The no eyebrowed girl

The no eyebrowed girl

Yesterday I went for my first ever facial! My mom said I should go cause I’ve been getting more pimples lately (3 at the same time T__T the big ass type somemore..) and it’s her friend so it’s not that expensive.

clean face! with pimple on my nose =(

oh and she asked me if she should pluck my eyebrows cause they’re kinda..actually, VERY, messy.

In Suet’s head: shit should I let her pluck! Good deal wei I pay for facial then get free eyebrow trim! If go shu uemura like tze then have to pay RM20..but this one not professional won’t be as nice wor..shit pluck or don’t pluck! ah fuck it lah good deal right suet good deal

Suet: OK PLUCK MOMANTAI (in 1.3 seconds wtf)

So now my eyebrows are so thin T________T Ok fine so it looks normal in the picture but everytime I touch them I feel like I have no eyebrows now. Sigh there goes my virgin bushy eyebrows.

Eh imagine if I have no brows at all…

Sorry for my lousy copy pasting skill on paint wtf but looks quite real right! At first I really thought this is what she did to me wtf then ask me to go tattoo my own eyebrow hahahha


Couple picture from the free photoshoot the other day!

This is the first and last time you’ll ever see Barry smile wtf. The photographer kept forcing him to smile until he felt like dying poor thing =( look at him clenching his fists in fury wtf

The angle that can make me look like I have big eyes!

Blabla nothing to blog about already. Sighhhhhh 5 days before I leave T____________T So sad I don’t want to leave huhuuhu 🙁

Life without car and boyfriend sucks cause all I do now is stay home and watch Forensic Heroes II (I know i’m supposed to save this for in the plane but I couldn’t wait! Watched 7 episodes yesterday..)

lonely….i am so lonely…

Today! I shall..

watch more of my drama! ahhh my days are always full of surprises..there’s always something exciting to look forward to wtf