Suet is always angry

I was talking to a bunch of friends yesterday about random various things which started because my name on msn is Queen Suet is always angry. They asked me why was I angry and I said I don’t know, I just feel like I’m perpetually angry. like there’s a fire inside me which can never be put out.

Conclusion 1: I’m never satisfied with how things are.

A friend told me that he has a lot of non-monetary problems (he’s very rich) (he’s timothy tiah wtf) and I just simply cannot imagine what other problems could there be that do not involve money. To me, honestly, money IS everything. Money can easily buy MY happiness. With enough money, I don’t have to work so hard for a scholarship, don’t have to work part time for allowance, don’t have to eat lousy canteen food, don’t have to buy cheap makeup and get rashes, don’t have to think 38312 times before buying something and end up NOT buying it, don’t have to be called stingy, don’t have to save, omg the list is endless.

Without all these constrains, doesn’t that equal happiness?

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MTV Asia Awards

Commercial break in the midst of all that drama

Are you an Xpax customer? Good news for you if you are cause in conjunction with this year’s MTV Asia Awards, Xpax will be giving free tickets to its subscribers! It’ll be in Genting Highlands on the 2nd of August 2008 (I’ll still be here!!!) AND..

You can win free tickets to watch it live woots don’t we all loveee free stuff! Anything free is good! Wait wait before I tell you how to win the tickets, let me entice you further with artists who are going to be there for the event and the X-party!

1.       LEONA LEWIS ok fine her name is in bold cause I like her! Well I used to like her more but now her songs are kinda overplayed…but! It would still be nice to watch her live =)



2.     Pussycat Dolls!…bleeding……a..girl…



3.       Onerepublic! (stop and stareee..which is also overplayed..)



4.       The Click Five!


5.       Panic at the Disco (they won the video of the year at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards so it’ll be nice to watch them perform)


The event will be hosted by Karen Mok and Jared Leto,



ok I don’t really care about Karen Mok but this is JARED LETO!!! He was awesome in Fight Club and Requiem for a Dream ok!


and here’s how to get two invites to it:


Step 1: Type XPAX MTV and send it to 28881

Step 2: Just reload RM10 or more and stand a chance to be one of the 6 daily winners to get a pair of tickets!


OR if you don’t want to attend the award ceremony (you’re crazy), you can also try winning invites to the X-Party where you can catch a live screening of the MTV Asia Awards on a big screen and party with DJ Tony Touch and Faizal Tahir.

All you have to do is get spotted wearing your party gear with a dash of purple by Celcom’s purple X-girls in Kuala Lumpur (18-31 July), Penang (23 July) and Johor Bahru (25 July) from 11pm onwards to get your tickets!

I might be there too  =)

oh! Here are the nominees for  favourite artist of Malaysia:

 Faizal Tahir, Pop Shuvit, Nicholas Teo and Siti Nurhaliza. I’m definitely rooting for Nicholas Teo because….because…

he is so cute T_______T and also cause I like his songs ok i’m not that shallow…*looks elsewhere and whistles wtf


p.s: don’t comment about the drama below in this post please, continue commenting in the post below if you want.




Back story again if you didn’t read my previous long entry. Basically, I had a very bad experience with Firefly and blogged about it right. THEN, there were these two fellas by the name of TORO and ALAMAK who started bashing me saying that I’m rude and that I didn’t check with Firefly properly before flying. From their ip addresses, they are apparently from the same company.

That is not all! Later, another commenter by the name SUPERMAN said something about how Airasia isn’t as good as well. He also has the same ip address…coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I didn’t give two hoots about them since their english is so bad and I didn’t fully understand what they were trying to say anyway. So, I went out for lunch and came back to see another 3 comments from the same person (same email address, same IP) but with different names.

First he called himself TORO and said we were bought by Airasia. Then he called himself JOJO and said I’m a bitch and he wanted my number. THEN, he called himself VIVI and agreed with me that he had the same bad experience too?!?

Keep in mind these are all the same person, disguising himself with different names.

It’s ok this is where it gets reallyyyy interesting..

Google Queen Jiameei then found out that one of the commenters’ email address leads to more clues..he commented in this photoblog before under the same email address and not only that, we also found out from an online classified that…



So, from there, I got his full name, phone number AND address! omg google rocks.

I was already pumping with adrenaline wtf and wanted to find out more about these people. Why were they so gung ho in bashing me in the first place? Who are they?? Why are they bashing Airasia too?


I googled his full name and phone number and found out that he actually works for firefly………………


Seriously I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry T__________T

do firefly actually pay these people to read blogs/forums and see if anyone writes anything bad about them and ask these people to further bash these poor customers who were cheated and just wanted to warn other people too?

aren’t these firefly staff supposed to give legit support and explanations instead of bashing people like that?

hmm do you think I’ll get in trouble for exposing them? First of all, they are the ones who came to MY personal blog and said I’m wrong in complaining about firefly and I should write it to the right person with proper english with solid proof instead of my saliva?

Sigh seriously. YO you firefly staff! listen here! Please read this before you further miscontrue my post. First of all, we are not mad that firefly had technical problems with their plane and thus they had to cancel the flight. BUT  we were mad because we were NOT informed of the cancellation and had to find that out ourselves. Plus, Firefly did NOT take care of us, did NOT advise us with other alternatives nor did they try to repent for their mistakes.

What they did do however were, they tried to give us more excuses on why the plane was delayed, they told us how they always make an effort to take care of their customers by transporting them to other alternative flight arrangement and then tried to buy us off by offering us a ONE way ticket to any domestic destination valid for 3 months.

1. Firefly DID not take care of us, there was no effort in their part whatsoever. There wasn’t anyone there to tell us what to do, noone to tell us to take the next flight, noone to tell us that the flight was cancelled due to technical problems.

What were we supposed to do? The next firefly flight is at 8am the next morning, the airport closes at 11pm so SHOULD WE STAY ON THE STREETS?? The town was 30 minutes away, there weren’t any taxis in sight at all and we didn’t have much money left.

2. ONE way ticket??? Dude, cheat us already somemore wanna earn our money?!!?!? If one way then we still have to buy the other way what! There is NO way I’ll ever fly with firefly again.

3. please tell your staff to not leave their email address when they want to flame someone


sigh please just give us back our money and let me get on with posting my redang pictures T_T



Before I can comfortably settle on talking about my fabulous trip, I must first write a VERY VERY angry post about some stupid airline company that completely spoilt this whole trip for me.

And that stupid airline company is surprise surprise, FIREFLY! FIREFLYZ SUCKS FIREFLY SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS (please let this appear in google search)

Anyway, back story. I booked SIX return tickets from Firefly from Subang to Kuala Terengganu TWO months ago. Then, four days prior to the trip, I found out from the hotel that firefly changed their return time from 4pm to 10pm, which shocked me terribly cause I had to hear this from the hotel and now I have to wait another 6 hours!!

SO, we talked it over and said fine, it’s okay, we’ll just wait 8 hours in the airport since there’s NOTHING we can do about it anyway.

Happy happy times in Redang and on Sunday, which was the day we were supposed to come back, I received an sms from Firefly saying that our flight has been delayed to 1.30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

WTF???!?! (1)

First, they delayed our flight from 4pm to 10pm and now to 1.30 am??!? 9 hour delay????

Ok fine we were super angry but there was really NOTHING we could do and we really just wanted to get home. Firefly said they could refund the money but we would have to find another alternative to come back. Then, we went to the airport and to our dismay, we found out from the airport staff that the airport closes at 11pm and it’s impossible for the plane to land at 1.30am sooo, the FLIGHT WAS FREAKING CANCELED.

WTF??????!!!? (2)

They did not even tell us the flight was canceled and we had to find that out ourselves ok!!! If you haven’t gotten the permission to land in a closed airport why did you have to send smses to everyone to say that you’ll land at 1.30am!!!!

Burning with rage, we stomped to the firefly counter and demanded for an explanation. The staff there couldn’t do anything so I demanded to speak with someone who has more power. This guy from MAS came to me and said very nicely that they will refund the money AND reimburse us the price difference if we buy an Airasia flight since it’s THEIR fault anyway, not ours. He said all we have to do is go back to Subang and show them our airasia tickets. Satisfied with this, we went and bought tickets to fly with Airasia instead (which gave us EXCELLENT customer service by the way).

SO today, Barry and I went to the Subang airport to show them our airasia tickets, hoping to get our compensation and refund back BUT THEY TOLD US THAT WE CAN’T!!!!

1. They told us that they don’t give compensations and only give refunds

2. They told us to email the management instead if we want compensation and it’s up to the management to decide if we’re entitled to the compensation

3. They told us that they are only a budget airline so they have limited planes

4. They called the MAS guy who told us we can get the money and apparently he said there was some communication breakdown and that he DID NOT say that


First of all, it is not OUR fault that the flight got cancelled. Being stranded in a foreign place, we had NO other choice but to take whatever available flight back home and thus, we had to pay around extra RM100 each for the airasia flight since we bought it on the day itself. Things they should compensate us for:

1. price difference between the two flights (RM100 each, there were 6 of us)

2. cost of the phone calls  since we had to keep calling them to find out about our flight status (at least RM20)

3. taxi ride back from LCCT since we had to take airasia (RM60 x 2 for two taxis)

4. We had to take leave today to settle this and now it’s not settled! (RM100 for our one day’s pay)


We were already VERY considerate because all we wanted was compensation for the price difference which is about RM100 each and they couldn’t even do that? And their excuse was ‘oh we’re only a budget airline’. The thing is, including the rm100, we paid almost RM350 for our flight which wasn’t cheap at all for a budget airline ok!!!! ZERO fare?!?! fuck you zero fare. We paid for service so by right, we should get it shouldn’t we?

DO WE LOOK LIKE BITCHES TO YOU, FIREFLY? If not, then why are you screwing us like bitches?!

And now they want us to send an email to them to complain and they’ll only get back to us 48 hours later.

WTF???! (4)

I know their dirty trick ok don’t think I’m stupid! They want us to send them an email, then they’ll reply 2 days later and dilly dally and then another email blabla and by then, we would be too tired to continue and will say ok fuck this forget it and they’ll win!!!! NO WAY OK FIREFLY DON’T THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH US LIKE THAT.

And why was the flight cancelled in the first place?? The explanation they gave us at first was that the plane is grounded (WTF?) and then told us that they don’t have enough planes! How can! I booked this flight TWO WHOLE MONTHS ago and if you don’t have enough planes, then you’re NOT DELIVERING WHAT YOU HAVE ADVERTISED. Or better, if you don’t have enough planes, THEN DON’T START AN AIRLINE COMPANY. 

How do you expect to compete with Airasia if you don’t have enough planes? Airasia is a budget airline too and they seem to be running smoothly. They never cancel flights, and they always treat their customers with utmost respect. This is the first time I have taken a Firefly flight, and already it is proving to be a horrible mistake.

Firefly claim to have their customers’ best interests foremost in their mind and company philosophy, but what they have done/told us thus far is “screw the customers”. Seriously I AM not going to rest until I get my money back at least. (seriously am I wrong in wanting to get my money back? Are they right for screwing us around like this and then pulling a -oh we’re only a budget airline- trick on us??)

EVERYONE, please spread the word around! Airasia is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than firefly, in terms of service, how they deal with customers and even the planes are much nicer! After what I have experienced, I’ll never ever fly with firefly again, and maybe not even MAS. Don’t get cheated too!


Tze’s, Jiameei’s, Aud’s

p.s: I made a scene at the airport and a few customers came and asked me what happened. I told them about it and apparently, their flights were delayed as well and they said they’ll never take Firefly again. Hmmp! so I wasn’t the only one!



I got a loooooot to write about but I don’t have the time cause!!! I’m leaving for my most anticipated trip of the year  =))))

Lots of good news and bad news this week =( will write about it when I’m back. Also lost one of the most important things in my life =(

but! I’m a very happy person today =) So I’m gonna spread the love by hugging everyone I see today =) Except sweaty people. and people I don’t know. and guys cause they are pervs. and people who don’t like me..but whatever, here’s a virtual hug to all of you!

Ok wish me + the club + honorary club members a good trip in redang! bye!


Office Mysteries

I’m gonna refrain talking about where I work or who are the people involved for risk of getting dooced, heh. Sooo anyway, sometimes it’s nice working in this whole office environment cause there is so much drama! First, I’ll talk about the mystery of the 26th floor.

You see, the 26th floor is a very strange place to be. Whenever we use the elevator, there is bound to be someone who is going to the 26th floor. Every single day. And we never ever see the same face twice…which means they never leave the office………………(mystery deepens here…) actually no la no more mystery. Anyway my conclusion is the 26th floor…EATS people!!! WTF sorry for this childish conclusion hahaha

Another mystery/drama in the office. I *think* one of my colleagues (fellow intern)…….has….an…affair with another intern wtf. Very interesting one! Everytime one of them goes out to toilet etc, the other person will follow after exactly 2.4 minutes! They have lunch together secretly without anyone knowing (they won’t walk out together to avoid suspicion) and TODAY! both of them didn’t come to work!!!

jeng jeng jeng….

Oh oh! I thought of another mystery. Yesterday when Barry was in the canteen, he told me that he saw not one, not two, not three BUT SIX COCKROACHES scurrying out of a food stall! Why is it so dirty inside?!?! And all along I’ve been eating food from this very canteen religiously! My motto is I must only spend not more than RM5 a day for lunch so I can save the rest and the only place that has food less than RM5 is the canteen! or roadside food stalls etc sigh why is food in kl so expensive!

So anyway the end that’s all. My life is sooo fulllll offf dramaaa right!!! sigh who am I kidding. My life is so NOT full of drama right now cause I’m like a robot who does the same stuff everyday T__T  even all the mysteries/dramas I just said are so boring T_______T but only I don’t find it boring cause I need whatever small drama I can get now. (but you have to admit..that mystery about the 26th floor is rather intriguing..and it IS rather fun to spy on my colleagues teehee wtf)

eh do you think they’re luring people there (yeah still about the 26th floor wtf) and then kill them and steal their organs and sell them off?!?!?! omg should I investigate this matter further??! or maybe they advertise in the newspaper (quick money, please head to the 26th floor of xxx building) that’s why a lot of people go there but none of them will ever come out!!!

heart beating very fast now cause can’t wait to finish work so I can go check it out wtf. But what if I go then they kill me too?!!? Ok I need a back up plan……

Haiya whatever let me show some pictures first.

Remember we won some photoshoot thingy from the dinner? Welll here it is! We asked barry’s family to come along too so they can do their family photoshoot! I can’t do mine cause dad’s not here =((((

there was this really cute dog there!

cute dog winking hahahaha

awwwwwwwww seriously damn cute i want a dog!!1 or kitteh!

wah suddenly eyes look damn big! thanks to fake lashes! and cellotape cause gave me double eyelids hahaha you know I damn stingy wanna buy those tape that gives you double eyelids so I used cellotape instead and it worked really well too! time to save money, girls! wtf (but careful ah quite painful one..)

the lighting in the studio was really good!

HERE’S A SISSY PICTURE OF BARRY CAUSE I’M MAD AT HIM NOW!!! told you i’m pms-ing! I wrote an emo post about us but he didn’t let me post cause it made him sound sissy in that post! Cause got some stupid people lah when I post emo stuff about us and sweet things that barry does for me then they call him sissy wtf so he emo already.

audrey! secretly took this photo one cause they don’t let us take pictures in the studio hence this badly taken pic hence the photographer’s butt wtf

hmmp still angry >=(

good hair dayyy!

Today at work,

outfit courtesy of bamboostereo <3

no i’m not at work now……….this doesn’t look like an office………it’s my room……really one…..

NO THAT’S NOT THE EDGE OF AN OFFICE TABLE wtf ok bye going home! oops I mean going for dinner..erm no i mean going to sleep..err no going toilet aih whatever (bad liar wtf) (boss i already finished my work!)




The Dark Knight



I watched The Dark Knight already *gloat gloat gloat until face bursts wtf

Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia, I got two tickets to watch the premiere + dinner (free food, i’ve never been happier =D)! Initially I only got one ticket but Barry the smelly said if I ever go watch batman without him he has no choice but to ignore me forever cause you have no idea how big a batman fan he is!!!

For one whole week before the premiere, he kept reading stuff about batman online and apparently there are a lot A LOT of viral websites out there! They created some websites for Gotham city, gotham police, some sites created by the Joker, some sites that lead you to a treasure hunt with the joker etc etc read more about it here! I also got a call from Jim Gordon wtf

Anyway I’ll *try* not to spoil anything but I just can’t resist spoiling it!!!!!!!! CHRISTIAN BALE WAS SO HOT MMM HEATH LEDGER WAS DAMN DAMN GOOD! After the movie ended I felt so sad almost wanted to cry cause he’s now dead T___T he can’t see how good he was and how everyone loves him but maybe he’s watching from heaven T____T

Ok I shall stop here or else I’m gonna end up writing about what happened…But seriously go watch it! When Barry was raving about it to me for what seemed like forever, I just waved him off cause I just couldn’t believe how good a superhero movie can get but this really surpassed my expectation. It was really really good, so good that I gave it 10/10 in IMDB! (I gave spiderman 6/10 wtf I hate the spidey guy lah see don’t even remember the name already did I say CHRISTIAN BALE WAS DAMN HOT AND HEATH LEDGER WAS DAMN GOOD?)

Oh we watched in GSC Signature in Gardens! It’s cheaper than gold class but better than the normal one and the seats are really comfortable! And they gave us free popcorn too thanks nokia and nuffnang! It’s so good to be home *big wet eyes


Random photos of the day:

I really need to do something with this teddy. Mom wanted to throw it away but I didn’t have the heart to T___T After all, we’ve been through some special

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Ways to eat Oreos

Warning: super loaded with pictures

Firstly, get a packet of Oreo cookies (of any size) in your nearest convenience store. Slowly and gently, open the packet with utmost delirium and sniff in the aroma of fresh Oreos. Mmm. Next, take out a piece of cookie carefully, making sure you don’t accidentally break it into pieces. Here are some ways you can enjoy that piece of sinful Oreo in your hand:

(here, I have a packet of Oreo double stuff cause it has double the filling but only 10 sen more!)

1. This is the most popularized method but also one of the best ways to enjoy Oreos. (descriptions are all very detailed on purpose)

With all your fingers from both hands, twist the two cookies. When you feel the release in tension between the filling and the cookie, separate the cookies.

If the cookies are perfectly separated with all filling on one side of the cookie and none on the other, this is called the perfect separation which has been idolized by many and perfected by few. I, fortunately, am the lucky few who can do it *beams with pride

Next, take the cookie with the filling and sensually, lick the filling off. You can also use your teeth to rake it off but beware, it might be too sweet for you to handle!

After you are happily satisfied with raking the filling, carefully place the cookie approximately 2cm from the rim of glass filled with milk. Alternatively, you can use coffee, milo, hot chocolate, juice, milkshake, whatever you can think of, but I like milk best.

Dunk the cookie into the glass of milk for ONLY 6 SECONDS! This ladies and gents, is my secret to the best dunked Oreo+milk ever! Do not reveal it to just any stranger! Remember, only 6 seconds and yes, count it out!

There you have it, the best twist, lick, dunk ever =)

2. Some people only like to eat the filling so twist the Oreo, lick the filling and erm, throw the cookies away. Or, donate it to your siblings. Or, give it to people in need. Or!

3. save the cookies for this purpose: Smash the chocolate cookies into pieces and mix them with ice cream (mmm, save money! don’t need to buy those icecream with oreo) or milkshake (super good!) or ice kacang!

4. smash the Oreo into pieces and add milk!

Instant Oreo cereal!

5. One small bite at a time and carefully examine the aftermath of that bite. Wipe off crumbs etc and continue taking another small bite.

6. Dip it in peanut butter!!

This is sooosososoosooo good! I just found out that Oreo already thought of this and has its own peanut butter + chocolate Oreos now. Bummer, I thought I was smart!

7. Oreo cheesecake mmmmmmm need I say more?

8. Take a cookie, separate it from its filling, take another cookie, separate it from its filling as well, combine the two filling– aiya whatever, just put all two Oreos into your mouth wtf

Guess how many Oreos I had in mine! nyehehe more than 2 but less than 5!

So, how do you like to eat your Oreos?

There are just sooo many things to do with Oreos and I’m not saying this just because I’m writing an advertorial for them ok! Yesterday, we came up with tons of ideas but can’t do all of them cause we don’t have enough time but here’s what we did! Our own advertisement wtf

Warning: can be quite lame wtf

(pictures courtesy of Clem and his dslr =) )

Once upon a time, there lived a very happy couple.

Said happy couple wtf

Happy couple enjoying Oreos together (cue: awww)

Happy happy times =)

(I personally really like this picture)

Playing badminton with Oreo wtf hahaha

Caught it with my mouth! Really one!

Anywayyy, happy couple was separated when the boyfriend went to the US to further his tertiary education (true story wtf).

The girlfriend has no one to play badminton with =(

Or to sit see-saw with =((

No one to catch her when she slides down the slide.. =(((

Try as she might, she could not fall asleep at night any more.

So she called the boyfriend, hoping that he already arrived in the US safely. He did! And he told her that he had a surprise for her! He said he hid some treasures all over the house for her to find and that he had a secret message for her if she finds all of them!

So she went all over the house searching for his treasures. She looked into every nook and cranny, every bookshelf, every cabinet, and every drawer in hopes of finding the secret message her loved one wanted to tell her. (cue: dramatic emo song like “my heart will go on” wtf)

She found one cleverly hidden in the CD tray of her laptop!

And another one in the shoebox of her brother’s shoes!!

She was already getting very excited and started rummaging through the whole house to look for the last treasure!

And lo and behold!!

She found the last one in the pocket of her mother who was busy mopping the floor!

After cracking her head wondering where he hid the message, she gave up and twisted the Oreos open to lick the filling when..

She saw the secret message hidden in the very Oreos themselves! Awww..

But, whatever. That’s not gonna stop her from eating them anyway.

“Err, babe? BABE?? Darn, I should have known it was never about me, it was all about the Oreos!” cried her boyfriend on the other end of the phone.

The end wtf.

Another idea we came up with: Oreolympics! This is a really fun idea but could be quite hard to do so we aborted the mission. But can you imagine those tiny Oreos taking part in their own version of Olympics! Swimming, gymnastics, hurdle, running, hahah so cuteee!

p.s: don’t forget to answer these questions!

1. How do YOU like to eat your Oreos?

2. If there’s only one Oreo left in the world and you happen to have it, who would you share it with? Don’t say no one! Cannot so selfish!

My answers are all in the post already now tell me yours!


Have u seen mah bukkit?

Ok, after the previous sad/emo/unhappy post, this post is gonna be really happy and chirpy! So while you’re reading this, imagine my happy voice going hello! iz me again! how are you! i’m fine! ok? no ok?

Anywayyy I have a quiz tomorrow so I’ll have to study tonight T_T college also got quiz, work also got quiz aiyoyo ah ma! It’s going to be all about petroleum/crude oil blabla yawns (do you know! that the price of oil went down?? finally!)

More stuff about work:

Every morning, if we arrive at work early, we’ll head to the canteen to get some breakfast. Actually not we lah, only the two guys cause I of course, won’t spend on unnecessary stuff such as nasi lemak cause my mom already made me bread to eat in the car =D That green tupperware containing milo in the picture is also mine, I forced Barry to drink from it so he doesn’t have to waste money buying drinks =D i’m such a considerate girlfriend wtf

speaking of nasi lemak, i remember back in high school when a plate of nasi lemak was only RM1 and if you wanna add fried egg then it will be extra 50 sen for you so RM1.50 was obviously way too much for a Suet. Sooo she’d always get her best friend to share that plate with her so they only had to pay 75sen each! And when her friend was too hungry and wanted a plate for herself, Suet would search high and low for someone to be her new best friend so that they can share a plate of RM1.50 nasi lemak.

god that piece of story is so sad I can cry everytime I have to retell it wtf

of courseee, I’m not like that anymore cough cough cough coughhhh

Me after washing my tupperware and refilling it with water. why am i such an aunty i hate myself sometimes (i lied, i like being an aunty, it gives me a thrill of excitement everytime i refill my tupperware, which will be known as my tuppie from now on cause i’m aunty like that)


We were supposed to celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner last week but I suddenly craved for cheap sushi wtf (don’t i always?) so we went to Sakae instead!


teriyaki burger! I love the Sakae in Pavilion!

Barry and his Gyu Don

I finally *kinda* smiled with my eyes! *big wet eyes

grumpy cause my food took so long >=( by the way I did my make up in exactly 3.8 minutes! *pats self

question: why are my lips so pale? I can’t put lipgloss/lipstick cause it’ll chap so I usually just put vaselline only sigh

Since I haven’t been camwhoring a lot lately..


Because I’m addicted to lolcats….

since i always look constipated/like i need to pee wtf

i tell you story of teh bukkit (must read very funny one) :

It’s actually about this famous seal called Minazo whose bucket was stolen from him


So anyway, people started using seals and walruses to carry on the legend of the bucket (sometimes called teh bukkit to sound cuter)

awww =(


walruses looking for teh bukkit ahhaha

anyway, the bucket seal is now dead =(

and that, ladies and gents, is the story of Minazo and his bukkit.


Oh! I also want to talk about my office attire. I always ALWAYS wear the same stuff to work lor I’m so bored of it already! BUT I really don’t wanna waste money on buying more clothes how ah such a huge dilemma. I always wear some shirt with skirt and the exact same belt sigh i think i better buy more later people think I never wash my skirt how! (actually truth is I memang never wash one wtf) and somemore my white shirt is so yellow cause i got it from my cousin who bought it before she got pregnant (now her kid is 4 years old already wtf)

sorry am i an embarrassment to the society due to my erm..inability to dress well? Sigh if I’m rich of course I can dress well ok you must remember I have this disease! Everytime I see something nice then have to tell myself to put it down and just walk away, like that how am I ever gonna have nice clothes! For me anything above RM30 for shirt/top/skirt/pants is expensive and now you can never find anything below rm50 ok T______T stupid expensive world i hate you *emo back wtf no lah I’m not emo alsooo

back to studying zzz