I have a date with spring

I have a date with spring

Today, we had our romantic dinner for two to commemorate our 40th month anniversary =) Haiya sorry I know we’re kinda mushy but I like the idea of celebrating every month just for the fun of it. Back home, we used to go out for dinner or do fun things on the 12th all the time! Be it eating in Pizza Uno where we met, mamak (oh murni ss2 I miss you so much!) or just an outing to Petroscience wtf, it’s still fun cause that way, we always look forward to the 12th so much!

Anyway, now that we’re miles and miles apart, we still really wanted to celebrate together and so we did!

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Through Skype! Haha I took food from the dining hall (garlic bread and deep fried fish mmm) and he ordered lo mein from the chinese restaurant! =D

Lighting the candles =))))

Calling the waiter hahahha

waiter pouring water for us wtf

To show that I wasn’t naked! We were all dressed up cause fancy restaurant ma wtf

Feeding each other food =)

Drinking expensive wine wtf mmmm

Hahah Barry caught me eating with my leg up! Sorry lah like that very comfortable ok!

Paying for our meal hahahah god I love my boyfriend!

End of date =( Barry zooming off ala Superman after fetching me home wtf hahaha

Haih I miss him so much but it’s okay! We’ll meet again in exactly..17 days! I CAN’T WAIT BABYYYYY!


I did a make up video! Haih but damn fail ok my accent kept switching between Malaysian and somewhat American wtf without my own will! Not like I damn wannabe and poser ok please try speaking to the webcam alone and you’ll hear all sorts of funny accents one!

Anyway I’ll think about it first and decide if I should post it up later lah. I basically just showed how I apply my makeup (very very simple!) and what kinda products I used (all super cheap one, below RM20 cause I’m stingy like that)

I know my makeup is not perfect or anything but I just wanna show that you can look good with cheap makeup too! Don’t have to use MAC or what lah silkygirl also can kautim the job already.

I spent an hour taking the video, an hour for our date, 2 hours to edit the video and 2 WHOLE HOURS trying to figure out how to use MAC!! GRR i hate mac seriously damn hard to use! No I didn’t buy Mac thank god but am using shanshan’s cause she needs to use my powerpoint. Haih 12.30am already and I hardly did anything school-related. Die die talk so much somemore haih byeeee!

oh p.s, plan A…….FAILED. T___T