Elvis has left the building

Elvis has left the building

Hello all, this special post is brought to you today by Barry. I’m just guest-blogging to report on Suet’s departure, no frills, because people who come here want to read about Suet, not her boyfriend, who is enjoying the welcome change from an all-male environment to ogling nubile female students here basking in the sun in their bikinis.

So anyway, Suet has left after a wild two days of packing that culminated in her inadvertently tossing out her I-20 form together with the other recyclable trash. No worries though, the college can just mail her a new one because she doesn’t need it when leaving the States.

Being the brawn in Suet and 33’s room, I had to lug most of the 14 huge boxes full of their personal items to the storage room, putting my muscles to good use (33 said I’m a good pet *beam of pride*). Looks like all those workout sessions were not just useful for awkward positions wtf. Good thing too, that we didn’t move the boxes earlier, because we would have had to lug them to a storage room that lies half the campus away (it’s a muhfuggin huge campus, by the way – full of nubile young female students basking in the sun in their bikinis. I love spring). As fate and our tardiness dictated, however, we only decided to move the boxes on the day of Suet’s departure, by which time we received news that the original storage room was now full.

*insert zomg emoticon*

But! Good Lady Fortune smiled down upon our tear-streaked faces and soiled undies and lo and behold! the college opened a new storage room right next to Suet’s dorm!

Ok lah enough lah so drama for what.

So Suet and 33 packed up everything and we sat at the bus-stop with the both of them (we: Sister Ooi, Comrade Angie Luo, Such A Luck Mild Boonipat, and I). As they wept and wailed and beat their breasts at the prospect of never seeing each other again, Mild and I yawned and unwillingly filmed their goodbye hugs (quite funny actually, Sister Ooi kept getting left out because there’s an odd number of them and wailed alone each time so I shifted the camera frame away from her wtf). They then proceeded to list all the things that they won’t be able to do with/to each other any more, like 33 not being¬† able to study Japanese with¬† Sister Ooi, and no one being able to call Suet stingy any more wtf.

Tears were shed. The bus arrived, we helped load their luggage onto the bus, and then waved goodbye to the both of them as the bus pulled out of the lot.

PS. Suet has just left JFK, and she didn’t have enough space in her luggage for her own stuff (yesh, I have to bring some of her stuff back), so don’t expect lots of gifts and crap lah hor.