I iz sked

I iz sked

I am so scared! A million and one things are running through my head now and I can’t seem to stop them (cause they’re running! hahaha wtf). So worried that I won’t be strong enough to lug my huge luggage from the airport to the bus station after 35 hours of flying, and not fast enough to catch the next bus and end up going back to my college late and wouldn’t have enough time to carry 14 boxes back from the storage room and will be too jetlagged to attend classes the next day!

Lesson number 1. Never ever try to save money ever again. I tried to get the cheapest flight and ended up having to fly to Boston and now I have to take two buses from there to get back to college! Bah!

Lesson number 2. Always fly back earlier! I’ll only reach the day before class starts cause I totally forgot about all that moving back my stuff from storage and jetlag and I thought I wanted to spend more time at home. Look how stressful it is now =(

I am also very scared cause I don’t know if I will ever find people who are like me and end up not having friends T__T I had Aud and Angie and Shanshan and Mild before this so I didn’t really bother making friends (and I cannot get along well with americans at all!) but now..I’ll be all alone T__T

Fuck lah I knew I should have pretended to like those people from China at least I won’t be so lonely now wtf..but they are like..a complete different breed ok =( and they always speak chinese not like malaysian chinese but like those ching chong ma chinese wtf.

Although I thought my chinese is quite good, I couldn’t even converse with them at all. Besides, I don’t want to always speak chinese cause later the americans think we’re talking about them how!

I am so scared to go back to my room alone too =( I don’t like looking around to find noone in the room but me and if I find something funny on youtube or something then I got noone to show it to =((( What if I go mad! What if I start talking to myself or create an imaginary friend for myself!!!

Hmm if I do create an imaginary friend I want to name him Zach, short for Zachary, which also happens to be the name of my imaginary boyfriend wtf. And we can do all sorts of fun things best friends so, like go shopping in Forever 21 and cook together and talk about our isi hati wtf

HOW LA WEI why was I so anti-social! See la lazy to make friends some more! Haih I feel sooo lazy when it comes to making small talks with people you have zero things in common with lor!

It’s 2am now and I have to wake up around 6.30 since my flight is at 9.30am but I can’t sleep! Cause I’m so worried and stressed and scared!

What if I don’t find anyone I can hang out with! Then I have to be one of those losers who eat alone everyday?? Or have to tapau food back to my room and eat while watching drama (actually I was already like this last time omg why am I such a loser T_T eh not everytime la sometimes only!)

Anyway I’m gonna write a looooong post since I can’t sleep cause heart filled with anxiety wtf. What have I done this summer..well I think this is a really good summer cause I felt like I did so many things!

1. Went to the gym religiously for a month! I went to the gym around 4 times a week for a month ok cause wanna make the most out of my money which was only rm15 la wtf. Anyway I think I didn’t get slimmer or anything but I sure felt a lot more confident about my body. Go to gym, people!

2. Ate so much! Wah I’m surprised I didn’t gain much weight lor! I think…cause I haven’t weighed myself in ages

3. Attended so many events! I’m going to miss all that nuffnang events T____T free movies, free food, free gifts

4. Completed a pretty good internship! Although I always had nothing to do one wtf everyday will either blog or read blogs or go icanhascheezburger wtf

5. Went to so many places! Redang and Penang only actually but felt like a lot

6. Got so much closer to all my friends. Sigh can I ship everyone back to US with me =(

7. Spent every. single. day. with my boyfriend. I’ve never felt happier =D

My life is so perfect in Malaysia so why did I choose to leave all that behind and go back to the gloomiest and loneliest place in the world! What if I sacrifice my perfect life for a good education and end up being a housewife wtf

Eh my entry so long you all got read every word or not! I write every word with so much tender loving care, better read everything ok! What if my plane crash wtf (CHOI TAI KA LAI SI) then you’ll never read anything I write again =(

ok if you read until here means you got read everything so I shall reveal one secret about me! Last time when I was 6, I got caned by my grandma cause I didn’t wear underwear to school WTF cause you know when you’re young you don’t wear panties one then suddenly have to wear then very uncomfortable ma! Then my grandma found out and asked me “lu boh cheng teh ko ah?? you didn’t wear panties ar WTF” then she caned me damn pain T_T

I think I better get some sleep. Don’t want to leave tomorrow T___T

Don’t be deceived by my happy face and happy pimple, actually very sad one