! =D

  41. alea says:

    no lor. nothing like gossip girl. gossip girl is too stereotypical but skins is more to the real life events.

  42. tiff says:

    haha. yeah. i love triumph in the skies. its interesting. i’ve watched it for 5 times already! but i didnt even have the urge to watch maiden’s vow for even once! try war of in laws. its a very funny series. if you have time, watch both part 1 and 2 of war of in laws as both are very funny and interesting! =D

  43. karmen says:

    you should try watching heart of greed, its a little long, but the show’s really nice, with lots of emotions thrown in.

    Survivor’s law II is pretty good too, loved ella koon in there. =) and, if you want some laughs, maybe war of the in laws 2…

  44. aud says:

    what is this can u pls alert me the next time u blog i hate coming here and seeing tons of comments i got no limelight already ok wtf.

    and your hair so nice who cut for u ar!

  45. AP says:

    Arrested Development is brilliant and super funny ok. watch from season 1~

  46. hui wen says:

    Did you like war and beauty as much as I did! <3 And err, in my opinion, war of in laws 2 was nicer, ’cause got clothes and fashion, heehee..

  47. Ee Von says:

    watch “heart of greed” (tong sam fong bou) starring moses chan. damn nice. it’s nothing fancy and funny but it’s really nice. japanese ah? hana kimi and hana yori (meteor garden) cos i’m a super huge fan of it.

  48. watch “to grow with love” its on YouTube

  49. cyan says:

    seems like many dont like maiden’s vow. I think it is interesting because it got 4 different stories from old age to modern time. anyway since many recommended drama that got ella koon, another one is Revolving Doors of Vengeance. Same genre as Golden Faith & At the Threshold of an Era II which makes you want to strangle the bad guy and slap the good guy cos he is so stupid.

  50. CraSH says:

    happy easter! did you hunt down some choclate bunnies? hahaha..

  51. victoriaa says:

    jdramas : one pound gospel, my boss my hero (damn funny), kisarazu cats eye

  52. victoriaa says:

    oh oh and nodame cantabile too. the best drama i’ve ever seen, lol

  53. sweatlee says:

    jac, hmm so many choices! thanks!

    tze, ok /booo

    ozzie, haha ya i saw a few eps of it on tv! it’s ok only lah for me

    shanewei, thanks =))

    roy, oh yeah the lesbian show! i saw it a little. thanks!

    alea, okok thanks!

    tiff, thanks i’ll try if i have time!

    karmen, what’s the difference ar survivor law and war of in laws? sounds the same. i’ll watch both if i have time la!

    aud, hahah u were in miami la how to alert u! i said so many times in previous post edi wtf

    ap, i did watch a few eps but i don’t really like it. my bf likes it though

    huiwen, ya i liked it! but it’s sooo long. ya im watching that!

    eevon, yeah i’m gonna watch hana kimi! the jap version right?

    definitely, yeah i heard about that show! thanks

    cyan, yeah why alot ppl don’t like ar? i’m sitll gonna watch it la someday. haha ok thanks!

    crash, nolah haih easter only what no big deal. dunno ppl celebrate for what also. thanks!

    victoriaa, ya i heard my boss my hero is nice! nodame? ok i’ll check that out thanks!

  54. Nigel says:

    Whats cheong hei? Sorry but I’m admittedly a total banana! =P

    And yes, The Sopranos is freaking awesome…haha.

  55. yun says:

    war of in laws = nice

  56. jh says:

    seriously A Step into The Past is very nice!!!! it must be the nicest ‘past era’ show i ever watch(tvb) it’s about the male lead(louis koo) being transported back into d ching dynasty n he’ll hv to get use to it all!! plus he’s really good in the show n it’s only 40 episodes! ok maybe a lil long but every episode oso very nice.. well shows like At the Threshold of an Era and Golden Faith are longer..

  57. ashlynn says:


    Ive come across ur blog and I must say you have a really interesting blog..

    And you are so pretty and slim…

    Any secret to stay so slim ?

    Just wanna tell u, your blog is great ..

  58. Terence says:

    watch make me a supermodel!

  59. Simon Seow says:

    How about Bobby Au Yeung’s Forensic Heroes, I think they are making Forensic Heroes Part 2 already. Heart of Greed also a good watch. War of In Laws 2 is a funny one. I heard the Korean drama, Prince Coffee Shop No. 1 also not bad.

  60. Mabel says:

    You can watch Maiden’s Vow at

  61. sweatlee says:

    nigel, cheong hei is..erm..long winded wtf

    yun, yeap watching =)

    jh, ya i saw ep 1! ok i’ll watch it when i have time thanks =)))

    ashlynn, thanks =)) erm secrets ahh..actually i’m not that slim seriously it’s just the camera angle!

    terence, nice meh? from US one ah?

    simon, yeah i think i watch before! thankiu so many recommendations thankiu!

    mabel, yeah i’m watching from there now =)

  62. jnet says:

    recommend u this: my boss my hero..

    im about to die laughing when watching it..10 episodes ive watched it its the best remedy to watch it when u very very bosan..enjoi it k if u have time.dats my first time watching jap drama n never thot it would turn out sooo good..hehe

  63. Maggie says:

    watch The Hills! 🙂 Available in!

  64. Do you think Grey’s Anatomy is the best tv show? For me yes 🙂

  65. Alva Thanpaeng says:

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