Barry is leaving tomorrow and we’ve been spending an awful lot of time together (24 hours a day instead of the usual 12 wtf I swear someone should just stitch us together), hence the lack of update. He’s packing and weighing his luggage now so I shall do a quick update!

Lazy wanna type too much so here are pictures of what we did last week.

We bought this nose thingy from faceshop which supposedly removes your blackheads but it didn’t work for us! boohoo give me back my rm20

peeling it for me

that’s how dumbos look like

evening walk

happy healthy people with ugly smile cause can see gum T_T

at shell, picking our favorite snacks

we had picnic outside his house! he was shirtless cause it was kinda hot outside. We were eating tuna on toast mmmm

my ultimate favorite snack, prawn crackerssssssss!!!!!! his sucks. i hate potato chips.

on comforter cause we didn’t have picnic mats

listening to across the universe =D

orange smile!

wah my this post like damn tak layan wtf. Ok bye no time to blog!