Back =(

Back =(

Hello! I finished my TVB already! Can anyone recommend me good dramas to watch? I’m a fan of one tree hill (obviously), desperate housewives, grey’s anatomy, heroes, antm, house, csi, gossip girl, friends, EH WTF DAMN A LOT! If there’s a class on this I’m sure I’ll ace it with flying colors wtf. I’m also good at tawainese and japanese dramas AND tvb now! Ok I heard they say the Maiden’s Vow is good (a story about 4 generations of women or something, starring charmaine sheh) but I can’t find it anywhere!!! So what else is good? Please recommend arigatou toh che xie xie merci thank you wtf

Haih it’s already Thursday now..the end of my holiday boohoo =( Time to do more work and pray that I survive another two months now. If only life is like in dramas, I just have to wake up everyday and go on a quest to look for my prince charming. All I have to do is put on makeup and look pretty from every angle which unfortunately is something I can’t do. I guess I can never go on tv now =(

I wanted to show the how to be malay video but after asking around, people say the video can be a little offensive to malays so I’m not gonna show it! (if you very hardworking then go search for sweatlee under youtube and look for it lah) Here are the rest of the pictures while we were locked out.

Bored 3

Bored 4

Bored 5

Bored bored bored! but surprisingly time passed so fast! After 50 pictures and 3 videos, 1 hour was gone and they were back yays!

how come I still feel like I didn’t shop enough..haih die lah what’s happening to me! kuai siong san wtf ghost enter body seriously these days i speak so much cantonese it’s scaring the hell outta everyone! Thanks to those tvb la hahaha everyday I wake up thinking I’m acting in a tvb drama hahahha crazy already!

My fortune cookie is getting more and more accurate each time it’s getting freaky!


My blog is so boring these days! I feel like writing something controversial just for the fun of it wtf haih I like women lah wtf

wait! malaysian dreamgirl episode 5 is out! let me go watch! The more I watch the more I feel like joining lor! Let me just lose some weight first wtf and I don’t know why everyone likes jay and alison! I think they’re both not that pretty although rather eloquent. Too many people like Valerie cause she’s supposedly quirky and Jean pulled out..Ringo is a friend so I could be biased..hmm so I think at the end of the day my favorite is myself wtf. Haih if only my body is like one of tall and thin *dreamy eyes

argh my life is so boring la these days no drama! I wanna be like in tv dramas…today get together tomorrow break up then next day get together back then accidentally see me blowing sand out of some other guy’s eyes wtf then break up again! how fun!
ok the end let me go watch. Please remember to recommend me good dramas! Must be very very good only recommend ok!