Secret blog posts

Secret blog posts

Since I haven’t uploaded my Penang pictures yet (nothing much, all food only. like ALL), I’m gonna blog about posts that I wrote before but never got around to publishing them.

Post 1: Blogopolitics

This was written sometime last year I think, when I just stopped working with Nuff. Working there made me really stressful cause I have to get myself involved with all the bloggers and being a blogger myself made it a lot harder. Dealing with bloggers, especially those supposedly famous ones, wasn’t easy at all because they think they are kings of the world whom we should bow and give prompt attention to. So this post is about some of the bloggers (unnamed of course) whom I really hate but I couldn’t post this due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances wtf.

Also this post is about people (bloggers) who were especially nice to me when they knew I was working with nuff but didn’t give two hoots about me once I stopped. HATE that kinda people lor seriously, those who only care about your existence if they need you for a favor.

But I think I’ll never get around to posting this sigh. I remember feeling rather pissed with everyone and wrote this asssslonngg 2000 over words entry wtf but once I went away, I didn’t care about the blogosphere/said bloggers anymore so I just forget about the whole thing lah.

Post 2: Emoemo

This super emo post (can tell from the title wtf) is about my relationship. It was during one of those emo LDR moments when I felt like I couldn’t take the distance anymore and blogged about it but quickly took it down cause I didn’t want to write a public post that will affect my relationship later. A lot of random emo shit in this post lah don’t blame me I was once a lost soul who was only looking for love in all the wrong places WTF

Post 3: Brought to you by the letter B

HAHAHAHA this post was written by Barry when I was away in philly so I asked him to blog for me but he accidentally closed it after writing a long post and the draft only had “hello this is B for barry wtf” he gave up and didn’t bother writing it again. I’ll make him blog for me again next time cause I like his posts!
Post 4: Blogs I like and hate

Erm a post about blogs again. The only posts I will not post are either about private stuff like my relationship (like when we fight etc) or about blogs/bloggers lah. The only time I ever talked about blogs was when I talked about mayzhee and that also I regretted like shit cause it caused so much drama. It’s not that I’m too coward but I don’t even know these people in real life so I don’t think I should judge them based solely on their blog persona right. But I might talk about blogs I always read and enjoy someday.

That’s all no more!


To get my invites to the Nuffnang Wildlife Party, I’m gonna draw!

Damn cute right wtf hahaha now I damn dilemma lah! What should I wear to the party?!! Become a zebra? Tiger? Cheetah? Leopard?? all damn common lah I must be special!! Elephant? wtf lizard?! Crocodile? Hippo? Sigh ideas please!