Box full of secrets

If you had a choice between opening a box full of secrets that would only upset you, or not touch it at all, would you give in to curiosity and uncover it anyway?

I know what most people will say, “not open it obviously! What you don’t know won’t hurt you, ignorance is bliss etc etc” but when faced with such a dilemma, I’d open it without even pausing to think for a second. And so I did. In fact, it wasn’t even an option for me. I unlocked and opened a Pandora’s box the other day knowing full well that I wouldn’t like what’s inside.

The verdict? Let’s just say it made everything so much more complicated. I have to pretend that I have no clue about anything, I’m forced to look at everyone in a different light, and I’m thrown into a black hole where I don’t know who is telling the truth anymore, what the the truth even is.

Despite all these however, I felt a huge sense of satisfaction and even if I had the same choice again, would I still open that box in a heartbeat? Yes, definitely. Would you?


  1. Farrah says:

    yes i would,in a heartbeat.i already know it would hurt me,might as well just open it,ponder and get sappy about it,then forget.move on.rather than,having this horrible nagging sound in the back of ur mind,keep reminding me of ‘it’

  2. Michael says:

    seemingly most people in this entry comments will open it anyhow as opposed to your theory =.=.

    i’ll open it too. Cos you never know that it would surely upset you until have full knowledge of it. Truth is better, even bitter sometimes.

  3. Kaede Lockhart says:

    I would open it if I’m ready for it. Sometimes we need to learn to accept consequences(sp?) if you want good things. >__< Just like want to buy cellphones, computers etc. which one is better and what’s the weakness.

    *sighs* Sometimes you gotta make decision yourself, that’s how to make people think wisely wtf

    XD Don’t bug me with maths though wtf

  4. ron says:

    ‘FULL of secrets’ is too much to resist. i would open it. even if it upsets me, i’ll just get over with it and im sure there is something to learn from it. pretence might not be a wrong option at times..

  5. angeliCassie says:

    i wouldn’t open it.something happened recently and though it might be in different situational conext from what you’re saying..but what you said kinda make sense to what i’m going through.weird hor.

    but as in my case,someone else opened the pandora box for me.i had no choice to decide whether to open or not.

    oh well,like you said,everything got more complicated.

    but if there is a choice,i would choose not to open it =/

  6. Mei says:

    i too will open it. but of course i’ll doubt myself, think of what i will do if i found out abt this and that. but i guess it is human nature to open the box.

  7. Liz says:

    haha i was in this situation just awhile ago. the nagging curiosity and suspicions got better of me and i opened the box, only to be slapped in the face with a lot of truth i *should* know but not knowing it, i would’ve been happier …

    but sometimes u grow stronger from learning all this hurtful, shitty truth … especially when it regards other ppl, more so if u actually care about them hmmm.

  8. siowmay says:

    will think really really hard whether to open it or not. esp im the type which is easily affected and a bad actress. sigh.

    had a bad day from work ar?

  9. devina says:

    i think most people would actually open it. cannot stand the curiosity ahhhh. my friend once read her good friend’s diary and suffered like hell until now because of what she read.

    but the point is that she opened it anyway.

    curiosity really does kill the cat =(

  10. michellesy says:

    that was a damn enigmatic post ok!

    but i would open it, because for me personally, nothing is worse than not knowing – nothing -______- I just don’t handle uncertainty well, but even if what i uncover isn’t great, i can plan around it, move on etc.

    ok lah, i admit it – i am damn kay poh can XD

  11. jessieloi says:

    If you’d asked me a few years ago I would have said no.

    Now, I’ll say yes because I know I will regret the fact that I did not open it later on. Besides, good can discovered from bad. If we don’t open the box we’ll never know.

    Take some risks in life as some people will say. As long as I know you, risk is not something that’ll stop you from anything. So whatever it is that the box contained, I’m sure you’ll pull through it, coming out stronger than ever.

    Love from penang.

  12. The Faux Fashionista says:

    You’re welcome *wipes foam from Suet’s mouth* When will you be back? Faster come back I wanna go shoppingggg!

    I’m in Providence, RI. 1 hour from Boston, heh. Great that we can meet there at mid-point 😉 I don’t have a car but yes I’ll “bring” you to the outlets 😀 They’re in Wrentham (I-495 Exit 15 wtf no car but can tell you exactly which exit). We can take a bus from South Station to the outlets 😉 Pray my bf gets his international license when he comes in August then we might be able to drive there *cross fingers*

    Got alot alot cheap stuff especially during holiday season like Memorial Day, 4th July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Xmas etc etc. But even no special sale also still quite cheap la just not as cheap. Usually I just go there to sapu Coach bags and drop by Gap, BR and PRL 😀

    Ehh ehhh…this is not the way to chat. I’ll drop you an email.

  13. cvv says:

    halo sweatlee.

    i think i will choose to know the secret too unless i can make sure myself to forget the existence of this secret.

    face it rather than escaoe sometime will make a better ending although we will feel suffer at the starting moment,but surely we will feel better and relief later on.=)

    btw,can u suggest any way to diet??i always knew gam fei is need to do more exercise and eat less yea i know
    but what kind of exercise do you think is most effective and how the way it should be?? as i am a outstation student renting a room i dont know what exercise can suit me.=( and how to eat in a right proportion if want to be thin?can u suggest any daily meal menu so that can be slim in one month time??

    i really hope that you can reply me because i was so so so being tired of it cause i’ve tried to diet before in not really healthy and effective way and finally give up cause ppl around me just tel me that i look even fatter but not thinner even though im trying to skip my meal.this really make me feel so frustrating.

    so hope to hear from you soon.

    with best wishes.=)

  14. Passerby says:

    Yeah, would definitely open it. It’s already there so the sooner you open it, the sooner you will try to figure how to solve the complications. I do admit that sometimes, we tend to avoid the problem and in hope to live on with our lives normally but the truth is, you’d able to avoid it for a moment only. The content in the box is gonna revealed one day after all. Cheers!

  15. sweatlee says:

    hey everyone, thanks for your comments. i won’t reply one by one cause i just wanna know what you guys think anyway. and no, i’m not moody nor am i gonna tell what secrets those are. after all, they are hurtful secrets which should just remain that way – secrets.

    but! it’s nice to know that almost everyone would just open it without thinking. curiosity kills the cat but who cares, cats have nine lives anyway =P

    cvv, hmmm actually to lose weight.. it’s different for each individual i think. according to my gym people, they say 60% depends on your diet and 40% on exercising. the best is cardio if u wanna lose weight, jog, climb stairs etc that will get your heart rate up. you can do sit ups/leg raise at home too to lose the tummy but it’s not easy, i’m still trying to lose mine too =S
    don’t ever skip your meal, especially breakfast. just cut down on fatty food like oily fried stuff and eat more lean meat. you can google up lots and lots of diet plans and follow them if you’re really serious about losing weight i guess.

    ok so what i personally did was i exercised a lot, basically cardio stuff like basketball and running. i also cut down on my food intake but still take enough protein carb etc. eat less junk food? hope that helps!

  16. pancakes says:

    whoa. emo in an un-emo way.

    in my case, someone else opened it for me. and yah, it made me look at everyone differently (high 5!)
    but i gotta say i’m glad to have found out like that.

    better to know the truth than to remain ignorant what. at least then you know who’s real and who’s not. heh

  17. yuhhui says:

    I would open it and prob regret it after that.
    But thats not the point.. hehe .. anyway, even those secrets hurt.. don’t fret about it. Everything will turn out ok. hope to see a happy suet post soon! =)

  18. Thelma says:

    The day you find the importance of the truth is greater than the fear within, is the day you find yourself one step closer to maturity.


  19. aya says:

    logically, i guess nobody wants to open it because its easier to remain happy. but if its there, i think theres no definite time where you’ve prep yourself ready to open it. if you didnt open it, it would unfold itself somehow or rather. i guess if you look at the bigger picture, it hurts like fuck but after the whole drama is over, before we know it, we’ve adapted and became stronger.

    thats a part of life that is bound to happen some time in everybody’s life. mine opened, i went through hell. but im not dead yet. now im just waiting for the next one to unfold. hahaha bring it on bitch XD

  20. Nr says:

    i have been there, i have always looked in the box and have been hurt many times but i only blame myself and hide the emotion as if i have never looked.. But never the same

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