Redang! (finally)

Finally, after all that drama about Firefly, I can post pictures of Redang in peace! Oh yeah I haven’t talked about what Firefly finally offered me, have I?

Ok after tons of emails and phone calls, they finally put someone who knows something in charge. This woman is extremely polite and nice and understanding, basically just someone every company in the service industry should have. She offered us a RETURN ticket each to anywhere in Malaysia + our refund back. I know airlines don’t usually give cash compensation anyway so we took up her offer.

It was also confirmed that the two flamers in my firefly post are indeed firefly staff. I have mixed feelings about this..on one hand I really want to do something more like write in to the media and complain about MAS/Firefly’s unethical staff, but on the other hand, I keep telling myself that bah it’s not worth all that trouble. Actually I’m just a chicken lah, what if I get them fired then they throw acid at me T__T

But still, they should be reprimanded for such an unprofessional act too. How can they, representatives of a reputable company, leave such insulting comments? Is that how they deal with criticism?

Anyway, since that is somewhat settled, redang!

**there are around 60+ pictures, so I’m gonna separate them into two posts and put them after the cut**

#1 After lunch, Jiameei and I eagerly asked everyone to haul their asses up from their chairs so we can TAKE PICTURES NOW NOW NOW but it was 12pm, the sun was up, and everyone else succumbed to their fear of getting dark wtf

#2 self timer for a jumping shot! failed attempt..

Because we were two sad lonely people who went to the beach alone, a kind samaritan in the form of a heavily tattoed guy offered to take a proper picture for us.

#3 whee!

#4  Jiameei and I

#5  losers wtf

#6  Aud, Tze and Tat (with me behind!)

#7  The Club <3

#8  Went snorkeling next! The sea was so blue! Why is the sea blue? Cause the fish go bloop bloop bloop wtf

#9  Guess who went snorkeling and who didn’t wtf

#10  jump shot with aud now! bear with us, we have another 1204819 shots of us jumping

#11  playing frisbee!

#12  aww! tat carrying jam

#13 tze wasn’t with us cause she wasn’t feeling well =(

#14  =)

#15 <3<3<3<3

#16 burying barry!

#17 That’s for not letting me use the car stupid bro! wtf

#18 sigh why are we so sweet wtf

#19 barry and tat scandal-ing wtf leaving poor jam alone

#20 flying without wings wtf run like the wind wtf

# 21 can’t remember what were we saying but probably something sweet cause we’re sweet like that wtf

#22 with aud

#23 with jmeei

#24 karaoke at night! best karaoke ever because i sang more than one song wtf sigh what to do when your voice sux to the max =( that’s another entry for another day wtf

#25 aud and tze with their trusty umbrellas ella ella eh eh wtf

#26 aud looking at tze in envy hahaha

#27 look at aud and her lollipop!!!!!!11 damn cute! and tze the starfish hahahaha

#28 dei mr barry, why so serious? wtf

OK THAT’S ALL FOR NOW must keep the suspense going wtf hmmm what did we do next? did we…go to the beach again? did we…get bitten by sharks? did we…*gasp* jump again!??! wtf ok byeee!