Hello! Because I’ve been somewhat productive today as well (went to gym! continued writing another page for my paper!), I’m gonna reward myself by writing a good ol’ long and vain post. The other day I don’t know how but I had some extra time thrown in by the kindness of a supernatural being, I decided to take a video of the process of me putting on my eye makeup. I always get kinda lazy when removing my makeup so I didn’t put on foundation blusher blabla lah.

Ok so this is how I look like without makeup

Haiya I know you sure say why I have a certain angle why cannot show face from front sure damn ugly from front one wtf blabla ya you’re right, actually I look like shit if I smile from front but! I have perfected a certain technique so that I won’t look like a hyena if I smile from front!

Nah the straightest angle I can manage. My technique is don’t smile with my teeth la if not I’ll look like.. ok fine I’ll save you from having to see that.

Alright moving on, my products

All also very cheap one (and look like it too sigh) From top left,
silkygirl foundation-RM15,
Maybelline blusher-free cause stole from sis one nyehe,
eyeshadow from silkygirl RM15,
Sephora liquid eyeliner $10/RM32,
eyeliner from a goth shop wtf $1/RM3.20,
Maybelline mascara RM25,
fake lashes from walmart RM6, glue from dunno where RM10,
eyeshadow from ELF $1/RM3.20

The video:

Disclaimers wtf:

1. Please don’t pick on my accent(s) haih I scared if I speak fully Malaysian accent then people who stumble on the video won’t get what I’m saying and if I speak American accent then people will say eh msian please speak msian accent. And it’s not easy ok speaking msian accent to a camera blabla lazy wanna explain so as you can see, my accent very indecisive one wtf

2. I have no idea why there are so many red bumps on my face. I woke up one day and found myself covered with those..itulah akibat lazy wanna wash bedsheets. See now let the bedbugs feast on me already

3. I’m sorry if it’s too disjointed cause the original one was far too long and I had to cut out parts. But nevermind! now I know how to take makeup videos already. I should take separates scenes and join them later.

4. Like I said, I know this might not be the right way but whatever lah that’s how I put it

If you’re too lazy to watch the video or don’t wanna endure hearing my voice T_T

First I’ll apply eyeliner at the bottom. I’m using pencil eyeliner cause I’m not that good at applying the liquid one yet. If you have small eyes, don’t line all the way in but I like lining all of it so that’s what i did

I’ll put on a light colored eyeshadow as base all over my eyelids

Then I’ll put on the darker color. What I do is I’ll start applying from the outer part of my eye and blend it inwards to get the smokey effect

Next, eyeliner..I just learnt how to put on the liquid one recently. You just need lots of practice for liquid eyeliner!

I’ve been so lazy these days so I skip the mascara entirely cause it’s harder to remove and just put on fake lashes. This needs a lot of practice as well so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time!

Put on the other side as well..duh wtf takkan do one side only hahah

Apply more eyeliner at the bottom if you want

Lastly, apply mascara at your lower lashes! (i hate this part cause always smudge one, you can put a namecard or something so it won’t smudge onto your skin but I’m too lazy to find a card)

That’s all! Not showing my whole face cause it’s covered with red dots and pimples haih

I think it’s a little too thick to go out in the day so if you want, skip the fake lashes and use mascara instead

Or you don’t have to put dark colors and can use bright ones instead. I have green and blue here but you can’t really see them though



Like no difference only T___T except that my after picture has red dots and my before one doesn’t have any cause that was before I went to sleep and let the bedbugs bite my poor face.

Ok that’s all. wah shit I forgot I have my French midterm tomorrow how now brown cow no time to study already! nevermind let fate decide wtf


  1. Tracy says:

    nice tutorial :)make me wanna invest in liquid eyeliner and fake lashes hehe where did you get the ELF? in Walmart? ^^

    OMG I sooooo wanna have your skin, even with red bumps huhuhu *envious

    oh there are parts you sound exactly like a Malay guy in my Calculus class… err I sound stupid of course you do =P don’t worry about the accent coz I can still hear everything clearly ^^

  2. carol says:

    “sigh why am i like that”

    “if you’re rich you can buy MAC but i am stingy so…”

    haha you are so funny you kept saying “sigh so stingy” haha HOW DO U FIND $1 makeup! hahaha

    btw the sephora eyeliner makes my eyes hurt + its too liquidy quite useless. i got a free bottle of mac liquidlast liner and seriously suddenly liquid eyeliner is not difficult to use anymore NO KIDDING. i know the sephora one smudges like crazy. plus the brush so thin.

  3. Agnes says:

    xD… your make up video is so cute and funny at times. I guess cause all your posts are so bubbly and perky even the way you speak sounds cute and funny.

    ELF stuff is good aye? its a bit weird as u line ur bottom eyelids and not the top? @.@ but after that u line the top. xD i reckon most people line top and bottom together. xD

    well done with the video!! though for 2-3 seconds i am just looking at ur nostrils xD j/k dun get offended aye. hughug xD i’ll still be ur faithful blog reader xD

  4. Xiaokit says:

    wow…this is the first i saw a girl makeup in front of me… is like tat de…..hmm…..actually for me lar…i see no difference be4 u makeup n after u makeup….maybe is the photo hav difference quality lor….u know wat i mean…..the light…..

  5. sarah says:

    nice video =) wanna ask you abt the fake it reusable? how long can u you use them til it has to be thrown away? and you dun have accent wat..hahaa..sound malaysian to me.

    p/s you look damn good in pics if you dun smile..whereas I look damn retarded if I dun smile T__T

  6. meiLin says:

    even without expensive makeup u manage to look soooooooo good!

    u’re great at this, i wish i can be better at makeup too! will start learning from ur vids..!

    thanks soooooooo much! =)

  7. Jia Meei says:

    “Put on the other side as well..duh wtf takkan do one side only hahah”


    And yeahh your eyes are more defined and pretty /boo

    Can’t wait for you to come back and DO ME DO ME

  8. lynette tan says:

    hahahah you damn funny T_T<–tears of laughter. The part when u said “so cheap” damn softly. Hahahah you damn stingy but its so good~ I wish i was more like you T_T<—tears of envy. ok so alot types of tears XD u have pretty eyes ^_^

  9. michellesy says:

    eh so what if it’s cheap makeup, you look damn nice ok, inilah dipanggil innate classiness wtf

    and you look damn nice lah, the eyes so big di! i don’t even have lower lashes ok, serious, no need to apply mascara to them lah T_______T

  10. Ginny says:

    wah with cheap makeup also u can do so nice. T__T i cheap makeup = not nice cuz smudge. y u so good ar. i no talent lar. hahaha use liquid eyeliner for top lid is better I think. its darker in color 😉 u shud do more videos! 😀 enjoyed them.

  11. sweatlee says:

    baz, yay wtf

    nikko, hahah funny meh! it’s like unconsciously one haha

    aud, why u say useless T__T why u so mean wtf but ya how u know ar hehe wtf

    mel, aww welcome!

    taro, yeah i can’t apply lipgloss la if not lips will look too red then not nice edi

    hayley, try again! it’ll work..someday haha

    tracy, erm i got it from kmart! they don’t have a lot though. you can try their website, i think. hahaha malay guy i didnt know there’s a msian in trinity! and wow you can understand? yays!

    shanshan, thanks love you’re so encouraging!

    carol, ya seriously im damn annoying without knowing it wtf it’s in kmart! the brand elf. isit?? if i put at the bottom then it’ll go in my eyes la so i put on top only. mac ah where u get free!! so good.

    mg, really? i thought quite hard cause i didn’t show everything properly. welcome!

    agnes, haha isit i thought i sound very serious! much more serious than i usually am la. haha i line the top last cause if i line first then put eyeshadow then can’t really see edi ma. hahaha ya quite hard to position the mirror behind the camera so i dunno if can see my eyes anot!

    xiaokit, wht is tat de wtf. why no difference meh my eyes wor!

    shine, erm i think it depends on the eyeliner also. and my skin not oily so it doesn’t smudge. maybe u can try a good foundation so that your skin won’t get oily?

    fuzzy, ……why!!

    sarah, yeap i reused mine for more than 5 times already and it’s still standing strong! erm just use until really cannot use edi kua..haha really ah yay! i look retarded if i smile leh trade off la haha

    meilin, really? thanks! haha no problem, don’t worry! i just started couple of yrs ago and wasnt good then too! it takes lotsa practice =)

    fird, thanks firdauz takes 5 wtf


    crash, haha thanks!!

    lynette, hahahhaha why u so funny got so many types of tears one!! hahah and thanks =) my eyes quite small la and one side got double eyelid the other one doesnt T_T<– tears of sadness/anger/frustration wtf

    michelle, hahaha haih i think now ok la but 10 yrs later skin all spoil edi cause cheap makeup. then how ar T_T u can erm..put fake lower lashes! i think..

    ginny, haha really ah! i dunno why mine won’t smudge. ok i’ll try to do more next time!

    pinkpau, ya hor after what u said then i go rewatch the video and realize that i do pull on my skin a lil too hard..ok i wont anymore!

    angie, hahaha wtf u’re the only one who realized that /boo

    cyan, hahahah wtf

    missycheerio, i sound different? got meh like how!!

    francesca, thanks =))

    tze, ya use mac ma! bottom damn hard to put liquid la! always go into my eyes one then i’ll cry damn sad wtf

  12. markush~ says:

    harloo… nice make up video by the way… btw im a guy..pls dont go “WTF” hahaha.. i think u`’ll look not bad with the gothic look.. heheh.. anyways, overall, u did great in prettying yourself.. hehe.. keep those updates coming~~ ciao~

  13. Fuzzy! says:

    Made-up suet seems lan si. aj. Plus pre-make-up suet is already pretty naturally. That’s what count, what.

    I mean, I don’t wanna wake up on my 56th birthday, rollover and die of shock, fear and terror because the person lying next to me is without her make up, therefor fugly like a newborn rat. /This is the moment my father would say, cheh, number one in complimenting/

  14. ozzie says:

    yay to elf. it’s so cheap. my sister sells them as a business here. it’s 2.95 but it’s still cheap la. i use it all the time esp the shimmering liquid to give me the dewey effect.

    false eyelashes are great! i watched this after you uploaded it because i am subscribed to you on youtube hehee (under hersheii).

  15. yoyo says:

    Definitely got difference Suet! Ur makeup is simple yet got “drama” effect, becos of the work to the eyes. I can do my makeup v fast too, but never really know how to vamp up the eyes with mascara & fake lashes.

  16. sweatlee says:

    alea, which one! the silkygirl one? tht’s brown and light brown la wtf and i think fake lashes will give u double eyelids one!!

    huiwen, eh damn nice right wtf

    elise, haha it’s very useful! for me la.

    shanshan, =DDD

    smallpotato, no problem =)

    zeemi, hahaha just practice alot! and of course you won’t poke your own eye silly!

    markush, hahaha thanks! ya i tried gothic before but not tooo gothic, will like to try it some day!

    fuzzy, haha isit! yaa *shy wtf hahahha wtf roll over and die wtf

    ozzie, eh isit! oooh i wanna try that too but quite hard to find everything la int he store, must buy online better kua. heh why u suscribe! malu only me

    yoyo, haha thanks! oh u should try fake lashes! very good especially for lazy ppl haha lazy wanna remove makeup so put fake lashes, easier to remove!

  17. hazel says:

    huhu suet.. u ignite my passion to experiment with makeup again.. u know putting on makeup n removing it are 2 different stories, the latter is very tedious aight? thts y im lazy.

    love your post!

  18. lijen says:

    Hey there! This iS pretty useful! Straightforward, down to earth and not too technical that noobs like me can’t understand! Yay!

    I get what you mean about the accent thing…I’m a Msian in Aus! Argh.
    I think you are so cute la wei!Hahaha.

    And oh yeah keep posting cheap, good beauty products! Or like beauty tips or um whatever. I think it’s darn nice of you to post them up lor! Not kedekut ilmu 🙂
    Rock on. (<<< Ahhaha! So old school!)


  19. carol says:

    got from new york fashion week fall/winter08 while volunteering hoho.

    actually it’s just because a bunch of us got screwed by project runway haih long story so the volunteer director felt bad and gave us like $100 worth of MAC each lol.

    i shall hunt in kmart for cheap makeup haha.

    eh bid on ebay for cheap makeup!!!

  20. Jaclyn says:

    liquid one always not so easy to use de mah..i got pimples for not washing my bedsheet for quite some time er may be 1 or 2 month eh i knw its groos but i no kakak help n im a lazy bump( eh if i say how dirty im for being lazy of how lazy im for being dirty lol wtf am i talking nvm that , oh no i said it out already nah now guys will nvr want me anymore just because i’m dirty T__T ) okey stop the lame ( but that’s the fact hee hee) I super lazy one..i lazy until i don use eye shadow although it really can shows big difference n effects but i just lazy lar haiyo just with mascara & eyeliner can liao lor ( use the gel one for eyeliner cuz last long waterprof somemore wont fade tee hee) i put fake lashes also not much difference cuz i pick the shortest for most matural looking and when i apply on it doesn’t extend my lashes’ length ( wah my lashes got that long one ah lol pai seh swt bla bla bla ) but atleast it enhance my lashes volume lar nyahahaha if not watse my rm 6.90 already lor ( see fake lashes also that expensive — I vry kedekut one nyahaha wtf lalala ~~ )

  21. foreverjas says:

    i duno how to apply fake lashes til now. hehe. sometimes when i draw pencil eyeliner, it will smudge after few hours. why huh? bcuz din put foundation?

  22. aud says:

    to the buttface posing as pinkpau: i suggest you go eat shit because that’s all you deserve.

    who the fuck are you to be calling shit on my best friend and brother? go fuck yourself.

  23. Baz says:

    fake pinkpau: You must be the Level 12 Elf I was talking about in one of my earlier comments! You could have picked a more original name for your World of Warcraft avatar, you know. Don’t be a little vagina by hiding behind someone else’s name.

    And what’s it to you if Suet picked up an accent? Is this a Who’s More Malaysian contest? And since you’re a little vagina and I’m a prick, can I make love explosions inside you and turn you into a gigantic Beard Papa creampuff? wtf.

  24. sweatlee says:

    hazel, haha try it!

    cor, aww thanks =)

    lijen, thanks!! i dont have beauty tips one la cause never buy much stuff also. hahah rock on too my brader wtf

    carol, oooh so nice!! oh ya i will!

    nov, hahaha yaaa not easy ok!

    jaclyn, wah your comment damn long. ya buy more dramatic ones la if not put for nothing only! mine not that dramatic la but it’s noticable!

    june, aiya put only la! haha actually i can’t also tht’s why one side covered by fringe wtf

    jas, erm maybe cause skin oily kua mine doesn’t smudge la but if too long will smudge also, so just reapply i guess

    mc, hahah very different meh!

    simplicity, just take it out!!! it’s that easy!

    whoever you are, naperville illinois eh? why does my accent bother you? i’m sure you’re malaysian too right? so do you speak to your american friends in malaysian accent too ah? did they ask you to speak english instead? aiya whatever la are u in northern illinois uni wtf

  25. Jeff from LA says:

    I think its very brave of you to have a post demonstrating how you look like without makeup. Not many bloggers would be willing to do the same.

    And I wouldn’t worry too much about the Pinkpau name-stealing hater. She’s obviously jealous of both you and Pinkpau and is looking for a reason to lash out at you.

  26. Michael says:

    that freak has no life. he/she is just trying to seek attention from us. bah. ignore it.

    Its kinda strange hearing u saying that ur stingy and wtf its rm16 use 2 years very good investment lol. So aunty-ish nia haha…but I like..hahahahahhaha (better than some others who always buys overpriced makeup and use them for like two times…from my personal experience =_=)

  27. adeline says:

    just a random passerby.;P
    nice video you have.;)
    i have been using the same silky girl eyeshadow too(cos i am stingy and i reckon it actually serves me well!!

    too bad i cant get 1dollar eyeliner here.

    btw,you look good even without make up.

  28. Mabel says:

    Suet Li…you look preety even without makeup on. I like your eyes lah…so mesmerizing.

    Pls…don’t care about what others are saying.

    Hehe, how did you do in your French Exam? Hope you went well

  29. evvy says:

    hahaha i alternate between a malaysian and australian accent myself. the malaysian accent comes out when i get overly excited or angry.

    your make up video is very easy to understand – and you are pretty even without make up =D

  30. Jas~ says:

    Am blog hopping! hehe… Anyhow, the video is pretty interesting and it’s really funny when you’re trying to pick which accent. Good effort though! (^_^) Maybe the next time, you should show the full make up. =)

  31. Angie says:


    pinkpau, aiya I swear to god you are just some jealous-until-die-bitch who doesn’t have a boyfriend and all ur American friends (if you hav any) cannot understand u because of ur accent, and eventho you try to speak american accent you failed. sigh

    Ei, let me tell you, i’m not even malaysian and I have the malaysian accent. Want to hate me too ?

  32. sweatlee says:

    carol, hahah sigh

    eddie, thanks =)

    jeff, thanks jeff! ya i’m not worried at all, especially since she/he doesn’t even have the courage to use his/her own name. and email. and blog address.

    michael, ya why so many attention whores one ah? haih i know i dman aunty la good wife wtf

    adeline, haha ya i think it’s really good for the price leh! the colors show and they last long =) and thanks =)

    abby, erm cause i dont have any foundation/concealer skills! too stingy to buy face makeup remover so i usually just haih whateverla go without foundation

    pinkpau, hello the real pinkpau wtf

    jaclyn, haha ya tht’s true fake lashes only if to go out at night or what la

    xiaokit, hah? wtf yala im chinese what

    pear, haih *gives up wtf

    mabel, haha thanks mabel =) it went….alright…i hope sigh.

    willy, hahah cannot la bring back also melt edi! u go to the side of your freezer and scrape it la it looks like real snow!

    ling, erm literally it means advace guard haha but it also means modern or advanced. it’s used in english too, it means very artistic or literary advanced i think

    evvy, haha i still use msian accent alot too. and rhanks =)

    nic, nola my eyes like quite empty without makeup so i’ll put on my eyeliner at least if i go shopping or what

    jas, haha thanks! ermmm im not really good with foundation and all that so i cant show la

    baz, wtf

    aud, wtf

    angie, thanks love /boo but this one is fake pinkpau! the real pinkpau is my friend.

    val, haih im just waiting for someone to say that. there are millions of makeup videos on youtube, ricebunny wannabes too? i’m just showing how i put on my makeup la like that also wannabe meh.

  33. tze says:

    why so many annoying ppl in this world i dont get it wtf

    fake pinkpau: fan dou sei she got accent meh! just because her T sounds a bit like D doesnt mean that’s an accent ok have u heard real ppl with real accents speak before ah? and give her a break la she’s in a foreign country everyday have to speak with angmoh sure got some sort of accent wan wat and it’s doubly hard to sound normal when u’r faced with a video camera ok u damn fan hai la wtf

    and val, why does having a makeup video mean copying someone? wtf like that everything you do like walking means copying the apes ah wtf wtf

    and pear why u like to call ooib sissy! he look very sissy meh a bit fair and big eyed only wat. treat gf good sissy meh. ok la u continue beating up all your gfs then not sissy la wtf.

    ooib be nice to me when im back ok u see i defend u

  34. Shanshan says:

    can’t believe there r people being so mean!! suet has been makin an effort to make herself not sound havin an american accent…!!!!! i didnt realize u got this commend until i read aud’s blog… ><

  35. carol says:

    ling: avant-garde in the fashion sense means a fashion item that is “fashion-forward”. Like ahead of its time, a new concept, idea. like not something you will find in pasar malam or parkson la haha wtf.

    if you’re thinking fashion, research “hussein chalayan”, “junya watanabe”.. these are some of the more “avant-garde” designers around.

  36. Jigga My Nigga says:

    Hey Pinkpay why you say sweatlee got fake accent la. She so nice and did the world a favor with her good good tips on make up. Her face so beautiful too. Yalor I agree with you
    Angie, she just a little bitch hiding behind someone else nick mar. She so stupid community college also cannot get in. Not like Sweat and Aud so smart can get in liberal arts college. Stupid Pinkpau. So stupid la. I hate people say other people one.

  37. yda says:

    thanks for posting this one. I think you’re very pretty and funny.. your friends and family are very lucky to have you.and I think you’re fun to be with.. keep it up, i love your blog suet.


  38. Peanut says:

    i’m not defending anyone here but, seriously i’ve never been abroad for any education except for a coupla weeks of vacation and hell, a lot of malaysian idiots think i have this fake accent (which they can’t even tell me whether it’s american / british / australian wtf so stupid meh? since they can say it’s a fake accent then they should be able to identify that my fake accept follows which country lah) @.@

    so people, suet’s video does not show that she has any fake accent at all. bad english peeps, please listen again with a guide beside you =.=

    oh and what is wrong if she really does speak with an american accent? do you people wanna live your whole entire life speaking Manglish (which a lot of m’sians are so freaking proud of, but actually internationally people are laughing their asses off just ’cause m’sians speak lousy english!). Hah! food for thought.

  39. sweatlee says:

    tze, thanks love /boo

    shanshan, haih yala damn stupid =(

    michael, hahaha when she’s angryla haha ya have to sacrifice wtf

    carol, =)

    jigga, haih seriously why are you so weird ah? as if i can’t see your ip and tell that you’re the same person. i’m sure there aren’t a lot people from naperville who’ll visit my blog anyway. damn weird sekejap pretend to be pinkpau, sekejap condemning yourself. pls seek professional help wtf

    pear, haihh *gives up again wtf as if writing in CAPS means you have better arguments but always revolve around the same thing only so sien

    pinkpau, aiya it’s the same person la damn weird one got split personality wtf

    yda, thanks =))

    peanut, yala seriously i mean if u put a msian in front of me and of course i’ll talk in VERY msian accent back la i just don’t wanna speak very msian accent in that video cause scared ppl can’t understand.

    carol, i dunno seriously why all flamers so weird one ah!

  40. Michael says:

    wow. double identities. i admire. pui! I dont understand why a small accent thing can become a flaming subject. Do they have too much time or what? Fuck if you dont like it then dont come to this blog damnit. These guys are just talking bullshit all da time hiding behing their monitors. Cowards Zzz

  41. ozzie says:


    and honestly, i do not think that you have an american accent. you still have a lot of malaysian in you. if the pinkpau impostor hear me speak, i would probably get worse flaming than you. it’s because we just want white people to understand what we’re saying.

  42. ghost says:

    actually i really thot it sounded more like a singapore accent .. haha cos my cousin in singapore speaks like that 😛 suet you rooock la. it’s just two flamers (or most likely one ’cause the brat is prob just using diff names / alt e-mail) so ignore the no-life. he/she/it can’t even insult with basis so yeah. you’re so much better even compared to other bloggers and always be yourself because nobody likes a fake 🙂

  43. Bellifer says:

    hahah crazy lah. did u realise u mumble a lot or not. so cute. hahaha “aiya so poor la.” “sigh so stingy”, “u put heeeere. and then u put heeeere”, “always smudge. ah u see u see! later i wipe it off la”
    hahaha i am so attentive eh!

  44. dweam says:

    eh how coincidental! i was gonna do a makeup post (but full makeup la) on my bloggie soon too! GAHH. but now that you have done it, wait ppl say i copy u how =(

    will drop you the linky when im done. and u get to see my argliee face without make up. boohoo.

  45. michelle * says:

    hey you’re video is really entertaining lols. well, you dont havta bother wht others said about your accent. i just believe in being true to yourself. when ppl attracts attention & looks good naturally, others with jealousy will break you down in any ways 😉 sorry for the crap hahah. tk care ! 🙂

  46. skyler says:

    Haha cibai everyone comment until I also wanna comment already I THINK PINKPAU SECRETLY HATES YOU HOR YOU BE CAREFUL AH SUET.

    And I also hate you cause you won’t bring elf for me =(

  47. michellesy says:

    Oh for fuck’s sake *throws hands up in air in exasperation*, some people should just get a life!

    Don’t worry Suet, I can totally empathise with how you feel. I never had much of an accent anyways even when I was back home, but now I have two: one when speaking to Australians (cos I swear they cannot understand you otherwise) and a sibeh ahlian jinjang Malaysian one whenever I am with my Msian friends (to make me feel less homesick wtf. works even better than nasi lemak wtf)

    So don’t worry about the jakuns and kataks di bawah tempurungs hun, it’s not your fault some people haven’t got the word adaptability in their lexicon.

    ps: I *heart* Barry’s replies to the flamers. Random wtf. Pear on forehead wtf wtf.

  48. yvonne says:

    hi gal, i love ur blog and love ur style of writing… anyway, thx for the video, I try to follow the step-by-step of make up, Yeah! It really looks different… Although I know the basic of make up, but after follow yours, I gain alot.. thx Ya ^^ stay pretty and healthy~ *winks* ;p

  49. lynette tan says:

    yer why fake pink pau so the bitch mean wan T_T<-tears of anger + sadness.

    *takes a stick and whacks fake pink pau until die*

    *paints fake pink pau to shit colour* =.=”

    there suet! =D all done!

  50. Sarah says:

    hahahaa i jus started reading your blog…
    i love your video! you’re so funny! 🙂 but ooh i like that tip about the smoky eyeshadow…ill definitely try it sometime. 🙂

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