Working life

Working life

It’s 9.3oam now so there’s only one place I can be at =( . I don’t want to be a whiny brat today but seriously the life of a working woman suckssss! Whatever I said about my future schedule came true cause that’s really my schedule now! I feel so lifeless everyday huhuh everyday I wake up telling myself that “TODAY I will do real, serious work that will help the company to grow further!” but when I reach the office my enthusiasm dies down.

How lah like this! I’m thinking of renting a place somewhere nearby so I don’t have to waste my time traveling to and fro but I don’t wanna waste money.. Haih anywayyy let me tell you what I do! I basically help the company with economic research for certain countries and I have to do a short analysis after getting the numbers so that part is pretty okay. Then, I have to take into account all the upcoming political agendas etc and write a forecast on how those events will affect the economy blaaabla am i boring you with these wtf cause yeah that’s basically what I have to do this week. Sigh I can’t imagine doing these kinda stuff permanently maybe I should rethink my major..

Aih anyway whatever job also not easy la therefore the best job is still being a housewife cause I get to look after kids and cook! Easy peasy japaneasyyy.

WTF it’s july already and I’m going back next month?? NEXT MONTH?! Didn’t I just come back like 3 days ago??? Back to cold weather, greasy american food, perpetual work, small room and more women. But surprisingly, I’m actually looking forward to go back! I miss shanshan and I can’t wait to move into our new, albeit very VERY small, room next semester! I’m looking forward to all that unpacking and decorating our room =D Kinda looking forward to my classes which are:

Econometrics, Intermediate Microeconomics, French Literature, Chinese women’s history and Introduction to Psychology.

Quite different and interesting right! SIGH 11 am only 1 hour to lunch and 7 hours before I can go back…Is this what people do in their offices everyday? Look forward to lunch (by looking forward i mean get really excited and stop whatever work and start chatting/reading blogs/surf and generally, just NOT do any work) and when it’s an hour before going home, you regret for not doing as much work as you should have and start panicking and try to do as much as you can?

And do all working people sleep at 10.30pm every night?!?! Cause that’s me T___T How lah have to wake up at 6am and I need around 8 hours of sleep or else I can’t function so how what should I do! Even babies don’t sleep that early ok!

Sorry if this entry is boring but I’m a serious, mature, working lady now and thus I have to alter my lifestyle to fit that profile and that’s a boring Suet for you. Ok time to continue working, already chillaxed for 30 mins already!

this is my attempt to spice up this boring entry wtf but damn funny/emo/cute right!

p.s: is it normal to have a very very quiet office? Like there’s no sound AT ALL! not even typing sound. I feel scared when I type cause scared people think I’m chatting wtf

p.p.s: i’m out of work clothes everyday wear the same high waisted skirt and blouse only but then again, this is what everyone wears around here! I think research company all like that one lah full of boring people T_T haih some more i just stained my only skirt…with milo T_____T like a small kid only drink milo! ok tomorrow I shall drink adult coffee wtf or tongkat ali WTF KACIP FATIMAH DON’T ASK ME HOW DO I KNOW ALL THIS