24th of Sept

24th of Sept







*blows balloons throws streamers throws confetti eats birthday cake pulls the pop thingy gets naked wtf

Anyway no lah it’s not my birthday yet! Cause I was born around 12.05 pm malaysian time and it’s only 9.12am now!  Mom still in labor wtf

I’m wishing really hard for it to be mountain day tomorrow too! Mt day is this day when the president of my college wakes up and decides to call it an off day for everyone so instead of going to classes, we get to climb the mountain and eat icecream! But of course people like me will choose sleeping in over climbing mountains any day la

*crosses fingers

If tomorrow is mt day it’ll be the best birthday gift ever /boo

Ok my birthday wishes this year *big wet eyes

1. For my family to be happy and safe always even though I’m not there for them =(

2.  For all my friends and readers to be happy always too, and I hope everyone will find the person they love most. There’s always a soulmate out there for everyone!

3. World peace ……*everyone stands up and claps and suet waves wtf

4.  ok to be honest, I just want to be happy always. I know this is not feasible at all cause I’m a worrier and I never have nothing to worry about but one can hope..

5. Material wise, there’s nothing I want actually..hmm..it’ll be nice if someone can get my textbooks for me!  cause textbooks here are so expensive and I’m constantly borrowing my friends’ i swear they hate me

6. seriously all my wishes suck la haih ok last one, I wish I’ll get married to Barry then he’ll strike lottery then we don’t have to work and live happily ever after with 3 kids, a dog and a cat.

Haih I’m 20 years old now =( That’s not thaaat old right? The past 3 years seemed to fly by soooo fast! Once I stepped outta high school, the world seemed to revolve so much faster and everything was a blur.

I’m gonna graduate in 2 years T___T What if I can’t find a job T_T what if Barry doesn’t strike a lottery T_T what if after I have 2 kids then I get so fat and my ovum can’t implant itself on my dinding uterus/endometrium cause too much fats so very slippery persenyawaan wtf see why am i worrying again T__T

gotta study now =(

p.s: oh! leave a comment telling me what you wanna give me for my birthday! *shameless wtf nevermind la people are allowed to be shameless on their birthdays I shall make that an unwritten rule. Pretend that everything is free (and you don’t really have to give it to me!) so you can  say something like ‘i wanna get you a co-ed college cause being in a women’s college sucks’ wtf







I slept really late last night and didn’t finish my reading for today and even dreamt that today is indeed mountain day and woke up around 6 and again at 7 hoping to hear the bell (they’ll ring the bell if it’s mountain day) AND IT DID