Flipflop Flippy!

Sigh why are companies getting so innovative these days? I was bloghopping when I saw this fun game in someone’s site and I spent the whole night playing it yesterday =.=

The said game goes like this,

you just have to put that bait thingy in front of the fish and when it bites it, just pull it up to catch the fish!

But becareful of that eel thingy cause you’ll get shocked one! The graphic is pretty good right? The hand looks so real and when you get shocked, can see all your bones also haha

My highest score so far =( The highest score of the day is not that far off from mine la..45,000 only one extra 0 only wtf

Damn fun right! I kept playing and playing cause I really wanna beat that highest score guy but I couldn’t! I really don’t know how he did it. It’s either he’s real good at fishing in real life, or..i’m just really bad haha.

Hmm do you think if I tell them that my mom uses their bank (Hong Leong Bank), they’ll let me win ah? First price is a psp ok don’t play play! The contest ends on july 31st so I think if I practice harder from now on, I can still stand a chance leh..

Yeah so speaking of hong leong, it started in 1905 but has long since became one of the most recognized local banks in malaysia. How I know this? Cause I’ve been doing quite some research about it since I’m planning to intern in banks (but chances are I won’t get the internship since I’m just a lowly first year college student =( )

Anyway, why my mom likes Hong Leong Bank is cause they have this online banking system as well where you can settle all your bills online, how easy! It’s easier for her since she doesn’t have to drive all the way to the bank now but not easier for me cause I have to do everything for her! grr. but surprisingly online banking is sooo easy, even much easier than playing this fishing game.

I have to get higher score leh cause Nuffnang, Hong Leong Online and Buena Vista are organizing an event in conjunction with the movie Made of Honour (Patrick Dempsey *swoons) and if you’re a nuffnanger and you get a pretty high score for FlipFlop Flippy game (not 4500), you can win a dinner for two in JW Marriott!!!!! 8 course dinner ok! I want i want i want cause it’s free! And you all know my motto right. Some more I have a dress I can wear since the dress code is formal and my dress is sooo formal you don’t even know it ok! Except that I always wear the same old dress where ever I go..

ok don’t wanna waste my time blogging I need to get 45,000! or 450,000 then confirm can win already! both psp and the dinner mmm.


  1. ron says:

    flip flop flippy sounds like my blog title lor.

    omg im working at the airport!

    T1 departure hall!

    if you come i can let u blog for free!

    ps: that game reminds me of my childhood toy, the fishing one! but im too lazy to elaborate. heh.

    okay back to work. zzz..

  2. CraSH says:

    you should apply for internship, that way you get to kill some time and earn some moolah! besides, i think they do hire 1st year students…. maybe your mom’s officer could help.

  3. sweatlee says:

    lu, haha can join what!

    secret, WTF hahha stupid angie

    aud, haha fun leh

    cyan, ya and clothes!

    fiona, hahaha

    hayley, thanks!

    coolfire, yala T_T

    wannabe, me too =(

    devina, WTF why so good one!

    rextor, ah?

    jam, whats ur score!

    pink, very good what!

    ron, hahah ya i know which fishing game!

    xiaokit, haha u so pro ah!

    crash, mom’s office is a law firm la T_T

    hy, quite good what! thanks!

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