boring entry

Sigh I have mixed feelings about working now. On one hand, I kinda like the job I’m doing now (well, I talked myself into liking it..) cause it’ll be beneficial for my future career prospects..I hope. But on the other hand, I kinda miss my holiday life =( I mean, I come back all the way after 9 months of slaving my ass off and now I don’t even get to enjoy my holiday?!

Why is life so hard! Not only do we have to earn our way into college (study hard, get scholarship etc), we also have to work part-time to earn our allowance/save up to pay back for loan, study super hard so we’ll get a good job next time and now we have to work during our summer holiday just so we’ll be a notch higher than everyone else! The worst thing is now EVERYone is doing internships too so you have to be even better than that and do crazy stuff like.. I dunno..learn 8 languages or do charity or cycle around the world or enter the world record for breaking coconuts with your finger.

I don’t even have a social life now you–wait, I don’t even so much have a life now you know. I come back around 8, eat my dinner and then sleep at 10.30pm omg life is so sad T__T  I don’t have time to watch tv, to talk to my family, to go out with my friends, to cuddle with my bf (can see everyday but cannot touch damn suck T_T), or to generally just have fun.

Oh wellllll, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! Now I know the true meaning of that phrase *big wet eyes

If I’m the boss of my company, I’ll let my employees start work later lor! Start around 11 or something so they don’t have to sleep that early and wake up that early. I talked to my colleague the other day and he said he always sleep around 1 siao one how can anyone sleep for 5 hours only!!!he said can one just need some getting used to but I don’t think I can ever do that T__T Any tips?

Anyway here are some boring pictures

This is what I wore yesterday i know i know it’s not that formal but it was after my only black skirt got stained by milo ok i didn’t have anything to wear already!

barry hard at work

suet li, also hard at work wtf

klcc from my window. yeap, my office is really near klcc!

i love friday cause the dress code is casual and cause it’s the last day of the week! TGIF!

hard at work again wtf

I wore full make up the first day with foundation, blusher, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. The second day, I wore eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. the third day,  I only applied eyeliner and mascara and the fourth day only eyeliner wtf. At this rate, I think I won’t bother applying makeup anymore next week.

Blabla most boring entry ever I’m sorry but I guess you have to put up with boring suet for the time being T_T back to work!


  1. xiaokit says:

    working reli so boring mer…..? my bro is totally different de……he reli reli enjoy his work…haha…i don know i whether like or dislike my job in the future……-)

  2. Tan Yee Wei says:

    Yeah, life is hard 🙁

    But on the upside, at least we’re not lions or zebras. If you stop running you either:
    starve, in the case of the lion, or
    get eaten, in the case of the zebra.

    Now all our running is done in the office.

    7.1% GDP growth!

  3. CraSH says:

    well, you still have the weekend to hang out… life is like that!! so hang in there.
    so how was the lunch gathering with your buddies?
    anyway, hmmm.. 7.1% real gdp or only gdp? it makes a huge gdp if adjusted and there is also a need to understand the political situation and internal policy to spur the growth.
    oh well, you know what you are doing. have fun!!
    maybe you should quit a couple weeks before you leave to enjoy the time left. just a suggestion. later

  4. ;D says:

    when you were a student you never sleep so little meh!!! I’m in secondary school (singapore) right now and we have to sleep at like 11pm all the time and wake up at like 6. ok that’s 7 hours but scientists say teens must have 9! very sad hor. when you were in form 4 never like that meh!

  5. aud says:

    WTF where is everyone in your office! imma tell afifi wtf ponteng kerja ohhhhh wtf.

    no la jk but pls la tell me some company secrets so i can sell them off (thats what u get for not hiring me WTF)

  6. foongjin says:


    sleep early. check.
    no life cos no energy to do anything else. check.
    appreciate fridays and weekends like hell now. check.
    very kiasu want to do attachment but actually deep inside want to just bum around for the hols.check.

    haih. how la?! now only attachment, workload not that heavy already like that! if full time working then mah die la! i really don’t get how ppl can go clubbing after work wan man. and nope, if i only had 5 hrs of sleep the night before, my brains won’t function in the office.

    why our lives so sad!!!!

  7. ~didi~ says:

    well im facing almost same thing like wat u facing..but daily when i feel bored during work..sure will check out ur blog and kenny”s blog to reduce my boredness at work..any way good luck with ur work then =p

  8. CK Kho says:

    HAHAHA, I guess I’m a lucky bastard! I go to work around 10am (wake up around 9.30am) then get off around 5 to 6pm depend to my likings. But I don’t have a nice KLCC view like yours.

  9. Ren says:


    let me guess…
    u work at UBN building…
    so Darn near my office =..=

    n the sleep time really can train..
    i sleep 1 or 2 am everyday n wake up at 7/7.30 am
    still can go work like normal
    but fishing in the office depend on workloads…

  10. michellesy says:

    i know lah suet, it’s damn hard wei, you want to relax during the hols, but feel like you have to kiasu to keep up. damn sad wei T______T

    but hahahm so funny lah your ‘working hard’ pics, bare-footed and got umbrella one some more =D

  11. Baz says:

    good point, Anonie, wtf. but i only visited the blog cos she told me to, right after she’d finished blogging… and i helped take those pics earlier… ahh fck it, you’re right, i was slacking off wtf

  12. ron says:

    haha, yes think abt the money! when i start working i also sleep abt 4 hours a day cos part-time sales work 1030 to 2130! super tiring but i just remind myself abt the money la.

    then maybe u should stop working until u save up a certain amount of money. then just relax and bum around before u go back la.

  13. fish fish says:

    My working attire only require one rule, closed toe shoes. So everybody just wear pants and T-shirt to work, too hot now.

    At least you have Barry to accompany you at work, that is a very good thing.

  14. sweatlee says:

    fiona, haha i’m still in college too so i know how you feel T_T

    tze, the money damn little only ok haihh enough to cover for my expenses

    abby, haha thanks!

    red, thanks! erm save money la so i just eat in the canteen..

    xiaokit, hahaa good for him!

    nat, yeah that’s a plus point =)

    tanyeewei, haha! i’m an ostrich wtf

    pinkpau, oh ya u’re in ampang! i eat in the canteen only ok save money wtf

    dr tan, okok tell me on msn! anyway im like 5 mins from nuff’s office haha

    gwen, haha isit u of kl ah??

    ginny, haha i finished my work edi that time and wanted to relax! yeap first year! it’s kinda hard to find an internship though

    crash, yeap i have another 2 weeks to enjoy after my job!

    ;D, oh ya last time i sleep around 12-6 and nap in the evening! and in school too sometimes haha. so i guess i had enough sleep kua!

    real, haha thanks!

    jloi, haihhhhh

    aud, we got special room for interns! haha dont have company secrets ok interns too lowly to know wtf

    eunice, haha nola! thanks anyway =)

    foongjin, T________T damn sad la seriously!

    nov, hahah how can u know one!

    noelle, thanks =D

    simplicity, got ok i work very hard one! ya quite scared also haha

    didi, hahah thanks!

    ck, why so nice one!! u live next to your office ah!

    ren, how u all know one!! haihhh

    michelle, haih T__T why life damn sad ah when u’re not rich wtf

    michael, yeah T________T

    anonie, he was just kidding la….

    ron, the money is enough to cover for my expenses only la internship they wont pay alot one. so i’m just working for the experience now sigh

    fish, why so nice can wear tshirt! yeahh it’s so much nicer to work with him!

  15. Ren says:

    Suet, no need canteen lar
    there a row of food stalls cheap 1!!
    is down behind my office only
    u opposite is Beach club right?
    then between there with Coffee Bean there a small road, u go in there n see 1 row of food stalls
    the price is from RM 3.00 to RM 7.00 for normal meal + drinks, depend wat u order n take 🙂

  16. The Faux Fashionista says:

    Tee hee I am exactly like you – Day 1: semangat dress up; Day 2: Kind of semangat dress up; Day 3: So-so dress up; Day 4 – Err..ok la I will try to dress up; Day 5 – Wtf I cannot even drag myself out of bed how to dress up! HAHAHAHA why am I so lazy??!!! Furthermore I was working at a fashion company in New York and I was still lazy! *sigh* Maybe cos I knew I wasn’t getting paid so I wont have money to buy new clothes so no point wearing so nice also? Does that make sense?

    Your purple top and jeans outfit is cute 😉

  17. sweatlee says:

    ren, eh thanks! i might go there today!

    frolic, got it from armani =) when it was on sale wtf

    luxen, T_T

    aaron, double T_T wtf

    faux, haha yala!! damn lazy la. eh you’re near NY right! we should meet up when im back in the states! and thanks =)

    simon, nopes i didnt do the entry so im not going la, have to work tmrw also T_T

  18. CK Kho says:

    I live about 10 miles away from my office. Plus I’m off the peak hours traffic, so it takes about 15 minute to get to my workplace. I still arrived earlier than my boss about 5 minutes. HAHAHA… I’m such a good employee *pat on the back! 🙂

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