Good day because! wait you won’t believe this! but i’m gonna tell anyway! CAUSE IT’S 20 *gasp* CELCIUS OUTSIDE!

I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it *big wet eyes. I’m feeling so good now! So good that I’m listening to Bob Marley’s Jammin’! hahaha I feel sooooo good! Spring has cometh, finally =))))))

So I went outside with just a tshirt and a very thin jacket and saw everyone in tank top and shorts! And I saw everyone having picnics on the greens and some of them are naked o.0 Sorry didn’t bring my camera haha. Ah, I’m such a disappointment amidst all these brave people!

Oh speaking of that, someone recently told me that someone said I like to brag about my perfect life and I call myself thy king? Haih I called myself thy king cause I wore skirt when it was 5 celcius outside and I have a sense of humor ok. I was also coincidentally reading Kim by Rudyard Kipling which then inspired me to write in old english la haiyo.

And what’s this about bragging about my perfect life! Seriously do you see me showing off my expensive clothes or bags ar? That’s because I don’t have any! all my clothes are below $10 and I have a brandless bag wtf like that also wanna show off ar! Don’t judge me so quickly if you don’t bother reading everything I said and just scroll for pictures. If you don’t bother reading about my failures and rejections so how can you say I have a perfect life? If I seem like I do that means I work twice as hard as any of you to get to where I am now so don’t fucking sit on your chair and whine about how some people have everything in life and you don’t. I’m not rich and I’m super stingy and aunty ok how that is perfect is beyond me.

And just because I don’t bitch about it whenever I fight with my boyfriend doesn’t mean we have a flawless relationship ok. We work super hard to get to where we are now and I think we deserve every single bit of it. Seriously how can someone who doesn’t know shit about me just read me on the surface and conclude so very quickly that my life is perfect and that I brag about it? I know having a public blog means you’re putting your life out there to be scrutinized but I never thought I’d come off to some people as someone who likes showing off when I don’t feel like I have anything to show off in the first place. If there’s really something I can brag about it’s my determination but I don’t go around saying stuff like wah I’m the most determined person ever wtf.

Aiya whateverlah let me show you something to cheer you up wtf I mean to cheer myself up.

Inspired by Jam who was inspired by him.


First, you need a big tshirt like this. Here, I stole 33’s Harvard tshirt while she was in class. (remember: ninjas are very good thieves!)

Then, turn the shirt inside out and put your head in like this. Don’t worry about looking like shit cause NINJAS DON’T CARE IF THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT!

Then turn around and tie a knot with the sleeves as tight as you can. You don’t want your mask to unravel when you’re HAIYAK-ing your enemy!

Now it’s supposed to look like this. Don’t look like a ninja? No worries! HAIYAK

Flip the upper and lower parts of the collar to cover the tag and to look more like a ninja! Try to cover as much as your face as you can to maintain your anonymity.

Just show some kickass moves and you’re all set!!!

HAIIIIII YAKKKKKK this ninja damn annoying wtf actually i feel like i look more like a robber instead. bank robber =.= “ta kip” wtf

ok everyone, it’s that easy to be a ninja! Try it and let me know ok!