Suet is in pain

Suet is in pain

Someone please do the honor of killing me now please T_______T cause I’m having the worst period cramp in the whole wide world and I really feel like my life is flashing right before my eyes now. I hate this time of the month cause I always get VERY SUPER DUPER bad cramps, those type that make you stop doing whatever you’ve been doing and feel like you just want to curl up in a corner and die that kind.

Haih I know, take the primrose oil or something but it didn’t work for me! The only thing that worked were the birth control pills but my mom didn’t let me take those anymore so now I’m back to suffering like crazy every month. I used to cry in school because of my cramps (yes they were and still are really that bad!) and not go to school at all. I had a very bad one few months ago and had to curl on my bed and cry softly and shanshan thought I was gonna die wtf

Seriously I hate being a girl lah! (I say the same things every month to anyone who would listen, albeit involuntarily) And the worst part is my cramps are usually 3 days long BEFORE my period, 4 days long DURING my period and nothing after my period la if after period still got that means I get cramps half the month wtf damn sad case that one.

So back to my long tirade on how I hate being a girl. Damn suck right guys will never ever understand our pain ok T__T Whenever I complain to my boyfriend and if I want to make him understand how painful it truly is, I’ll threaten to kick his balls wtf but I swear it hurts more than being kicked in your balls ok! I’ve described this very vividly in my blog before but it was a long time ago so let me paint the picture for you again.

It feels as if like your whole goddamn uterus is gonna fall out piece by piece and you’ll feel this suction or pulling sensation which is not pleasing at all T___T Not only that, you feel as if your uterus is being ripped out AND someone is kicking you from the outside right where your womb is seriously it’s 23952 times more painful than what I just described! If you don’t believe please go take something hard and knock it on your balls and multiply that pain by 10603 and divide by 3 no lah kidding wtf

Everytime when it hurts so bad until I can’t stand it anymore, I’ll go take the pink panadol that is meant for menstrual pain and now it doesn’t work anymore cause my body is used to it. Usually this cramp will hit me in waves one so now I feel it then 10 minutes later I’ll be fine and I won’t know when it’ll be back again (play peekaboo with me T__T) so if I feel it now and take the panadol, it’ll only be effective 10 minutes later which is when the pain will have been subsided anyway! Aiyah anyway it’s a very complicated issue la

And my PMS is the worst thing ever you do not EVER want to make me angry when I’m pms-ing. It’s not that I want to simply use pms as an excuse to my bad behavior wtf but it’s something I (and a lot other women) cannot control ok! It’s like asking guys to not touch a naked girl wtf (good examples wei *pats self) so whenever you get annoyed at your girlfriend who screams at you for no reason please remember this example, that you wouldn’t be able to prevent yourself from touching a hot naked girl anyway.

it’s the same with us ok T_____T except that ours sometimes comes with the unwanted feeling of being punched in the stomach HAIH DAMN SAD TO BE A GIRL LA if you are a guy now please pray that you won’t be reincarnated as a girl la become a hamster in your next life also better can eat your own kid and lifespan only 2 years so you get another shot at being reincarnated as a rich guy! Hamsters damn nice lah everyday just eat kuaci and run on the wheel and be admired by people in pet shop and fornicate with random hamsters wtf and eat your kids and repeat cycle

ok goodnight pain is gone, for now T_T

p.s: eh on second thought i don’t want to be a guy cause they can’t control their hard-ons! i guess i rather get very bad cramps every month than be caught dead with an erection by my crush or GASP MY PARENTS WTF WTF