Noo Yawk

I can’t believe this. I just drank a can of coffee and I still feel sleepy?? Please please don’t do this to me! I need to be awake all of tonight and tomorrow no matter what! The biggest news today is: I’m not going to Las Vegas Night (the biggest party on campus ever, it’s this very highly-anticipated party that turns our whole campus into vegas. There’ll be lotsa gambling (without money), drinks, music, guys, condoms) cause I’m staying in to study.

Besides, it’s just a party and it wouldn’t be that fun since aud, angie and shanshan are not here to go with me anyway. party > exam..*says that over and over again

Anyway I shall write this post really quick so I can get started on studying sigh. I’m very determined to do well in this test *crosses fingers

So, new york!

actually i only took around 20 pictures cause I wasn’t in the mood to take pics at all.

Thursday night while waiting for Barry to finish shitting wtf, this was the hotel room he shared with his other friends. He was there on a college trip/business thingy.

Barry <3<3

and again <3<3

I took allllll the pictures with my phone. I guess I won’t be needing my camera anymore!

again <3 arghhhh I miss you baby =( NY and subway, all the memories!

his cool shoes and jeans!

while waiting for the train

wah first time my blog has so many pictures of him! usually it’s always about me only. happy anot baby!

he got bitten by a strange bug..

and again! in the malaysian restaurant =D (he looks like he’s about to cry wtf)

ok back to me! curled hair with my straightener again! i was really bad at this at first but now i’m getting better. the right side was really nice but the left was so ugly T_T

me in the subway alone. why do i look so fair..

the only thing i tried on in forever 21 *gasps

The forever 21 had like two floors and i only managed to find one thing to try…and i didn’t even get this. i dunno what is this called. pant suit? anyway you can’t even see a whole lot of it.

while waiting for carol to try on her stuff

in su ann’s room

new yorkers in a blur

krispy kreme =D one ball has like 50 calories =O

random irrelevant picture: drying my clothes in my room instead cause the dryer spoils my clothes (plus it’s $1.45 damn expensive)

sorry this post is written in a jiffy hence the bad captions. i’m gonna study really hard now cause i’m not skipping the biggest party of the year for nothing! gambatte suet!


  1. Dwee says:

    Eh. How come everyone get to go to New York one? YOu go NY then don’t need go to classes ar? And is that Malaysian restaurant in China town? Cuz if it is, I went there too! The roti telur was damn expensive!! And it didn’t even taste like roti telur! KNN!!

    p/s: $1:45 for dryer is very expensive le. Mine only 75 cents ^^

  2. vincent2903 says:

    ur baby gonna have some kind of strange power coz bitten by some strange bug like spiderman and the dragonfly lmao!!!

    u have fair skin? maybe u have a very good skin whitening cream or u don’t get expose to sunlight too often hahaha!!!

  3. Mei says:

    heyy suet. barry’s looking good in those pictures compared to others u posted before. hahaha. on purpose is it. love his shoes. i also want. and why krispy kreme like this wan. i never knew of this.

  4. jaecywong says:

    hey gurl, can u please make a video of how u curl your hair with ur straightener? my friend is struggling with it 🙂 i hope u can help. Thanx 🙂 of cos, if u r going to do the video, do it after ur exams, k? all the best! 🙂

  5. sweatlee says:

    dwee, who is everyone! i skipped one day class =D got 3 msian restaurants in chinatown! some quite nice one. okla not that expensive if u dont convert lor! ya my school like to cheat ppl’s money one =(

    angie, haha i think he mastered the technique after the photographer in the family photoshoot keep forcing him to smile hahaha

    vincent, haha nola i memang always fair one wtf, i get fair easily =D

    mei, hahha i dunno wht u mean purposely! how to purposely make him ugly/cute wtf

    jessie, yaa damn nice he bought in msia one.

    jacey, haha i’ll try! =D

    choco, kinda overrated but still good!

    irene, i know T______T but omg tonight was so productive =D im so happy!

    hayley, thank you =)

    ahmike, thanks!!

  6. jammie says:

    Hello Barry!!!

    And hello pretty pretty Suet

    Haha your room looks damn colourful with your clothes are you still washing your clothes every three months or so wtf

    All the best for your exams sayang!

  7. aw says:

    Wow, can see your Barry’s teeth!

    The hairstyle and clothes reminds me of the guy in Death Note. Who was also in Battle Royale 1 & 2. Where all the classmates kill each other with saucepans, knifes, crossbows, pistols and machine guns. Sweetness. Ehehehehe.

    Oh OK, you look really good and model-ly in the Su Ann’s room photo.

    But where’s Giang 😀

    • Baz says:

      yah, my ASS (asian students society wtf) just screened battle royale a couple weeks ago, and someone in the audience said the same thing to me. that i look like nobu(?) wtf.

  8. sweatlee says:

    gwen, yah he did! good observation skill..

    pinkpau, i do! but it was really tiring sigh. yes they are!

    ap, yeah it’s paul smith! evil hahahha where gottt! so hard to get him to learn how to smile ok u must encourage him. say ‘wow barry you’re smiling, good job!’ wtf

    iwan, why??

    clem, nah i already took a lot when i was there the first time!

    huiwen, haha he’ll be soooo happy to see that! from you!

    tze, dunno camera very hard to take out, phone easier wtf. yeah cause i miss him alot so took alot of his pics!

    jammie, hello cute jammie! nooo i wash them once every 1.5 months ok! haha. thanks love!

    jaysee, heyy! yeah i like his shoes a lot also. haha ok i’ll do a tutorial later =D

    aw, haha yeah he actually looks good when he smiles rightt! haha giang didn’t go ny with me! and why are u always obsessed about my friends only *emo..
    nope cause my room is really dry and i got heater so it works! plus i already put softener when washing, so they smell really good!

  9. devina says:

    eh i think the picture of you in su ann’s room very pretty 😀 and barry looks like audrey a lot !

    and you should post up a tutorial of how you curl your hair using a straightener ! i think many people want to know hahaha

  10. siewann says:

    hello there…the jumpsuit thingy u tried on at forever 21, i just tried it on few day ago there too and their smallest size S is freaking huge so i didnt get it..haha..yes, im living in New York City… 🙂

  11. Ping Ping says:

    walao…1.5 months, enough clothes to wear meh???we handwash our clothes here and wash it every day if possible..or every other day if we are too tired. Lol, if not we don’t have enough place to hang it dry…

  12. sweatlee says:

    jade, why my clothes!! ya study damn hard wuwuwu T_T

    devina, haha thanks! yeahh he looks a lot like her when he smiles! like too much..haha. yeap i’ll do that once i have more time =D

    jas, hey! thanks =D curling hair takes practice!

    siewann, haha yeah it’s huge! but i think it’s quite cute also..didn’t buy it though. i didn’t know i have so many nyc readers!

    terry, haha cause here never sweat ma so i wear something like 3 times before i wash it!

    ping, enough! summore i won’t sweat ma so cold here so i wear something a few times before i wash!

    thanks! it’s not mine though it’s a friend’s =)

    haha no secret it’s in my genes!

    bee, haha why u sad! it’s my friend’s, she bought it from urban outfitter =)

    mike, ok u sound kinda sarcastic hahah! but thanks if you’re not =D

    huiwen, why funny! eh ur avatar is mr potato hahaha

    tin, yeah studying very hard T_T

    abby, thanks!! why u ha ha nice nice wtf.

  13. aud says:

    i think this is the first time ooib looks nice while smiling *agog

    the first pic of you very pretty with the dress /shy
    and i think my brother can go to lapsap dressed like that already wtf.

    the bug bite pic damn gross when i saw it i felt itchy wtf

  14. Egor says:

    Hey! been surfing the net for how to get the emo style for your hair and found your blog reg Noo Yawk. You relly know your stuff! I\’d like to see more posts here. Will definitely bookmark this one and come back.

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