All the things I miss

I’ve been really looking forward to write this post for some time now because it’s something really close to my heart. I think I might have written something like this wayyy back so if you read me from my blogdrive days, you might have seen this!

Some of the things I really miss:

1. A long long time ago, I used to be an athlete. I can even safely say that I was really good at sports..once upon a time. When I was 12 and fat, I somehow knew that I would be good at sports if given a chance no matter how fat I was. I wanted very badly to try out for the netball team but they did not give me a chance due to my err..body size.

So when I went to high school and had a brand new start at a new place, I started playing basketball. The main reason why I started was because I really liked this guy in the team *shy, but the more I played, the more I fell in love with it.

Up till I was 15, I was never really given the chance to play basketball properly. The guys dominated the court and I was one of the very few girls there, hence we always had to stand aside and watch them play. Occasionally, if we looked cute that day or if our shorts were shorter than usual, the guys would pass us the ball and we could shoot some hoops but that was it.

I knew that the guys will never let me play if I didn’t prove myself to them, so I started practicing by myself whenever I had the chance. This also meant that I had to go earlier than them so I could have the court to myself, which also meant that I had to go around 3 in the afternoon. Now if you know how the weather in Malaysia is, 3pm is the hottest time of the day.

But, perseverance pays =)

I became pretty good for a girl, and the guys then started letting me into their games too. (i also started dating the captain of the team, so he’d make them include me in their games ^_^  <– wtf?)

Anywayyy, I was not satisfied cause the school didn’t have a basketball team for girls cause no girls wanted to play basketball. With great determination, I went around the school recruiting people into the team. I told them that if they come I’d buy ice cream for them wtf

Two days later, I had 10 girls signed up. BUT stupid school didn’t let us play in competitions cause they said ‘we wouldn’t be good enough’. Fine, I requested for a coach but they asked us to ‘forget it because we will never be good enough’. WTF? Just because we are girls??

Fine. I went and got a coach and had to pay for him to train us. We became pretty okay as a team and the school still didn’t want to pay for us to join the competition! Sexism at its best.

To cut the longgg story short, we had to pay for our jerseys, and paid for the competition fees, and got our parents to drive us there.

The team. sorry it’s really small but if you squint, I was number 10! Sakuragi Hanamichi ^_^  <– wtf??

If you wanna know, we did not win our first competitive game. In fact we lost, 56-6. The school was right, we weren’t good enough. But I’ll have you know that everything became much better from then on. Two of my juniors are now playing for the state, which till this day is my proudest achievement so far =)

These are my two best friends whom I knew since my basketball days. They were the people who believed in me and trained me from the start.

This was the 3 on 3 competition we had in my school. I joined my two best friends and competed under the boys under 18 category and we got second ^_^ <– wtf is wrong with me?! (eh can you see me in this pic? i look funny..)

oh! you see the guy in white shirt and black shoes? he was the captain i was talking about, who happens to be my first ever boyfriend..if you don’t count zachary, my imaginary bf WTF

Sorry small pic again, couldn’t find the original pic. This was when I caused Heng Li to injure his knee (omg heng do you know that it was me who accidentally pushed you all this while T__T)

My favorite drink in the entire world! Drinking 100 plus after an intense game is the best feeling ever.

I miss basketball so much. I miss the feeling of playing in a team, i miss how easy it was to achieve almost anything when you have so many other people backing you up, i miss training really hard and see how much everyone had progressed from start.

a scar after said 3 on 3 game cause I was sandwiched between two very big guys and fell down T___T

I miss how the ball fits so well on the curve of my palm, and the feeling of having control over the game when I have the ball in my hand. I really miss the start of the game when the referee had the ball in his hand and everyone else waited in bated breath and exhilaration!

I also played netball, handball and did track in school (I’m still holding the record for 400m and 800m!..last i checked wtf) I would like to think that I was kind of good..but that is all in the past. I’m no longer an athlete, but I wish I am every single day. This has to be the thing I miss the most sigh. My heart aches everytime I think of it cause I know I can never return to all that.

in barry’s college. oh one day I must take a video of how I shoot! Cause it’s very different and everyone thinks it’s a funny way of shooting wtf

le sigh.

2. I really miss being a scout.

Hello Kai tzin, you used to be fat too hahaha!

I miss going to campfires almost once every two months. All those campfire songs in the bus ride there, all the joy and fun.

I would give almost anything to go back to the time when making gadgets, singing campfire songs, playing silly games and setting up tents are all we care about.

3. This is kind of strange and it’s the first time I felt this way after high school but I really kinda miss..sciences. To be honest, I don’t even know if I like Bio, Chem and Physics. In high school, we HAD to do well and I did do well, but was it because I had to or because I liked them and was good at them? I guess I’ll never know the answer to that.

Sigh back in those SPM days.

I miss studying for SPM I wanna go back to high school T__________T

studying with jess and esther! good old days sighh

the moral notes pasted on the wall next to my bed so I can wake up everyday and read them and read them again before i sleep WHICH WAS A COMPLETELY FUTILE EFFORT CAUSE I GOT A2 IN MORAL FUCK MORAL LA DAMN ANGRY

4. I really miss my dog

Her name was Girly (don’t laugh! my grandma named her!) and she was a stray dog but she was sooo prettyyy and she had a pink nose!! Anyway, she died last year due to old age :( Girly, I really miss you very much. You were and will always be the prettiest dog I have ever seen.

Random irrelevant picture I found while looking for all these pics, this is a scar near my toe. Wanna know how I got it? Ok I was trying to fly a kite. And no matter how fast I ran, I couldn’t get the kite up high enough. I was still the old fat me, so I got lazy after trying in vain, so I came up with the bestest idea in the world. I tied the kite on the handle of my bike, and started cycling instead!

5 seconds later, the kite got entangled in my wheel and my bike crashed. Fat Suet then went crying to her grandma and got scolded cause damn stupid where got people fly kite on a bike one! Grandma is also still going around telling this story to other relatives wtf

The end wanna do homework now! what are some of the things you miss too?