Box full of secrets

If you had a choice between opening a box full of secrets that would only upset you, or not touch it at all, would you give in to curiosity and uncover it anyway?

I know what most people will say, “not open it obviously! What you don’t know won’t hurt you, ignorance is bliss etc etc” but when faced with such a dilemma, I’d open it without even pausing to think for a second. And so I did. In fact, it wasn’t even an option for me. I unlocked and opened a Pandora’s box the other day knowing full well that I wouldn’t like what’s inside.

The verdict? Let’s just say it made everything so much more complicated. I have to pretend that I have no clue about anything, I’m forced to look at everyone in a different light, and I’m thrown into a black hole where I don’t know who is telling the truth anymore, what the the truth even is.

Despite all these however, I felt a huge sense of satisfaction and even if I had the same choice again, would I still open that box in a heartbeat? Yes, definitely. Would you?