Have u seen mah bukkit?

Have u seen mah bukkit?

Ok, after the previous sad/emo/unhappy post, this post is gonna be really happy and chirpy! So while you’re reading this, imagine my happy voice going hello! iz me again! how are you! i’m fine! ok? no ok?

Anywayyy I have a quiz tomorrow so I’ll have to study tonight T_T college also got quiz, work also got quiz aiyoyo ah ma! It’s going to be all about petroleum/crude oil blabla yawns (do you know! that the price of oil went down?? finally!)

More stuff about work:

Every morning, if we arrive at work early, we’ll head to the canteen to get some breakfast. Actually not we lah, only the two guys cause I of course, won’t spend on unnecessary stuff such as nasi lemak cause my mom already made me bread to eat in the car =D That green tupperware containing milo in the picture is also mine, I forced Barry to drink from it so he doesn’t have to waste money buying drinks =D i’m such a considerate girlfriend wtf

speaking of nasi lemak, i remember back in high school when a plate of nasi lemak was only RM1 and if you wanna add fried egg then it will be extra 50 sen for you so RM1.50 was obviously way too much for a Suet. Sooo she’d always get her best friend to share that plate with her so they only had to pay 75sen each! And when her friend was too hungry and wanted a plate for herself, Suet would search high and low for someone to be her new best friend so that they can share a plate of RM1.50 nasi lemak.

god that piece of story is so sad I can cry everytime I have to retell it wtf

of courseee, I’m not like that anymore cough cough cough coughhhh

Me after washing my tupperware and refilling it with water. why am i such an aunty i hate myself sometimes (i lied, i like being an aunty, it gives me a thrill of excitement everytime i refill my tupperware, which will be known as my tuppie from now on cause i’m aunty like that)


We were supposed to celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner last week but I suddenly craved for cheap sushi wtf (don’t i always?) so we went to Sakae instead!


teriyaki burger! I love the Sakae in Pavilion!

Barry and his Gyu Don

I finally *kinda* smiled with my eyes! *big wet eyes

grumpy cause my food took so long >=( by the way I did my make up in exactly 3.8 minutes! *pats self

question: why are my lips so pale? I can’t put lipgloss/lipstick cause it’ll chap so I usually just put vaselline only sigh

Since I haven’t been camwhoring a lot lately..


Because I’m addicted to lolcats….

since i always look constipated/like i need to pee wtf

i tell you story of teh bukkit (must read very funny one) :

It’s actually about this famous seal called Minazo whose bucket was stolen from him


So anyway, people started using seals and walruses to carry on the legend of the bucket (sometimes called teh bukkit to sound cuter)

awww =(


walruses looking for teh bukkit ahhaha

anyway, the bucket seal is now dead =(

and that, ladies and gents, is the story of Minazo and his bukkit.


Oh! I also want to talk about my office attire. I always ALWAYS wear the same stuff to work lor I’m so bored of it already! BUT I really don’t wanna waste money on buying more clothes how ah such a huge dilemma. I always wear some shirt with skirt and the exact same belt sigh i think i better buy more later people think I never wash my skirt how! (actually truth is I memang never wash one wtf) and somemore my white shirt is so yellow cause i got it from my cousin who bought it before she got pregnant (now her kid is 4 years old already wtf)

sorry am i an embarrassment to the society due to my erm..inability to dress well? Sigh if I’m rich of course I can dress well ok you must remember I have this disease! Everytime I see something nice then have to tell myself to put it down and just walk away, like that how am I ever gonna have nice clothes! For me anything above RM30 for shirt/top/skirt/pants is expensive and now you can never find anything below rm50 ok T______T stupid expensive world i hate you *emo back wtf no lah I’m not emo alsooo

back to studying zzz