Made of Honor

Made of Honor

I know I spelt it without the U but please don’t confuse me already T__T I kept spelling stuff with U for my papers and my professors kept correcting them so now that I’m used to that already, don’t wanna change back again. Anyway, I finally have time to gather/steal pictures from people’s blogs so here are the pictures for the Made of Honor event dinner I went to last Thursday night!

Seriously I don’t know how I can forget my camera! Maybe 1. I am truly not a blogger inside wtf or 2. I know all the other bloggers will bring cameras anyway or 3. I’m just forgetful like that la wtf

**credits to all those people who took these pictures, I just saved these images without remembering to copy your url so I’m sorry if I forget to give you credit for it!**

Damn grand wei got a troop of people playing bagpipes!

With Kel Li! I borrowed the dress from Hui Wen cause I only have two black dresses which I’ve worn over and over again. I love the color of this dress but it was too big for me so I had to walk around holding it up wtf (thanks hui wen but you looked way better in it than i do =( )

With Ringo who lost so much weight (i wanna be like that too *big wet eyes. but have no fear for i have solution to this!more on this later wtf)

With Su Ann and Yuh Hui whom we think look like May Zhee! not really in this picture though..

Su ann again

the girls on my table!

su ann again wtf are you sick of us already

With all the nuffies plus kimcun! From left, Michelle, Skyler, Kim, Su Ann, me and Wen-Qi

+ Ringo and me holding up my dress wtf dah lah no boobs how to flaunt wtf

plus tim and KY!

With Simon!

OH OH SO ABOUT THE BEST COUPLE THING! Anyway they wanted to choose a few couples to go on stage for this game and at first I didn’t really want to cause I’d miss some of the meals T__T but then the MC already behind me so I had to go but it was so worth it!

The first part is this Q&A thingy where the MC would ask Barry something about me and I had to write it down before he answers it and see if his answer is correct! There were 2 other couples with us, us the couple who have been together for 3.5 years, another couple who are getting married soon and another couple who have been married for 22 years! haha

Anyway we only got 1 wrong for this (the question was when is my mom’s bday wtf how would he know!

with the other couples

us giving nervous smiles to each other

then we were all supposed to go collect coins from everyone and whoever gets the most wins! I got quite a lot wei thankiu everyone! (who is that poking my back wtf)

And hahahah this table made barry kiss a guy so that they would all give him coins! He sold his dignity for coins that night haha

And we won 2nd place =) the married couple got first dunno how they get so much coins! Anyway LISTEN TO THIS! THE PRIZES ARE…

1. 2 night stay in jww marriot in a deluxe room

2. rm800 worth of studio photos or something

3. that bouquet of flower

4. some random made of honor stuff

5. a bottle of wine

AND THE BEST OF ALL! jeng jeng jeng!

RM 1,500 voucher for Marie France Bodyline slimming center *biggest wet eyes in the world

Is this God’s way of giving me his amazing grace? I am so happy T______T My dream will finally be materialized! Not only that! Barry got us a 1 month membership to Celebrity Fitness (the gym)(maybe he secretly thinks I’m fat wtf) so look, in 1 month’s time, I’ll be soooo thin you don’t even know it ok! Don’t know why but I still feel like I won’t be wtf but a girl can dream!

I’ll be so thin that when I take picture sideways, you’ll be wondering where I am in that picture wtf hahahahha *laughs at own joke wtf “suet where are you! i can’t see you no more” wtf

Ok everyone please give me pressure ok! Say “cheh you sure won’t get thinner one lah marie france doesn’t work anyway” so that I’ll prove myself to you! Actually don’t have to do that lah cause these kinda discouragements never work for me anyway haha and my mom told me her cousin who went to marie france got thinner but once she stopped, she gained weight again and eventually got fatter than even before she went HAHAHA WHERE CAN LIKE THAT HAHAHA (*in serious tone* I’m so gonna sue them if this happens)


I think today’s education fair was pretty successful! Thanks people for dropping by and I hope I was helpful! My throat quite sore now from talking so much (and so fast seriously there’s no stopping me when I’m excited) And thanks to all you readers who stopped by too =))) Good luck in choosing a college and in all your application! Email me if you have any questions ok!


oh ya forgot to talk about the movie wtf hahha the main reason for all that fancy dinner was for the movie but i forgot about it so as you can see, it’s pretty forgettable haha but all chick flicks are anyway. Hmmm i personally think chick flicks are all the same but this one was pretty nice to me compared to other recent ones I’ve seen (ps i love you, 27 dresses) but as usual, you can’t expect anything much from the storyline. Dempsey was not as dreamy as I thought he’d be but it’s a good light watch i’d say so go watch it!