Getting drunk

Getting drunk

I’m watching A Bug’s Life now as I type this and it dawned upon me that I have totally forgotten about this movie. I think it’s actually the cartoon I enjoy the most, even more than Wall E!

hahhaha the fat caterpillar is so funny!

Anyway on a completely unrelated note, after 19 years and 11 months of my life (omg my birthday is just around the corner, like two blocks away, like 10 meters away, like you can totally jog there in 5 mins wtf), I finally got..drunk.

I made the almost fatal mistake of telling my friends that I’ve never ever got drunk in my life before cause I *think* I am sort of allergic to alcohol. They laughed and beat their chests ridiculously and said that there is no such thing as alcohol allergy and said all I need to do is train myself.

I freaked out and said if I ever die because of all that alcohol poisoning then I have no choice but to haunt everyone forever. They laughed and beat their chests again and started playing this drinking game.

First round, and I lost =.=

They poured all sorts of weird things into a huge glass and pushed the glass towards me.

Trembling, I begged for mercy.

All my friends whom I’ve known for 6 years refused to let me go and asked me to down all that in 3 seconds or they’d open my mouth and pour that in T_______T

But I’m allergic to alcohol!


But I’ll die!


I told myself that fine I’m not a chicken! Besides, I’ve always wanted to know how it feels to be drunk. So I drank all of that weird concoction of drinks. And got really sick.

My hands started trembling, my heart was pounding so fast I sweared it’d pound its way out of my body soon, my head ached so much, my hands and legs started getting red blotches all over and I got sooooo red.

Sooo sooo sososoososooo red.

I looked something like this.I was soooooooo red it scared the hell outta everyone.

I tried to camwhore with Daniel’s phone to see how red I am but I couldn’t even hold the phone properly T__T Everyone started laughing cause they’ve never in their life seen me like that before and I kept denying that I’m anywhere near drunk. (eh where got people get drunk after 1 drink one!) “Suet you can’t even camwhore properly lah confirm drunk already” they said.

Damn paiseh ok drunk after 1 drink?!?! I suck.

Anyway they continued playing the game and ordered McD but I felt like puking when I smelled the food. And then my stomach started churning and I felt terrible and and and I vomitted T___________T

I truly suck.

The feeling sucked so much ok! After vomiting, they told me that I will get better and I need to drink more cause I was in the state of not really drunk but kinda drunk but I still felt really terrible and I didn’t feel like drinking at all.

I really really don’t understand why people wanna do that to themselves! Drink although the alcohol tastes like shit, get so drunk they don’t even know what’s going on, and feel like shit the whole time blah I hated it!

Anyway the end that’s the point of my entry wtf I hate drinking and I don’t want to ever drink that much again =(  (I don’t mind drinking a little but not until I vomit again) Although vomitting whatever I just ate = lose weight = sounds like a good idea…wtf kidding!

Call me jakun/loser/moron/whatever wtf but I don’t think anyone should ever drink (that much), especially if they don’t even like the taste of alcohol and drink just to get drunk. and risk looking stupid cause people do stupid things when they’re drunk. so stay sober! this is a community message brought to you by me wtf back to a bug’s life!


Happy Merdeka! I couldn’t celebrate merdeka the past 2 years but now that I could…I chose to watch Sex and the City with Aud instead. oh well. My sis made those cupcakes (and i did the moon and star! My star damn nice and has 14 perfect points *proud)