Hello! Because I’ve been somewhat productive today as well (went to gym! continued writing another page for my paper!), I’m gonna reward myself by writing a good ol’ long and vain post. The other day I don’t know how but I had some extra time thrown in by the kindness of a supernatural being, I decided to take a video of the process of me putting on my eye makeup. I always get kinda lazy when removing my makeup so I didn’t put on foundation blusher blabla lah.

Ok so this is how I look like without makeup

Haiya I know you sure say why I have a certain angle why cannot show face from front sure damn ugly from front one wtf blabla ya you’re right, actually I look like shit if I smile from front but! I have perfected a certain technique so that I won’t look like a hyena if I smile from front!

Nah the straightest angle I can manage. My technique is don’t smile with my teeth la if not I’ll look like.. ok fine I’ll save you from having to see that.

Alright moving on, my products

All also very cheap one (and look like it too sigh) From top left,
silkygirl foundation-RM15,
Maybelline blusher-free cause stole from sis one nyehe,
eyeshadow from silkygirl RM15,
Sephora liquid eyeliner $10/RM32,
eyeliner from a goth shop wtf $1/RM3.20,
Maybelline mascara RM25,
fake lashes from walmart RM6, glue from dunno where RM10,
eyeshadow from ELF $1/RM3.20

The video:

Disclaimers wtf:

1. Please don’t pick on my accent(s) haih I scared if I speak fully Malaysian accent then people who stumble on the video won’t get what I’m saying and if I speak American accent then people will say eh msian please speak msian accent. And it’s not easy ok speaking msian accent to a camera blabla lazy wanna explain so as you can see, my accent very indecisive one wtf

2. I have no idea why there are so many red bumps on my face. I woke up one day and found myself covered with those..itulah akibat lazy wanna wash bedsheets. See now let the bedbugs feast on me already

3. I’m sorry if it’s too disjointed cause the original one was far too long and I had to cut out parts. But nevermind! now I know how to take makeup videos already. I should take separates scenes and join them later.

4. Like I said, I know this might not be the right way but whatever lah that’s how I put it

If you’re too lazy to watch the video or don’t wanna endure hearing my voice T_T

First I’ll apply eyeliner at the bottom. I’m using pencil eyeliner cause I’m not that good at applying the liquid one yet. If you have small eyes, don’t line all the way in but I like lining all of it so that’s what i did

I’ll put on a light colored eyeshadow as base all over my eyelids

Then I’ll put on the darker color. What I do is I’ll start applying from the outer part of my eye and blend it inwards to get the smokey effect

Next, eyeliner..I just learnt how to put on the liquid one recently. You just need lots of practice for liquid eyeliner!

I’ve been so lazy these days so I skip the mascara entirely cause it’s harder to remove and just put on fake lashes. This needs a lot of practice as well so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time!

Put on the other side as well..duh wtf takkan do one side only hahah

Apply more eyeliner at the bottom if you want

Lastly, apply mascara at your lower lashes! (i hate this part cause always smudge one, you can put a namecard or something so it won’t smudge onto your skin but I’m too lazy to find a card)

That’s all! Not showing my whole face cause it’s covered with red dots and pimples haih

I think it’s a little too thick to go out in the day so if you want, skip the fake lashes and use mascara instead

Or you don’t have to put dark colors and can use bright ones instead. I have green and blue here but you can’t really see them though



Like no difference only T___T except that my after picture has red dots and my before one doesn’t have any cause that was before I went to sleep and let the bedbugs bite my poor face.

Ok that’s all. wah shit I forgot I have my French midterm tomorrow how now brown cow no time to study already! nevermind let fate decide wtf