You’ve got a package

You’ve got a package

I love getting packages but all I’ve been getting these days are textbooks..textbooks..and more textbooks. The best packages I’ve received so far are:

a package from my boyfriend for my birthday. This is the most thoughtful package ever cause there was this packet of banana walnut muffins (MY FAV!), two vanilla scented candles (for a certain reason..), streamers and more candles and a happy birthday banner!

a package of pineapple tarts, other random chinese cookies and dried meat from a fellow reader, fish. I loveeed this one!

a package from my boyfriend after we had a hugeee fight early this year. It was a bag he bought from Berlin for me and a long love letter *shy

and now another package!!! WHAT COULD IT BE!!?

But before revealing what’s inside the mysterious package,

oh it’s cold already now! i hate it T__T why so fast huhuuh it’s 18celcius today so I’m wearing boots!

what could it be!

i can’t wait to open it! (yeah right still can take pictures wtf)

lalala *finds excuse to camwhore wtf sorry but i haven’t been camwhoring in a loooong time ok!

this was the hardest shot!  i had to put self timer and climb up the bed and pose in 10 secs! damn hard to climb in boots T_T but nothing could stop the camwhore in me

by the window

and then I had to go toilet so I took some pictures there too..

haha no lah you think I’m such a shameless camwhore meh (don’t answer wtf)

gonna open it now!

It’s a flat iron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I’m so happy now, thank you VERY VERY MUCH TO Justina!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! She knew that I’ve been wanting a straightener since forever and sent one to me!!! I’m so happy cause I’ve always always wanted a straightener (since forever wtf) and never got around to buying it cause it’s usually really expensive >.>

But now I can kiss all my trips to the hair product section of the mall goodbye! No more looking at straighteners longingly and not buy them!


=D =D =D

Can you tell I’m really happy??

Cause I am! I’m so happy that I’m going to go to class 5 minutes earlier than usual =D Thank you again Justina, I’ll think of you everytime I use it!


Not so happy anymore! Cause I’m such a clumsy person today =( I knocked my thigh on some shelf and my head on the pointed edge of the door!

boohooo 🙁