Ulu Yam

Ulu Yam

Being very adventurous people, we went jungle trekking the other day in Ulu Yam! Back in those days, I used to go camping at least twice or three times a year (I was a scout) and last I counted, I went camping for around 14 times! My first time was when I was 10 and I came back with red sores all over cause was bitten by leeches. My mom had to prepare hot water with dettol for me to soak in T_T some more got bitten near my petpet wtf but not pain one la a lot of blood only.

Anywayyy, I didn’t get bitten this time around cause we didn’t hike that much, drove most of the way.


#1 Driving in

#2 We were all wearing our basketball jersey pants cause those are the only shorts we have that are above the knee. scared that if we wear too short shorts then the jungle god gets mad at us wtf

#3 With daniel who wore our school tshirt which i was supposed to wear too but forgot.

#4 Emo pic with clem wtf look at the sun rays!

#5 Daniel took this photo of me taking a photo. posting this up despite the erm, well-endowed arm wtf cause can see the rays! damn nice

#6 Emo-ing again wtf

#7 Daniel, Heng, me, Jess and Shawn at the river! (prior to jess stamping her foot into the water)

#8 Jess stamping her foot into the water wtf

#9 Water fight!

#10 Daniel’s fort wtf

#11 The river

#12 Probably talking nonsense

#13 Shawn’s sister, Yen with Jess and Esther in the background

#14 Picnicking! See guys? I told you we so need the mat but everyone said haiya no need one! Lucky I brought anyway

#15 Lepaking. Chillaxing wtf

#16 Group pic. I so love dslr *big wet eyes

#17 Damn clear!

#18 After bathing/playing/chillaxing in the river, we drove to the lakeside for pictures.

#19 =D

#20 Daniel, me, Jon, Esther, Sarah and Jess

#21. 6 5 4 3 2 1 wtf

#22 Random shot in black and white

#23 Everyone was baffled by clem’s beauty wtf

#24 Shawn got his period wtf hahahah two leeches were caught there while happily sucking his blood and were squashed by his thunder thighs and received a tragic death wtf hahaha

#25 More group pic

#26 Esther Shawn and Jess jumping. not scared fall into the lake ah tsk tsk

#27 The guys

#28 camwhoring before we leave. look! andy and jon were blurred in the background *amazed at own skills wtf

We went home, showered etc and went shabu-shabu for dinner!

#29 Shabu2x in Puchong

#30 The pork slices which everyone loved. Jess ate SEVEN plates of this, Shawn ate TWELVE while I ate one wtf seriously I can’t afford to throw all my gym sessions away for this, even if I paid for it T___T (it was a buffet japanese steamboat, we can take as much as we want)

Haih my heart ached in agony and indecisiveness every few minutes wtf cause I didn’t know what I should do! I already paid so much but I can’t eat a lot because 1. I get full easily and 2. I put on weight easily T___T haih money or weight?!? woe is definitely me.

It was such a fun day yesterday! I love being home =)

p.s: Does anyone know where I should intern at? Most banks only take 2nd year students and I’m only in my 1st year. I’m majoring in Economics so I want something that is related to my major so I can judge and see if I really wanna major in Econ. Oh and is it too late to apply now? I know I should have started earlier =S