Before I can comfortably settle on talking about my fabulous trip, I must first write a VERY VERY angry post about some stupid airline company that completely spoilt this whole trip for me.

And that stupid airline company is surprise surprise, FIREFLY! FIREFLYZ SUCKS FIREFLY SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS (please let this appear in google search)

Anyway, back story. I booked SIX return tickets from Firefly from Subang to Kuala Terengganu TWO months ago. Then, four days prior to the trip, I found out from the hotel that firefly changed their return time from 4pm to 10pm, which shocked me terribly cause I had to hear this from the hotel and now I have to wait another 6 hours!!

SO, we talked it over and said fine, it’s okay, we’ll just wait 8 hours in the airport since there’s NOTHING we can do about it anyway.

Happy happy times in Redang and on Sunday, which was the day we were supposed to come back, I received an sms from Firefly saying that our flight has been delayed to 1.30 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

WTF???!?! (1)

First, they delayed our flight from 4pm to 10pm and now to 1.30 am??!? 9 hour delay????

Ok fine we were super angry but there was really NOTHING we could do and we really just wanted to get home. Firefly said they could refund the money but we would have to find another alternative to come back. Then, we went to the airport and to our dismay, we found out from the airport staff that the airport closes at 11pm and it’s impossible for the plane to land at 1.30am sooo, the FLIGHT WAS FREAKING CANCELED.

WTF??????!!!? (2)

They did not even tell us the flight was canceled and we had to find that out ourselves ok!!! If you haven’t gotten the permission to land in a closed airport why did you have to send smses to everyone to say that you’ll land at 1.30am!!!!

Burning with rage, we stomped to the firefly counter and demanded for an explanation. The staff there couldn’t do anything so I demanded to speak with someone who has more power. This guy from MAS came to me and said very nicely that they will refund the money AND reimburse us the price difference if we buy an Airasia flight since it’s THEIR fault anyway, not ours. He said all we have to do is go back to Subang and show them our airasia tickets. Satisfied with this, we went and bought tickets to fly with Airasia instead (which gave us EXCELLENT customer service by the way).

SO today, Barry and I went to the Subang airport to show them our airasia tickets, hoping to get our compensation and refund back BUT THEY TOLD US THAT WE CAN’T!!!!

1. They told us that they don’t give compensations and only give refunds

2. They told us to email the management instead if we want compensation and it’s up to the management to decide if we’re entitled to the compensation

3. They told us that they are only a budget airline so they have limited planes

4. They called the MAS guy who told us we can get the money and apparently he said there was some communication breakdown and that he DID NOT say that


First of all, it is not OUR fault that the flight got cancelled. Being stranded in a foreign place, we had NO other choice but to take whatever available flight back home and thus, we had to pay around extra RM100 each for the airasia flight since we bought it on the day itself. Things they should compensate us for:

1. price difference between the two flights (RM100 each, there were 6 of us)

2. cost of the phone calls  since we had to keep calling them to find out about our flight status (at least RM20)

3. taxi ride back from LCCT since we had to take airasia (RM60 x 2 for two taxis)

4. We had to take leave today to settle this and now it’s not settled! (RM100 for our one day’s pay)


We were already VERY considerate because all we wanted was compensation for the price difference which is about RM100 each and they couldn’t even do that? And their excuse was ‘oh we’re only a budget airline’. The thing is, including the rm100, we paid almost RM350 for our flight which wasn’t cheap at all for a budget airline ok!!!! ZERO fare?!?! fuck you zero fare. We paid for service so by right, we should get it shouldn’t we?

DO WE LOOK LIKE BITCHES TO YOU, FIREFLY? If not, then why are you screwing us like bitches?!

And now they want us to send an email to them to complain and they’ll only get back to us 48 hours later.

WTF???! (4)

I know their dirty trick ok don’t think I’m stupid! They want us to send them an email, then they’ll reply 2 days later and dilly dally and then another email blabla and by then, we would be too tired to continue and will say ok fuck this forget it and they’ll win!!!! NO WAY OK FIREFLY DON’T THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH US LIKE THAT.

And why was the flight cancelled in the first place?? The explanation they gave us at first was that the plane is grounded (WTF?) and then told us that they don’t have enough planes! How can! I booked this flight TWO WHOLE MONTHS ago and if you don’t have enough planes, then you’re NOT DELIVERING WHAT YOU HAVE ADVERTISED. Or better, if you don’t have enough planes, THEN DON’T START AN AIRLINE COMPANY. 

How do you expect to compete with Airasia if you don’t have enough planes? Airasia is a budget airline too and they seem to be running smoothly. They never cancel flights, and they always treat their customers with utmost respect. This is the first time I have taken a Firefly flight, and already it is proving to be a horrible mistake.

Firefly claim to have their customers’ best interests foremost in their mind and company philosophy, but what they have done/told us thus far is “screw the customers”. Seriously I AM not going to rest until I get my money back at least. (seriously am I wrong in wanting to get my money back? Are they right for screwing us around like this and then pulling a -oh we’re only a budget airline- trick on us??)

EVERYONE, please spread the word around! Airasia is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than firefly, in terms of service, how they deal with customers and even the planes are much nicer! After what I have experienced, I’ll never ever fly with firefly again, and maybe not even MAS. Don’t get cheated too!


Tze’s, Jiameei’s, Aud’s

p.s: I made a scene at the airport and a few customers came and asked me what happened. I told them about it and apparently, their flights were delayed as well and they said they’ll never take Firefly again. Hmmp! so I wasn’t the only one!