It took me two days staring blankly at my Write Post page, wondering how to write this post. I want to make it perfect, but try as I might it just seems flawed. I want to make it sweet, but try as I might it just seems lame and cheesy. I want to make it something you’ll never forget, but try as I might whatever I write seems so forgettable.

So today, I’m sitting here two days past your birthday, telling myself to just fuck it and just write what I feel. Why try so hard to make it sweet and only have it look cheesy when I’m only writing it to impress?

What I really feel:


I feel very blessed that I have found someone like you. I feel very blessed that we chanced upon the fate to meet that Sunday. I feel blessed that your mom gave birth to you. I feel blessed that I’m with someone who has never failed to make me the happiest person on earth for the last few years.

What I really feel:


I feel excited that you’ve grown a year older, because that means that’s only another 1.5 years to your graduation and to you finally working. I feel excited at the prospect of you working and me working and us trying out life as a working couple. I feel excited cause that also means it’s only 6 years before we can get married and live happily ever after!!!1 I can’t wait for us to start our lives together πŸ™‚

What I really feel:


I feel accomplished that I played a part in changing you for the better. From the angry goth that you once were, you’ve grown to be one of the finest young men I know. You never once let your ego ruin your relationship, unlike most men I know. You always know what’s important to you and you will always try to not let anyone take that away, even if it means humbling down and admit that you’re wrong even if we both know I’m at fault.

To my best friend who has never tried to judge me in whatever circumstances, to the person who listens to me bitch and bitches along with me although he doesn’t even know what really happened, to the person who takes me in his arms and lets me cry on his shoulder and wipes my snots away when I get emo after a sad movie, to my soulmate who finishes my sentences and knows the exact answer to the super hard question of “do you know what I really feel like eating now” because I feel like eating different things everyday, to-

wait, I can never finish writing that list.

But I will try.

To the best boyfriend in the world whom I can never get bored talking on the phone with, to the only person I can see at work everyday for 3 months and still miss when I have to go back and sleep and only see you tomorrow, to the person I am willing to try as hard as I can to maintain a long distance relationship for years, to the only guy who can make me laugh when I’m mad by doing a chicken dance, to the person I will readily sacrifice my life for, to the person I can count on no matter what,

to the guy who spent days writing love notes on tiny papers and folded them and inserted them into 56 hershey kisses just so I have something to look forward to everyday before we finally meet again,

(I’ll continue the list next month on our anniversary, and I’ll include some of the notes he wrote :))


phew finally after all that long crap! I’ll give you your present when you get here in 11 daysssssssss! Let me give you a clue on what that present is: H_i_a_e_eΒ  C_i_k_nΒ  R_c_ (actually barry already knew this, so see if the rest of you can guess!)

p.s: I think my readers are getting pretty sick of lovey dovey emo sweet mushy posts so I’m gonna take a break from that for a while…(which will fail wtf cause I’m an emo lovey dovey person like that)

oh oh! I found some of the comments that Barry has left in my blog, trying to defend me from stupid flamers. They’re really funny!

This is from the dear diary post, where I was depressed and all.

jimmy Says:

u NEED a new boyfriend.

Baz Says:

jimmy: you need a new name, jimmy is a shitty name for a vagina.


This is from the i have a date with spring post, where I talked about having a virtual date with him on skype
pear says:

barry the sissy boy!

Baz says:

pear: Sissy? I’m assuming that you’re a dude or a dyke, and I could fucking take you, and you know it. I’m not ashamed of being nice to my girlfriend. Maybe you don’t understand this whole love business because the only relationship you have is with your Level 12 Elf in World of Warcraft.

HAHAH level 12 elf wtf

From my makeup post, pear strikes again wtf

pear says:


(err wtf?)

Baz says:


hahahahhah breast on forehead damn wtf hahahaha

There are a lot more but I’m running late for work now! bye!


  1. dy says:

    don’t stop writing! it’s sweet and nice to know there are people out there that can maintain a LDR…

    too bad i’ve let go a LDR 3 years ago.. i still miss it very much. πŸ™

    hope both of you can maintain it and get married soon! =)

  2. jy says:

    hahaha breast on the forehead LOLOLOLOL
    happy birthday barry!!
    may both of you live happily ever after forever wtf πŸ™‚
    and do you have any sibling who is as good as you har introduce to me la wtf

  3. Julian ex fat says:

    You guys are very lucky to have each other (in case you didn’t already know, I am king of the obvious). I don’t know why but I always feel compelled to comment when you have got happy posts like this one.

    PS: Happy birthday Barry.

  4. sweatlee says:

    baz,rah what ur bday over edi wtf. ya cant wait to see u but got three exams too T___T

    simon,washing dishes sigh what else is new

    abby,hahah doesnt sound too good wtf.

    jaja,are u a certain someone whom i think u are wtf

    pinkpau,get married now meh wtf haih if we do get married 6 yrs later we would have been togther for 10 years then..10 years +lifetime..im scared

    geeee,haha i hope so too! thanks!

    dy,aww im sorry =( thanks for your encouragement =)

    jy, why got dy then jy wtf. hahaha i have a sis!!!

    hayley, thanks hayleyyy!

    julian,yala captain obvious hahah. cheh sad posts then u wont comment to cheer me up meh!

    clem, what does tht have to do with ur ability to guess hahahha! anyway its easy to guess ler

    jade, in 6 more years T_T so long summore haih.

    pamela, yay here’s your prize for guessing it right! a virtual tupperware wtf

    aud, wuwuuw do u know how much trouble it’ll take to make hainanese chicken rice myself T_T why are u high so early wtf

  5. Jia Meei says:

    I didn’t read the comments and I guessed it right yayyy

    (I don’t like chicken rice wtf)

    Happy belated birthday Barry and please! Keep your girlfriend cos she’s just too sweet :,)

    I love you Suet for no reason at all

  6. zay at work says:

    And I shall wait for your “engagement” post on 2014!

    P.S. Just in case you think your readers are getting bored with all these posts, well, I totally disagree! I lurve posts like this, v. genuine I think!
    P.P.S. You were saying you have 3 pprs to sit for? well, all the best in your papers! I am sure you can do well πŸ™‚

  7. AP says:

    i have to agree can’t wait to see you two get married, people have been spending a lifetime together before its easy to suspect the forces of inertia at work but i think it’s natural when you find the right person, and really can’t get any more right than this

  8. Blossom says:

    I don’t think us readers will ever get sick of ur lovey dovey emo sweet mushy posts larh, dun worry k! ^^

    btw barry’s comments really damn funny!!! Made me LOL-ed πŸ˜€ D D

  9. Wurn says:

    I’m jus a reader of yours who recently get obsessed with your blog. Don worry. I’m not a stalker. I just find that your writing really interesting and i really love on how you convey your feelings n etc. Though I don know both of you personally but I can feel that both are you a perfect couple. Yes no doubt each couple will have their unhappy moments but I really feel that through this only a relationship can grow stronger. And I believe that if a person truly loves his/her companion, she/he will be more than willing to do the most silly thing for the companion. This is what you call as love. Thus both of you have my highest respect. I shud say that both of you complete each other. Btw, happy birthday to barry.

  10. Ping Ping says:

    Walao, 6 years meh? Wait, after u kahwin u will still write? XD

    I like to read lovey dovey stuff. Dun worry. Although bukan I pak thor, I read yours I feel happy. HAHAHA. I am weird.

    I thought you are ball collector or something, change job d?

  11. aw says:

    Happy belated birthday, Barry. Please don’t kill any of your classmates with crossbows, machine guns or woks! Actually using wok is OK, funnier that way.

    Also, Barack Obama says, “You’re all right, guy. We have the same initials.” So enjoy your trip to visit Sweat, and when you take photo of her maybe you could include Giang in the photo.

  12. YC says:

    Awww…I like this post a lot. Have always loved real life stories like this where the boyfriend is also the best friend/soulmate/someone whom you can be yourself with. Relationships like this don’t come by often. I really wanna see both of u tie the knot. Hehe no pressure. Anyway I like how Baz blasts those jealous farts. Haha

  13. Lyn says:

    helo SUeT:)

    i’ve been ur reader for quite a while ! so far, i think this is the sweetest post u hv written for Barry! πŸ™‚
    its so touchin ler.*sobs n i honestly felt it.

    My bf’s bday falls on the same day as Barry too. haha. coincidence.

    keep on writing!!

  14. sweatlee says:

    yala then get married now meh! i have to wait till i’m 26 and financially stable ok

    haha thanks..

    ya cause i put so many clues ok quite easy to guess! yyy i love chicken rice! aww you’re the only who says im sweet everyone else puji barry cis. i love u too for all the reasons in the world wtf

    haha 2014 make sure u’re still reading my blog then ok! aww u remember i have 3 exams! thanksss=D

    hahaha dunno but it sounds nice! thanks for your wishes!

    haha u think leh considering that i’m so stingy hahaha wtf invite but do potluck WTF hahaha nola kidding wtf

    awww thanks!! =D

    hahah his is 7/11!! happy birthday to u too!

    cause then we’ll be financially stable and all tht!

    haha awww that’s sweet! i wanna have offspring young too!!!!!1 but stupid barry say noo we must enjoy life alone first arent we not doing tht now edi?!?! wtf

    haha sure anott! haha yea do lookout for his comments when someone flames me, he gets really witty!

    haha dunno if blogging is still popular then anot! but i’ll try!

    im sweet too leh wtf he’s also very lucky leh wtf tak tau malu

    smart! yala got alot clues ok!

    ya hahaha damn childish hahaha

    awww thanks! i’m sure you;d be able to write this too!

    hey! haha thanks for thinking that way about me/us. thanks for the wish too! =)

    haha it’s not thaaat nice until can make drama right!!

    why u call urself crazy hahaha yeah ldr sucks =(

    haha cannot buy anywhere here! so have to cook! omg i scared i dunno how leh, summore dunno where to find a whole chicken here!

    yaya i hope i’ll be blogging still then! haha nola not weird laa! ya i got multiple jobs one to make ends meet wtf

    thanks for your wish! =)

    hahah u and my frens tsk tsk. why he wanna kill his classmates for!

    yays!! ok do tht ah ill be looking out for your comments!

    thanks =)) haha all my readers are pressuring me now leh! scared to break up also edi wtf

    no wor i keep telling barry how much i wanna get married and be the wife who just stays in the kitchen to cook all the nice food while waiting for her husband to come home, and take care of the kids WTF im very homely one wtf

    hey lyn! aww thanksss! haha really ah what a coincidence! 7/11 wtf.

    hee thanks πŸ˜€

  15. Andrew says:

    I enjoy reading sweet mushy posts of yours although it makes me miss my gf so much more cause we’re in ldr as well.
    at least you get to see your bf every now and then.But anyway,these sweet mushy mushy posts never fail to make me smile.

    ok i sound so gay wtf

  16. zay at work says:

    Yes I remember! Hehe, I have been developing a habit to visit your blog every so often, so don’t worry, I will keep reading your blog until one day you start propagating little barrys and little sweats and have no time to blog! lol!

  17. zay at work says:

    But I hope, even if one day you have your little ones and have v. little time for your own, you can still blog, because you know how much you can make our days with your day-to-day encounters! Ehehehehehhe….

    P.S. Perhaps you can shower us with some travelogues next time? It would be cool if you’re the one who does it =)

  18. CraSH says:

    happy belated bday to barry.. and i am sure both of you will have lots of fun during winter break.

    not to forget! good luck in your exams. 3 more weeks to finals.. and 4 weeks before home!! woots.. πŸ™‚

  19. jy says:

    huh i freaking dunno who is that ‘dy’ lol..and my initial is memang jy wtf lol. hahhaa sorry i’m straight i duwan ur sis wtf wtf lol..i meant barry’s sibling LOLOLOLOL

  20. michellesy says:

    happy (very) belated birthday barry!

    and two thumbs up for your ripping ripostes to pear – breast on forehead wtfffffff hahahahah XD

    eh suet, your life plan very detailed, damn organised lah you. can i come and hold the baby when you have he/ she wtf. i put in my diary in six years time ok wtf wtf.

    and you’re very maternal and domestic goddess okay wtf. everytime i think of you bringing home-made milo to work in a thermos for you and barry (and forcing him to drink it to save money wtfffff) i wanna melt loh. okay lah, salah gender a bit, but you get what i mean lah wtf. you’re gonna be an awesome wife/ mom =)

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