Random happy things

Random happy things

Thanks to a certain kind man, I’m now gonna have my blog hosted for free!!! My eyes lighted up immediately when he said he’ll host me for free =D Anything free is good! Anyway I still have to buy my own domain but it’s only $10 a year…so not thaaat expensive I guess.

Super important question of the day: .com OR .net OR perspire.com WTF

oh yeah it’s $10 for .com but only $1.49 for .info!!! hahahaha should I be stingy and buy .info wtf



SUPER SUPER EXCITED my hands are sort of trembling as I type! cause!!! I’m getting a new phone and a new phone plan!

Prior to this, I’ve been using prepaid and it’s soooooo expensive so I can’t make a lot of calls and won’t give my number to anyone so they won’t call me! Cause I get charged when I receive calls too =(

BUT now no worries! Me, barry, Su ann, Carol and her friend are all under a family plan now so it’s free to call anyone under the family plan! And free calls during nights and weekends! And free calls to all AT&T people! AND! FREE texts to all under my family plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok this is not why I’m so super excited.

THIS is why *biggest wet eyes in the world

Isn’t this the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?????????

Ok fine you really have to compare with this with what I have before ok!

my phone in malaysia with missing volume buttons wtf

my phone in US which I’m kind of happy with cause got color and polyphonic ringtone /boo



=D =D =D

not only does it have color, it also has polyphonic ringtones and mp3 ringtones!! AND WALKMAN and radio!! omg and hear this!!!!

2mp camera T_____________T *hyperventilates

got bluetooth and video capture and cool games and and omg so many things!!! And I’m getting it for FREE!

Hmmp Carol doesn’t understand why am I so excited lor! Ok fine so everyone else in the world has better phones but whatever ok this will be my coolest phone ever please let me continue getting excited!

and it’s pink too! barry is getting the same one in red! =D


ok enough about my phone cause I definitely will continue talking about it until I die when I get it wtf


panda! thank you su ann i love you /boo (i was watching gossip girl!)

vietnamese food on fri!

Happy Suet!

lady mixing my ice cream

coldstone’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream damn nice! i guess it’s called cold stone cause they put the ice cream on the stone and all the other stuff then mix it!

seriously happy suet! This has been the most perfect birthday week ever =D

Ate sushi on Monday, mountain day and birthday packages and grilled burgers on Wednesday, Vietnamese food and coldstone on Friday! =D

and getting new phone next week =D

and free hosting!

and lots of homework due T________T my weekend actually started on wed since it’s mountain day and I only had one class on thurs and all my classes were cancelled on fri but can you believe that I didn’t do any work at all since wed?? I feel so bad but I kept telling myself that it’s ok cause it’s my birthday week but now my birthday week is coming to an end T__T and I seriously have to get started on my school work!

erm welllll it’s still my birthday month! which will end in 2 days anyway…………….

p.s: just watched the new season of grey’s anatomy!