Penang trip

Penang trip


US Education Fair this Saturday! More about it here and anyone who has the slightest interest in pursuing your education in the states MUST go to this fair ok! You know why? Cause I’ll be there hoho wtf no lah cause over 50 American colleges/universities will be represented there and it’ll be really useful for you, even if you are unsure where your education path lies. So be there or be square!


Hokai here are my Penang pictures!

Since Penang is nowhere new/foreign like Timbuktu or something, I’ll skip the landscape pictures (not that I took any wtf).

Sleeping in the car haha Barry took this picture of me. I look cool cause I’m cool like that

Round 1 in Gurney Drive, Char Kuey Teow, Oh Chien, Rojak, Ice Kacang, Hokkien Mee, Claypot Chicken rice, Apom, Grilled Fish and Sotong

In the hotel after dinner. My curls unraveled damn fast due to the humidity i guess =(

Mirror. cant. resist. sorry

lalala a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do

This is how my curls look like right after I curl them, have to do them really tight like that cause no matter how much hairspray I use, the curls will go down one after 1 hour or less.

Round 2: Laksa in Air Itam!

and popiah too mmm

with parents

Barry and bro

Taking picture of my bro who’s taking a video of me

Went to kek lok si next. Dragon! my year!

Camwhoring with the snake

and dragon

with family

in batu feringgi

reclining buddha! eh let me tell you one scary story. Behind this buddha, there were like urns and profile of those deceased so I was pretty intrigued and started reading about them, when did they die, who they left behind etc (average age 78 =S) Then Barry pulled me away and told me that his dad’s friend did that once, he was reading about this young girl who died and said that it’s a waste for a pretty girl to die so early and the ghost followed him home!!!!!!!!!111111 o_0 dont know how true is that but it’s damn scary la

bored in the room while bro and barry watched football. haiya euro cup so what they have that every few years, and got premier league la what league la world cup la yawns

trying to smile with my eyes. i know why i look ugly already, cause can see a lot of my gum!

round 3: char kuey teow (again!), sotong, chicken wings, tomyam, loh mee and hokkien mee! Everytime eat the same stuff one haha

Gurney Drive

Hotel lift

Round 4: ice kacang, cendol and rojak for supper

Got Round 5, 6 and 7 some more but lazy wanna take pictures already. Went to the famous lorong selamat to eat ckt (again!!) and had to wait like 1.5 hours grr i’m now officially sick of hawker food!


I’m so happy cause I just bought the sims 2 (with everything inside! sims university, pets, holiday stuff, glamour life, nightlife EVERYTHING also got!!!)! I’ve been doing nothing but install everything and playing it hohoho now I know how it feels like being unemployed =( It’s like you feel DAMN kao lazy wanna start applying for jobs and will always go haiya tomorrow lah tomorrow lah in the end never do one.

No worries though cause I’ve decided that to hell with it I’m not gonna do internships! I already emailed WAO to ask if they need help and they said I can go over and help them take care of kids omg best job in the world!!! Sigh I know I’ll regret this 3 years later when I start applying for a real job and look my resume with no real work experiences and when they ask me what i did in my first year summer then i’ll say i took care of kids =( whatever la why worry about something that’s gonna happen 3 years later anyway sigh