Marie France Review

Marie France Review

OK It’s officially 1 month since I came back and what I’ve been doing for the whole month? NOTHING! That’s what! I’m seriously sick of bumming already I need something to do! But I need something that does not need money, something that doesn’t require me to drive cause I don’t have a car, take bus/train cause they’re tiring, and walk too much under the sun and risk getting myself robbed. Ok what should I do if I don’t want to do all of the above??

Give me a suggestion please! I already sent my resume to several places but no good news so far sigh and I might have to cancel the WAO thing cause I can’t drive there and they are 30 minutes away from the nearest train station and it’ll be too tiring to get a bus to the ktm station, change to lrt THEN walk 30 minutes every morning! Seriously, anyone working in a company that needs help and wants to hire interns? I don’t care what kind of company at all I just want to gain whatever experience and not sit at home and play sims everyday haha

today I finally went to Marie France!! Okay let me tell you guys alllll about it so you can decide for yourself if you should go or not.

Remember I had RM1,500 voucher right? I went in to ask if I can use it and they said yeah, so I went ahead and met the consultant. One great thing about them was their service cause although the consultant knew I was going to use the voucher, she didn’t really behave differently as I thought she would wtf you know like care less about you kinda thing. However, I was mortified (YES mortified) to find out that one session itself costs RM845! 0.o zomg.

In one session, there are 3 different procedures (which i will explain later) that cost about RM250 each. So if I were to use the RM1500 I have, I can only go for TWO sessions! BUT, there’s always a but here, if I am to buy 10 sessions, instead of RM 8450, it’ll only be RM2200! How amazing right wtf so anyway she said I only have to pay extra RM 700 since I have 1,500. I obviously said no and said I’ll go ahead with the two sessions but she warned me that 2 sessions won’t be as effective as 10 (obviously) and I might not see much results.

The idealistic me wants to pay that rm700 very much cause I’ve always wanted to be thinner than normal (grass is always greener on the other side!)but the realistic me says rm700 is way too much so I told the consultant that I only want to try the two sessions first.

Soooo anyway, I went ahead to start my first session!

First step is the cold wrap (which is around rm295 wtf I can do this at home too wei!). The consultant asked me to get naked wtf and then she wrapped some cold cloth around my tummy (since that’s the area I wanna target). I had to then wait for around 30 minutes which I spent rather wisely reading about Jamie Lynn’s relationship with her sister wtf.

After the cold wrap, I was ushered into another room where I was to get a massage. Another consultant came to give me a tummy massage for another 20 minutes or so and thus ended the second step which cost around RM350 (siao not even full body massage). After the massage, I had to go to another room which I was to lie down and she spread some warming thing on my tummy. Then, I was wrapped with some thick thing which was then heated. I had to lie there for around 30 minutes and fell asleep and had a dream about having the best body in the world WTF

So that was all! All that for RM845 wei and obviously, after the first session, I didn’t notice a single difference at all. Final verdict: too expensive if you want to actually see good results so go for it if you are really rich enough to do so. Unless of course, you want to go for the 10 sessions plan but then you’d have to go at least once a month after that to maintain or something like that.

Anywayyy I’m starting my month long gym with Barry soon, which is only RM30 for the TWO of us for a month plus some trainer thingy. I think I’m gonna see wayyy more result than marie france and it’s 40 times cheaper too!

Oh yeah, also, before going for the marie france, I kept eating a lot because I thought MF can save me wtf but since it’s only two sessions now, I guess I can’t binge so much again =( Although I just ate at SS2 murni (loh shee fun and soft shell crab fried rice mmm) after going for my first session haha

I know I’m not destined for these kinda stuff lah cause you know why! The first thing I noticed when the woman gave me a tour around was the biscuits they had on some counter. I was eyeing the biscuits for some time, hoping that they’ll give me some but alas they didn’t  =(

Oh one more thing! I just noticed this today but whenever I finish a satisfying meal, I always wish I can turn back time and start the whole process of me savoring my meal again. Like, I’ll wish that my stomach is empty again and the plate is full again so I can do the eating part all over again wtf WHY AM I SO WEIRD sigh which is why I can never be stick thin and also I finally found the secret as to why some people can never grow fat no matter how much they eat! it’s cause THEY SHIT EVERYDAY LOR I SWEAR THIS IS THE REASON

which also means! I finally found the secret on how to lose weight even if you love food *big wet eyes. screw marie france! the secret is just shit everyday=eat more fiber=buy more cereal! whoop dee doo wtf