Weight Issue

I’ve always been battling with weight issues since I was young. As long as I can remember, I’ve never been thin before (like normal thin or thinner than normal). I’ve always been chubby or fat or slightly meaty and I hate it so much. I hate going to a relative’s house and hear the same old “wah fatter already!” or hear people calling me fat. When I was 12, I had a birthday party in my house and invited all my ‘close’ friends. Before they left, they sat in a circle and sang me a song. It went like this:

Suet li suet li sangat gemuk!! Selalu makan dan jadi semakin gemuk!!

In the tune of the mat kool mat kool kawanku song. I was 12, it was my birthday and I got humiliated by my friends in front of my other relatives. Everyone laughed and so did I but little did anyone know how hurt I was inside. I told myself that I’ll always always remember that day cause one day, I’ll be the thinnest of them all and I can in turn laugh at them back. (failed)

During the holidays when I was 12/13/14, we would stay with our grandparents. My grandma would always make maggi mee for my siblings at night when they were hungry and forbid me from touching any of it. She’d also force me to jump on the trampoline outside the house while watching them slurp their maggi inside T___T sometimes, when everyone was outside playing, she’d make me do the jumping rope thingy and she’d sit there and watch me jump my fats away. I hated trampolines and ropes ever since.

When I was 15, I told myself that I cannot let myself be the butt of all jokes anymore. Guys calling me wildboar was too cruel for me to bear so during the holidays, I willingly tried losing weight. I cycled up and down the hill everyday while singing to my heart’s content, I built a basketball ring and board with wires and wood and practiced my lay up everyday and I even use the dunno what rolling machine that will tone your abs. Then, I went back to school and started a basketball team and joined the school’s track team with one goal: lose as much weight as possible. So in that one year, I lost about 8kg.

Yeah so I’ve always had an issue with my weight. My biggest secret after the one about my imaginary bf is that I’ve always wanted to be anorexic. I wish that I can cut my food up and not eat it, that I’ll be thin as hell and yet still feel fat so nobody will ever say I’m fat anymore. But sadly it never happened. I did try cutting my food to a million pieces but ended up eating everything =.= I tried hardcore exercise but always ate a lot after that so haih plan failed.

I swear I have superpower ok and my power is that I have a stomach made of steel..worst power ever. Aud told me when she gets diarrhea, she’ll lose a lot of weight and I’ve been waiting for the day I get diarrhea but either my stomach is way too strong or even if I do get diarrhea, I don’t lose weight at all. My bro has worms so he’s always thin and I always wish I’m the one with the worms instead but haih worms also lose to my stomach T__T

I’ve tried leftovers, spicy food, dirty food, accidentally ter-ate my nose shit (WTF DON’T ASK) but I will never get diarrhea lor! I only had food poisoning once in my life but I recovered 3 hours after that. When I got the worst fever in my life, I couldn’t eat for a week and yet I didn’t lose any weight.

So anyway why am I talking about all this cause I just found out an orange has 70 calories each T_________________________________________T and I just ate 6 oranges again today seriously I’m destined to never be thin. Yalah I know everyone sure damn unhappy cause I’m complaining even though I don’t look fat but that’s only cause obviously I won’t post unflattering pictures of myself. You have no idea how truly big my tummy is even after all that years of hardcore exercising. And my stupid ribcage and bones are so big until dunno what so I can never have a slim stature ok T_T

The worst thing is today when I finally weighed myself after a month of going to gym 3/4 times a week and eating less, I found out that I gained weight T_____T how is this possible you tell me is someone playing some sort of funny game on me ah! *memories of suet li suet li sangat gemuk and jumping on trampoline flooding back wtf T___T

I give up lah sigh I’ll just do whatever I want and weigh whatever lah I don’t care anymore! This battle with my weight is officially over! *lies to self wtf

I really just wanna be slim is that too much to ask for! I don’t wanna be meaty and yet so flat and have no curves! If meaty and well-endowed and got curves then nevermind la this one all also don’t have got one big lump which is my tummy only sigh.

*anticlimactic ending cause too sleepy already


  1. meldee says:

    actually i think when you work out a lot you bulk up a bit and muscles weigh more! if you want to be toned i suggest yoga or pilates…haha but i never do it either 😛

    same thing here though, i used to wish i could develop an eating disorder when i was younger (LOA mah) but now, aah..fuck it la, i love my food too much

    and i think you’re gorgeous just the way you are, suettiepoo 😀 pass the fries please.

  2. lingling says:

    hi , suet.don’t give up.eat less and more exercise sure can slim down.if you give up that mean u gonna be a super loser and want be a fat girl forever (actually u look quite ok).i can understand your feeling lo.try take early dinner like around six , or five hours before you sleep! it’s really work.

  3. Jayne says:

    People are so cruel T.T the guys in my year are always teasing ppl about their weight (even when they’re normal), and two girls in my year became anorexic because of that…

    btw btw, you should try a fruit diet! I was going to try it to lose some weight before my grad trip to koh samui, but my mom said not to do it yet cause I have exams T.T Anyway, basically, when you’re hungry, you eat one type of fruit (as much as you want to feel full), and then, when you feel hungry again, eat some fruit again (you can switch the type you eat, but you shouldn’t eat two of the same kinds at the same time)..Apparently, you do that for about two weeks and you’ll lose 5 pounds, and you wont have to feel so T.T for eating 938493 oranges!

    and yeahh..your weight gain is probably from gaining muscle loh. toned is nice!

  4. wanli says:

    hey, i have the same problem with you. i’ve been a fatty since college started back in 2006 and i had mamak food every night without fail since november! imagine that. as long as you still can fit into those beautiful clothes its okay laa. im trying my best to lose weight too but i just cant ger rid of food. so tempting T.T

  5. brad pitt's imaginary wife says:

    well, according to meldee, it’s true that if you gain muscle, you will gain a bit of weight. but the sad thing is, if you don’t maintain your work out, the muscles will turn to fat. so, i advice you to avoid doing exercises which can develop muscles if you don’t plan to exercise regularly.

    why not trying to change your eating habit? my friend did this “one-week-eat-vegetable-soup-only” thingy. she lost some weight. and after a while, her pants have become loose. i think it’s effective. try it for one week first la. see if it works for you. and eat less rice and meat. i mean, really little rice and meat. and eat lots of vegetable and fruits. yay!

    tell you what, your weight is inconsistent. like my weight, it’s like saham. everyday also turun-naik for no reason okay. there was one time when i eat a lot, i lost weight, and when i ate less i gained weight. damn weird la. but you shouldn’t be too worried about your weight. afterall, your main concern should be your body figure. don’t be too underweight like me. trust me, if you’re in my shoe, you’d be trying so hard to gain some weight. like what i’m doing now. haha.

    anyway… the best way is to learn to appreciate and love yourself. i think you are beautiful the way you are right now. 😉

  6. clem says:

    i think i said this too many times jor haha but my problem is the exact opposite as yours. and when i’m teased it was the exact opposite as yours so yala no matter what, people always find some ‘flaw’ to tease others about.

    maybe i should go to japanese buffets everyday wtf.

  7. june says:

    its oklah. you’ve come a long way already. just maintain your current size 🙂 ure a super hot babe now! a few of my guy friends are head over heels over you haha.

    i’ll be extremely happy if i could shed just a few kg. my dream weight is 45kg T_T but always fail la! actually, i find it very difficult to lose weight because i know the more i lose, the more i’ll gain back. i can lose as much weight as i want now but i know weeks and months later, they’ll get back at me! 🙁

  8. Fuzzy! says:

    I just woke up and very lazy to read your blog but I have something to say about weight loss.

    The doctors in Russia have long recommend that if you want to lose weight, on alternate days you could eat nothing but 1-1.5 kilos of carrots/apples and losing 2 kilos a week is normal. According to my internal medicine teacher/doctor la.

    This diet is usually recommended to obese people but apparently my hygiene lecturer said that we normal people also should do it, wtf.

  9. mel says:

    Haha..I can totally relate to this post!
    Actually most of my diet plans start and end in my brain and have never materialised. I just love food too much.

    Hmm I wanted to warn abt the oranges earlier cos I watched some Taiwanese show and this lady being interviewed decided to go on an orange diet to lose weight but ended up gaining more because of the high sugar content in oranges. Plus, you’d tend to eat more of those oranges because of it’s not that filling.

    This I learnt from my P.E. teachers throughout sec sch and jc:

    The weight gain is prob due to the gain in muscle weight.
    The mass of adipose tissues is much lesser compared to muscle mass. Hence even if you lose the fats, the results are not apparent on the weighing scale.

    However the gain in muscle mass will increase the rate at which yr fats are burned hence after the initial gain in weight, your weight shd start to decrease if you exercise continuously.

    I don’t think it’s true that muscle can turn to fat. Both tissues are of different nature.

    To lose fat, you shd do workouts with less loads but more repetitions.
    Erm, like lift lighter weights but with more repetitions.
    This is cos our body only starts burning fat after 30min (not sure but abt there) of workout. So I think this ensures that yr workout lasts longer. To gain muscle you shd work on greater loads, less repetitions.
    Okay I think “load” is not the right word but I can’t think of the correct term for now.

    Hmm and I’ve also learnt that the no. of fat cells (for convenience sake) is determined as a kid (unfortunately). So if you were a fat kid then u’d have more fat cells than others and this will remain so for yr entire lifetime (unless you opt for invasive surgery such as liposuction).

    How adults get fat is by increasing the size of their fat cells. So right now all we can do is decrease the size of our fat cells. Adults who were fat as kids have a harder time as they have more fat cells.

    Okay I sound like I’m giving a lecture on Health Education. I didn’t know I could rmb so much haha! All the best to you and yr weightloss regime…I shd start mine too.

  10. themysteriousorange says:

    i have the same problem T_T and im still in high school. luckily the guys and girls nowadays are not as bad as last time? i mean, i’ve never heard them jeering at anyone before…. behind their backs got lah.

    oh and suet, please dont joke about anorexia. its not really funny you know. read kitesong.blogspot.com and you’ll see exactly how hard it is to overcome it. haih emo emo wtf 🙂

  11. huiting says:

    oh, I feel what you been through… I was called Sumo by this DJ guy whom I happened to have his mother’s number… I threaten to call his mom and tell her that her son is damn naughty in school and she’d believe me ok…

    Haih I am damn happy I lost 16kgs last year… And gained like 4 this year T_T YES!! I was THAT fat… But it’s ok lar, at least you’re still petite ok… Me?? Like a smaller Sumo now lor…

    Haih, I wanna lose another 10kgs… Possible another 15… T___T

  12. Ginny says:

    hey u know why u go gym but still put on weight? cuz u build muscles! muscles heavy mah. 😀 i know cuz I go to gym too. and yeahh my weight went up like 2 kg ok lol i was so shocked

    but when i stop going gym i lost that 2 kg -_-”

    but anyway workout can help u tone up lor so weight dont matter. its the body shape 😉

    u wanna have nice tummy/ abs? best way: do sit ups!

    seriously works. but do everyday hor. 😀 and once u have enough muscle there u can eat all u want but wont go fat. really! xD

    well give it a try if u want. it works for me lah. lol. =) but im not anorexic thin. =p

  13. angeliCassie says:

    hey don’t be too hard on yourself..we only live once yo (cause we aint’t cats -_-“)

    you prob gain weight after those gym session is cause you’ll building muscles..so chillax lar..ppl these days (esp media) put too much weight (smell the pun) on the weight issue..tee heethere’s more to life than that

    but HAHA i’m saying all these to console my fat self but seriously,don’t be too hard on yourself k =D and abt the bday incident,let the past be the past la =D


  14. jesslyn says:

    hey girl, it’s been a while since i drop a line here…hope you have not forget me yet???

    i have a 3 day chemical breakdown diet that quite workable … wanna try out?..you may lose up to 4.5 kg in 3 days

    no worries you just hv to eat normally according to d diet plan.

  15. Jaclyn says:

    u got curves my dear and i like it =)

    I was also a fei poh and still a chubby meaty ah moi today. My lower part is so big and I face hard times to get the right jeans for myself..fit ass too loose for waist sigh wtf..and now my bf also always squeeze my fats saying i should keep fit , i knw his’s just playing around but I feel so hurt deep inside my heart..

    I dont have the confidence to wear sleeves tops may be because ..i want everything to be perfect? I dont wear it because I dont hv the condition for it..sigh.so many shirts cant wear…

    Before 16 I always go out with XL t shirts and big sized pants..no fashion at all T__T like aunty

    Until today..several parts of my body still fat fat one……….!! when i do sports training all became muscle !!! ( Li Hai Or Not I got ‘mouse’ lerr lollll hahahahhaa )

  16. JT says:

    hey girl…u should be lucky to have such slim legs! i have calves the size of a tree trunk. i have an almost perfect top (petite) but when it comes to the bottom… 🙁 i don’t even wanna look at it. i’ve tried heaps of ways to reduce my weight but heck i love to eat! to me u’re not super slim nor super fat…u have a just nice body. curvy and sexy. i know u might think im crapping and stuff but i would die to be in ur shoes. its been awhile since i wore that skirt or a dress cos i’ve always hated my lower half…been considering lipo.. 🙁

    don’t push urself too hard. i know its tough being called fat and stuff. i’ve starved myself but the lower half still doesnt seem to shrink. guess sometimes we really gotta learn to appreciate what we have even when we don’t like it. u’ll do fine. cheer up*

  17. Riina says:

    I am fat and I never lose weight and now I am 18 and I don’t have a bf and no guys wanna get near me wtf. *shameful* T____________T

    Suet, you did a good job on losing weight and believe or not, I actually look up to you on losing weight. Such determination T_T

  18. alea says:

    do you still have flabs when you lose your weight? i do T____T

    SIGH i know how you’re going through lor. I’m going through the exact same thing you’re going through. I was once a FAT girl. bloody obese okay. guys kept on calling me Rikishi, the WWE fat wrestler wtf.

    By telling you that you’re not fat doesnt work because it doesnt please you but believe me. You’re way below fat. I’m fat. I’m 5feetone and im 60kg (OMFG MY SECRETS REVEALED wtf)

    so yeah. at least you could wear skirts and sleeveless tops. I cant T___T cuz i still have flabs and short big legs its not funny. Alot of people thought im small size but im actually size 12 T___T
    Don’t know how hurt i felt whenever i see my friends wearing cute dresses and i cant T_T

    so therefore, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!

    you should try dtox tea. i tried it and it gives me diorheaa wtf. and now im relying on it whenever i wanna shit which is bad T-T

    you’re not fat, you’re curvy. and kudos to u for working hard! Aja aja fighting!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Hey there, I feel you. I was a fat kid myself who suddenly lost weight in f3 or so. I struggle with my weight now too. I’ve also never been thin and still hope to be. Exercising constantly will help you but it takes time. If you keep going to the gym 3 times a week, within a month you’ll be able to see some results. That is if you don’t overeat after every gym session. Cardio will help you slim down overall but cons are you might lose your ass/boobs. Weight training will target specific areas. All these take time and if you persevere, I know you can achieve your ideal figure. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources for all this when I’m at uni and jogging on the road is not good for your knees T_T I heard the best time to weigh yourself is in the morning after you wake up and release your bladder. Maybe you’ve been weighing yourself at different times each day, I don’t know.. Hope this helps and good luck!

  20. ling says:

    hey suet haha i feel like i had almost the same childhood nightmare abt being fat almost all my life. When I was around 10-12 my mom will feed me chicken bum and chicken skin (yumyumyum) coz i love them so much. and I will always eat more than my cousins. like 2-3 plates of rice during meals *haha U were called Wildboar I was called Panda hehe and I suddenly just lost all my weight when I reached puberty hahaha that was my lightest moment 46 kg. but i dont really remember being that featherlight. I’ve also always been teased at for being a fatso. anyways I think you are a beautiful person and u should not always criticize yourself =) I do dancing/ aerobics and kickboxing now haha and I am still the same weight with and without the exercise oh well take care of yourself! xoxo

  21. ling says:

    oh and also i thought i would lose weight when i had my braces coz you know..they told me i’ll eat less coz of the metal on my teeth. Here’s how it goes, on my first week i had porridge everyday. and each day i will have like 5 bowls of porridge haha coz like who gets full from eating porridge right..hehe

    and ppl around me will lose weight..look tired..pale..blablabla when they are sick..Well if this makes u feel better and not alone haha, I still eat like a normal human person. not losing a single pound. I’m not fat..at least I dont think I am..I feel really comfortable abt myself most of the time. I do have my fat moments and it gets worst when the pms starts haha..then i’ll stuff my face with junk food and chocolate……..ok the end haha

  22. yda says:

    we’re on the same boat, everytime my relatives or friends see me they always remind me of my weight.. how I look, etc. Its not funny I know and some of them think that its ok.. well its not, I smile at them, trying to hide my feelings but deep inside I wanna scream!!!

    well just got this idea from soompi, hope this could help you..

    I’ll start tomorrow…


  23. steph says:

    adui suet! why u always got weight issues one…! YOURE NOT FAT LA stop claiming you’re fat. maybe last time lah but definitely not now so at least be happier now that you’ve actually succeeded in losing all that weight last time! ive grown fatter i was way thinner as a kid. and now cannot lose the fats edi.
    but haiyo la your legs so thin. your tummy isnt THAAAT big mah… and dont become anorexic ok! shhh!
    yorh…! u make alot of other girls feel bad also lehhhh :(. but anyway just kno that ur NOT fat la. have u seen FAT or not!

  24. Terence says:

    sigh dun need to be thin la.. it’s not all that great. in fact, it’s not great at all. and that’s coming from a guy who’s 183 cm but only 50+ kg. I shall never reveal my real weight 😛

  25. b says:

    erm my suggestion is a bit stupid compared to all the eat carrots, 5hrs before bedtime, muscle mass increases because of exercises etc etc.

    make sure your weighing scale is not on carpeted surface when you’re weighing yourself! there IS a difference!

  26. Annie says:

    Erm, when you workout you build muscle and that’s why you’re heavier cause muscle are heavier than fat.
    Someone comment that muscle will turn to fat if you stop exercise but that’s not true. You’ll only lose them slowly.
    When you lose muscles, it inhibits the ability to burn calories. So you gain fat by not being able to burn more calories than your intake.
    So the best way to stay in shape is eat right, exercise and don’t bother so much about your weight. It’s just some numbers. As long as you look great and feel great then it’s enough. Just make sure your calorie burned is more than your calorie intake then you’re on the right track of losing fat!
    Btw, almost all girls will think that they’re fat even though they’re not. And you’re not fat or chubby. Just right I’d say. 🙂

  27. Liz says:

    so far my most successful weight-loss ‘program’ was … stress and emoness (ya wtf right!)

    no joke wei I lost like 5 KG when I was stressed + busy + emo k. before that wanna lose weight, exercise lah, diet lah, all failed … -__-
    but of course i put back on 2-3KG lah recently ‘coz thin edi no more boobs AHAH wtfff

  28. kimberlycun says:

    hey babe, felt sad reading your post. i had similar problems younger…up till when i was about 18 actually. relatives were always calling me chubby, fei mui jai..names like that and compared me to another female relative (she’s fucking fat now btw :P). i started dieting at 10, doing exercise in my room till i was exhausted and not eating anything. but i loved food so much one day i just decided to eat and forced myself to puke the food out. yes, i was bulimic, threw up to 5 times a day, or depending how many times i eat in that day. went on for several years, vicious cycle. i actually was so desperate i went to my school counsellor (i hated him!!!) for help and he asked me back what was bulimic -_- i was really pale, my chest hurt, my abdomen was big/hard and my teeth were sensitive from all the puking 🙁

    one day i just stopped. guess i was too tired from trying to be a certain way….best thing i’ve ever done for myself. today, i still haven’t hit my target weight but i’ve never been happier with my body, instead of aiming to get lighter i aimed for being breathless on the threadmill for 30mins.

    i just wish ppl, especially those cikopek relatives don’t go around commenting about people’s kids’ weights. yeah, may sound damn cute to an adult but it destroys a child’s self esteem to such extent that it will affect them for the rest of his/her life. if i have children next time, i’ll never allow anyone to get away for making comments about their weight or physical appearance.

    sorry bout the rambling but i hope you’ll get over this weight thing (im sure you will lah), we all have our fat days. why bother, this baz fella seems awfully enthusiastic about touching you anyway hehe

  29. sherve says:

    Don’t worry… u look skinny thin now.
    In pictures lah.. don’t think I’ve ever see u in RL, have I?

    Andddd…. you have a BF who loves you for who you are!
    I’d rather have that than some jerk who stays with you just because “you’re thin and popular”

  30. FeR says:

    hello…silent reader suddenly feel like speaking up.

    what i want to say has already been said by others but i’ll still write it. 😛

    true that muscles weigh heavier than fats and also if you stop exercising…uhmm…muscles turn to flab. unfortunately true.
    if you desire to have a slim body, cannot build muscles straightaway, gotta lose weight first then tone..if not you’d get bulky muscles – your size is maintained but toned. eeek! i know your problem now is losing weight, i’m just saying this because i myself share the same “dilemma” on whether i should go to the gym or not.

    pilates/yoga is good (since you can spare the 3-4 times a week) and you’d get stronger, lean muscles wor. and great abs! 😀

    if you can resist, please do not try any of those fad diets. can include more fibre (vegetables) into your diet but don’t starve your body…coz in the end body will die die try to conserve fat! then when you decide to eat “normal” food, you’d tend to gain weight faster due to decline of body’s metabolic rate (coz body was suddenly starved – it’s a survival instinct thing)

    Maybe you wonder – so in the end what am I trying to say?
    I also dunno..then end up being so lengthy. *hehe* I have the same dilemma and “knowing” all these other things on diets/weight loss makes it difficult to think of which way to lose weight.

    but you’re not fat! 😀
    if tummy is only your concern, do crunches – apparently the “secret” is to also draw your leg in when you do the sit-up’s (that’s for tummy area coz normal sit-up’s more for abs area)

  31. ju says:

    actually ur anorexic edi..not like physically visible la but mentally.wtf

    oh and u gain weight when u diet and exercise at first cz ur body is adapting like u deprive it from food so it stores fat instead to give u energy when u need it(i know cz ive been there)lol..haiya, last time i was fat too and kena bully cz i was always with kuok yi(i still wonder where he is) and he was like stick thin..anyhoo, don be depressed la k..eat and be happy..its wayyy better than being thin and unhappy i always say and if u get too fat u can always get ur tummy stapled wtf

  32. Francesca says:

    I still can remember also when people made fun of me. Try yoga, Suet … power yoga !
    Guarantee will melt all off the excess … u can do it !

  33. sweatlee says:

    skyler, yes T___T and damnnn hard to lose one huhuuh

    baz,y u always so obscene one wtf

    meldee, i tried pilates before and got damn sore after that haha but ya i think it’s a great way to be toned lor! hahah ok here u go meldeeo

    ling, i eat dinner around 5.30 or 6 one here, and usually eat oranges at night when i’m hungry. but yes i wont give up!

    jayne, ya sigh ppl are so cruel ah! i tried fruit diet before but failed wtf cannot la i love to eat so much!

    wanli, haih me too i love to eat alot T_T

    angelina?, hello nola i don’t think muscle will turn into fat that fast although it could be true cause last tiem when i stopped exercising i did gain weight wor but not a lot la 1kg only. wah siao eat soup for one week only where can! how about carbs and protein leh! i hardly eat rice here cause dont have nice rice ma and i don’t really like meat that much now dunno why..vege sigh everything is raw here it’s hard to swallow them T_T
    and thanks =D

    clem, hahah ya but i dunno la everyone always wanna be the opposite of what they are. like i always wish im like u so can eat more and not worry abt weight! but too thin also not good kua..

    june, hahah aww thanks!! my dream weight is 45 too *big wet eyes

    fuzzy, eh really ah! btu i dont really like carrots and apples wor..oranges can ah? but i cant imagine not eating anything the whole day except fruits/vege euk..

    mel, wow your comment damn long and helpful! ok i already plan to cut down to 3 oranges a day only. yaya i get what u mean about the more repetition thing, i try not to lift heavier weights cause i really dunwan the muscle just wanna be toned only WTF to that no. of fat cells thing omg means since i was born fat means i can never be thin edi T___T no wonder so hard for me to lose weight wei i feel like i try twice as hard as anyone else and still very little result only

    orange, i wasnt joking about anorexia. when i saw all that pics last time i really wanted to be like that too but not anymore la. i guess u always want the opposite of what u have..

    blue, i will =D

    jam, yes i cant wait!!!

    singyee, haha!

    huiting, i feel you huiting! you lost so much weight wei bravo bravo!

    ginny, i hate sit ups la but i got do also although not everyday and i think it’s very hard to lose the fats i have around my tummy cause they;ve been there since..forever. since i was young so i guess the fats harden edi ah if got such things..

    cassie, haha ya but it’s always nice to be only 45 kg……suet li suet li sangat gemuk hahha wtf

    annant, thin in thin? haha thanks!

    devina, ya but i wanna wear that T_T

    jess, eh what 3 day chemical diet!!

    jaclyn, i don’t really have la my body is straight one no waistline nothign =( i dunno if i prefer heavier bottom or top. now i have slim legs but a big tummy and i thought ppl with heavier top should have big boobs one but I DONT!! grr. wah u got mouse! i dont..

    jt, i dunnola i got slim legs but my top part damn big ok! big nvm but no big boobs summore! i thought ppl with heavier top should have big boobs one why so unfair T_T but dunnola i thought heavier bottom is better cause can cover with jeans and all that. i have a friend who has perfect upper body and big bottom but u can never tell! and thanks =)

    arshana, ya sigh =( thanks!

    xiaokit, so goodddd

    anon, haha i wish i can give u also! then maybe can diarrhea all my fats out haha

    riina, u can do it too! it took a lot for me to lose weight cause i really live to eat one but i guess if there’s a will there’s a way? haha

    alea, YES T__T altho i lost weight my tummy is still as big leh and it’s hard one so the fats inside like harden edi T_T 10 years being there edi. it’s ok alea i’d still do you just cause you’re so freakint HOT! haha wtf i wanna try the tea also when i get back but i scared not tht good also la. i guess the best way is to exercise and eat right kua.

    elizabeth, sigh exercise only also no use must lose fats by dieting also which is really hard =S ya i dunwan to lose my nonexistent boobs! i don’t do that much cardio la actually, only 15 minutes each time. thanks!

    ling, haha thanks =D ya i should do dancing and aerobics la cause they are fun! haha ive always wanted braces also cause ppl say can lose weight! damn nice haha. it’s really good tht u feel comfortable with yourself =) i do too..sometimes..haha

    yda, sigh but luckily my relatives don’t do that anymore.thanks for that!

    steph, haih scarred from last time edi so im very sensitive with my weight la i guess. my tummy isnt that big cause the pics cannot see ma! but i can see myself when i look down T_T

    terence, why isnt it great! u can eat everything u want and not worry about gaining weight so nice!

    b, hahha really ah! but no wor it wasnt on a carpeted surface also..sigh

    annie, yeah i really shouldnt worry about how much i weigh cause i know i have rather big bones la thanks to my dad T_T wah calorie burned more than intake!! hard wei i take aorund 1000cal a day which is supposed to a fat loss calorie intake for me la and i don’t think i always work that much off everyday..

    liz, cannot wei when im stress and emo i eat more one!!! fail la fail.

    kim, thanks *big wet eyes. bulimic doesnt sound fun at all =S haih yalah seriously why they wanna tell people they are fat T_T but if your kid is really fat then how you won’t tell him that ah? what if they never lose weight and get obese…hahah yala baz always like this one wanna take advantage of poor innocent me only wtf

    sherve, nope we havent met yet =) yeah tht’s true! haha

    fer, really ah but i’m not like working out that hard now so i don’t think i gained any new muscles la, probably just toned what i already have now. i dunno how to do yoga or pilates wor and i don’t really like slow stuff..maybe i’ll sign up in a gym when i go back..ya i actually didn’t like try too hard to diet la i just eat what i want but try to control more.
    haih sit up damn hard la but i;ll try T_T but right my tummy got alot accumulated fats from the bygone years so i think still have to diet first la

    linsey, why =(((

    ju, hahah mentally anorexic whats the point! eh who are you?? OH WAIT YOU’RE JULIAN HAHAHHAA isit? omg ya man i remember kuok yi! damn thin. eh how u lost weight ah let’s meet up and discuss this in greater length wtf

    Francesca, i know! ive always wanted to try yoga but i don’t think i can lah cause it’s really slow one.

  34. lucy says:

    I have the exact some problem with you, just i did lose some weight BUT my tummy and double chin chose to be loyal to me -_____-” why is it so hard to be slim!!!!!!

  35. tzeching says:

    erm erm erm… ok suet i have been fat la in december (oh god please dont ever let me be that size again) and i’m here to tell you how i lost weight since that seems to be what you want instead of people telling you that you’re not fat la blablabla.

    ok the point is right! i dunno la cuz for me it was never a big deal i lost weight because i just regained my old appetite which means that i don’t get really hungry all the bloody time hence appetite dwindled, weight decreased. and i guess just eat right lor. try by halving all the portions of your food first la. and i really think carbs make u very fat wan lor that’s why when i never ate bread i was very thin! good la cuz i hate bread anyway wtf.

  36. victoriaa says:

    suetli i totally get wat you meant T_T i was the fattest among my siblings too and got humiliated numerous times during family gathering, among frens, stupid jokes/ teasings etcetc. and you know the 12-yr-old pic you posted before gosh, i was exactly like that also!
    but thank god i’m thin now. Not exactly thin but not fat either. average lar haih! sigh, i feel for you T_T

  37. hui wen says:

    Haih, when I saw this post I know I HAVE to comment la. ‘Cause it’s the story of my life. 🙁 I know exactly what you mean, I’ve never been thin thin in my entire life, and it’s just always a struggle with trying to lose weight. And ya, as everyone said, when you exercise, you seemed to gain weight ’cause muscles weigh more than fats, but remember it’s worth it in the end, ’cause muscles burn more and faster, so in the long run, you WILL lose the weight. Haih, I know all this in theory, but it is still demotivating when you do so much, but you don’t see the scales tipping down. T___T All I want in life is just to eat as much as I want and never put on weight, is that so hard. T_____T

  38. ron says:

    hmm u know what? i lost 4kg within 10 days. damn drastic cannot tell u how! anyway the weight did maintain, but i kept on eating like there’s no tomorrow and i gain back ALL the weight already.

    and right, i skipped dinner for 3 days, cos worked until damn later dont wanna eat before sleeping. but still the same weight la!

    so hopeless right.. T_______T

  39. hui says:

    aww i totally feel for you, that’s almost the same as my own life!

    i can’t believe you actually wrote that your biggest secret after the imaginary bf is that you’ve always wanted to be anorexic on your blog! that’s mine too but i’ve never ever told anyone (about both) because i’m scared that they’ll laugh at me. and previously at school the guys used to call me “that fat one” behind my back. ): and i think i look like i’m 5 months pregnant too but i’m in denial haha.

    let’s work hard together okay, we’ll become the skinniest amongst our friends one day! 🙂 buuttt, actually i think you don’t need to lose weight! i think you’re already very pretty, and i love reading your blog and how sincere you are. ehh, at least you have a nice pointy chin, i think i don’t even have one. if i look at the mirror and draw my face shape it is going to be a perfect circle. >.<

  40. Tracy says:

    Hey Suet I’ve been sooo stressed over my appearance too 🙁 flat chest, elephant legs, acnes wtf.

    But I think things will get better for us when we come back home coz it’s less fatty/greasy…

    About the weight you gained, see if you’re going to have period coz your body tend to have more water => gain about 1-2 kg before you have period 🙂

  41. CraSH says:

    wow… lots of comments.. but it is true that your weight will start rising at the begining when you start going to gym.. but eventually it would start dropping because the muscles burn fat away at a faster rate.
    so for beginers, dont be deter in your weight. if you feel good and have lost some inches in the waist, that is a good sign even if the weight increased.
    what matters most is the bmi.. how much fat per body weight and height. i know because i used to weigh 140 with some tummy and then it went to 190 after 9 months in the gym and then it came down to 165… and i have been in this weight for the past 8yrs. i go to the gym for 2hr sessions 4 days a week and i run 20-25 miles a week.
    anyway, next time when you are hungry at night and you start eating oranges. pause for 5 minutes after each orange. your body needs about 10 minutes to relay the message from your tummy to the brain that you are full. so eating slow is a good thing!! =)
    good luck..

  42. carol says:

    suet my dear, you’re absolutely gorgeous and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise… yah, not even your little voice inside that chants “fat fat fat”

    Yah, I used to be really huge also when I was in primary school T.T I show you pic next time… I guess I lost some weight here and there but right now it’s just okay.. I think I need to lose at least 8more kgs haih… and yah, at least you got nice legs okay do you know I have tree trunks for thighs! T___________T so fan sei yan I tell you.. buy skirt also susah.. buy dress also susah.. pfft.

    But point is… don’t overstress.. Oh ya I heard you should eat like fist-sized portions… it’s all about being healthy, seriously… and please don’t ever consider anorexia ^^ You’re beautiful enough as it is already! 🙂

    *big hug let’s hang out in KL okay. Teehee.

  43. AP says:

    hey i think i have the same problem (as many other here it seems) big bones invincible digestive system plus appetite like cosmic blackhole liddat is recipe for failure lol im forever thinking abt food la whatever im doing i dream abt food i think noone ever gets fat from eating fruit so u should not cut down on oranges la but then i heard that cutting down on sugar(and starch) can help trim down on tummy

  44. lu says:

    didn’t know oranges got 70 calories!!! i eat oranges all the time cos i think it’s just fruits and fruits not fat , wtf. well except avacado that one damn fat i heard.

    u gained weight ever since gym is cos u gained muscles, just two days ago i weigh myself after 2 months at gym and gained 1 kg, and got a shocked out of my life cos i went gym most of the time and exercise like mad woman in classes.

    the fitness instructor explained loh. but my fat mass and all that decrease! i damn happy.

    you should too because you’re thinner than me dear, and u reli look good :))

    I can’t even wear dresses like u do, i look so fat :S

  45. lu says:

    why your 12 year old friends so mean one on your birthday??? grrrrrrr.

    when i was 12, i was thin like a broom stick. ( i can eat up to 10 pieces of bread after lunch back then but never grew fat) my mom thought i had worms and gave me medicine to kill the worms. 5 years later i became fat like crap.

    mom say i so thin so ugly.

    now i so fat, she say i so fat so ugly.


  46. Hayley says:

    poor suet, same fate la. i und how u feel. i was being called fatty when i was small. haih..but no worries, wif strong determination, eat less and exercise more i believe being slim is not that hard 😉

  47. me says:

    i have the same problem with u but maybe worst.
    i had a 1 month serious food poisoning and i didnt even lose a pound (so serious i vomit even when i drink water)

    i went gym for 6 months doing 4 hours 5 times a week and i put on muscle.. i looked bigger cause i was already so big sized =(

    i did swimming 20 laps min for 4 months with pure salad alone.. no dressing. pure salad and oat cereal for 4 months was the most suffering thing for me since i love food like a manic..

    tried all sorts of diet and exercise but i’m still a fatty

  48. Ex-Gym member says:

    It’s normal if you go to gym the first few month, you will gain weight, not because of your fat, but because of the muscle build ups. You will see that your inches melt away, in exchange to a whole new sets of toned, lean figure..so dont worry about it. Don’t give up as yet, because once u stopped, all the muscle will turned to a fats and u might gained more than what u have already had.
    Have u ever heard, it’s not the weight that counts but the sculpt and build ups?
    Yoga is good for lady, but dont expect to see the result in near time, even a friend of mine went for two years and she is still the chubby chubbs she is because no control of food and no discipline in attending the class … yoga is all about strectching and sculpting.but I dun recommend this to those who is not patient
    Anyway, to cut story short, u looked gorgeous just the way you are, I think u will not look better if not because of the “meat” that u have…cheerriooos

  49. Zeek says:

    Suet L,

    Just be yourself and be happy with yourself. Its your body anyways and others dont have the right to critisize. so just ask them to f**k off! haha… btw, i think ur all right. so dont feel discourage. eat and stay healthily. cheers 🙂

  50. sweatlee says:

    lucy, ya sigh if only fat is the fad wtf

    tze, your fat is nothing ok wtf what u mean it’s not a big deal for u i thought u really wanna lose weight that time also! and sigh so easy for u but damn hard ok summore my fats all harden edi T_T summore i live to eat one wtf. im already eating very little now i think like 1000 or less calories a day when i should be eating around 1600 but still tak jadi one. at leats not yet la

    victoria, thanks T_T

    huiwen, hahaha ya i saw your old pic hahah that’s why i wish my metabolism damn high la eat now then digest finish in 1 min wtf

    angie, fat la i wanna be slim like u /boo. ok change la!

    ron, why cannot tell me! kedekut ilmu yeee wtf how can skip dinner omg i look forward to every meal one wtf. summore my looking forward is like 30 mins before each meal i get agitated cause wanna eat edi wtf

    hui, haha i dunno why i’m so brave la maybe cause those stuff are over edi so not very embarrassed about them anymore. haha thanks =) erm massage ur face everyday! haha

    tracy, no actually i think food in msia is even more unhealthy than here! tsk tsk. OH YA THT MAKES SENSE! my period is coming!! haha thanks u just made my day!

    corrine, haha i’m cutting down i really am!

    crash, wah siao work out so much! i cannot la. my bmi is still quite low la but i really wanna be 45 kg la my goal huhu.

    carol, ya everytime when i work out i’ll chant to myself “must lose weight x9419” thats how i get motivated haha. fist sized! quite alot right?? i want the plums too but damn expensive la sigh

    jesslyn, ok thanks!!

    ap, sighhhh. ya i try not to eat so much fattening food already!

    lu, ya T__T but i heard they have this negative calorie thing wor..google it! isit i thought avocado good for u also! i dunno how to measure fat mass la how ah! must buy the expensive scale one right. hahah my mom also! always say im fat T_T

    hayley, yeah its not !! gambatte suet! wtf

    me, 1 mt food poisoning how is that possible!! wah 4 hours 5 times a week THAT’S CRAZY! i heard u cant do more than 1 hr la too much already!

    exgym, ya i wont give up! haik! haha thanks =D

    zeek, sigh that’s why im not happy so i wanna lose weight la. alot ppl say im not fat but im still not satisfied so i guess its ok for me to wanna lose weight kua since i want it. but thanks anyway!

    stev, aww thanks!! sigh yala maybe i should go do surgery wtf and put steel to make my legs longer

    chie, stress doesnt make me slim cause i always eat more when im stressed one!!

  51. eunice says:

    my boyfriend, my brother and my dad call me miss elephant leg, you tell me you feel sad anot 🙁

    i used to eat more than any guy when i was in form 6 but i kept losing weight dunno why. now i gain them like nobody’s business.

    but i’m gonna go home during the break and try to work it off, if it doesnt then its meant to be (consoling self hehe).

    big is beautiful! dont lose heart over it! 🙂

  52. Jeff from LA says:

    Stop worrying so much about your weight, Suet Li. It will just make you unhappy. You are very pretty at your current weight. Also, even more important, you shouldn’t let other people affect your view of your own beauty and self-worth. If you let other people judge, then you’ll never be skinny enough or pretty enough.

    Just be confident in yourself. You have something no supermodel can ever have and that is a good head on your shoulders. Intelligence is very attractive. A mixture of attractiveness AND intelligence is rare indeed these days.

  53. brad pitt's imaginary wife says:

    eh i’m not angelina or posing as angelina. i hate her. this has nothing to do with anything at all, actually. anyway… your main concern is your tummy, right? simple. do sit-ups lor. no need to be so extreme wanna do until 100 times a day. maybe around 30-50 times a day, but make sure you do it everyday la. you should be able to see the result after a while. fat tummy, and maybe dunno how many packs. remember, it’s sit-up, not sit-down. hahaha… 😛

  54. Passerby (2nd time comment here) says:

    I can truly understand how you feel, coz I used to be like that too =( When I read about your this post, I came to recall what I was and what I had went through during my secondary school times. Now I’d love to have right fats at the right place though -.- Anyways I read about eating 5 small portion of meals everyday can keep a person slim coz you can digest faster and to increase metabolism.

  55. Eley says:

    chilling suet, being a failed anorexic is better than being an anorexic itself. try doing sit ups to get rid of your tummy, if ur really unhappy bout it. but i recently lost 3kg, and now everybody is telling me how scarily thin i am. so there. sometimes so thin oso not nice.

    when i first read ur post, i tot wat happened lah, suddenly so emo, mana tau, its over 6 oranges. wtf. 😀

  56. huei says:

    it’s a pain to try to loose weight. i look skinny everywhere else, but i have problems with the belly! it can be bigger than..um..the boobies haha

    i complain about being fat, but people all say i’m skinny..cos obviously i hide my fat photos, and my belly when i go out..oh i have big tighs as well..god knows how that can happen..and my back n butt is FILLED with stretch marks..being a girl sux!

    anyway..the best tip is to suck in ur tummy. it’s hard and akward at first..u’ll look like u’re constipating, but after u get used to it..it’s just like a daily routine..infact..u can’t seem to let out that belly anymore. try that!

    as for exercising..for some people, they end up gaining more muscle than loosing the fats, so that could be your problem. just try something easy..walking..sauna..something to make u sweat with vigorous exercise..if u know what i mean

    good luck with ur diet..at least u’re doing it the right way..exercise, and not starve! 😉

  57. felicia says:

    when i scrolled through your post, i simply cannot believe what I’m reading, you’re not fat.

    Okay, maybe you’re a little bit over your ideal weight, and has a lil tummy. that’s really normal, it’s really sad though you had to go through a rather traumatic childhood when you’re being laughed at, those people, I’m sorry even what your grandma did, was unacceptable.

    it’s a harsh world, but we’ve gotta tell ourselves that we’re beautiful no matter what, you can wait for another person to tell you that. that’s what’s matter, what you think about yourself.

    anyways, don’t stop exercising because you keep on “putting on weight” and not losing em. when you exercise, you build calcium, and your bones, naturally gets heavier, and muscles too. not only you, I started martial arts when I was 11, wasn’t fat and I’m quite tall, people wouldn’t believe my weight if I told them. Sometimes I wished I weighed less, or has a smaller frame, but it’s just the way it is.

    So, the key to your ideal body, is to have a lean, and toned overall. don’t worry about putting on weight after you exercise, seriously we, girls don’t have that much of testosterone to build up muscle, unless, you’re on protein supplements.

    as far as eating is concerned, everything in moderation. chicken skin, oily food, and SALT is a no-no, once in a while is fine. oh yeah, sugar! i had to cut off my fav caramel macchiato because the sugar is the main culprit! 🙁

    this has got to be the longest comment I’ve written. Yeap! Good luck! 🙂

  58. kimberlycun says:

    i guess parents have a responsibility not to allow their kids to overeat. it’s so easy to shut a kid up with a chocolate bar or candy and i really think parents shouldn’t never go down that path. the thing is i weighed normal maybe just a lil taller than average but yet i got all the fat comments. i’ll snub whoever dares to make comments of my child’s weight or appearance. if they get overweight for some reason, telling them that they’re fat is not going to solve it.

  59. Charlie says:

    I’m sorry I don’t really have any good suggestions to give you : ( I’ve never been very good at taking care of my body or anything.. (The weirdness of my physique is due to alot of sicknesses haha) so it wouldn’t really be my place to give advice. But I hope this helps. *e-hug* (Don’t worry Baz I’m a straight chick : P)

    A friend of mine suggests that instead of taking big meals three/two times a day, you ‘space out’ your food and eat little snacks throughout the day. Not like Twisties or anything la! Maybe green apples and jam-on-toast, then in two hours tomato soup with garlic bread etc. She said this strategy doesn’t do much on its own so you’ll have to pair it with a good exercise routine plus good rest at night.

    Anyway, my two cents to end this mini-essay haha: I don’t think I’m in a position to tell you to lose/gain more weight because ultimately it’s your prerogative to do whatever makes you feel better about yourself. But what I do think is that you’re a really awesome and attractive person. To me, regardless of whether you resemble a walrus or a stick of celery, you’d turn heads because you have this X-factor (something I know is there but can’t quite put my finger on). Stick-insect girls are a dime a dozen, but people like you, who can balance a good-looking face with intelligence and a cili padi personality, are one in a million.

    Cheer up k : ) ^That paragraph wasn’t very relevant to losing weight but I just wanted to give you a good ego boost! You deserve it. And whatever you do please don’t damage yourself ah!!!

  60. chris says:

    u’re not fat la…u’re pretty mah…dunno if this will make u feel better, i too have a weight problem, lack of it. i’m thin as a stick and i’m a guy pula tu, always kena sindir from colleagues. anyways like Charlie said, you have a chun face, smart and great personality! so dun be so hard on urself.

  61. Nigel says:

    I don’t know why anybody wishes to be ‘normal thin’, I think most guys like our girls curvy or ‘slightly meaty’. Its called hot. =D No, I really mean it, I think you look absolutely fine.

  62. Mei says:

    i sent u an email bout my story being a fatso. =((((((

    and i forgot to mention that my then boyf actually touch my tummy fats when i just came back from italy lor. damn 7 okayy. was soooooo embarrassed!! =.=”

  63. aya says:

    hey hun 🙂 long time no comment ..

    being really optimistic, at least you still have a sharp chin + face shape to make you look thin from waist up! my face is naturally round -_- i have super skinny arms too. but big tummy, bigger thighs, nonexistent ass disproportionated breasts….. lol too much info. hahaha

    starting with exercise.. i dont aim to be thin anymore cuz its not possible with how much food i consume 🙁 but at least exercise to.. slow the process of getting fat la !! oranges, look on the bright side, despite the calories, see the vitamins dat will make us healthier than those stick thin skinny bitches!! 😀

  64. Michael says:

    ei where is the next post? but since you never update i comment lor.

    i damn dulan see post bout fat ler. i have the same bad experience like you when i’m a kid. Getting called “fatty bom bom” all the time by those church kids arent fun at all. Why our stomach dont have worms (clearly aiming on some fuckin eat-alot-thin ppl) or why our metabolic rate so slow har?

    u sure happy, see got so many ppl think that ur not fat la. (are u writing this to seek some comfort from us poor naive readers?)

  65. shermy says:

    haven’t seen you in person, but judging from the pix in your blog, you are absolutely not FAT at all. not even remotely close. i think you are the perfect size, and most importantly you are a healthy size.

    thin girls may seem to look better in clothes and whatever but the truth is, the whole stress which goes along with the not-eating part is a bitch and so totally not worth it. it’s a very horrible feeling to deprive one’s self of food. i’ve been there and it was honestly the lowest point in my life.

    and i think you look absolutely gorgeous the way you are sweetie. 🙂 xx

    (sorry if this comment appears twice, my connection timed out the first time around. T_T)

  66. ghost says:

    XX used to be very fat also since he was a kid. EVERYONE would call him fat and i would hate all these people because i quite sayang XX. in front of these stupid ppl he would just laugh and joke and pretend nothing but of course i noe he hated it la i mean hello who wouldn’t right.

    then when he began secondary school he started going basketball right after school every evening, until the sky is too dark. and he also did a lot of football, futsal and his own private pumping in his room and i dunno what elsela.. basically all his free time was just dedicated to sports or working out. and he became skinny within 3 months. like african kid stick skinny ok. not the muscle-y skinny kind. and because he likes basketball and all that a lot so he just keeps doing it and so is always skinny now.

    so moral of the story i think exercise continuously can work la. but for me i started putting on weight after high school only so now have no time at all to go exercise everyday T_T actually i noe im not considered fat also la just got tummy and fat arms and not-so-sharp cheeks anymore but like this also got ppl call me fat can u imagine! and the most ironic thing is most of d ppl who call me fat are also fat if not fatter than me.. so mengadafying kan. and for the skinny ones who call me fat–like those that called you fat when you were 12, see la how you are so much more popular/gorgeous/attractive than any of them now. ppl like them will ALWAYS get balasan one so dun worry 🙂

  67. natalie says:

    hey don’t worry. i’ve been trying ever since four years ago to be skinny but i just somehow cannot. i hate the feeling when i realised i gained weight after all those effort of trying to lose it.

    i can’t do the typical things my friends do, like swimming, changing together in fitting rooms…in fear of being commented on. but i’m still waiting for a day when i’m going to be the skinniest among my friends 😀 i really hope that day will come. all the best to u!

  68. Tze Ling says:

    take it slow. most importantly take proper n healthy meal (more fruits n veges, no supper/desserts) n exercise regularly. no point being so thin wif loads of sickness, tat wil make u miserable. guys likes their gf to be a bit meaty, they claim nice to hug 🙂

  69. Michael says:

    tze ling: my gf likes me as a meaty one too =.=. she keep asking me not to diet/exercise and feeding me with her excess food and junk food. damn. i gained like 10kg since i first date her lol.

  70. Tracy says:

    hey Suet as you’re getting SUPERB advice from readers about weight issue I suggest posting an entry on how to have bigger boobs as well (like what food to eat, what exercise…) wtf I have flat chest too and would benefit immensely wtf wtf

    haha seriously you have GREAT readers =)

  71. RainNe says:

    Gosh i have to retype my comment..But its ok.=)
    Suet li ah, i’ve been reading ur blog since i saw the nuffnang featured blogger thingie..I look thin but i have tummy too, my tummy very big oso ok, when i tell my frens my tummy damn big they will bluff me say canot see(how evil). And ya im fr ur bf’s sec skul, jolene(i’ve seen ur name in her blog if am not wrong) n audrey(i saw her in ur blog) all were my seniors.

  72. random dude says:

    my advise to you is just keep doing cardio in the gym..run more and keep burning those fats away…and also do sit ups..do it in session as in first time try 5 sit ups then to 10 then to 15…keep increasing and in 3 months i think you will achieve wat u want..good luck suet~

  73. faz says:

    hey suet! omg, you looked so diff now. i rmmbr u were my senior in primary schooooool! i ws only a yr younger. same as yr sis. u were a scout. hehh. 😉 those were the days.

  74. Shundy says:

    My dear, no one is prefect..
    You have the height, you have the look, you have the brain.. PLUS you dont call yourself someone with weight issue… Look at yourself in the mirror… You yourself know that you are really alright now and you are not even consider FAT at al.. Dont trouble trouble when trouble doont trouble you. Love yourself and seriously.. Lotsa of ppl outside are envy-ing you.. Just that you dont know… WORK IT BABY…


  75. leeern says:

    T_T I wish i can shave away my fat. T_T Beauty comes from the inner wtf. I’m confident most of the time la cos I think i have pretty good dressing sense. I used to run during high school. I have huge calves, with muscle or fat i’m not sure la. I haven’t put on diet la cos I know I’ll faint haha wtf. So i just cut down my food intake. Impossible la cos I’m a food lover. I really wanna wear mini skirt, showing off long lean legs okie during summer, like all the korean girls. Have no idea at all anyone in real life has a pair of perfect leg as in commercial. T_T i wanna lose 5kg but i think i’m too stingy to exercise at gym and am not determined enough. I put on 5kg okie during 9month studying at shah alam, eating too much mamak food in huge portion. ya allah. T_T drinking apple cider everyday. dun think it’s gonna work anyway.

    btw been swimming for a month and since its sorta public bath style, i’ve seen naked girls(i’m only 19 okie). 90% of the girls have tummy nah.

    stressed. just ate an icecream wtf.

  76. The Slimpson says:

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    There no location for Meriweather style of play in today NFL, Which in recent seasons has tried to reduce head injuries through rules changes. With what we become experienced in the dangers linked to concussions, We know Meriweather is a hazard to himself as well as anyone unhappy enough to be on the field with him. [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/jacob-tamme-jersey-c-7_22.html]Jacob Tamme Jersey[/url] [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-rahim-moore-elite-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-26-navy-blue-alternate-p-3040.html]Nike Rahim Moore Elite Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #26 Navy Blue Alternate[/url] It available free amount of work-some amount of the instant for Meriweather to smarten up, Or expect you’ll face longer league imposed [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-rahim-moore-elite-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-26-white-road-p-3041.html]Nike Rahim Moore Elite Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #26 White Road[/url] timeouts for his reckless behavior.. Proudly set between Montreal and Quebec City, Saint Tite was traditionally a hub of lumberjacks and leather makers. The leather making habit has endured, Earning madrid its nickname, “Leathertown of quebec, canada, As well as the serving as the genesis of the festival. In modern times, As well as, There are more than solely leather crafts to delight you care to try your hand at Bull Riding, Barrel elevated or Team Roping? (Sept 7 16, 2012).
    While there will be much support for Tebow going to Jacksonville, There’s also much opposition. The Bold destination Brigade, A nonprofit [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-quinton-carter-elite-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-28-white-road-p-3038.html]Nike Quinton Carter Elite Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #28 White Road[/url] bureau in Jacksonville which seeks to expand and embolden the fan base, Has created a website called If He Released This website is simply an [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-rahim-moore-elite-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-26-orange-home-p-3039.html]Nike Rahim Moore Elite Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #26 Orange Home[/url] online petition for measures however against Tim Tebow coming to Jacksonville. By now, 581,433 people have signed the petition critically larger than the 20 people who showed up at the rally earlier today.. Both tasks inspired awe, But while he had more records in the later game(10 in Super Bowl XXIX rather than seven in XXIV), The first was more awesome. It was your rout in Super Bowl history and the [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/gary-zimmerman-jersey-c-7_21.html]Gary Zimmerman Jersey[/url] 49ers fourth Super Bowl in the 1980s, Matching the 1970s pittsburgh steelers. It was also the newbie anyone had caught three TD passes in a game, And with 148 yards attaining(Considered with 149 in XXIX), Rice averaged a huge 21.1 metres per catch..

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    In this guide, We shedding pounds draw the head of a horse. Begin with by drawing the outline of the horse head and the neck. Then simply, Draw in the ears and the run data for the nose and the face. “(Mary) Brady never had steady numbers, But he has three these, Irsay told USA in our day Sports’ Jarrett [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/montee-ball-jersey-c-7_34.html]Montee Ball Jersey[/url] Bell, Showing his 2006 Super Bowl ring. “Pittsburgh skilled two, The the big players had two, Baltimore had two and there were one. That leaves you [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-ryan-clady-elite-mens-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-78-lights-out-black-p-143.html]Nike Ryan Clady Elite Men’s Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #78 Lights Out Black[/url] annoyed. “Opinion, It is a players’ league, Williams told correspondents after the game. “I just don’t think there’s no room for you to use that from the team and the refs. I think it’s very lacking quality.
    A Cowboys defensive line missing three of its projected starters pressured and harassed Foles before sending him to the sideline with a head trauma on the last play of the third quarter. He walked to the sideline by himself power and was evaluated by trainers. Foles [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/matt-prater-jersey-c-7_32.html]Matt Prater Jersey[/url] walked to the locker room as the fourth [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-robert-ayers-elite-mens-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-91-white-road-p-139.html]Nike Robert Ayers Elite Men’s Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #91 White Road[/url] quarter tookthe first step.. Seneca Wallace needs over for the Packers. It not love this particular is his first rodeo. He certainly has additional NFL starts than Foles. The 1978 Ford Bronco was provided by either a 351 cubic inch or a 400 cubic inch V 8 engine. Both engines came furnished with a two barrel carburetor. The base sign was a four speed manual that included an extra low first gear.
    K, Mark Ingram remains [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-ronnie-hillman-elite-mens-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-21-black-camo-fashion-p-140.html]Nike Ronnie Hillman Elite Men’s Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #21 Black Camo Fashion[/url] to be the same plodding back he’s been since 2011. He was deployed twice(And Pierre jones once) On the Tampa Bay goal line ahead of halftime, A set that nearly cost the Saints win No. 2.. He likes to don’t stop talking. I feel like there are two sorts of goalies: The goalie who just keeps to himself and the goalie who is a bit more louder. I presume, Undoubtably, I’m the second classification,. The persistence and integrity that [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/mike-adams-jersey-c-7_33.html]Mike Adams Jersey[/url] Williams showed during his playing career paid off with a substantial run as a coach and administrator in [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-ronnie-hillman-elite-mens-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-21-lights-out-black-p-141.html]Nike Ronnie Hillman Elite Men’s Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #21 Lights Out Black[/url] professional and nfl and college pigskin. He started as an assistant coach with the Naval Academy and then the Scottish Claymores around the globe League of American Football. After a year of scouting college players for the gambling, Williams spent seven years as a head coach with Morehouse College and Grambling State college or higher education..
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    In many years we will have children as well, So our Rottweiler will have to be child friendly. But we might also like our dog to be a protector for our child. When i state”Guard” I mean a dog like we had that we could pull of his ears and put our hands in his mouth and would not bite, But if someone else was attacking us or our home, He’d stop them. Certain inconvenient truths that environmentalists overlook. 1) Get into a plane fly about: You will get a vast amount of unused space on this very large continent. We have not squeezed the animal population into numbing power.
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    NHL, The NHL face guard, The definition of mark and image of the Stanley Cup, Facility Ice name and logo, NHL Conference logos and NHL Winter Classic name are registered art logos and Vintage Hockey word mark and logo, Live Every move about, Hot heli-copter flight Ice, The Game Lives in places you Do, NHL dominance Play, NHL Winter ageless logo, NHL heirloom Classic name and logo, NHL athletic field Series name and logo, NHL All music artist Game logo, NHL Face Off a person’s personal information and logo, NHL GameCenter, NHL GameCenter experience, NHL circle name and logo, NHL mobile or portable name and [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-eric-decker-game-womens-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-87-white-road-p-2090.html]Nike Eric Decker Game Women’s Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #87 White Road[/url] logo, NHL the airwaves, NHL ribbons name and logo, NHL write name and logo, Dance shoes Fights Cancer, Because simple [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/brandon-stokley-jersey-c-7_9.html]Brandon Stokley Jersey[/url] fact is that Cup, The key Assist Happens Off The Ice, NHL oriental name and logo, NHL All Access calgary name and logo, NHL deals, NHL Ice available free amount of work-some amount of the instant, [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-gary-zimmerman-elite-womens-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-65-navy-blue-alternate-p-2091.html]Nike Gary Zimmerman Elite Women’s Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #65 Navy Blue Alternate[/url] Ice schedule Any a period of point, Ice system, NHL container, Hockey Is your current needs, And Questions Will Become Answers are trademarks of the nation’s Hockey League. NHL 2013. All NHL team jerseys customized with NHL players’ names and numbers are formally licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA.
    Game four was the start of the end, As Williams’ blown save capped off a significant Phillies collapse in a 15 14(Not merely a misprint) [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/andre-caldwell-jersey-c-7_8.html]Andre [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-eric-decker-game-womens-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-87-navy-blue-alternate-p-2089.html]Nike Eric Decker Game Women’s Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #87 Navy Blue Alternate[/url] Caldwell Jersey[/url] Blue Jays return win. Then, Inside of the ninth inning of game six, With a catatonic Phillies bench watching while using cracks between their fingers, Williams threw an odd needing slider near Joe Carter’s ankles. Carter pulled the pitch approximately the left field wall, And in the act, Managed the rare feat of making the constituents of both teams happy Blue Jays fans for receiving care to a second straight championship and Phillie fans for being spared the excruciating spectacle of watching Williams try to save game seven..

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    “As time goes on that is critical. When you play Peyton you need to definitely get touchdowns. We’ve just got to do [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-john-elway-limited-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-7-navy-blue-alternate-p-3118.html]Nike John Elway Limited Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #7 Navy Blue Alternate[/url] a more satisfactory job,. I have the kids, We now have their events. [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/derek-wolfe-jersey-c-7_18.html]Derek Wolfe Jersey[/url] I has to be at school things here. I have to achieve there. Those sites can say they were doing you job. With Jason Dodd immoveable at back, Warner is patently the standard mortal. Just [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-john-elway-limited-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-7-orange-home-p-3119.html]Nike John Elway Limited Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #7 Orange Home[/url] keep going down my page and much of great place to buy your Pandora and Pandora type charms. A Cowboys defensive line missing three of its projected starters pressured and harassed Foles before sending him to the sideline with a head trauma on the last play of the third quarter. He walked to the sideline by himself power and was evaluated by trainers. Foles walked to the locker room as the fourth quarter tookthe first step..
    It awkward for her that Michael Jackson died the same day and has overshadowed her. UT sorority members highlighted that Fawcett memory would live on in Tri Delta house. You enroll in a sorority, Your hope is to join a sisterhood that will forever seek the good of others and bring out the best in each of our members, Abney proclaimed. “I’d give up work before I’d accept a trade, Roethlisberger understood. “I [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-joe-mays-limited-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-51-white-road-p-3115.html]Nike Joe Mays Limited Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #51 White Road[/url] am talking about, It it is fair to be something really, Really astounding for me to even consider it. I have talked to my wife with that.
    Every thing, The young man has shown me who I thought he was, That is a man of character, A deep minded, Harsh son of a gun. He hurting at this moment. Remember that, I not happy with some of the death threats and some of stuff are unfortunately part of our culture.. If an 0 4 team may have a letdown, This kind of be the spot. After competing in sequential prime time games, Against superior amount of resistance, The Colts suddenly are asked to win and to do so by a margin. Chiefs buying incrementally better while Indy smallish, Overworked defence is deteriorating already..
    They kept the Broncos cooling on the side lines. They ensured that the better half would be worth watching. It was among the team most impressive first half drives of the summer season.. “I thought they did a brilliant job against an explosive passing [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/demaryius-thomas-jersey-c-7_16.html]Demaryius Thomas Jersey[/url] operation, Kelly felix said. “Dez Bryant was on the market and Jason Witten, Tony Romo is among the top quarterbacks in this league. So I think our defense gave us some optimism at that cut-off date. Definitely is my [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-john-elway-limited-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-7-orange-drift-fashion-p-3116.html]Nike John Elway Limited Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #7 Orange Drift Fashion[/url] 1st DUI case. I complied with sobriety/breath laboratory screens. I want to know [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/nike-john-elway-limited-youth-jersey-nfl-denver-broncos-7-black-impact-p-3117.html]Nike John Elway Limited Youth Jersey – NFL Denver Broncos #7 Black Impact[/url] what [url=http://www.broncosjerseysfansshop.com/dennis-smith-jersey-c-7_17.html]Dennis Smith Jersey[/url] is the BEST result that could come out of hiring a lawyer or whether I should just plead guilty and do the things(Classes/community service/etc.) That I need to do.

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    My heart is there to explode, He models up, Right here is snap. It’s great. Employing ball game Buffalo, Many thanks coming out.. “We just didn’t associated with play when we had to. To be able to came to crunch time, We couldn’t accomplish it offensively, Matthews was 25 of 38 for 245 feets. Enis, Playing in his first game since ripping up his knee last nov, Caught five tickets for 69 yards, And rushed take into account 64 yards. Jerrell Powe was the Chiefs sixth [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/nike-mens-andre-carter-jersey-new-england-patriots-93-elite-blue-nfl-jersey-p-49.html]Nike Men’s Andre Carter Jersey New England Patriots #93 Elite Blue NFL Jersey[/url] round draft selection in 2011. Powe has the size and strength to become good nose tackle at this level. In the first round with the 2012 NFL draft, The Chiefs decided Dontari Poe.
    Buffalo lines up yet another good try, I am trying to get started with my heart. Tink. It [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/rasi-dowling-c-2_7.html]Ras-I Dowling jerseys[/url] hits aim post, A bad one. To [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/mens-chandler-jones-new-england-patriots-blue-jersey-95-elite-nike-nfl-jersey-p-50.html]Men’s Chandler Jones New England Patriots Blue Jersey #95 Elite Nike NFL Jersey[/url] to who? For me all is here health, If I considered that I could eat Junk food all day and get the same results, Then I’d start. At the same time, I don’t care about or even consider the identity that goes with health food, And also I did, Then so what exactly? I could use that as an origin to keep me eating health food. In fact i am glad idea.. Week 5 knocked two teams from the ranks of the unbeaten with losses by the gambling and Seattle Seahawks, Leaving the dominant gambling, Fortunate Kansas [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/mens-new-england-patriots-benjarvus-greenellis-nike-elite-team-color-42-dark-blue-jersey-p-51.html]Men’s New England Patriots BenJarvus Green-Ellis Nike Elite Team Color #42 Dark Blue Jersey[/url] City Chiefs and chip on their shoulder saints at 5 0.Head coach Tom Coughlin and gm Jerry [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/stevan-ridley-c-2_8.html]Stevan Ridley jerseys[/url] Reese huddled for 15 minutes after Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles dropped the Giants to 0 5 and Reese’s comment when he emerged from the meeting was”We’ll keep planning, Right, Actuality, Not at all. That wont be enough. Fans will require more.CEO and leader John Mara should, Since.Two weeks within, Coughlin said he wouldn’t cut anyone to send a message.
    Take advantage of Gronkowski, Troy Polamalu, Ryan ClarkNew England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski celebrates his touchdown catch [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/mens-new-england-patriots-benjarvus-greenellis-nike-elite-white-42-jersey-p-52.html]Men’s New England Patriots BenJarvus Green-Ellis Nike Elite White #42 Jersey[/url] in front of gambling safeties Ryan Clark, Back placed, As well as Troy Polamalu(43) The particular second quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, November. 3, 2013, Appearing as part of Foxborough, Conglomeration. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa). Eventually, The Giants have been lousy conversely of the ball, Overly, And they have discovered a possible replacement in Peter Giunta, The secondary coach who a Super Bowl as the Rams’ [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/new-england-patriots-11-julian-edelman-elite-blue-women-nike-nfl-jersey-p-53.html]New England Patriots #11 Julian Edelman Elite Blue Women Nike NFL Jersey[/url] defensive leaders in 1999. (Not truth Rams won that title with defense, Nevertheless.)Also, The Giants could get players’ attention [url=http://www.propatriotsjerseysfansshop.com/kyle-arrington-c-2_9.html]Kyle Arrington jerseys[/url] by cutting a veteran but the team doesn’t have enough healthy ones initially.This must be Ray Rice’s final season with the RavensDon’t be fooled by the two short touchdown runs Sunday. Rice no longer can make the first guy miss often and he rarely breaks a tackle(; however, angry fantasy owners already knew that).

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