Getting drunk

I’m watching A Bug’s Life now as I type this and it dawned upon me that I have totally forgotten about this movie. I think it’s actually the cartoon I enjoy the most, even more than Wall E!

hahhaha the fat caterpillar is so funny!

Anyway on a completely unrelated note, after 19 years and 11 months of my life (omg my birthday is just around the corner, like two blocks away, like 10 meters away, like you can totally jog there in 5 mins wtf), I finally got..drunk.

I made the almost fatal mistake of telling my friends that I’ve never ever got drunk in my life before cause I *think* I am sort of allergic to alcohol. They laughed and beat their chests ridiculously and said that there is no such thing as alcohol allergy and said all I need to do is train myself.

I freaked out and said if I ever die because of all that alcohol poisoning then I have no choice but to haunt everyone forever. They laughed and beat their chests again and started playing this drinking game.

First round, and I lost =.=

They poured all sorts of weird things into a huge glass and pushed the glass towards me.

Trembling, I begged for mercy.

All my friends whom I’ve known for 6 years refused to let me go and asked me to down all that in 3 seconds or they’d open my mouth and pour that in T_______T

But I’m allergic to alcohol!


But I’ll die!


I told myself that fine I’m not a chicken! Besides, I’ve always wanted to know how it feels to be drunk. So I drank all of that weird concoction of drinks. And got really sick.

My hands started trembling, my heart was pounding so fast I sweared it’d pound its way out of my body soon, my head ached so much, my hands and legs started getting red blotches all over and I got sooooo red.

Sooo sooo sososoososooo red.

I looked something like this.I was soooooooo red it scared the hell outta everyone.

I tried to camwhore with Daniel’s phone to see how red I am but I couldn’t even hold the phone properly T__T Everyone started laughing cause they’ve never in their life seen me like that before and I kept denying that I’m anywhere near drunk. (eh where got people get drunk after 1 drink one!) “Suet you can’t even camwhore properly lah confirm drunk already” they said.

Damn paiseh ok drunk after 1 drink?!?! I suck.

Anyway they continued playing the game and ordered McD but I felt like puking when I smelled the food. And then my stomach started churning and I felt terrible and and and I vomitted T___________T

I truly suck.

The feeling sucked so much ok! After vomiting, they told me that I will get better and I need to drink more cause I was in the state of not really drunk but kinda drunk but I still felt really terrible and I didn’t feel like drinking at all.

I really really don’t understand why people wanna do that to themselves! Drink although the alcohol tastes like shit, get so drunk they don’t even know what’s going on, and feel like shit the whole time blah I hated it!

Anyway the end that’s the point of my entry wtf I hate drinking and I don’t want to ever drink that much again =(  (I don’t mind drinking a little but not until I vomit again) Although vomitting whatever I just ate = lose weight = sounds like a good idea…wtf kidding!

Call me jakun/loser/moron/whatever wtf but I don’t think anyone should ever drink (that much), especially if they don’t even like the taste of alcohol and drink just to get drunk. and risk looking stupid cause people do stupid things when they’re drunk. so stay sober! this is a community message brought to you by me wtf back to a bug’s life!


Happy Merdeka! I couldn’t celebrate merdeka the past 2 years but now that I could…I chose to watch Sex and the City with Aud instead. oh well. My sis made those cupcakes (and i did the moon and star! My star damn nice and has 14 perfect points *proud)


  1. rachel says:

    haha~ i recently went drinking wit my friends also (same case like u lah, never got drunk b4, wtf -.-“). i barely drank a quater of a glass of cocktail and i was out. and after i reached home, my feet n arms all like swollen, red and itchy some more. after that i also thought that i allergic to alco… haha!

  2. anonymous! says:

    hi suet! i stalk your blog daily! XD hahah am i being too honest here?

    sounds like a real bad experience getting drunk *pats* i guess everyone’s experience is different. for me, i had the yummiest mix of alcohol that doen’t taste like alcohol at all! and it was nice, to be a little drunk, to be a little… hahah but i found out that im allergic to vodka T______T no more vodka-mix for me…

  3. jessieloi says:

    I HATE the taste of alcohol too!!!!

    which is why i nvr attend those drinking sessions our gang has even if it means missing out on the drama/gossip or whtever. ugh hate the taste.

    i rmb this certain friend of ours made me drink, i had a headache after that.

  4. hui wen says:

    Ehhhh why I first drank alcohol, I was also allergic! Like really allergic, ’cause I will develop red bumpy spots and ITCHY WAN OK, and I will have flu and cough and green phlegm!! This happened for the first 3 times I drank I think.. Then after that develop immunity wtf.
    I think you need to get the right amount of ‘drunkness’– I like being slightly tipsy high!! ‘Cause can laugh very loud and no one will judge you wtf. And you can insult people and pretend you’re drunk WTFFF. But I agree with tze though, drink shots is the best! 😛

  5. sweatlee says:

    tze, next time i’ll just pretend that i drink edi la and like..err put a lot blusher wtf, cant taste it but will vomit later also!

    rachel, that feeling sucks right! boohoo dont like!

    anonymous, haha why are you an anonymous! what’s the yummiest mix? i can never find that lor! i think vodka mix is the best cause the taste is not thaat strong..

    ju, haha milkshake is fattening! wtf

    pat, thanks! my sis made them!

    jessie, just attend but dont drink lor! i’m sure they won’t force you one, especially when you have someone to protect u there *wink wink wtf.

    jaysee, happy merdeka to u too!

    huiwen, yeah maybe i have to find my own comfort level! yala should have drank shots instead!

    choco, ya wei maybe leh!

    boon, it’s ok u’re not alone =)

  6. Sabrina says:

    Suet Li it seems that you may have alcohol intolerance, where the body lacks this enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase which is required to break down alcohol to acetic acid. Often results in red rashes. Perhaps you should check with the doctor.

  7. devina says:

    agreed. i’ve experienced that twice because my friends kept asking me to drink T__T i even fell asleep once in the club wtf damn dangerous lucky got my friends guarding me.

    i dont want to drink until i get drunk ever again also !!

  8. Agnes says:

    =x… i am allergic to alcohol. Thus i don’t really drink them either. And i go as red as tomato… I have a reason to not drink alcohol now “I AM ALLERGIC LA~” xD

    Eh, btw you can always act drunk like how hui wen said. Just act tipsy and act ‘un-sweat lee’ then people will think you are drunk. Keep saying you don’t feel well LOL.


    Don’t drink la.. drinking is bad. xD

  9. sweatlee says:

    sabrina, yeah maybe i should get a cert or something so nobody will ever make me drink again!

    aud, might as well don’t drink wtf

    devina, yeah! let’s do a club wtf

    agnes, yeah tht is a good tip i’m gonna act drunk but actually drank water only one ahha

    angie, tzee wtf

    hanis, ya ok damn perfect right! *admires the star wtf

    jessie, lalalla not telling who

    clem, cheh u dunno meh! u didnt back me up round 2 cause u passed out edi wtf a bug’s life dman nice!

    passerby, erm im not sure i think my sis got it online!

    tze, wtf drinking is bad for u wtf

    sarah, haha she pretend she doesnt know only! all hail the queen of drinking wtf

  10. Michael says:

    They really taste good after u start to get use to the alcohol in it! I drink them neat or on rocks only lol.
    What the use of them other than getting u drunk if u down them as shots and never tasting them?

    After heavy drinking, i would have red rashes on my hand and fingers that is incredibly itchy actually T_T…but i still love it hehe.

  11. steph says:

    omg i agree with you wholeheartedly! people should not drink until they get drunk if they dont like it and not because of peer pressure wtf. i get that all the time, but of course i tahan la; i damn du lan drunk people so i cant be a hypocrite. but after rejecting drinks i wud also feel bad; but i dont think it’ll be as bad as getting drunk.

    hope youre feeling okay now and glad u thought logically bout this drinking till getting drunk habit :). dun drink so much edi next timeeee…
    btw did u drink that glass in 3 secs?

  12. YL says:

    I think you guys are all sadly mistaken. Alcohol should be consume moderately and responsibly, that way no one really gets too drunk. Mixing all sorts of spirits into one glass is not really a good idea. Leave that to the professionals.

  13. Nr says:

    i don’t drink, when i was young i just saw how things can go wrong for adults. I don’t knew about alcohol allergy but i do recall one celebrity finding out he (creed singer) was allergic and can no longer drink, so it is possibly true, i have done no research, i think it has to do with the barely? I don’t know.

    There were a few rare times i sipped some beer and wine but only because this one girl wanted to enhance the “mood” and at another time a guy was going through a hard time and was talking about his troubles.

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