Before I can comfortably settle on talking about my fabulous trip, I must first write a VERY VERY angry post about some stupid airline company that completely spoilt this whole trip for me.

And that stupid airline company is surprise surprise, FIREFLY! FIREFLYZ SUCKS FIREFLY SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS (please let this appear in google search)

Anyway, back story. I booked SIX return tickets from Firefly from Subang to Kuala Terengganu TWO months ago. Then, four days prior to the trip, I found out from the hotel that firefly changed their return time from 4pm to 10pm, which shocked me terribly cause I had to hear this from the hotel and now I have to wait another 6 hours!!

SO, we talked it over and said fine, it’s okay, we’ll just wait 8 hours in the airport since there’s NOTHING we can do about it anyway.

Happy happy times in Redang and on Sunday, which was the day we were supposed to come back, I received an sms from Firefly saying that our flight has been delayed to 1.30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

WTF???!?! (1)

First, they delayed our flight from 4pm to 10pm and now to 1.30 am??!? 9 hour delay????

Ok fine we were super angry but there was really NOTHING we could do and we really just wanted to get home. Firefly said they could refund the money but we would have to find another alternative to come back. Then, we went to the airport and to our dismay, we found out from the airport staff that the airport closes at 11pm and it’s impossible for the plane to land at 1.30am sooo, the FLIGHT WAS FREAKING CANCELED.

WTF??????!!!? (2)

They did not even tell us the flight was canceled and we had to find that out ourselves ok!!! If you haven’t gotten the permission to land in a closed airport why did you have to send smses to everyone to say that you’ll land at 1.30am!!!!

Burning with rage, we stomped to the firefly counter and demanded for an explanation. The staff there couldn’t do anything so I demanded to speak with someone who has more power. This guy from MAS came to me and said very nicely that they will refund the money AND reimburse us the price difference if we buy an Airasia flight since it’s THEIR fault anyway, not ours. He said all we have to do is go back to Subang and show them our airasia tickets. Satisfied with this, we went and bought tickets to fly with Airasia instead (which gave us EXCELLENT customer service by the way).

SO today, Barry and I went to the Subang airport to show them our airasia tickets, hoping to get our compensation and refund back BUT THEY TOLD US THAT WE CAN’T!!!!

1. They told us that they don’t give compensations and only give refunds

2. They told us to email the management instead if we want compensation and it’s up to the management to decide if we’re entitled to the compensation

3. They told us that they are only a budget airline so they have limited planes

4. They called the MAS guy who told us we can get the money and apparently he said there was some communication breakdown and that he DID NOT say that


First of all, it is not OUR fault that the flight got cancelled. Being stranded in a foreign place, we had NO other choice but to take whatever available flight back home and thus, we had to pay around extra RM100 each for the airasia flight since we bought it on the day itself. Things they should compensate us for:

1. price difference between the two flights (RM100 each, there were 6 of us)

2. cost of the phone calls  since we had to keep calling them to find out about our flight status (at least RM20)

3. taxi ride back from LCCT since we had to take airasia (RM60 x 2 for two taxis)

4. We had to take leave today to settle this and now it’s not settled! (RM100 for our one day’s pay)


We were already VERY considerate because all we wanted was compensation for the price difference which is about RM100 each and they couldn’t even do that? And their excuse was ‘oh we’re only a budget airline’. The thing is, including the rm100, we paid almost RM350 for our flight which wasn’t cheap at all for a budget airline ok!!!! ZERO fare?!?! fuck you zero fare. We paid for service so by right, we should get it shouldn’t we?

DO WE LOOK LIKE BITCHES TO YOU, FIREFLY? If not, then why are you screwing us like bitches?!

And now they want us to send an email to them to complain and they’ll only get back to us 48 hours later.

WTF???! (4)

I know their dirty trick ok don’t think I’m stupid! They want us to send them an email, then they’ll reply 2 days later and dilly dally and then another email blabla and by then, we would be too tired to continue and will say ok fuck this forget it and they’ll win!!!! NO WAY OK FIREFLY DON’T THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH US LIKE THAT.

And why was the flight cancelled in the first place?? The explanation they gave us at first was that the plane is grounded (WTF?) and then told us that they don’t have enough planes! How can! I booked this flight TWO WHOLE MONTHS ago and if you don’t have enough planes, then you’re NOT DELIVERING WHAT YOU HAVE ADVERTISED. Or better, if you don’t have enough planes, THEN DON’T START AN AIRLINE COMPANY. 

How do you expect to compete with Airasia if you don’t have enough planes? Airasia is a budget airline too and they seem to be running smoothly. They never cancel flights, and they always treat their customers with utmost respect. This is the first time I have taken a Firefly flight, and already it is proving to be a horrible mistake.

Firefly claim to have their customers’ best interests foremost in their mind and company philosophy, but what they have done/told us thus far is “screw the customers”. Seriously I AM not going to rest until I get my money back at least. (seriously am I wrong in wanting to get my money back? Are they right for screwing us around like this and then pulling a -oh we’re only a budget airline- trick on us??)

EVERYONE, please spread the word around! Airasia is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than firefly, in terms of service, how they deal with customers and even the planes are much nicer! After what I have experienced, I’ll never ever fly with firefly again, and maybe not even MAS. Don’t get cheated too!


Tze’s, Jiameei’s, Aud’s

p.s: I made a scene at the airport and a few customers came and asked me what happened. I told them about it and apparently, their flights were delayed as well and they said they’ll never take Firefly again. Hmmp! so I wasn’t the only one!

  • Angie


  • Michael

    Lets boycott Firefly!!! Not enough plane wtf…then why schedule the flight at the first place? I dont know whats going on inside the airline, but surely it has a serious mismanagement issue =.=…Erm btw MAS is ok. I take them quite often.

    P.S: Take a video of the officer ma…got evidence then lol. “communication breakdown” kononnya =.=

  • cfc

    Haiz… kesian u all, TNB sometimes also like that… my harddisk spoilt because TNB suddenly shutdown power supply… then compensation request done on June..until now no reply…

    Malaysia companies almost all are like that… fta!!

    BOYCOTT FIREFLY – or maybe MAS too!
    support Air Asia!

  • missycheerio

    should update us on firefly’s reply to your email man! btw,i met your sister in college today.

    chill,at least the trip was great right? :)

  • angeliCassie

    awesome that you guys blogged abt it..i can feel the anger from here @-@

    woohoo it’s the best way to get back at them lorr..they will loose customers this way..and hope you get things settled out soon =D

  • annant

    boycott firefly fly with airasia wtf

    so many of u had nightmares with it, i won take firefly no matter wt then.

  • vvens


    the other day my friend was just telling me how cool can firefly be, but i’m gonna tell him about what you blogged!

    HMMNP. firefly better do something or not the bloggers are gonna boycott them! hahahaha.

  • leiyan

    well..i wont take firefly again as well..went langkawi few months back with firefly and really dissapointed bout it..hahaha…

  • Sue

    i can understand your anger, suet! I had a lot of experience in flying in the states. MAS is suck, i un but i haven’t heard of firefly. firefly is part of mas? Also, I had encountered prob with mas when they double charged me. wtf wtf wtf. it took them forever to settle it for me. time is precious, it’s hard to wait for so many hours in the airport. my past experience was waiting at the airport for 12 hours, all flights were delayed and canceled – that is continental air. just watch out. from that day onwards, i never dare to take cont. air anymore. bout the $$, i’d be angry too. We feel MUCH better when we can get back our compensation, but they have cheated on you. The guy who told you the compensation stuff only wanted to make things easier for him. fuck him and the airlines. Do whatever you can. :)

  • Mei-Wah

    OMG~ really that lousy ar? i never take fireflyz before, terfikir wanna give it a try someday. but after reading your review, hmmph, not anymore.. :)

  • tzeching

    u forgot to say that i went on a rampage and kicked all the firefly banners in the kuala terengganu airport *heroic

  • eunicetan

    the thing about firefly is that they only have one plane to fly each route. so if something happens to the plane, then the flight will be delayed/canceled until they fix the problem.

    though i didn’t experience a delayed or canceled flight while flying with them, i’m never flying firefly again. despite the fact that they have a friendlier cabin crew than the air asia flights i’ve been on. and helpful counter staff.

    the landing on my flight back from phuket was the worst ever!

    perhaps there were very little passengers, only 11, resulting in a light aircraft, so what happened was it landed on the left wheel first, huge thump.

    then bounce back into air, land on right wheel, another huge thump.

    back in air again then land on both wheels, skid left right centre, screeching tyre sounds, then only roll down the hangar in a straight line.

    i thought i was going to die. and i’m young, i can still take the fright.
    imagine the old people in the flight, the remaining 9 others were old people, whom probably have weaker hearts than us.

  • Ginny

    omg i also got angry when i read ur post! really don’t give up till u get the compensation! $#@$%#^@!

    crazy one never tell ppl flight canceled! if u still dont get anything from them..maybe u can consider writing to newspapers or what like the star.let ppl know!! n hopefully it will get published with big BIG headings.

  • jessieloi


    Lucky we have Airasia as an option. I think if firefly got rm0 fare also i’m not buying. no point.

  • suzette

    This is not acceptable at all. No wonder our company still not supporting Firefly. After reading your story, even free tickets I won’t consider!

  • Marvel

    Fuck them off!!! stupid firefly!!!

  • tom

    Hey Suet Li,

    This has not only happened to you, but to some of my customers as well.

    Another news surfaced in today’s paper and with your blog, I shall forward some of your write up with link backs to see how it will help. No guarantee but at least, someone has to start somewhere… :)

  • chimpanzee

    Thanks for writing this entry and inform us about the ugliness of Firefly.I support you Suet Li.You must fight till the end or else they would think you guys are easy to bully.

  • Baz

    Fly with Firefly, and get one anal rape absolutely free!

    macibai, we should have trusted Datuk Tony form the start wtf. Some more airasia sponsors Man U woot woot

  • Chelle

    wahlau…i feel like bitchslapping everyone involved, tie them up on trees and feed them to fireflies mann…

    i feel ur angst even by just reading it..can vomit blood…

  • hui wen

    I TOTALLY understand your anger! I got the same shit the last time I flew air india from Melbourne to KL. FUCK ME LA I also dunno why I was so stupid to fly air india. When I reached the airport, they told me the flight is full– fucking hell, I booked my flight 2 months before, and you’re telling me now I don’t have a seat??? Turns out that they booked 45 people for a 20 seat coach (shared coach with MAS). FUCK THEM MAN. And when I asked for compensation, same thing la, everyone just started pushing the blame, and telling me that they are not in charge, and that I have to email Air India’s ONLY office in Sydney and even then, it’s up to their discretion whether or not they will compensate me. FUCKKKKK THEMMMMM. I told myself, never again!

    Don’t angry already la. :(

  • chankw


    I work with a travel agency and we were thinking of dealing with firefly. However, after reading your post and what I’ve heard from other people, I think we should just stick to Airasia. Thanks sweatlee :) By the way, chill down aight?

  • sweatlee

    angie, thanks!!! i need all the support i can get now!!

    michael, ya tht’s why! summore they keep giving different excuses!

    cfc, yala! customer service damn bad lor!

    mc, ya seriously boycott! ya thank god everything else was fine!

    angelicassie, haha damn angry ok!! thanks =))

    annant, ya airasia sooo much better! boycott!

    vvens, ya tell him! and everyone u know!! grr!

    leiyan, so angry grr!

    sue, ya it’s part of MAS! yeah tht’s why he only wanted to get rid of us lor!

    meiwah, dont take it! yay!

    tze, haha i didnt see that wtf

    eunice, yala how can only one plane! damn stupid la no backup plans one meh! yer why so bad one! also, i think maybe not enough passengers tht’s why they cancelled leh!

    ginny, ya i wont!! #$%! yeah i wanna write to the newspaper edi if i still dont get anything!

    jloi, damn bad lor! grr!

    suzette, support airasia also much better!

    marvel, yala!!! ish

    tom, thanks thomas!

    chimpanzee, ya i will!!! thanks =)

    baz, anal rape hahahhah

    chelle, yala damn angry wei!! btw i found a jacket that is sooo bamboostereo! my mom didnt want it anymore!

    huiwen, did u get compensation anot!! damn bad la all these stupid airlines, fucking us whenever they feel like it!

    chankw, no problem, trying to be a kind samaritan and warn people first wtf

  • Simon Seow

    You can get a lawyer to sue them. LOL. Will fly Air Asia next time if I need to. Thanks for posting this warning up.

  • Mei

    i didnt take firefly before but my experience with airasia wasnt good either. the plane was freaking delayed from early evening to wayyyyyy past midnight. was stranded in the terminal but AT LEAST the flight wasnt canceled. =.=” never take budget airlines. i suggest we shud all save save save and go for MAS Cathay Qantas etc.

  • racoon

    wwwaaaahhhhh…i can feel you angst from just reading this post…

    now i know better than to travel on budget airlines….

  • Jia Meei

    Wooooot Tony Fernandez and friendly AirAsia staff (I forgot his name damnit was it Amir or something)

  • Jayelle

    wah lau! someone should make this into a forwarded email! Bring firefly down!

    And their excuse of having not enough planes is damn fucking stupid lah!

    And what kind of scene did u make? Sure barry very power at these kinda situations one!

  • sandii

    reading yr story makes me so mad at the service in typical of them
    buat tak tahu and tak kesah…shit wtf.
    When are they going to change their mind set that they are so lacking in good customer service attitute.Not just Firefly but many more such companies which uses the same tactic..ask to write to their managenent but take ages to get back the refund sometimes even So many times i hv wasted my own phone bills calling their customer operator for 45-1hour they only know how to drag the time so in the end i yg rugi la.
    Pls take note and learn from the western counterpart as their services are superd and efficient.

  • linsey

    i hope they’ll be fucked soon =D

  • Jesus HAtes You

    you are paying for yoiur sin

    you fornicate in readang
    showed ur skin to lustful man and woman
    and you forget to pray to the lord in the duration of ur stay

    u deserev to be fucked over by firefly


  • walla

    AirAsia is just the same.My friends got stranded in Phuket have to buy MAS to come back.AirAsia left an hour earlier without informing them.

  • tzeching


  • aw

    Jesus HAtes You: Jesus hates you.

    Buddha loves everyone.

    Everyone can fly, with Air Asia.

    Firefly can go fly kite.

  • aw

    dammit, I forgot “wtf” wtf.

  • morticya^33

    If I’m not mistaken, if your flight for Air Asia gets delayed (by 3 hours or more), you can get a RM200 voucher for your next flight!

    But you have to make sure it’s 3 hours or more lah. :D

  • hw

    I was gonna try firefly for a flight to langkawi in a month or two but I guess after reading your post, I’ll be flying with airasia.

    lol @ firefly’s tag line.. brings the fun back to flying indeed..

  • devina


    national budget airlines are always like this !! when i was in US, Delta’s (or smth cnt remember) staffs were being asses too !

    hate national budget airlines x(

  • pinkpau

    those MAS bastards huhu come here liewsuetli i give you a hug T____T dont ever fly with them anymore! malaysian hospitality my foot !

  • Jia Meei

    Jesus Hates You: Poor retard

  • aud





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  • steph

    is this for real? it’s somewhat unbelievable that an airline, even a budget one, can behave as irresponsibly as to lead its passengers on. least they could do is to communicate honestly.

    i’ve heard of some misses by the main carrier as they cancel flights if there are only a few people who booked the flight. while that’s annoying on it’s own, i was told that they cancelled it within a reasonable notice period.

    thanks for sharing this. sticking to air asia for budget.

  • CraSH

    yeah, you all should complain till you get your money back… because this is totally unacceptable.

    i have been through cancelled flights and all, but usually they will put you up in hotels and food vouchers in addition to your next flight home.

    you should complain to The Star of CAP (consumer association of penang) about MAS/Firefly service. you might want to point to them that even tho firefly is a budget airline, they are associated to MAS also. so a black eye to firefly, would also mean a black eye to MAS..

    anyway, good luck in getting your money back. i bet you, aud,tze,jam, baz and all would get your readers support…

  • michellesy

    wtf, ya what a truly malaysian airline and what a truly malaysian attitude. how effing cavalier can you be? not to mention complacent and rude and high-handed -________-

    after reading the club’s entries, i swear lah, not gonna touch this fireflyz with a ten-foot pole wei.

    don’t angry anymore ok *sayangs*
    er, no, wait, have to keep the flames of righteous indignation stoked aldo to continue the battle. er, let me amend that to: don’t very angry all the time ok *sayangs* wtf.

    if very angry all the time hor, bad for health wtf. panas dalam wtf. yit3 hei2 wtf.

  • Hayley

    wtf suet?? i felt angry too after reading your post!! what stupid airline is that??

  • Cher Wee

    i am so furious now after reading ur blog. stupid firefly…go ahead and escalate to MAS mgmt.

  • sweatlee

    simon, dunno wanna waste money to sue anot hmm..

    mei, sigh at least it wasnt cancelled lor! unlike firefly >=(

    racoon, i think airasia is much better!!

    jam, amir hafizi!! he was damnnnn nice!

    jayelle, haha he damn witty la i’ll write about that later! i damn angry la started scolding the staff wtf so other ppl gathered around and asked me what happened muahah

    sandii, ya customer service is nothing to them ok! they don’t even care! haihhh

    linsey, ya i hope so too!

    jesushatesyou, no he doesn’t cause he’s dead.

    walla, grr!

    tze, siao one wtf

    aw, firefly can gulung tikar wtf

    mortiya, isit?!?!? stupid firefly should learn from them! 9 hours delay then cancel ok1

    hw, ya airasia sooo much better!

    devina, yeah in US it’s quite bad too but at least i get compensation the last time my plane was delayed!

    pinkpau, yala damn stupid! my money ok

    jam, damn stupid haih

    aud, i want my money back!!!!!! ya i will ask cheras ppl for help they bo kia si one wtf

    steph, yeah exactly, can’t believe they’re still finding excuses for their behavior. how can they cancel on the day of the flight itself right!!

    crash, ya firefly doesnt even give us hotel stay or anything and expect us to find our own place! how ridiculous! im gonna complain to whoever i see from now on!

    michelle, not angry edi just wanna get my money back T_______T you know how important money is to me wtf if they die die dont give i die die wont give up also. EH NO WONDER I DAMN HEATY THESE DAYS!!! got headache summore whole of yday shit man must add that to the compensation list!!

    hayley, firefly la damn stupid!!!

    cherwee, yeah i will!!!! grr!

  • Linda

    wah, so serious? I have taken Firefly a few times back from Penang to Subang and return. The experience was good. No bumpy stuff, no delay, no cancel. Anyway, i guess every airline will have this issue for being delay or cancel due to maybe some critical problem. I never tried Air Asia before after received several complaints from my friend. I think of trying but not dare…I heard some worst cases when Air Asia started their business.

    Now is the customer centric world, everyone are trying hard to keep their customer as well, who want to make their customer angry? right?

    I m standing in the neutral, MAS, Firefly, Air Asia, nobody are intend to left their customer behind.


  • toro

    Pity you..But to think back..have you check on your itenary send by them to your email? Because, I do experience once when they try to reach me via phone call. When i opened back my email, i have an intenary saying that my flight had been delayed.No harm at all. I do understand your anger and experience. But who want this to happened anyway. Since it is service industry, customer should be their main priority. Most of you guys keep on mentioning airasia providing the best service. Well, as far as I am concern, I do also have a BAD experience flying with airasia. Well, it is up to us on how we justify the promptness of the services. Maybe i will give 3 or you might give 5 for a service that we received.Well for those who never experience flying, they might think that the service that been provided to them is the best. And for those who is frequently flying, they do know what is best and what is worst. And i do believe with what i experienced.Well guys, if its not malaysian support the malaysian’s product, who will? And please, do not make those domino’s effect. I enjoy flying with MAS because of the high service standard given to me.Chiao!

  • Baz

    toro, you can’t say that we shouldn’t complain about a malaysian company just because we’re malaysian, because if no one reminds them that customers are their top priority in the service industry, then they’ll never learn and keep screwing their customers. we should not sit back and accept problems that stemmed from faults of others. it’s a good thing that firefly has a rival in airasia, because they have to buck up, or airasia will only increase its market share. there won’t be a domino effect if there’s an alternative in the industry.

    and besides, airasia is a malaysian company too. we (and i mean us 6 who were on this trip) had a terrific experience with airasia on the way back from terengganu, that’s why we’re full of praise for it.

  • Alamak

    * WTF*, who is the blogger? Sorry to jump into, i have received this from my friend telling me Firefly giving her a big problem…while i js call to their call center did my booking.

    I have no comment, but i have comment on the blogger, she is * wtf* so rude and i thought the blogger was a guy…

    come on girl, u r damn rude, this is not a proper manner to express ur anger…i feel shame on u for keep being *FFF*

  • sweatlee

    linda, it’s ok if it’s cancelled due to technical problems but that isn’t the main concern here. the main concern is they failed to inform us the cancellation of the flight and after the flight, they refused to accept responsibility for it.
    if they really care about their customers, they should have taken care of us, instead of leaving us behind in the airport with no help whatsoever.

    toro, perhaps you did not read my post carefully. i booked this flight TWO months ago, it was supposed to be around 4pm. I found out it was delayed to 10pm four days ago from my hotel, not from the airline.
    i only found out that it was delayed again from the airline the morning of the flight itself. they did not try to reach me, i only got a lousy sms that didn’t have any info other than the delay and a number that was perpetually busy.
    nobody wanted this to happen, especially not us who were clearly more affected than the airline itself.

    i’m a very frequent flyer as well and when my flight was delayed for more than 3 hours in the states, i was given $300 in compensation. ergo, i’m expecting the same treatment from firefly. budget airline or not, malaysian product or not, i’m still a paying customer.

    alamak, i don’t understand your comment at all. Are you talking about me? are you disturbed by my ‘rudeness’ and my ‘wtf’? what is FFF? omg your comment is completely indecipherable.

  • superman

    Aiya…i have same experience before too but was with Air Asia. My compensation till now no news…

    For Air asia,
    where is my refund??

    wtf for the champion of the low cost airline. cheh.

  • tze

    alamak: are you crazy or deluded or u know, a retard? oh wait you’re just a male chauvinist pig still thinking that women should express anger by being all coy and pretty and light or else running to men.

    let me tell you; it’s people like YOU who completely destroys the image for the whole male community in malaysia for me.

    toro: here’s an idea – maybe YOU should read her entry properly before thinking that we didn’t do what we were supposed to. you’re insulting us by saying it’s our virgin experience on a plane blabla well i’m hurling another insult back at you – it seems like this is your virgin experience trying to type english and you are doing a very bad job at it.

  • hahahahah this is so funny


    if you cant speak proper english try to write in simple english and write it short so people understand you

    like this ——> hi . i am toro . i think you are wrong . i think air asia sucks . firefly is okay . why you so rude? malaysia should support malaysian product . i dont know what domino’s effect mean but i die die must put in my comment .

  • izza

    uhh..very bad experience there.i really hate it when my flights got make matters worse, if the airlines company dont inform the pax earlier..really sorry for u babe.

    i’m not sure if u guys know this but one of the reasons why most of the Fireflyz aircrafts are down is because of FAX. FAX was the subsidiary company of AA..they dont service their aircrafts and LOADS of flights got cancelled..wonder why there is no complaints about FAX?its because the ppl in sabah&sarawak dont get internet connection in all areas..unlike in west msia.and most of the travellers are from rural areas and those who dont use internet daily..i dare say there is only 40% of the travellers who knows about blogging..

    there was a time when an aunt of mine got stranded in Mulu for 2 days because of aircraft breakdown..imagine, living in the jungle..have to pay ur own accommodation and some more stories on the aircraft wheel..the aircraft wheel burst while taxi-ing..holy cow!imagine how the incident frightened the pax!

    a lot of bad effect lah when FAX operating..some of my friends are working for FAX(pilots) that time and they always complaint about their salaries..know y?coz when the flights r cancelled, they dont have flying allowance..a friend of mine once got attacked by the pax coz the pax thought that the pilots are the 1 to be blamed when the flights are cancelled/delayed..aiya.

    the other party to be blamed is the Azimat guy…this 1 is cilaka…say sweet things as if the company belongs to him..senang2 say pay compensation…cheh!i hate these ppl..maybe fireflyz should send their staff for, no..they should just terminate these stupid ppl.!

    this is a long comment..chill ok suet..i know how u feel..been through the same situation with FAX(cilaka AA!@#!$!%@^*)!

    I’m not supporting fireflyz here..just posting my opinions and letting u know the situations..

    p/s: FAX never informed their pax when the flights got delayed/cancelled.u only found out when u reach the airport..Keep on defending urself ok suet!ask for the compensations!!!

    pps: and oh..maybe that azimat say like that coz he assumed that u guys are just the normal teenagers who dont take matters seriously..i hate it when ppl judge young adults that way..its NOT FAIR.

  • Sharon L (MHC)

    What cheaters. Did you get the name of the MAS guy who told you to buy the other tickets? Suggest writing in to the newspaper to complain about the whole experience, btw.

  • toro

    hi and thank you for responding to my comment. Well it does make you guys even pity. And sorry to know that you guys do experience a bad moment. But i believe that you guys do have a bad hair day everyday right?! Domino’s effect, never learnt in a school? Well, ever heard of Domino games? Never?! its hard to explain to a group of xxxx.Just let it be. Pity you guys, you guys should relief that you guys are alive instead of dead. Let say if firefly did not cancel or delayed the flight due to some technical error, i believe you guys has become one with the worm!! For your kind information, airplane is just like my second transportation. What are you guys talking about? You are only went to Terengganu. have you guys ever went to overseas yet? Ever heard of airplane crash? you guys are lucky!Are you guys been bought by Airasia? Just wondering. As a neutral civilian, i am thinking that you used a wrong channel to voice out your complaint. Why dont you write a letter, in a proper english without ‘wtf’ words, and submit it to the right person, at the right place and the right time. Plus, do provide a solid proof instead of your saliva. Chiao.

  • Jojo

    my comment is, they dont want to call you because you are bitch. By looking at your photo! mind to drop your number?!

  • VIVI

    i have the same experience too. I mean flight cancellation or delay. But, cannot do anything because i have to board the flight.

  • aud

    toro: i feel so sorry for you because it took me 3 tries to understand your comment.

    if you’re asking if any of us have gone overseas, three of us are studying in the US, one is studying in the UK and the other two have PRs in Australia.

    What makes you think that we are writing letters full of wtf’s to complain? If you can think of something like that I fear for your mind. This is Suet’s personal blog and she has every right to express her anger in any way she wants.

    Are you working for Firefly? I have taken AirAsia many many times before, 4 years ago I used to fly AirAsia to Singapore/JB every week, and I never had a problem with them. The first time I took Firefly, they canceled our flight. How else do you expect us to react?

    I’m sorry if my comment is too difficult for you to understand. I would type it in Chinese or Malay for you if I could be bothered.

  • Jia Meei

    Jojo: Stfu and get a brain

    Toro/Alamak/Superman: I wonder why you guys are so bitter about AirAsia… is it because you’re all working for a certain airline company hmmn…

    toro | IP:
    Alamak | IP:
    superman | IP:

  • Fuzzy!

    I just only wanted to comment on AirAsia’s crew’s lack of manners and command of English. Then, this toro, alamak, superman guy come and show the stupidity of FireFly.

    But then again, what should you expect from LCCT airlines la. Doesn’t it stand for Low-Class Carrier terminal?

    *hackingcough* death from lame joke *wtfed till die*

  • abby

    im so confused.. so much anger.. what is firefly kan? :S i just flew here to kl via air asia ytd.. is firefly associated with airasia????

  • Baz

    abby: firefly is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAS, and is a rival to airasia.

  • suet ling

    ahaha why the toro guy so stupid use the same IP add…well done jia meei ! :)
    i’ve read 4 of the posts & i felt the anger too !
    just don’t give up & bug them till they give you guys a proper compensation
    show them whos the boss wtf

  • val

    HAHAHA why toro like this stupid.hahaha

  • mIcheLLe

    FIREFLY SUCKS BIG TIME I hate firefly they also cancelled my flight (WHICH I BOOKED 3 months ago) without telling me macibai.

  • Daniel O.
  • izza

    aud: ahah..ya hard to understand what he’s trying to say..still want to cakap

  • tze


    aih dont like that la. maybe aeroplane is his second transportation to like i dunno. hell wtf.

  • Stef

    Bad service is not acceptable!!
    you should put up the template like on Ji Meei’s blog for people to send to Fireflyz! :)

    izza “its because the ppl in sabah&sarawak dont get internet connection in all areas..unlike in west msia.and most of the travellers are from rural areas and those who dont use internet daily..”

    Wtf. Is that fair? you’re mad at FAX but that doesn’t give you reason to assume that about east malaysians. What has complaining about bad service got to do with internet connection anyway?

  • Pingback: FIREFLYZ digging own grave «

  • siowmay

    theyhave this column specially for complain n stuffs..
    write to fire fly also..

  • phing

    OMG i had very bad experience with firefly too !!!!

    my 8.30am flight was changed to 2pm, without anyone informing and they CLAIMED that they sent us an SMS. FUCKING LIARS LAH !

    and the staff was damn rude ok! jeling my friend and i. freaking pissed okay !

    support air asia !

  • kreazi

    I’ve never used FireFly before but after reading this, I’m definitely going to BAN THEM FOR LIFE!!! My hubby and I had several unpleasant encounters with MAS – they’re as bad as what you’ve described FF here. While their cabin crew may be good, their ground service sucks big time.

    Once we missed our flight when we had to collect our online purchased tix from the ticketing office on Level 3. That was our first time buying online coz we usually buy over the counter.. was really surprised when told we had to take a queue number to line up like the rest of the people there who were buying their tix. Looking at the long queue, I told the staff that we’re bound to miss our flight if we were to wait on. Of course, our pleas fell on deaf ears and true enough, we missed the flight. That was when the TAI CHI began. This staff pushed the blame on that staff.. that staff then pushed the blame on another staff, etc.. and when I said I wanna talk to the person who can solve my problem, I was directed to Person A who directed me to Person B who directed me to Person C, wtf.

    The customer service manager, En Da*d sucks like hell too, don’t bother talking to that idiot. What pissed me off is.. why bother purchasing my tix online when I have to line up just to COLLECT my tix just like everyone else who was lining up to BUY their ticket? I might as well don’t buy online, just go to the ticketing office to buy since either way also have to line up, wtf. Should at least have a special counter for tix collection if they dun wanna go paperless for online transactions, but I suppose those dumbos are too stupid to be this advanced. Before I left the mamager’s small room, I told him straight to the face that.. no wonder MAS is not improving, suffering from loss in fact. People are aiming for paperless transaction now and you’re doing double work/step. Even a budget airline like AirAsia can do it better than you people here…and I haven’t even mention about the standard of your customer service yet… tsk! tsk! tsk!

  • Eileen


    Go to Trade and Consumer Affair and lodge a complain. Bring them on to COnsumer Court and get compensation. Fight for your right my friend. I have had my case w another company and they compensated me because i complained to the ministry

  • chuisan

    toro: my english is bad enough but yours is far worse than mine. aiyur, why can’t suet complain in her Blog?? if she can’t vend her anger and complaints or write whatever she she wants in her blog, then what are u doing here commenting in her blog?

    are u working for FireFlyz? Just curious.

  • sweatlee

    thanks everyone! =)

  • Giap

    Hi Sweatlee, I just tried to search “FIREFLY SUCKS” in google and guess what? Your blog entry listed in the 1st place. hahaha :D

  • Sue

    Hi Sweat Lee, I don’t know why this happened to you and friends but my experiences with Firefly was pretty good.. I’ve used this airline for 4 times and it’s fine for all my trips with it. Maybe it’s luck, but my personal experiences told me this airline is worth flying.. I would say give them another chance lo..

  • Gavin David

    Air Asia never cancel flights , you gotta be joking ..

    I sure do hope that the company you work for operates at a 99% efficiency .

  • sweatlee

    gavin, sigh why is it so hard to convey a simple message here. i’m not saying that an airline company cannot cancel their flights, of course they can if there are technical problems. thing is, they did NOT inform us of such cancellation and refused to bear responsibility after that. that’s why we were mad.

  • passerby

    oh so dis is wat was all about lah haiyoh.. first i saw in audrey’s blog FUCK YOU FIREFLYZ i was like huh why she so angry at that dude did he step on her toe or sth. see see its an airline co. LOL never heard b4 also. whoa provide super bad service then stil dare to call ppl bitch ar? haih y firefly so lidat wan… i actually spent my precious time readin all the details in this post, n i was SUPER angry for yall loh. dun worry i’ll spread this around n boycott firefly too cos i damn kaypoh n i hv low tolerance for bad serive in msia + idiotic pr ppl in these so called reputable coompanies PTTUUIIIII!

  • Pingback: » Blog Archive » Free Fireflyz tickets!

  • Neesa

    thank God there’s no FIREFLYZ in Sarawak xD

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  • lprogfrcys » Blog Archive » FIREFLYZ SUCKS

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