Birthday Surprises

Birthday Surprises

I was about to post this entry last night and my blog server went down!!! I’m now actively looking for a new host, any recommendations?


Ok because I’m now 20, I will talk about my day in great great detail (no relevance but what the heck I’m 20 I can put two things together without any connection if I want to hahha)

I woke up at 6am and thought that it was mountain day cause it was in my dream and my dream was super vivid. I then found out that I was only dreaming and went back to sleep, woke up again at 7am to listen for the bell and when it rang, I jumped up, turned off my alarm since I don’t have to go to class at 8.30am anymore and went online wtf.

Went back to sleep and woke up around 12.30pm to check my email and found that I had TWO packages waiting for me. Jumped up in glee and hopped around the room and shouted hip hip hurray wtf. Then, I went and retrieved my two packages!

I asked Barry if he sent me anything the day before and he said no cause he’s really broke now (which is true wtf) so I really didn’t expect him to send me anything!!! And the other package was a huge surprise too! ok I have so much to say this will be a longgggggggggg post.

Wait wait, backtrack a little. The night before my birthday, I went out to eat with Giang and her friends! I haven’t been out to eat for ages and was craving like crazy for japanese food (MY ULTIMATE FAV)

My mom wanted to get rid of the oversized blazer but I liked it so I took it for myself. I still really like it! Probably need a better belt with that but bah no need to waste money la


That really made my day

ok moving on back to my packages!!

So I opened Barry’s package first to find a card and a box. The box was a bottle of vanilla essence for my room! He gave me vanilla candles last year but we have this stupid fire policy so I had to hide the candles so this year he got me this instead! (vanilla is our scent cause..of a long story..and now everytime I smell vanilla it reminds me of him, and us =) )

Ok then I read his card.

This is actually a song! He always sings it to me haha and it gets really addictive. (but he sings it do your ears hang low instead of boobs wtf) So whenever he misses me he’ll ask me if my ears hang low T__T

Blabla happy birthday blabla you’re so pretty wtf blabla then he said there is a box of 56 hershey’s kisses inside with a note in every single one and I can only eat one a day cause it’s 56 days until we meet again!!!!!!!1 A kiss for a day until the real kiss =)

So sweet T_____________T

Then I read on..and he said inside the box somewhere, there’s also an 18k white gold ring T___________________T

Cause I’ve been bugging him a lot before we left Malaysia about getting couple rings but in the end we never got them and I pretended to not be upset but he knew I was really upset so he secretly got me one T__________T and another for himself too T_____________T

I started crying when I saw that crybaby me but that was really very sweet!

I ate the first kiss and this is what it says inside. “our mfeo psychic power damn chun” Aww =)))) cause we always say we’re mfeo (made for each other) cause we always can guess what the other is thinking/doing/wanna say! I can’t wait to read what’s inside the other 55 kisses! I love you baby <3 You’re the sweetest guy in the world.

Then I opened up the other package which was from Su Ann Lim!


I was soooo touched! How did you know I like all this T___T I love you too <3! Hello panda, shrimp flavored cracket,rice crackers, custard biscuits, a kitteh and a wooly scarf!!!!! I’m so happy =D

Let’s talk about me and Su Ann. I first found out about her from Ginny, who was told from Tze that I looked like her (ginny). So Ginny came to my blog and we started talking and she told me that there was this really good writer and that I should visit her blog, and so I did. Su ann was still blogging in her pinkskyes blog and I really loved her blog so I started reading/stalking her.

I don’t know how or when or what happened but we added each other on msn and started talking about sex wtf (cause we were young and very curious!) and also talked a lot about pendidikan moral wtf. We would share tips for SPM and talk about our relationships like any other 17 year old..

So what started as a blogger reading another blogger’s blog then evolved to a beautiful friendship that really revolves around blogging a She was already pretty famous back then but she became more and more famous, and I started getting more readers too so we usually talk about the blogosphere (and how evil it can be)

Oi who says blogging is all about competition?? It wasn’t at all to us ok! It was really a lot about friendship to me cause I made so many friends and besides the club, Su Ann was the one person I was really glad that I became friends with. I said I wanted to write about my favorite blogs right? Well, is number 1 on my list =)

I’ve always loved her writing and sometimes even felt like she has a large influence on my writing style. When she was applying to the states, I was so damned sure that she would get into all the colleges and look where she is now =)

She was and is an inspiration to me and will always be, as I’m sure she is to many of you out there too. If there’s one blogger the blogosphere can never do without, it’d definitely be her. You sure are a friend I can never do without..haih why am I so sweet wtf

OK back to my day in great detail

After crying and feeling touched, I did some work and then went to Giang’s friend’s house to eat! He prepared some food for us cause it’s my birthday and tomorrow is Giang’s birthday! (btw, giang is pronounced as zang) Here is a picture of the burger buns….I forgot to take pictures of the food cause was too hungry

After dinner, I came back feeling warm and fuzzy and loved and here I am now, blogging about my day in great detail to another bunch of people who have always made me feel loved too.

So this is how I spent my birthday, and it just keeps getting better every year =)