is my last day of work!

I’ve never been so happy since…I started work *wipes tear

I mean, I do like my job (not really haha) but it’s so dry and mundane! I dread going to work everyday ok wake up at 6am and wish the boss will call me and say today don’t have to go work cause..the office is infested with cockroaches or something wtf. Research work is soooo boring especially when you’re researching oil/petroleum blah.

It’s a good experience yeah but I’ve really had enough.I don’t know how my other colleagues can stand doing that every single day and they are all so hardworking! The earliest I’ve been to the office was around 8.30am and everyone was already doing their work! The latest I’ve ever went home was around 6.30pm and everyone was still busy doing work T_T I’ve NEVER ever seen any of them goofing around before. No facebook/blogs/youtube nothing! Only work work and work. The pay must be reallyyyy good then.

Yawn will continue this post tomorrow. Sorry for the abundance in advertorials lately, have to earn enough for my flight back =( Bye!


I’m so angry at so many things lately *shakes fist in anger


I seriously super duper damn kao hate mosquitoes. My hatred for it grew ten-million-fold these past two weeks cause they keep biting me for no good reason at all! Ok that’s stupid of course they have a reason to bite me but the thing is, I sleep with my brother and HE NEVER GETS BITTEN. So angry!! For the past two weeks, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to scratch away and to spray Ridsect every 10 minutes or so. And they never die!!!

I bought whatever you can find in the market to kill mosquitoes to put in my room but I still get bitten every night T__T I’m contemplating if I should apply mosquito repellent all over me before I sleep every night now boohoo.


SEE!!! These marks are almost a week old so they look like chickenpox now but they used to be much bigger!

My arm. I have like 10 bites on each arm T_T and 20 on each leg ok T____T

Last Friday, a mosquito actually bit my eyelid AND the fold inside my ear!!!!!!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? How did the mosquito fly into my ear, sneak itself into the fold and bite it!?

Then today, all hell broke loose when some stupid mosquito did something no other mosquitoes should ever do. It…bit…my…face T______________________T

Rule no. 1 for mosquitoes all over the world: thou shalt never touch a girl’s face, EVER! or hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Cannot see? Let me point them out

Ok so fine they don’t look that prominent in pictures but I swear if you see me now you’ll think that someone just beat the crap out of me cause my face is red and swollen all over! >=(

Disgusting picture of my ulcer T_T damn painful can die

I hereby grant myself the ultimate mission ok exterminating ALL THE MOSQUITOES IN THE WORLD. Touch my face again and you’ll die!


You know what’s the worst thing in the world? My grandma wanted to name me Suet Moi omg let me die now T_T thank god thank god thank god someone chose suet li instead if not I’ll have to answer to everyone who calls me ah moi. Can you imagine that??

Anyway, last week, we were walking back from lunch when one of my heels got stuck and I tripped. Right when I tripped, some stupid rempit on a bike wolf-whistled at me and called me ah moi. YOU WANT TO SEE AH MOI?? I’LL SHOW YOU AH MOI DUSH DUSH DUSH

Nah, a clearer pic wtf.

Anyway it happened quite some time ago so I’m not that angry anymore but right then I was so mad!! maybe cause it was embarrassing enough to trip and not have some rempit watch me fall…..


ok that’s an unfair generalization. I usually adore old people and feel sad when I see them and try to help them do whatever but I really hate this particular old man!

What happened was, last week when I was in Giant, there was this..60 year old man in front of me pushing his trolley. I was pushing my trolley with my mom behind him and we (both me and the old man) were kinda looking to our right cause someone was selling something. Suddenly, the old man stopped abruptly which caused me to bang my trolley into his feet.

He then started yelling at me and said I’m stupid for not looking at what was ahead of me. I was very apologetic at first cause for one, he was old and I respected him and his heel was bleeding from that collision so yes, I was really sorry. I told him I was very super sorry and he still kept scolding me!!!

He started saying that I have no eyes and that I shouldn’t talk next time when I’m pushing the trolley. WTF? I couldn’t take it anymore and retorted, saying that he was the one who stopped abruptly first and that he too, was looking at the salesman on our right.He got extremely mad that I talked back at him and started cussing at me. WTF?!?!

I was so mad cause a crowd was forming to watch this drama and he was making it seem like it was completely my fault!!! I do admit that I was wrong for not stopping in time cause I was busy looking to my right but I already said sorry what!! I then asked him what does he want from me? I already said sorry and he still kept yelling at me so does he want like compensation or something wtf and he got angrier cause I’m supposedly ‘younger and I shouldn’t talk back’

He thinks being older means he is always right ah! He thinks younger people should just always admit that they’re wrong and bow to him and not talk back! Finally, knowing that I couldn’t do anything about it, I just walked away. Last I saw, he was still yelling at me =.=


Walao have you heard about the whole scandal??Ok if you haven’t, don’t bother, cause it’s just a waste of your time. What I’m really upset about is how people take that opportunity to flame ME too. Someone said I’m just some girl who talks about my stupid life and ugly boyfriend and doesn’t think I should be famous. (siao one if I don’t talk about my life then talk about what! it’s a personal blog what not entertainment/celebrity gossip blog) Not only that, I notice that lately I’ve been getting relatively more negative comments than I usually do.

Yes I know I shouldn’t get upset over these lowlife people who are just hiding behind pseudonyms and their computers whose single best achievement in life is flaming me or other bloggers. I also know that they are only sour/bitter/jealous for god knows what reason.

Honestly. Honestly. Honestly. Sometimes I wish I don’t have a blog or I should disable comments or I should lock my blog because I’m not the type of person who can take harsh comments and pretend that I don’t care. because. I do. I really don’t understand why they have to say stuff like that. I’m just a very very regular person who happens to blog. I’m not a celebrity blogger (i don’t know what that means), I’m not talented in any way (HAVE YOU SEEN ME DANCE/SING/ACT?!?! capsed cause I really suck at dancing/singing/acting), I’m not tall or slim enough to be admired like models and I just happen to be lucky sometimes.

I’m lucky that I found out about relatively affordable American education and that’s why I’m studying in the US now. Why get jealous cause of that? Anyone can study in the US what! I’m not even rich and I don’t attend events/party so why get jealous? Yes, I found someone who loves me very much but so can you what! (sounds like a self help book wtf if i can do it, SO CAN YOU! *points at you wtf)

If you really can’t stand me then just go away lah T_T if you can’t stand my wtfs (which if you notice, have been reduced a lot), if you can’t stand my face, if you can’t stand how emo/mushy I can get sometimes, if you can’t stand how people read me  even though I’m not pretty/have a stupid life and ugly bf then just fuck off la.

(i have a lot more to say about this, will continue in another post)

(ok screw it I shall never touch this topic again cause someone told me if you want to publish something about yourself online, you should be prepared to get criticisms which I totally disagree! Why must people behave like that towards other fellow human beings? Why must people vote CRASH  when mazlan won his car on flyfm?? argh this seriously makes me want to lock my blog. A blog is supposed to be a place where you can talk and share about your feelings and life and if doing that means you have to put up with mean, uncalled for comments, then I seriously am not ready for it)


Went to Bijou Bazaar for the first time last week!

I drove all the way to cheras and then to bangsar then to midvalley then to curve and then back! omg what an achievement for me ok i usually only drive to the kopitiam behind my house to tapao food wtf

at kimgary, our official meeting place haha

bought this top at the bazaar for rm20! *big wet eyes

p.s: i came to work earlier today just so I can blog and everyone came even earlier than I did to do their work! *gasp* i’ve never seen more hard working people than this bunch

  • j.lee

    haha your last part is funny i don’t know why. you should blog more often. love reading your entries :)

  • esil3

    where u work ah? i am interested in that kind of work, still looking for job, got lobang?

    can u ask aud for my msn and add me?

  • Ren

    how long more u need to train there?
    i wish i can work at here so i no need to go back T_T left 1 more month only…

  • tzeching

    yay if u stop working u can come out more! and we can go to redbox and see if two bad voices really cancel out wtf. negative + negative = positive wtf

  • clem

    tzeching: no it should be negative + negative = 2negative wtf

    eh i thought you finish work next week? or did i recall that incorrectly.

  • linfoong

    suet li, ur prob one of the most down to earth blogs ive read. seriously! so dun stop blogging or lock ur blog! >_<”

  • josze

    oh i don’t usually comment. but don’t worry about the flamers. You’re good :)

  • Baz

    i like the first bazaar pic fap fap fap wtf

    yalah fuck flamers lah, especially those who flame on other blogs! macibai call me ugly pulak, come and say that to my face lah instead of moaning elsewhere like a little bitch!

    pardon the french

  • anon coward

    gee.. are those really mosquito bites? I have yet to see a person with that many mosquito bites before in my life. maybe a swamp of bees came into your room and attacked you?

  • grace

    omg those mosquito bites are terrible.
    my mom always says me hving an acidic body because dts y i get so many mosquito bites and she doesn’t. SWT.

    sigh don’t care about those flamers lar, everything is a gossip everything also got people say 1

  • lim0806

    You drew that? Funny pictures.
    Continue blogging, love your entries :)

  • annie

    lurve reading ur blog <3 keep it up. it’s funny and entertaining.

  • tzeching

    wtf! why u kena bite until so pitiful!!!! i switch on aircond 24/7 maybe that’s why no mosquitoes. or.. dunno go to pharmacy and buy this thing called moz away wtf quite good! nini uses it. or or or.. sleep with the net thingie wtf

  • kreazi

    OMG, your face is swollen with the mozzie bites, be careful of dengue though. I hate it a lot when I sleep, then some stupid mozzie would buzz near my ear. In half daze, instead of killing the mozzie, I always ended up slapping my own face or ear -___-”

  • Hayley

    omg pity u Suet…yala stupid mosquitoes always spoilt our pretty face one wtf.. i hate mosquitoes also!
    and i dun like that kind of old men’s attitude you mentioned too. they think they are the elderly so evryone should respect them and they dont have to respect others… sigh why are old people liddat?? *wondering will i have the same attitude when i’m old wtf*

  • jessieloi


    How’s your face now? The bites look quite bad.


    Hi Suet, pls do not lock ur blog or stop blogging. i love reading your blog because YOU ARE REAL. And really funny. Forget about those flamers because it will only make them happy if you are disheartened by them.

    Cheer up gal. whatever that doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. Stay strong.

    And Baz, you are not ugly.

  • Mei on private?? NOOOOO. i think i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again. i love reading ur blog. ur wtfs amuses me. and u’re full with crazy ideas when it comes to blogging. and poor u. those bites gv me goosebumps. i always hv bites all over, not my sisters. but i was never THAT bad. oh, are u back in Nuffnang?

  • Mei

    oh wait. my mistake. today! is the last day of ur intern. ^^

  • Florence

    Hi Suet,

    Looking at the bites that you’ve got all over your body seems pretty serious u know. I think you should try putting mosquito net around your bed.

    If you feel lazy, think of the scars that are left behind after the bites, think of the itchiness redness and annoyance that the bites from the mosquitoes give. Haha. Anyway its worth to try, because it not only keeps the mosquitoes away from you when you slp, it also prevents other bugs from coming near you.

    *think about fair, smooth and translucent skin*

  • devina

    ohmigod =.= stupid mosquitoes !! last time i took a train in indonesia to pemalang (some kampong place) and this mosquito also bit me on my eyelid !

    it swelled so much i had to cover it using a handkerchief the entire day cause it was damn embarrassing T___T

  • sweatlee

    jlee, thanks a lot =)

    elise, heyy! this company doesn’t have a branch in singapore though! can u add me?

    ren, today last day! enjoy your stay at indiana!

    tze, hahaha eh the more i think of it the more i think it’ll work! u see la sure damn nice one wtf

    clem, aww u remember!! yeah supposed to be next week but lazy wanna work edi!

    linfoong, aww you’re too sweet =) sigh i dunnola see how i guess

    josze, thanks, for the comment and for the compliment.

    baz, wht is fap fap fap wtf vous etes francais? wtf

    anon, isit?!? isit really abnormal!? omg don’t scare me >.>

    grace, is it true? maybe i should eat more stuff that has alkaline..

    lim, ya i drew one but quite ugly la haha. thanks!

    annie, thanks annie =)

    tze, ya everytime i wake up middle of the night then faster go turn on aircon. suck la mosquitoes waste my money have to turn on aircon only wtf

    kreazi, yeahhh T__T hopefully wont have dengue T_T hahaha

    hayley, hahaha i dunno if i will too or not..but wont kua!

    jloi, still quite bad la now sigh =( ya seriously let’s start with…a facebook group wtf. “KILL ALL THE MOSQUITOES IN THE WORLD”

    yc, aww yc thanks =) and baz will be happy to hear that haha

    mei, thanks mei *wipes tear. haha nola going back to the states edi lor!

    florence, eh eh is it that serious?? im scared now..dont wanna put net cause i’m leaving soon edi! sigh i shall spray more next time.

    devina, and it’s quite painful one right!! grr!

  • didi

    Woh, they bit you hardcore. I thought I had alot when I went to China all over my legs but you got them all over your body :O
    Perhaps the mosquitoes likes the smell of you that’s why they bite you mainly?

    I can’t believe the flamers are saying that! Of course you are talking about your life as it is your blog so you should be able to talk crap.

    One of your talent is to not waste money ;) which I likey :D lol!

  • aud

    nvm la its the burden of popularity wtf. people who flame are only jealous ok seriously! if not why they got bad things to say huh huh wtf.

  • carol

    don’t lock ur blog! i like ur writing!!! =( don’t deprive me of good english please =(=(=(

  • Agnes

    huhuhu the mosquito bite marks will reduce if u put some ice on it and also buy that Mopiko thing xD… if u know that cream is wat xD…

    i use to have mosquitoes biting my face just like urs too. Gets me so annoyed. so i sleep with my blankey over my head. *faints*

    i cant imagine going back malaysia with all the mosquitoes again .. huhuhu…

    miserable =x..

    btw, dun get angry~ i love to read your blog.

  • mk

    PLEASE don’t blog private. I’ve been reading your blog since you were using Blogdrive and I read your blog everyday! where should I turn to if I can’t read your blog T_T? Just ignore those flamers, they exist because they are too free, have no life and they are jealous of you -___-

  • xiaokit

    haha…mosquitoe reli reli is your main enemy…

  • karyn531

    Cheer up, nasty comments are not worth taking notice of ^_^ because those fools just want to make you unhappy.

    If I am in your shoes, I would think “Haha! They’re just jealous HAHAHA. Blehhh *sticks out tongue*”


    p.s. Please don’t make your blog private!

  • DrewVaL

    Just a word of caution, try to erradicate your place of these mozzies. Watch out for Chikungunya or Dengi.

    Enjoying your blog =)

  • missycheerio

    hey suet,i think you should be extra careful with the mosquitoes bite lah seriously. Dengue is spreading in the USJ area cause the MPSJ officers just came by my house claiming the weather is causing them to spread faster!

  • Jia Meei

    Get the electric insect swatter!!! Damn cool Aud and I swear by it wtf

    Who called Barry ugly!?!??! Tat and I will beat him up, tie him to the chair and sing the snorkeling song to him nonstop (that’s if we can recall how it goes…)

    I look funny in that photo

  • Bel

    sorry, very totally off topic but.. you have a very cute birthmark on your left arm hahahahahah! XD

  • Abby

    i hate mosquitoes too. u know what else i hate?? sandflies. the marks neevr go away man.

  • Keri

    Wow your mosquito bites so powerful!! I hate it when they do bite my face too.. feel damn disfigured haha.

    Anyways, I have an awesome mosquito catching device. I was the distributor for it in Singapore. If you’re interested, pls email me. I can give you one.. foc of cos.. (knowing you too kiam siap to wanna buy one hee) :)

  • hw

    wah that one near your eye looks quite bad…

    how come so many mosquitoes? if they keep coming means they getting in from the outside somehow and you gotta plug those holes XD

    and zomg you iz bitten bad….

    dont worry about the flamers la, just like fire, dont give them fuel to burn and they’ll die off… my family is not wealthy at all, we dont drive mercedes and have a small house and live a simple life, but yet I still got to study in the States as well, that’s because my parents planned out their financials very well, and they set aside a ton of their savings for my brothers and I to study overseas.

    about mazlan’s car, it just shows you how alot of people are nowadays.. if they cant get what they want, they dont want others to get it as well. people are prolly jealous you and barry are such a cute and sweet couple hence the flame.

    plzzz dont lock your blog =(

  • Kaede Lockhart

    That must be so hurt >_< Damn those bandit-like-making-your-ear-so-irritated-when-it-flies-around-your-ear-or-your-head,itchy and hurt when it bites, my personal nemesis mosquitoes.

    I have been bitten by it at the lip once, it hurts like there’s a needle poking your skin plus it’s very itchy!!! Then it become big like there’s another piece of meat inside of the lip, more worse looking than Angelina Jolie’s lip, I swear it looks so bad. O_O Oh, use Mopiko.

    As for the old peoples(sigh they are honorable people but. .le sighs), rempit kurus-kering ‘Batang hitam’ whatever la(I swear I macibai them back if they call me ah moi) and flamers(they are losers), I will drop la, we don’t want to see our happy Suet Li jie jie angry right? ^_^

    Nice top you got there, D= and very nice. I know I’m a bit demanding, but if it is ok, can you post something from your wardrobe when you have your fashionista-mood back?

  • The Faux Fashionista

    zOmg the mosquito bites are bad! I feel so sorry for you :( Try applying eucalyptus or tea tree oil, its super effective at stopping the itch and repels mosquitoes too.

    About the flamers, some people just can’t stand others being more popular/attractive/successful etc etc than them, so they say mean things about that person to feel better about themselves. They’re really not worth your time.

  • val

    ooh i can totally relate to u on the old man/trolley incident..

    2 years ago my parents and i were in the airport..we just landed and we were waitin to get our luggage..
    my dad accidentally bang an older guy and of course my dad kept apologisin but he just kept arguing back sayin things like “you think sorry then okay ah?” and “nex time use ur eyes la!”

    my dad just kept apologisin and his stupid wife came and started scoldin my dad too wtf!!
    i was so angry i just shouted at them and the man then told my dad that i have no manners and i should be punished -_-

    tsk.whats wrong with these people seriously?its not like we purposely chose them as our victim and bang straight into them wtf.
    or mayb the like the attention lol

  • rachel

    hey u should’ve bought the repellent when the mosquitoes starts biting. johnson n johnson has. i think its for baby but works just as well.

  • angeliCassie

    hey..i think you shouldn’t stop blogging or lock your blog..then i would have one less interesting blog to read =/

    and hoho all the best with your fight with the mosquitoes hoho

    and flamers?where?*sprays Ridsect*

  • linsey

    wtf wei the bites like damn seong zomg
    are you sure its not some ancient dino-time’s mosquitoes?

  • hui wen

    OH NOOOO, the mosquitoe bites really looked bad! :(

    EHHH I totally get you on how some old people are so self-righteous!! They think they deserve certain things just ’cause they are old!! Remember that time got this old woman pushed my sister and I at the MDG finals because she wanted to get to the front and asked men to touch my sister! And I just had my hand surgery too! And she kept on coughing saliva onto us and make pretend vomit noises into our ears! And when we looked at her, she told us, “old people is like that! We don’t know when we will vomit!” and make more gagging sounds! WALAOO DAMN ANGRYYYY

  • CraSH

    whoa… you must be so sweet, the mossie loves you. hehe… but really, you should spray your entire room with insecticide and maybe use the netting as suggested by your readers.

  • Cher Wee

    this is SUET’s blog, why bother what ppls gonna say or comment? I enjoy reading ur blog and su ann’s blog. The 1st thing i do every morning at work is on my pc, then starting reading blogs, then only make a cup of coffee….

    so, keep blogging k…

  • sweatlee

    didi, i actually didn’t think the bites are that bad until everyone says so! haha. yeah seriously dunno wht they want also sigh. yeah it is a telent! haha

    aud, haih i wish everyone will just live in

    carol, my english is really quite normal! but thanks =)

    agnes, i didnt buy cause it’s so expensive T_T rm8 or something..

    mk, aww with readers like u, it’s hard to make my blog private!

    xiaokit, yeah >=(

    karyn, haha aww thanks!!

    drewval, ok i will, thanks!

    mc, but i stay like 4 floors up and there’s no plants/water around me!!

    jam, hahha sleeping that time how to swat! hahahah snorkeling song dumdumdum wtf u dont!

    bel, haha how did you spot it!! u know what, my mom insisted that it is NOT birthmark!! she said i didnt clean tht spot when i was young so now it’s a stain =_______=

    abby, i never have them bit me before so i wouldnt know! but thank god

    keri, how does it work one?? i will only be here for a few weeks though should i get it ah?

    hw, i dunno where they got in from lor! can’t find it! i feel really upset abt mazlan’s car. seriously dont get why must people react like that towards other human beings! grr. and thanks =)

    kaede, yes pls join my facebook group of exterminating mosquitoes!! (havent create yet wtf) yaya i got at my lip before omg it sucked! you know i don’t really have pretty clothes. whatever that i think is comparatively nicer than the rest, i have already posted them up. look through my archives!

    faux, tea tree? really?? wow didnt know tht. sigh why must they do that seriously

    val, omg they were so mean!! yeahla it’s an accident what bang leg only what!

    rachel, haha thanks!

    angelicassie, hahah thanks maybe they’ll go away now!

    linsey, haha actually i didnt feel it’s that bad until everyone here says so!!

    huiwen, *repeats the comment above wtf. yaya i read that part!! seriously damn annoying la i would have died of annoyance wtf

    crash, i did i spray edi twice before i sleep! netting very mafan ler..

    cherwee, aww you’re sweet, thanks! i’ll let her know that too.

  • Smallpotato

    Those bites really look terrible…scary. If bitting on me will become worst cause my skin very sensitive one…touch wood!!!!

  • Shirley

    hey, I am so happy that I finally found someone who had mozzie bites as much as I always have!! 0_0 like in my ear, in my nose, lip, eyelid, face…and 20 bites on legs is like routine I have each time I return to campus on early semester. T_____T I rarely comments on others’ blog, but your blog is the 1st blog which earns my 2nd comment!! LoL… I love reading your blog…don stop writing plz…… 0_0

  • Cher Wee

    she knws la…(i guess), occationally i will leave comments on Su Ann’s blog

  • ab

    This is completely irrelevant, but i think you have the most perfect hair! its always straight and in its place – i’ve never seen it look weird before! haha, sorry, random.

  • jy

    hahaha the mosquito bites were terrible. I hate mosquito too and i posted a pic of my mosquito bites in my blog too. Wish i could just let u see it, u would feel better cause mine was alot more terrible xD

    N yeah i hate FLAMERS too. what the fuck is wrong with them. I posted an extremely normal pic with my cousin and someone said that i looked gross. WTF. If i’m gross then why r u reading my blog?!!

    There was once i was so sad that I blogged about my bf dumped me for another girl. n someone said i deserved all this. WTF. What is wrong with them? I wonder why they enjoy criticizing people so much. Sighhh

  • cherylmeryl

    thanks for the comment.
    so you actually googled yourselves or u found me as a referral to your site or your friend told you i wrote about you? wakakakaka

    fair girls like us do get bitten easily.

    and no worries. we still love you wakaka.

  • Louv

    take em nasty comments gurl, make em your strength & confidence (= GA YAO!

  • vvens

    oh no! i pity you. these mosquitoes are bad bad bad!! remember to spray your room with the insect spray before you sleep the next time.

    how to sleep when they are “singing” beside your ears *_*

  • sweatlee

    small, T_T yeahh

    shirley, haha aww thanks! feel flattered.

    cherwee, haha good!

    ab, haha thanks!! maybe cause it’s not that layered!

    jy, sigh sorry for your case too. they just like making other people feel worse to make themselves feel better

    cheryl, hahaha nola!! my wordpress has this part where it informs u when someone links u!

    louv, haha i will! thanks =)

    vvens, i do! but they’re too strong to die =( yeah sigh so hard to sleep!

  • donotstereotypeolderpeople

    Young lady, please do not make sweeping, generalized, stereotypical statements about hating “old people”. This is as bad as saying that you hate Malay people or you hate fat people or something like that. Older people have a lot of challenges to face in today’s life, and having young ignorant people like you stereotyping them doesn’t help. One bad experience cannot be generalized.

  • sweatlee

    why am i ignorant? i said i sympathize with old people but don’t like those who think they’re always right and that us being younger means we have no right to reason/argue with them when in fact we werent even at fault in the first place.

    so old people don’t stereotype us too? just because we’re younger and haven’t been through as much as they have does not mean they can just yell at us however they like. in my case, that old man, whatever challenges he had faced in his lifetime, had no right to yell and cuss at me.

    please don’t just read portions of my post and conclude that i meant to insult ALL old ppl. if you’d bothered to read all of it, you’d realize that i merely dislike old ppl who think they deserve to be respected by youngers just by virtue of their age.

  • Soso

    can roughly tell me where is Bijou Bazaar ?

  • lynette tan

    heh.. i was damn pissed off that people voted CRASH for mazlan. people these days damn idiotic and selfish. serves them right, mazlan got an even better set of wheels. if flyfm hadn’t got mazlan a better car, i was going to stop listening to flyfm! =.= eh i’ve done that before !! i stopped listening to hitz bcos they were being childish about flyfm =.= haih..

    take care.

    ps: shaddup la donotstereotypeolderpeople. if u have nothing good to say, dont say it. =.= say what u mean, mean what u say. don say it mean. angry* =.=

  • jocelyn

    hello hello i want to comment about the mosquito part but dont know if you will see this T_____T i kena dengue twice in one and a half year and amazingly i didnt die wth.

    and I am studying in melbourne now and living in the city so basically there is no mosquitoes here! last last holiday when I went back to m’sia my right arm had 10 mosquito bites in just an hour! -__________- it was so serious I thought I am going to get dengue for the 3rd time hahahaha

    so yah my comment so useless wth but pity your face lah :(

    anyway continue blogging i like your blog! ignore the flamers lah they are just being boh liao :p

  • anonymous

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    i kinda dig this theory… hehe

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