The Dark Knight



I watched The Dark Knight already *gloat gloat gloat until face bursts wtf

Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia, I got two tickets to watch the premiere + dinner (free food, i’ve never been happier =D)! Initially I only got one ticket but Barry the smelly said if I ever go watch batman without him he has no choice but to ignore me forever cause you have no idea how big a batman fan he is!!!

For one whole week before the premiere, he kept reading stuff about batman online and apparently there are a lot A LOT of viral websites out there! They created some websites for Gotham city, gotham police, some sites created by the Joker, some sites that lead you to a treasure hunt with the joker etc etc read more about it here! I also got a call from Jim Gordon wtf

Anyway I’ll *try* not to spoil anything but I just can’t resist spoiling it!!!!!!!! CHRISTIAN BALE WAS SO HOT MMM HEATH LEDGER WAS DAMN DAMN GOOD! After the movie ended I felt so sad almost wanted to cry cause he’s now dead T___T he can’t see how good he was and how everyone loves him but maybe he’s watching from heaven T____T

Ok I shall stop here or else I’m gonna end up writing about what happened…But seriously go watch it! When Barry was raving about it to me for what seemed like forever, I just waved him off cause I just couldn’t believe how good a superhero movie can get but this really surpassed my expectation. It was really really good, so good that I gave it 10/10 in IMDB! (I gave spiderman 6/10 wtf I hate the spidey guy lah see don’t even remember the name already did I say CHRISTIAN BALE WAS DAMN HOT AND HEATH LEDGER WAS DAMN GOOD?)

Oh we watched in GSC Signature in Gardens! It’s cheaper than gold class but better than the normal one and the seats are really comfortable! And they gave us free popcorn too thanks nokia and nuffnang! It’s so good to be home *big wet eyes


Random photos of the day:

I really need to do something with this teddy. Mom wanted to throw it away but I didn’t have the heart to T___T After all, we’ve been through some special

Real anniversary dinner in Pizza Uno, the place where we met, yesterday!

Grumpy Barry

Sorry bad lighting

Starter…stupid pizza uno the food there is sooo expensive now grr!

oh oh! The other day, a kitteh came into my house! After reading lolcats, I suddenly like cats now (i used to really hate cats cause they are so..mean).

brother petting the kitteh (the cat’s tail had shit and I just saw this picture T_T the tail touched my sofa T_T I hate cats T_T)

Haha damn cute one! Curious kitteh exploring my whole house. Came in then tak tau malu just walk around as if he belonged here!

Fed him milk

Cute, adorable and curious kitteh with shit on its tail T____T


Was flipping through the papers when I saw this piece of news!ย  WTF let me copy and paste it here.

“PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has confidence that Malaysians can help Barisan Nasional win big in the next general election similar to the 2004 historical victory.

He also stated that the disaster of the March general election was a blessing in disguise, adding that there was a lesson to be learnt.

He suggested that if Malaysians could change their attitude, repeating the historical 2004 general election results was possible.”

Why is he living in denial T______T Why did he say that if WE are to change our attitude, then BN can win again? What do WE malaysians have to do with THEM winning seriously? Shouldn’t THEY be the one changing their attitude, changing their management, changing the way they run OUR country?ย  But then again, I could have interpreted what he meant wrongly. Did he mean that if we could change our attitude to be better citizens, then BN can win again? And by helping them win, it’ll help our country and ourselves? *obviously still puzzled wtf


MARIE FRANCE REVIEW 2 (still a bad review)

Stupid Marie France always cheat my money one! Ok although it wasn’t technically my money in the first place but they still cannot treat me like that! Just because the RM1,500 is in the form of a gift doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to other rights like any other customers lor!

>=( angry angry

If you didn’t read my previous review, let me do a short recap. I won RM1,500 worth of MF treatment and it didn’t say that I can’t do certain stuff= i can do whatever I want as long as it’s less than 1,500. Anyway, I went and they told me that the 1,500 is only good for TWO visits since one visit is around RM800 (slim wrap + massage + hot blanket walao like that also RM800 confirm cheat people’s money).

I was already feeling suspicious cause they then told me that if I take 10 of that package, I don’t have to pay RM 8,000 but only, jeng jeng jeng, RM2200!! wah very good hor suddenly can discount 70% at your own will. So I knew this woman was trying to hike up the price so that I could only use my voucher for two visits and was trying to con me into paying the extra RM700 since this is such a goooood deal. BUT! suet li never gets conned especially when she has to fork out her own money so I was like whatever I’ll just take the two visits and think about it.

BAH! Conclusion is they suck lah! Two visits how to slim down you tell me! If you want to know if it’s effective, the answer is obviously NO cause I can’t see any difference after two visits and if that really cost RM1,500, then obviously it’s not worth anyone’s money! So don’t go ok unless if 1,500 is like 15 cents to you otherwise, just diet + exercise + pray wtf.

p.s: now barry is trying to get me to watch batman in IMAX with him T_____T he said the experience will be different one blabla it won’t be the same if you haven’t watched in imax blabla, batman rox blabla haih why do i have such a geeky bf wtf


  1. michellesy says:

    AHAHAH, KITTEH’S TAIL HAD SHIT WTF. why you suddenly hate cats again di ar? love hate relationship wtf. terperangkap di antara cinta and kebencian wtf wtf.

    and why pizza uno liddat wan. inflasi also cannot jack the prices up willy-nilly right? did they raise the wages ar wtf, cos last time you were a waitress there right.

    why lah is yours and barry’s story damn romantic *starry-eyed* pizza restaurant also got romance ok! don’t play play wtf.

  2. tzeching says:

    i dont like cats also! very lan ci wtf

    WHY IS HE LIKE THIS! (badawi i mean wtf) why should WE help them recreate the 2004 victory?!? why is it OUR fault that they didn’t win!?! we vote for a government ok wtf fucking stupid la badawi

  3. avispek says:

    i lagi wtf man!

    there is dis salon said i can get 1 free treatment since i have ‘bongchan’ them 6 times….

    so last weekend i went to redeem lar

    me: im coming 4 hair treatment (showed her the member card with 1 big stamp “FREE TREATMENT” indicated on it)

    she: ok take a sit 1st ar…(so i did)
    ~ after short while ~
    she: treatment not incl. of washing hor….
    me: neber mind…i dun 1 washing
    she: (wtf got the cheek to say)but treatment muz wash hair 1st
    me: then wash how much?
    she: 20

    i oso got the cheek to tell her ” oh then i dun 1 oredy”

    wtf rite?!
    u think i shud try again after washing my hair ?
    but dunno combing/blowing/steaming incl. or not, forgot to ask eh how

  4. avispek says:

    oh…abt tat lala ahpek

    u might vomit blood to watch him say it on TV himself man!

    the essence of his speech is tat its our duty to ensure sustain n grow n bcome strong again …for wat? sorry, nothing abt the country hor..then for wat? for wat ah?

    for it is the 1 n only?
    or more exactly….
    it SHOULD BE the 1 n only n
    v shud hence ensure the monopoly
    anyway its 50yrs oredy


  5. Baz says:

    actually, the dark knight went even further than the typical superhero movie, i don’t think it can be classified in the same genre. it’s like a psychological crime drama, and a damn good one. but don’t bring your kids, they’ll shit their pants in fear thanks to Heath Ledger’s Joker, and they’ll punch your guts cos they probably won’t get what’s happening onscreen.

    scratch that, bring them along, together with all your aunties and granddads and kids you never knew you had, i hope this movie breaks that dung-like movie Spidey 3’s boxoffice record to hell!

    *geek mode on*

    i clapped at the end of the movie wtf i’ve never done that before

  6. jessieloi says:

    I miss pizza uno!
    Oh they’re still in their old shoplot. I’m waiting to see whether they’ll raise the price again after they move.

    I wonder if I go back there to work will they pay me more? Haha doubt so.

  7. abby says:

    zomg barry is practically worshipping the movie. lol suet i listen to you i shall go watch it tmr. i bet i will be damn emo also cos of Mr Ledger’s departure :(:(:( anyway suet you don’t need mariefrance k. i need mariefrance ok damn emo now.

    & just go watch it at imax!! ask barry pay haha. and you looking good for the dinner!

  8. amy says:

    Lol..this statement makes me laugh..

    “Abdullah also said he believed that he could help Malaysians, particularly Malays, change their attitude and work towards progress”.


    by the way suet, i enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work.

  9. Smallpotato says:

    Suet Li, I did ask my consultant about the voucher u entitled.The answer so as u claim lor.Firmly no result on those wrapping, hot blanket..even make me feel uncomfortable after that.I hate them give me a fresh therapist for my treatment, i brightly told them dun waste my time and hard earn
    Every of the slimming centre oso pushsy one..they wanna approach on product then i request for a sample first…wakakaka

    Usually, i like to get more info from therapist than consultant.

  10. aud says:

    haha i was wondering why got kitteh go to your house wan don’t u stay in a condo wtf. but i thikn i also like kittehs after reading lolcats! damn cute the one of the kitteh drinking milk T__________T

  11. afif says:

    batman is simply has already kicked iron mans shiny arse to claim best movie for this genre so far this year.and i ll personally would petition heath for an oscar myself.riveting.*lets put a smile on that face*

  12. Ren says:

    i wanted to watch dark knight too…
    but colleagues said Imax here expensive then dun wanna watch dy T_T
    but i dun mind to pay the USD1x just to experience cinema over here….


  13. ding says:

    HL is the best joker.

    lets put a smile on that face
    why so serious?
    this is my namecard


    Anyway,edison chen beats all.
    Guy at Security Desk #2
    “You must check your cell phone as a security precaution.” (or something like that)

    best line from the best actor of the movie!

    this movie reminds me of saw.
    and cat is good. mmmm..

  14. carol says:

    christian bale mmmmmmmmm!!!!! soooo yummy.

    i had no idea it was edison chen, such is my knowledge of the asian film industry =/ i’ll probably only recognize… i don’t know… lee hom or jay chou and they’re not even actors. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. The Faux Fashionista says:

    Boo! My boyfriend watched Dark Knight without me…and asked me to download it myself T__T Maybe I should ignore him forever too hehe…

    Pizza Uno sucks now! Serving size shrink but price so expensive ๐Ÿ™ Oh and I think I sat at that table you are sitting before and took pictures of my grumpy bf across the table and myself with the same background….

    Are you all keeping the kitteh?

  16. Baz says:

    michael: *defensive* batman wasn’t boring, he was a complex character who struggled with being either a hero or a criminal himself. plus, bruce wayne appears with a new woman every time, i wouldn’t say that’s boring wtf. and his voice was gruff to intimidate perps and to diguise his real voice.

  17. ding says:

    michael: *nerd power up*
    Because he’s the hero that Gotham deserves,
    but not the one it needs right now
    and so we’ll hunt him
    because he can take it
    because he’s not a hero
    he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector..

  18. Michael says:

    wow then he can be a voice actor if he decides to retire from the “dark knight” position. His voice like…totally changed?

    p.s: baz, with the new women argument, u are one really boring man ahahahhaahahahahhahaha

  19. felicia says:

    since you mentioned imax, you should go watch journey to the center of the earth:3D at IMAX! if you like brendan fraser la. haha.

    the dark knight was awesome. it’s emotionally draining though. xD christian bale looked different though. lost weight maybe. wtf. but he looks better now. heh.

  20. sweatlee says:

    baz, lalala

    michelle, ya i saw some brown stuff and it’s smelly T_T cinta dan kebencia wtf why ur malay so power! hahaha yala we can write a book ok!

    mei, hahaha ya this one on the real date haha

    hayley, haha im just calling it a kitteh cause it sounds cute!

    tze, but after reading lolcats then i feel they’re quite cute! yala stupid one he damn thick skinned

    avispek, ya why like that one!!! try to cheap ppl! u should demand for it la! wash ur own hair then go treatment there la can ah?

    arshana, ahahhaa you sound like you really hate the cat!

    nat, yeah thts why T_T

    devina, it smelled like shit T_T yessssssssss!

    baz, wtf wtf

    jloi, ya moving end of this month! ya i wont also =S

    abby, hahha ya u should watch it! and thanks =))

    amy, thanks amy!!

    mc, yeah he was soooo good!

    alea, hahaha there got no kucing meh!

    didi, hahaha =P

    smallpotato, yeahla i hate it when they’re pushy lor somemore so expensive! grr.

    aud, the kitteh followed barry up the elevator!

    simplicity, hahaha it wasnt so bad when i watched it!

    afif, yayyy! hahaha yeah he was so good right!

    ren, how expensive is it?? just watch only u wont regret it!

    anonymous, yays!!!

    ding, he’s the one at the security desk meh!! i thought he was the one at the helicopter wtf how are your 15 cats wtf

    carol, he’s soooo yummy!!! hahah edison is the scandal guy how can u not know!!

    michael, nola he wasnt boring!! i like him alot also!

    devina, i like both of them! i think they both did an awesome job. batman and his gadgets *drools

    faux, hahah u go watch without him la! ooh u went pizza uno taipan also?? maybe i served u before haha. nopes the kitteh went missing already =(

    baz, geek wtf

    ding, WTF

    michael, err… is that boring?

    ohkulala, yes!! i loved it too!

    chester, wtf! we were in a fight wtf did you see me scolding him!

    xiaokit, hahha!

    felicia, is that movie really good? 3d very pening one right!

  21. Mei-Wah says:

    OMFG christian bale make me go googoogaagaa just like when i was 14 years old going crazy over ronan keating! oh damn, he’s so hot, i feel in lurve with bruce wayne ever since i watch batman begins. argghhhh~~~ christian bale is so hot, he make me go horny~

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