Back story again if you didn’t read my previous long entry. Basically, I had a very bad experience with Firefly and blogged about it right. THEN, there were these two fellas by the name of TORO and ALAMAK who started bashing me saying that I’m rude and that I didn’t check with Firefly properly before flying. From their ip addresses, they are apparently from the same company.

That is not all! Later, another commenter by the name SUPERMAN said something about how Airasia isn’t as good as well. He also has the same ip address…coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I didn’t give two hoots about them since their english is so bad and I didn’t fully understand what they were trying to say anyway. So, I went out for lunch and came back to see another 3 comments from the same person (same email address, same IP) but with different names.

First he called himself TORO and said we were bought by Airasia. Then he called himself JOJO and said I’m a bitch and he wanted my number. THEN, he called himself VIVI and agreed with me that he had the same bad experience too?!?

Keep in mind these are all the same person, disguising himself with different names.

It’s ok this is where it gets reallyyyy interesting..

Google Queen Jiameei then found out that one of the commenters’ email address leads to more clues..he commented in this photoblog before under the same email address and not only that, we also found out from an online classified that…



So, from there, I got his full name, phone number AND address! omg google rocks.

I was already pumping with adrenaline wtf and wanted to find out more about these people. Why were they so gung ho in bashing me in the first place? Who are they?? Why are they bashing Airasia too?


I googled his full name and phone number and found out that he actually works for firefly………………


Seriously I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry T__________T

do firefly actually pay these people to read blogs/forums and see if anyone writes anything bad about them and ask these people to further bash these poor customers who were cheated and just wanted to warn other people too?

aren’t these firefly staff supposed to give legit support and explanations instead of bashing people like that?

hmm do you think I’ll get in trouble for exposing them? First of all, they are the ones who came to MY personal blog and said I’m wrong in complaining about firefly and I should write it to the right person with proper english with solid proof instead of my saliva?

Sigh seriously. YO you firefly staff! listen here! Please read this before you further miscontrue my post. First of all, we are not mad that firefly had technical problems with their plane and thus they had to cancel the flight. BUT  we were mad because we were NOT informed of the cancellation and had to find that out ourselves. Plus, Firefly did NOT take care of us, did NOT advise us with other alternatives nor did they try to repent for their mistakes.

What they did do however were, they tried to give us more excuses on why the plane was delayed, they told us how they always make an effort to take care of their customers by transporting them to other alternative flight arrangement and then tried to buy us off by offering us a ONE way ticket to any domestic destination valid for 3 months.

1. Firefly DID not take care of us, there was no effort in their part whatsoever. There wasn’t anyone there to tell us what to do, noone to tell us to take the next flight, noone to tell us that the flight was cancelled due to technical problems.

What were we supposed to do? The next firefly flight is at 8am the next morning, the airport closes at 11pm so SHOULD WE STAY ON THE STREETS?? The town was 30 minutes away, there weren’t any taxis in sight at all and we didn’t have much money left.

2. ONE way ticket??? Dude, cheat us already somemore wanna earn our money?!!?!? If one way then we still have to buy the other way what! There is NO way I’ll ever fly with firefly again.

3. please tell your staff to not leave their email address when they want to flame someone


sigh please just give us back our money and let me get on with posting my redang pictures T_T