Woe is me

Woe is me

Let it be known that today is one miserable day for Suet Li Liew. Reasons are as such:

1. She just had one of the WORST weekends ever. Ok let me detail the sad things that happened.

First of all, I went to this business conference hosted by Harvard. Everything was paid for by an organization I’m a part of and since I was selected to go, I thought hey why not! Everything will be free and this will be beneficial to me.

So greedy suet took up the offer and off to Boston she went. Upon arriving at her hotel, she saw some free coffee packets by her bedside and thought, hey free coffee! Why not! Bear in mind that she does NOT drink coffee cause it will either give her a bad diarrhea or her nose will bleed..profusely. But alas, greedy Suet is greedy Suet and she started brewing the ‘Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee’.

Everything went well and dandy until I was (sorry switching back to first person, shut up if you don’t like it this is my blog i can switch whenever i want *emo wtf) supposed to sleep that night. It was 12.30am and I had to wake up at 7am the next day so I tried really hard to fall asleep..but to no avail.

I drank the coffee 6 hours before and I only took TWO sips!!! What were the odds that those two sips would still be in my bloodstream 6 hours later??

Woe was me when I finally fell asleep at 2am.

Next day in the conference, everything was ok and I was happy cause there was free food! After lunch, I saw a table with free pen drives! WOOT one pen drive probably costs $10 and since it’s free, I shall not take one, nor two but THREE pen drives! woot life has never been better! I can bring back these as souvenirs for my friends so that will save me $30! RM100! woot! (i’m just kidding friends of course I’m not like that………………………………)

So I was busy pretending that I haven’t taken any pen drives by whistling nonchalantly everytime I took one then went one big round and came back for another. I also did this by covering half my face with a file, then came back to the table with my fringe pinned up (hoping that i’d look like a different person), and another time while talking to another person so the person at the table couldn’t see my face cause it was turned away WTF.

As you can see, all these efforts take up a lot of time so when I finally went into the room where my panel was supposed to be, it was full and I couldn’t go in!!!!!!!!!

I came to this conference specifically for this panel (this harvard professor was gonna talk about the economy and how it will affect us and the bailout plan! i really wanna hear this!!!) and now I was going to have to miss it T_____________T all for the three pen drives T_________T that probably cost RM100 *eyes light up again wtf

Haih so in the end I had to go to some marketing panel hohum boring stuff I spent the next hour looking through all the free goodies in my bag wtf (got bobbi brown makeup samples! and another pen drive WTF and hand sanitizer yay i’ve always wanted one! and a transformer dvd blah i don’t want that

OK I’M NOT DONE! Anyway that night, I couldn’t sleep at all T__T till 7am T______T and then i also found out that a surprise that i was VERY extremely excited to be part of was not a surprise anymore T_T


2. you’re probably wondering eh why got number one then scroll back up to see why there’s a number right wtf cause my no.1 was too long haih sorry i’m just talking nonsense

anyway 2nd reason why this is a miserable day for me.

cause I just had my Pyschology midterm and I thought I’d do well cause I *thought* I was well prepared for it since I always do my readings before class etc but I was wrong! I think I did super badly in it T_T I’m sooo going to blame this on the fact that my weekend was so bad that’s why what I studied didn’t really go into my head.

Boohoo I feel miserable I shall spray some free hand sanitizer on my hands now *eyes light up upon mentioning that it’s free wtf

Oh another reason!

3. I thought my phone would arrive today so I went to the mail place to check and swiped my card and it said,


Ok fine no packages mah no packages don’t have to write in bold and red and capitalized and in font size=10!!!! now the whole world knows I like to swipe my card to see if I have a package for fun, not that I really have one T_T (of course this is not true….)

ok bye *abrupt end to this post cause feel quite humiliated for no apparent reason wtf