Testing 123

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new site *bows, waves, curtsies and whatever rocks your boat


Yeap I think I’ll stick to this blue layout for now! I like the colorful one before this better (you might not have seen it before) but I think it’s too simple and will take too much time to change. I actually wanted a pink layout but it seems that a lot of female bloggers are using pink layouts!

I’m really not a fan of blue but it’s so much trouble to find something that will suit me best. Anywayyy, I’m gonna stick to this until I find something else.

Tell me what do you think about this layout and what I should change =)

Oh and also, it’s flattering but the girl in the header is not me =) This picture was taken by this sixteen year old girl! I chose this cause it seems a little too self-obsessed to put my own bigass picture as my header (and because all my pictures are nowhere as artistic looking), and also cause this actually looks like me except that I’m nowhere as thin wtf.

I will update the about me page soon. However, I’m too busy/lazy to update the FAQ on american colleges but Su Ann did a pretty good rundown so do visit her site if you wanna know more.

What else…erm oh yeah you may have noticed that I don’t have my blogroll anymore!!! GRR cause this theme is not widget ready and I’m too tired to find where I should put the blogroll in my css so sorry! I guess I won’t be linking anyone until I find the energy to play with css again.

With all that being said, welcome again!