My adventure back home

My adventure back home

Hello as you know, I’m back I’m back I’m back I’m back but I’m also extremely bored!!!!!!!!!!1111 GRR. There’s absolutely nothing to do in KL when you don’t have a car! My sis officially owns the car now and since my driving suxxor to the maxxor, my mom said i can’t drive without any supervision T____T So now I’m like a handicapped person who has a choice of either staying at home and stone, or take a bus to pyramid..

Also, everyone is so busy with exams, college etc and has no time for me! I need to cut my hair so badly but I can’t possibly walk there and I’m too stingy to get a cab and it’s far too hot to take the bus! Sigh and the internet is so slow here I can’t even watch my tv shows T__T What’s worse than being stuck at home in 34 degree celcius and the inability to turn on the aircon cause too stingy and don’t wanna waste electricity is having the slowest internet connection in the whole wide world. it was like 10mbp whatever last i checked. load one page also need 3 minutes i’m not kidding!

But luckily, I went to one u with jiameei yesterday! Sigh why does shopping in malaysia suck so much?! Everything was so freaking overpriced! (especially forever 21 omg i don’t know who actually buys stuff from there! everything was like at least double the original price wei and how i knew that was cause i went to mall every week last time and memorized everything they had already wtf so I could compare)

Went to jiameei’s house for a sleepover after that and did random stuff like playing with max!!!

max with a pebble in his mouth!


he smiled for the camera! good boy! *throws treat

We also taught him a new trick! How to stay until we say it’s ok to come and get the treat =D

and taking lots of pictures

playing with pony

playing with stickers and pretending to be indian

pretending to cry wtf

We also went to the temple with my family after that for wesak. And you know what you know what! The monk sprinkled holy water on my head you knowww! I have never felt so blessed before and he also tied the string on my wrist /shy. damn jakun but actually i go for that wesak thing every year one just that i forgot all this already so everything felt so new to me wtf

that’s all the end of my few days back home. Tomorrow I’m going to sg wang with jolene and jiameei yays! wah i’m quite happening ah wtf! hopefully the things in sg wang are still as cheap as they used to be which i really doubt la.

p.s: this is really weird but ever since i came home, i don’t really feel like eating much at all. hmm i haven’t even eaten a lot of msian food’s like my craving for them went away suddenly although i’ve been craving for the past 9 months. weird..but i’m not complaining! i wish my appetite will be gone forever and my dream will finally come true.