All the things I miss

I’ve been really looking forward to write this post for some time now because it’s something really close to my heart. I think I might have written something like this wayyy back so if you read me from my blogdrive days, you might have seen this!

Some of the things I really miss:

1. A long long time ago, I used to be an athlete. I can even safely say that I was really good at sports..once upon a time. When I was 12 and fat, I somehow knew that I would be good at sports if given a chance no matter how fat I was. I wanted very badly to try out for the netball team but they did not give me a chance due to my err..body size.

So when I went to high school and had a brand new start at a new place, I started playing basketball. The main reason why I started was because I really liked this guy in the team *shy, but the more I played, the more I fell in love with it.

Up till I was 15, I was never really given the chance to play basketball properly. The guys dominated the court and I was one of the very few girls there, hence we always had to stand aside and watch them play. Occasionally, if we looked cute that day or if our shorts were shorter than usual, the guys would pass us the ball and we could shoot some hoops but that was it.

I knew that the guys will never let me play if I didn’t prove myself to them, so I started practicing by myself whenever I had the chance. This also meant that I had to go earlier than them so I could have the court to myself, which also meant that I had to go around 3 in the afternoon. Now if you know how the weather in Malaysia is, 3pm is the hottest time of the day.

But, perseverance pays =)

I became pretty good for a girl, and the guys then started letting me into their games too. (i also started dating the captain of the team, so he’d make them include me in their games ^_^  <– wtf?)

Anywayyy, I was not satisfied cause the school didn’t have a basketball team for girls cause no girls wanted to play basketball. With great determination, I went around the school recruiting people into the team. I told them that if they come I’d buy ice cream for them wtf

Two days later, I had 10 girls signed up. BUT stupid school didn’t let us play in competitions cause they said ‘we wouldn’t be good enough’. Fine, I requested for a coach but they asked us to ‘forget it because we will never be good enough’. WTF? Just because we are girls??

Fine. I went and got a coach and had to pay for him to train us. We became pretty okay as a team and the school still didn’t want to pay for us to join the competition! Sexism at its best.

To cut the longgg story short, we had to pay for our jerseys, and paid for the competition fees, and got our parents to drive us there.

The team. sorry it’s really small but if you squint, I was number 10! Sakuragi Hanamichi ^_^  <– wtf??

If you wanna know, we did not win our first competitive game. In fact we lost, 56-6. The school was right, we weren’t good enough. But I’ll have you know that everything became much better from then on. Two of my juniors are now playing for the state, which till this day is my proudest achievement so far =)

These are my two best friends whom I knew since my basketball days. They were the people who believed in me and trained me from the start.

This was the 3 on 3 competition we had in my school. I joined my two best friends and competed under the boys under 18 category and we got second ^_^ <– wtf is wrong with me?! (eh can you see me in this pic? i look funny..)

oh! you see the guy in white shirt and black shoes? he was the captain i was talking about, who happens to be my first ever boyfriend..if you don’t count zachary, my imaginary bf WTF

Sorry small pic again, couldn’t find the original pic. This was when I caused Heng Li to injure his knee (omg heng do you know that it was me who accidentally pushed you all this while T__T)

My favorite drink in the entire world! Drinking 100 plus after an intense game is the best feeling ever.

I miss basketball so much. I miss the feeling of playing in a team, i miss how easy it was to achieve almost anything when you have so many other people backing you up, i miss training really hard and see how much everyone had progressed from start.

a scar after said 3 on 3 game cause I was sandwiched between two very big guys and fell down T___T

I miss how the ball fits so well on the curve of my palm, and the feeling of having control over the game when I have the ball in my hand. I really miss the start of the game when the referee had the ball in his hand and everyone else waited in bated breath and exhilaration!

I also played netball, handball and did track in school (I’m still holding the record for 400m and 800m!..last i checked wtf) I would like to think that I was kind of good..but that is all in the past. I’m no longer an athlete, but I wish I am every single day. This has to be the thing I miss the most sigh. My heart aches everytime I think of it cause I know I can never return to all that.

in barry’s college. oh one day I must take a video of how I shoot! Cause it’s very different and everyone thinks it’s a funny way of shooting wtf

le sigh.

2. I really miss being a scout.

Hello Kai tzin, you used to be fat too hahaha!

I miss going to campfires almost once every two months. All those campfire songs in the bus ride there, all the joy and fun.

I would give almost anything to go back to the time when making gadgets, singing campfire songs, playing silly games and setting up tents are all we care about.

3. This is kind of strange and it’s the first time I felt this way after high school but I really kinda miss..sciences. To be honest, I don’t even know if I like Bio, Chem and Physics. In high school, we HAD to do well and I did do well, but was it because I had to or because I liked them and was good at them? I guess I’ll never know the answer to that.

Sigh back in those SPM days.

I miss studying for SPM I wanna go back to high school T__________T

studying with jess and esther! good old days sighh

the moral notes pasted on the wall next to my bed so I can wake up everyday and read them and read them again before i sleep WHICH WAS A COMPLETELY FUTILE EFFORT CAUSE I GOT A2 IN MORAL FUCK MORAL LA DAMN ANGRY

4. I really miss my dog

Her name was Girly (don’t laugh! my grandma named her!) and she was a stray dog but she was sooo prettyyy and she had a pink nose!! Anyway, she died last year due to old age 🙁 Girly, I really miss you very much. You were and will always be the prettiest dog I have ever seen.

Random irrelevant picture I found while looking for all these pics, this is a scar near my toe. Wanna know how I got it? Ok I was trying to fly a kite. And no matter how fast I ran, I couldn’t get the kite up high enough. I was still the old fat me, so I got lazy after trying in vain, so I came up with the bestest idea in the world. I tied the kite on the handle of my bike, and started cycling instead!

5 seconds later, the kite got entangled in my wheel and my bike crashed. Fat Suet then went crying to her grandma and got scolded cause damn stupid where got people fly kite on a bike one! Grandma is also still going around telling this story to other relatives wtf

The end wanna do homework now! what are some of the things you miss too?


  1. devina says:

    i miss running out of college after tests to go downtown with one huge bunch of people wtf T___T

    i miss playing tennis with my tennis mates and sleeping on the court after that.

    i miss a lot of stuffs T_T

    anyway what breed of dog is Girly ? i’ve never seen that kind haha wtf *ignorant*.

  2. AP says:

    i miss doodling and drawing comic strips in class, and getting hype for it, wahaha
    …making people laugh with those silly comics, i’d never forget the satisfaction i felt then
    now pleasure is cheap
    suet u were totally who i wanted to be in my alternate universe, athletics is the bane of my existence ahaha
    anyway those great times stay with you and who knows, you may relive them in some way. i’m convinced you can do whatever you put your heart to 🙂

  3. clem says:

    omg moral damn benci lah wtf. i think i got A1 though (or A2.. aiyah in the end same lah wtf) *gloats

    i enjoyed going for campfires but i hated our camps wtf. where got scouts in other places do camping at schools wan!! ridiculous!

    i miss playing badminton and cycling and running sigh. and swimming at court 7/8/10!! and getting halau-ed by guards ’cause some of us are not residents wtf

  4. vincent2903 says:

    i miss my kindergarden teacher… she’s so beautiful like an angel… T.T

    btw, look at the way u sit while drinking 100plus…
    like those Big Sister in triad society… LOL!!!

    i cant believe u are so active when u r in those days compare to now… haha!!!

  5. Ping Ping says:

    hmmmm..I have never been an athlete kind of person, I shriek and push the palang down when I had to do high jump okay???

    But I miss knowing every single part of the school. I miss having people I know around and feeling safe. I miss having the people I can count on around.

    I miss feeling belonged. I guess it’s my first semester and I shouldn’t ask too much. But it suck when you feel that your self-esteem yang tak seberapa ini got crushed with so many smart people around.

    I miss being one of those with the best English in class. T.T Now I know my high school (although kononnya elite) standard is really just to make us feel better of ourselves wtf.

    I have never been a person who will go all out to prove myself though. So if I was not allowed to play on any games because of my size, I would silently feel bitter and let it go. So Suet, way to go!!!!

  6. jammie says:

    show me a pic of the basketball captain where you can actually see his face! sigh i always wanted to believe that barry was your first ever bf so the bazsuet love story would be more… lovely wtf. i don’t mind zachary cos he’s a blonde and has blue eyes WTF

    i miss……………………………. you *small voice

  7. On9仔 says:

    Hi Suet,

    Your blog remind me of my sec school time(and that was a bloody 15 years ago). I can still recalled the SPM moral paper where 90% of us submitted the paper after 30 mins and leave those super kiasu people like Suet struggling with the paper.

    Why? Cause we don’t care. A good point to note is that whose who excels in studies does not always translate into getting a good job in the future, well it helps a little sometime. I got many classmate who got good SPM results now live a normal life like everyone else. And for those who pursued for a master end up work as normal white collar like everyone of us.

    Quote Forest Gump “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”

    • sweatlee says:

      i take offense in being called kiasu. getting good results in spm gave me an almost full ride for a levels in college. it’s not just about caring for a stupid paper in spm and thinking that it doesn’t matter in our life in the future.
      again, getting good results in spm was what gave me the opportunity to obtain much cheaper tertiary education than others. i’d never tell someone to screw their spm moral and history because ‘excelling in studies does not mean you will get a good job next time’

      it’s not the end results that matter. it’s the mean of getting to the results. if at the end of the day i end up being a white collar like everyone else, i’d still be happy for i was given the opportunity to study here under a good scholarship. and i have to thank my kiasuness in trying to get better results in high school for that.

      • jessieloi says:

        A self-acknowledged kiasu here!

        Suet is right you know. It is the means of getting that good grade that matters.

        take me for example, good grades were important cause I wanted to go to Singapore to further my studies in biological sciences for it is an amazing platform for me to start my career in science. But to get to Singapore, my results were not sufficient unfortunately. And my results were not bad actually.

        So to say that grades do not matter in getting a good job, maybe not, but it must have mattered somewhere along the way when you were trying to get to that career you want.

        • kei says:

          omg this is an issue i think anybody who remotely cares about their future can relate to. and seriously, why is being kiasu a bad thing(like sweat and jessieloi said). because seriously, it depends on what you wanna do. if you’re this really talented person whose adamant on being a musicianblablabla and u KNOW you dont need good grades, then you have every right to say grades dont matter.
          but if not, dont talk about kiasu ppl as if we’re in a lower position than those with the tidakapa attitude 🙂

      • Cassie says:

        and now i don’t feel bad when ppl call me kiasu anymore..we had a game in class the other day where each person has their own name card and everyone has to take turns writing that person’s strength on the name some form of encouragement..and i got kiasuness on my name card -_-” HAHA

    • carol says:

      omg i totally agree with suet.

      there are many levels of “white collar jobs”. you can have the $50k per annum white collar job or the $120k per annum white collar job. i choose the $120k white collar job, thank you.

      if being kiasu and studying hard is what will get me there, i’ll do it. and fact is that, studying hard, no, actually, the CONCEPT of WORKING hard and PUSHING THROUGH is the one that will get you through most of your life, especially where your job is concerned. it does not just help “a little”. it helps A LOT. in a world where almost everyone has an undergraduate degree, it is one of the few ways to STAND OUT. if On9仔 is happy to live a mediocre life just by having a “white collar job”, then, too bad for him.

      but i HATE mediocrity.

  8. Irene says:

    When I read the part about you being an athlete, it reminded me of my ballet days. I danced ballet for 13 years and still I quit. In the end, I just couldn’t get past the hurdle of not being the “right body shape”. But good on you, for working so hard to ensuring the girls at your school could join a basketball team. It is so amazing how determined you were, and I’ll bet if it wasn’t for you, your juniors wouldn’t be where they are now.

  9. jessieloi says:


    [moral is the dumbest subject I’ve ever learned. I dont know how does memorising the definition of Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan has helped me.]

  10. Cyndi says:

    Dear Suet Li,

    This post really reminds me of high school. Everything is just so similar. What a coincidence!!

    Especially the part on basketball. My friends and I were facing the same problem as you. Just that we did not offer free ice-cream!! LOL!! We tried persuading our principal as well. But she came answering us like ‘it’s better to focus on your studies… studies more important’. We managed to get an external coach and had basketball training every Saturday morning at a public basketball court near our house. I paid for my jersey too!! WTH… I used to like basketball and netball a LOT. However, since i came to Melbourne, it’s hard to actually for a team of your own. *sigh*.

    Did you go for the scout Jamboree in 2004 held at Sik, Kedah? I was there under the Selangor contingent.

  11. Cpkenny says:

    I miss my Kampung Boy days….
    Miss Playing with guli/pebbles;
    Miss Looking for fighting spiders among the pandan bushes, put them in match boxes and fight with my mates’ ones;
    Miss having fighting fish and put them in 100 plus bottles, till they die of suffocation – bottle was air tight wtf;
    Miss Riding bicycle down a slope with fullest speed & fall!
    Miss Playing basketball & refreshing 50 cents lychee drink from the grocery store after that.
    Miss collecting those shiny Dragonball sticker cards (^V^)
    Miss climbing a tree… LOL

    Those were the days…… Sighz……

    Hahah a techer once told me, if you get A1 for Moral, then you are enlightened liao lor!!!

    Do cherish those memories from the past, create more at present, so that you can laugh about it in the future! 😉

  12. pancakes says:

    eh those pics are from your xfresh blog hahah i still remember (yer why am i so freaky)

    i miss being ketua kelas and saying “bangun kelassssss. selamat sejahtera cikgu” in that draggy kinda voice.

    ps – girly does NOT look like a stray dog at all la dont bluff

  13. sweatlee says:

    baz, u still do! to me =)

    devina, i think she’s a spitz!

    hayley, yeahh i miss that too! but im still in uni la i better appreciate tht!

    aud, hahah wtf pretend u never see before cannot ah!

    jaysee, haha ya pepsi cola i miss tht alot too!

    ky, i dunno how to play futsal tho!

    ap, haha. yeah u’re right we shall see =D

    clem, haha we did go to some jamboree though but not everyone went la. hahah yeahh

    vincent, ahah ya i miss my kindy teacher also! oi now also still active ok i go gym…once a while wtf

    ping, hahah! thanks but im not like that anymore wtf

    jammie, hahaha ya now he very ugly edi T_T ya zach damn hensem wtf

    ahmike, heh thanks =)

    irene, wow 13 years! i’ve always wanted to know how to dance..yea i still am quite amazed that i did that haha

    jess, hahahaha yeah remember we didnt even study that much that nite wtf

    axiao, haha nola i think it’s the same height! and thanks =D

    cyndi, ehhh same!!! no i didnt go to that jamboree!

    kenny, hahah yeahhh your kampung days sound fun!

    pancakes, haha i didnt know u read me in xfresh!??! hahaha ketua kelas wtf. ya she is stray!! i think…her breed is spitz!

    • Cyndi says:

      any reasons why u missed it? it was fun being there doing activities like repelling, flying fox, canoeing.. just that we need to get up early to sing negaraku and state anthem every morning before breakfast is served. but it’s good experience to camp in a tent for one whole week.

      moral is the only paper we CHEATED when we’re taking school exams. how contradicting is it!!*swt* all the nilai-s are left in the toilet and we took turns going to the washroom to check if we can’t remember the specific nilai to apply to the cases.

  14. fish fish says:

    LOL I only got a C6 in my Moral. The worst subject I scored in my whole life. There were about 400 of us took Moral for that year SPM, only three scored A1. Seriously, until today, I still don’t know how they grade “Moral”.

  15. CraSH says:

    nice.. so! you better enjoy college and do more fun things. i am sure when you look back, you would miss college also. =)
    taking about moral.. i was in the 1st batch and i only got a p7. even the 3 highest spm scorer in school got a p7!! that test is just stupid.. hahaha.. only 3 people out of 300 got an a2. and they all of them didnt even make grade 1. makes me laugh when i hear about spm moral. haha

  16. The Faux Fashionista says:

    AWw…the good old days! You were not fat la! And eeeee I hated high school and SPM I never ever wanna go back to those days, EVER! Damn cool lor date the basketball captain! I had a crush on our school captain in Std 6 but I was fat then so of course he didnt pay attention to me T__T *shy* 100 plus after sports is one of the best little things in life!

  17. ozzie says:

    Yes yes, do show people how you shoot, because it’s damn nice. I used to want to copy it all the time but cannot wtf because my hands are retarded like that.

    I agree with Jess. (Captain don’t read this blog right OMG OMG).

    • may says:

      haha…yes…we always say that suet’s shooting style is funny….very easy to kena tap somehow…but then again…suet manage to pull it out and score =P

      haha….nope…that captain does not read this blog…i can guarantee that =P

  18. hL says:

    cheh! tumpang glamour americans! i ran and jumped to block fit’s shot ok and twisted my knee when i landed while u were probably playing with your hair on the court. hahaha. but if u realllly insists in apologizing i take a free pizza uno meal anytime.

    and what A2 A1 i got a C5 so to hell with all you morally bankrupt hypocrites im the real immoral person here =)

  19. felicia says:

    i was pretty active in school, in marching, track, gosh… i miss those days, and national service, when you actually feel good about yourself, must be endorphin hormones.

    but yup, yay to “kiasuness”, it’s not really about that, but being able to do your best, proving yourself, not really to other people. i was on the verge of giving up in SPM, but I didn’t do too bad, and I got a 2nd chance in college, and I did pretty well, so no regrets. I realize it’s about giving your best, and knowing you can be whatever you want to be..

    good luck suet li, looks like you had a great time w Barry and Su-Ann. 🙂 Oh, those krispy kreme looks delicious, what calories? haha.

    take care.

  20. kreazi says:

    OMG, I love love love Hanamichi Sakuragi, was reading the comics over and over again, plus I drew him and the team, and pinned it on my board to motivate me to study in uni! hahahahahaha.. and I really, really miss schooling days too.. as a girl guide and ranger, attending camps and campfires everywhere!! We walk to the left and we walk to the right, and we walk, and we walk, and we walk all night, with a heel and a toe and a half turn around, with a heel and a toe and a new friend found!!!!

      • kreazi says:

        I bet u still rber the frog song too.. glob glob says the little green frog one day. glob glob says the little green frog. glob glob says the little green frog one day, and all day glob glob he went.. hahahaha it sounds stupid for non scouts/guides.. but it’s really fun singing all those songs and the actions when u gather around the campfire 🙂

  21. Mei says:

    i miss studying for spm with friends, the sleep overs, the bali redang pangkor thailand genting trip then there’s prom. high school gossiping “skipping class in prefects room” making fun of teachers moments. those were good ol days i miss and treasure most =)

  22. jy says:

    i miss my spm days too..i went back to my hometown a couple of weeks ago and i saw my study desk with my idol’s poster on it wtf. and then next to it was a FORMULA ION KIMIA..and i wrote discouraging words like GAMBATEH JIAYOU wtf. and i so damn miss the days where i study so hard for spm and i wonder where my passion has gone…now i’m so demotivated.
    SIGH~and i miss being a student reporter of nanyang siang pau was so much fun. sigh those were the days

  23. estee says:

    wth.. my 1st time leaving a comment!!!!! I WAS SO THIN AND TALL.. though ugly! you see i was the same height as sarah and ruby!. anyway ya hor i wore specs.. lol.. and yes we did not even study tht nite.. we were planning the whole langkawi trip and liasting down what we had to bring AND you all said my handwriting was ugly and rewrote everything! AND I GOT AN A1 FOR MORAL WAHAHAHHAHA
    ok. bye! =D

  24. lilseoul says:

    is it Ming Hung?! Later i go show him the link!!! Whoever wants to see his pictures tell me!

    hL we all know why u have week knees!plus C5 nth la, i got a E9. Whats moral for anyways? We still do it in college.

    Suet, you were really hash brown back then! and i was totally roasted! Playing ur ass of at 3pm, crazy girl.

  25. sweatlee says:

    hahahhaha damn dumb u should’ve chosen a white wtf

    yeah seriously moral is a stupid subject that should be abolished!

    haha yeahh but i guess i’d miss high school more than college!

    why!! i loved high school! a lot! hahaha poor thing=(

    hahah really ah it’s not a good way ok coach always scold me!

    yeah i wished i got picked for NS but i didnt! then my mom didnt let me go appeal wtf. haha thanks =D

    yaa skipping class in prefects room and gossip all day long! damn funnn!

    hello =D

    hahaha formula ion omg i remember tht! ya i was wondering why discouraging wtf

    hahahah how can u be tall then get short back!??! HAHAHA YEA THEN WE HAD LIKE THE SCHEDULE AND PLANNED WHAT TO WEAR HAHAHHA yala cibai u got a1 life sucks wtf

    hey!!!!!!!!!!!!1 joel!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT SHOW HIM MY BLOG I’LL KILL U SERIOUSLY. i miss playing with you =(((((((

  26. estee says:

    LOL.. not i tall la cumin to think of it… just tht they grew and i didnt after tht.. ming hung……… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… HAHAHAHAHA FARNIE SHIT LA!
    “talk la summmore.. im in here too ok”.. remember tht line

  27. Ping Ping says:

    Let’s have a campfire whoot whoot. Heheheh. And we sing all the girl guides songs. I miss girl guides too. =(( Although I suck at tying the gadgets, but at least I can cook la. XD

    I love the whole process, the preparing to the audition for campfire night to building the gadgets, to the real camp days. =((

  28. Cassie says:

    i miss college days..i can still remember clearly how the first day was..and how i first met my A Levels frens who are very close to me now…and haha slam dunk..i love basketball tooo..and i understand how you feel when you say the guys would dominate the court and not allow the girls to play..i was the only girl at the court near my house Y.Y

    then other girls started coming and they get to play with the guys easily and NOW I KNOW WHY THEY WEAR SUCH SHORT SHORTS TO THE BASKETBALL COURT hahahahaha and sometimes ppl ask me why my msn add has haruko in it..and i would have to tell the basketball story

  29. eeflin says:

    ehhhhhhhhh lets play basketball the next time you and i both are in malaysia together wtf.

    funny how the first time we met each other was during mapcu 3-on-3 in 2006 remember or not! wtf. you were andrea’s friend wtf.

  30. sweatlee says:

    estee, what u talking about i don’t remember that line!!!

    joel, got but have to practice everyday! i don’t have the time =( besides i dont think im good enough for them…

    vivien, haha thanks! (dont know how to accept this compliment wtf)

    ping, hahaha i love cooking also! remember roti lilit?? omg wuwuw i got a cooking badge and a pasang api badge wtf!

    cassie, hahah yeah my shorts quite short one wtf but it’s not for that reason ok!! ooh i like haruko!

    hanis, hahaha ya tok janggut! kelantan wtf

    rooney, thanks =D i really enjoyed writing it =)

    eeflin, HAHAHA yeah eeflin /boo
    i remember you damn tall la i damn scared ok wtf. i dont remember who’s andrea now wtf. oh i think it’s like this. i knew andrea’s bf (dunno still the same one anot) cause he used to play in my court alot.

  31. Stantm says:

    I reckon this is one of your best post. You worte with reminiscing thought and you made people feel the same way too. Although I practically dont know who you are but you brought back my memories. Good effort and well done.
    I love basketball too…winks*

  32. curryegg says:

    I never know that you are a basketball player and scout member! Haha… that’s cool! about the moral… sigh… I just managed to score B3 no matter how hard I revise… eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr 🙁

  33. michellesy says:

    I am WTF-ing at your “^_^ <– wtf”s HAHAAHAH. funny lah you suet.

    and my gawd, why you so organised one – the notes! and the bookmarks. freak of nature sial *gazes at suet in awe*

    and why cannot see the face of your 2nd bf ar (counting z as the first lah wtf). shy is it XD

  34. michellesy says:

    ps: wah multitasking AAHAHAHA, RIDE BIKE + FLY KITE AHAHAHAH. eh rhymes wei, but then somehow i think it will sound vulgar when translated into cantonese wtf. what is wrong with me today ar – dirty minded wtf

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