Question game

I’m in the most unexciting phase of my life right now, so I really don’t know what I can blog about. Should I blog about my incredibly amazing and wonderful adventure with my first time using tampons? Hmm maybe. Should I talk about how happy I am that Barry is coming in 3 days? Maybe. Should I blog about how angry I have been thanks to a certain someone? Maybe. Should I talk about my sudden realization in class today? Perhaps. How about all of the above? Sure why not.

Actually no, I changed my mind. I’m not going to talk about any of the above.

Let’s play a game.

I’ve done this before last time but since I don’t have anything interesting to talk about now, let’s do it again.

Ask me a question, any question, and I’ll answer you. Rules: only 1 question per person, I can choose not to answer your question, and you must leave your real name and real email address. Of course, I have no means to verify that but let’s pretend I do ok wtf.

3,2,1 set go!

Whoever asks the best question wins a virtual tupperware.

2nd prize is a virtual quaker instant oatmeal (regular flavor).

611 Responses to “Question game”

  1. Baz says:

    What is my IC number?

    I win that tupperware if you fail to answer correctly

  2. kennysia says:

    Does ‘The Club’ secretly hate me? 🙁 Why you all hate me!

  3. gwen says:

    who’s your favourite blogger and what’s your fav blog? (one question mark only so considered one question wtf) i thought long time ago you said you wanna blog about this. why neveerrr

  4. sweatlee says:

    hahahahhahahhaa you guys are so funny hahahha! i had a hard time deciding who to give the prize to edi! oh noesss!

    barry, i love you baby cause you know me so well that you know that is the hardest question for me. but! have no fear cause i know the answer to that! (tell u on msn)

    kenny, hahahha why u still thinking about that!!! we dont hate u at all!! at all at all. at all at all at all at allalald3fqawgweolpal honest i swear with my tampons WTF

    gwen, HAHAHA how can like that hahaha that’s two questions ok!! ok but i like u so i answer both. my fav blog is xiaxue’s yaya how mainstream but i really enjoy reading her blog BUT my favorite blogger as in the person is su ann =) i said before!

  5. clem says:

    am I awesome?

    suet: yes u are, this is an easy one!

  6. Gin says:

    are u ever going to blog abt the blogger you told me you would on msn *O* HAHAHA

    suet: you know what, i dont know. i really dont know. it depends on what will provoke me to do that in the future. for now i still dont have the guts haha

  7. Sharon says:

    What’s your favourite memory with Barry ? 😀 I know you have many but can only choose one! haha :p

    suet: hahaha yeah alot! it’s really hard to choose….argh i give up!! i cant choose! maybe of us tickling each other once then i knocked my head really hard on the bed post damn pain T_T then we started laughing really hard but actually in my heart i was bleeding cause my head damn pain T___T

  8. CraSH says:

    how does econs turn you on? hehe…

    suet:it does not turn me on!!! i hate econ T___T

  9. j. says:

    what do you think of singaporeans? heehee. i know we’ve got this love/hate relationship. (okay mostly hate hur. 🙁 ) oh, yep i’m a singaporean.

    by the way, i only started reading your blog like a month ago, and i liked your entries so much i read all your entries (from like, your oldest blog to this) in that one month. my boyfriend has threatened to ban me from your blog cause i sleep in the wee hours in the morning reading ur blog sometimes. haha. take care suet! 🙂

    suet: actually i honestly never thought of that before, like about singaporeans. nothing lor i’m indifferent. i feel like we’re the same! everytime i see a sporean here i’ll be really happy cause it’s like meeting a msian but they’re usually not that excited to see me one =( hahah aww you’re so sweet!

  10. Kai says:

    Would you feel that you’ve lost everything if Barry decides to leave you since you’ve given him so much?

    I’ve been pondering this question for a long time myself too.

    suet: yes. i dont know how things will be. i’m sure i will feel depressed as hell and might even attempt suicide wtf.

  11. kellie says:

    Will you make an entry teaching us how you managed to get great deals on stuff you buy?

    (You have lots of nice outfits and got it at AWESOME prices too! How do you scour shops for cheap stuff! Sales? Warehouse clearance? Haiya I got so many question actually -_- )

    suet: hahah really ah! i thought people are bored of me talking about my kiam siapness already! hahaha i’ll try to write one next time!

  12. Pearly says:

    what language u use to “communicate” with your family ? friends ?

    suet: i use manglish! +hokkien and canto. it’s really mangled haha

  13. kling says:

    what is your all-the-time ambition/dream? like maybe u dreamt being an air-hostess all the while but dreams seldom come true in reality. And when u see an air hostess u secretly thought that u can do better than them if u went for it at the 1st place.

    suet: i like this! you know what this is really stupid but my all time ambition is to be a good wife/mother…omg it sounds even stupider when i put it in words wtf.

  14. devina says:

    i dunno what to ask wtf am so not inquisitorial like that ahahaha. erm, how about, how do you spend your free times in boston ? cause am getting rather bored in SF hahaha.

    suet: i’m not in boston!! i’m in a very small suburban area 1.5 hours away from boston. during my free time, i watch drama, chat, surf, blog and do other very boring stuff. it’s true T_T

  15. nt says:

    what am i having for dinner later? =p

    suet: omg i have to make it a rule that those questions have to be about ME only!!! haha i dont even know u leh! ermm ok..rice with curry chicken? wtf

  16. pinkpau says:

    omg so fun i love this game

    if you could have any skill in the world, what would it be

    suet: DEFINITELY THE ABILITY TO SING very well. wait is that a skill? or ability..ok if tht doesnt count then i want to be able to massage very well wtf so i can massage barry when he comes back from work next time /shy wtf

  17. Nat says:

    What’s your fav sexual position?

    suet: haha why are you assuming that i’ve had sex! what if i haven’t? jeng jeng jeng

  18. AP says:

    I think we all know quite abit of what you hate so…… what do you like most about yourself?*promote self-love, ahem…. besides ability to save alot of $$$ by dint of kiamsap-ness, which i admire lol

    suet: hahah aww! i like…omg it’s a hard ques. shit is there nothing i really like about myself?!?! *thinks harder. mm i like how nice i am wtf. no serious, sometimes i’m too nice.

  19. Amelia says:

    Do u like kissing? enjoy the kissing process? cuz i seriously hate it when the bf kisses me

    suet: omg really?!?! why?? i love kissing!!! especially the slow gentle intimate ones!

  20. DreamZmodel says:

    Wonder u interested to go into modelling?

    suet: nope i’m too fat and short.

  21. C.L says:

    In your opinion, what is the perfect age to get married?

    suet: i dont think there’s a perfect age. if you’re ready and financially stable by 23, why not? anyway the perrrrfect age for me is 26! if now also can wtf

  22. aud says:

    what is it about me that is so cute WTF

    suet: why oh why do i know what u will ask even before u asked. your face and height la wht else wtf u pan cute monster wtf

  23. mg says:

    what is ur diet like to keep urself slim always? =P

    suet: nooo i’m not slim! i gained so much weight lately cause i haven’t been exercising T_T but yeah i think maybe err dont eat so much? i try not to eat more than 1400 calories a day wtf

  24. may says:

    Who was the blogger that urmm..u don’t like ? (saw in a post long time ago)

    You can email me.hahahahhahah

    suet: there’re actually a few bloggers i dont like! but dunwan to say la later they read my blog how!

  25. KY says:

    what is yellow and fat?

    suet: the first thing that came up to my mind is…digi man wtf

  26. Ramadhan says:

    u r in the states studyin. from where did u get the funding?
    is it self sponsorship or corporate sponsorship?

    suet: i’m funded by the college itself =) that’s how it works in the states.

  27. aussiezombie says:

    What happens to a matchstick after it is admitted and then discharged from the hospital?

    suet: HAHA I KNOW I KNOW!! he became a cotton bud!!! what happens when he’s admitted again cause he burns himself??

  28. huey khing says:

    are you virgin ?

    suet: virginity is subjective..but i know everyone is looking at your answer so i’m going to give a solid answer. watch for it….watch for it…yes. har har. or no? hmm.

  29. vincent2903 says:

    lol so many strange & funny question start popping up… -.-lll

    btw u can blog about tampon… =p
    i discover the word “tampon” through Mesha’ blog… wtf!!!

    which colour of rose u prefer the most?

    suet: white!!!!!! my bf gives me white roses everytime =)

  30. eden says:

    why do you think your parents allow you to go into a relationship at 17? was it 17? or was it younger? you have such nice parents.

    suet: haha i like your ques! yeap it was 17. well they did tell me to not take it seriously. yeah my parents are kinda liberal actually. and they liked my bf so it was ok! if they didnt like him im sure they wouldnt allow me to do the same

  31. Jamie says:

    Can i know what company you internship for when you were in Malaysia a few months ago?haha

    suet: i worked for pfc energy, it’s an energy consultation firm..

  32. Alice says:

    How to make the bf more romantic? Hahaha.

    suet: haha tell him! and guide him along. or you can start with the romantic things and pray that he’ll follow suit wtf. but i think the best way to make him be romantic is by telling him that you like romantic stuff..

  33. JasonLiew says:

    whos your most awesome superdupermegaultra power gila chunted kaokao-ummph and forever will be punya blood brother?

    brother only ah, not guy-sister or anything else you have in mind that is diff from male sibling.

    eh dont lie yah!
    teehee =D

    suet: wtf why your comment like that!!!!!! and why is your link liverpool’s website!!! why my bro like this T____T stupid! summore why u use teehee wtf like girl

  34. Kwang says:

    would you have sex with a guy for 10 million ringgit?

    suet: 10 million?? duh!

  35. jessieloi says:

    what question would you ask me? =)

    suet: how can like tht!!!! u know what i’ll ask u one ler..all the sex stuff wtf

  36. may ann says:

    what would u do if barry cheats on u? will u talk to the girl or would u leave him?

    suet: such a sad question T__T i dont think i’ll leave him =((( i’ll talk to the girl i guess..

  37. julian says:

    How far would you go to get a packet of your tam tam something ketam biscuit? (Don’t say chinatown ar)

    My question so intellectual

    suet: how is that intellectual!!! chinatown dont have la =( i ask my mom to send to me but she dunwan boohoo. and how come u remember thts my fav one! so nice. i think the most i’d do is pay double the price for it wtf

  38. Patricia says:

    what do u secretly want to be (as in profession) 🙂

    suet: eh someone asked me the same thing edi. ok i give u a different answer. i really wanna be a kindergarten teacher 😛

  39. Mel says:

    wah suet u sweat or not bombarded with so many questions? haha thats my lame question. just wanna tell you i like your blog. 🙂

    suet: haha no la these questions still can answer…why u never ask a harder ques! haha thanks!

  40. Jeff says:

    What’s the one thing you ( will/ want/ must) bring to the states from Malaysia.?

    suet: haha hmm one thing ar..this small pillow that barry gave me wtf. he had it since young and now it’s mine ^_^

  41. xiao says:

    to avoid clothing disasters/mishaps/slips, do you use tape, or pins (to the bra) =D

    Or not care if anything pops out!

    hahaha. cause i still can’t be bothered to do either but i care about things popping out ><

    suet: actually i dont have problems like this cause my clothes usually are not that revealing..and i have nothing to show anyway T_T wtf. but in some cases, i do use tape!

  42. ron says:

    how do you feel when readers come up to you and act all chummy? you know cos when we read your blog, we feel like we know you for so long, and can relate so much to you. but in fact, you dont know us at all. how will you react?

    suet: haha i like this ques! actually i don’t mind at all..usually i’m quite friendly with strangers as well. but i guess there’s a line to be drawn, some people act tooo chummy and it can get pretty uncomfortable. talking to me as if you’ve known me for some time is ok, adding my friends from MY facebook is NOT ok.

  43. pattirmina says:

    what’s your height? 🙂

    suet: har har so easy! 156 cm. sometimes 155. but let’s pretend it’s 156.

  44. violet says:

    how long u dated barry did u agree to *ahem* with him? =p

    suet: wahhh damn personal right wtf.

  45. Esther says:

    I don’t have a question but I still wanna ask at least a question. wtf (I think its a must to say wtf in ur blog cos its a suetli tradition) wtf wtf. If I saw you in the street and wave to you and say hi, will you wave back or just walk away?

    suet: haha! ermm if u just wave then i wont wave back if i dunno u la, what if u’re actually waving at the person behind me wtf. if u come up and say hi i’ll be very flattered and i’ll talk to u, of course!!

  46. axiao says:

    this is super hard question. If i were u I also dunno wat to reply.

    Will you forgo your Malaysia citizenship if you found a good job in the states?

    suet: hahaha! damn hard wei. ermmm i dunno yes i think…….wuwuwu i feel bad now. but why sacrifice for a country who isnt willing to do the same for me =(

  47. may says:

    When do u decide to wear a g-string?

    suet: very rarely. only when i need to (when i wear something tight etc)

  48. Dwee/Audrey says:

    Why did you decide to *ahem* with Barry now and not wait till after marriage?

    Sorry. Perhaps this is too personal. Just curious. =P

    suet: haha! why u ask this oneee! yeah it’s too personal! =P

  49. sam says:

    what’s with all these sex questions? 😛

    suet: hahaha dunno! is that your ques wtf? i guess ppl are really curious..

  50. Tasha says:

    How soon was it after you started dating Barry that you said “I love you” or better yet, do you think one month is too short a time for it to be real?

    suet: wow u guys ask really nice ques! we started saying i love you in our 2nd month =) i think it depends on the level of your relationship..1 month is not too short to be real! for me we were dating while we were still in school, so we weren’t really serious at first

  51. jj says:

    OH MY GOD!!! this is fun!!! is this still opened for Question??????? HOW CAN YOU BE SO PRETTY!!!!(This is not a Question) I wish I can be as pretty as you. *envious ENVIOUS SIGH!!! oh wait wait..what is the skin care product that you used???????( can I change my name and register another email and get myself another free question?)

    suet: hahahhah! why are u so cute!! i’m not that pretty!!! it’s the angle of the camera only wtf. no im serious i look very normal. i use shiseido! (the samples that last me a very long time haha) hahaha okla since u so cute u can ask another one!

  52. June says:

    what’s your weight?

    suet: i used to be 47 then 49 but i think im 50kg now omg T_____________T

    • kling says:

      i think the gravity at the states is stronger coz i’m 158cm and i’m 48kg and i obviously look much more fatter than you. MUCH more. haha so lets pretend ur weight is much lesser ok 🙂

      suet: haha nola cause my face is not fat so cant really tell but i have a hugeee tummy!

  53. dy says:

    do you read all of your comments and visit all of the commentor’s blogs? 😉

    suet: yeap i read every single comment. i don’t visit all the blogs though but when i’m bored i do! i’ve seen yours =D

  54. jj says:

    wakakakak!! good good!! people, dont be jealous!! i got 2 Questions, I have, you dont have..nah..NAH(getting cocky). June just took my 2nd Question..err…………my brain is empty now.. Too many Questions!! OK!!I got one. I always wondering this Question. Audrey is your bf sis, so you met your bf tru aud or you met aud tru your bf??? What is the history of the club??? How you guys know each other? (I asked more than 2) Pls pls…must answer the bonus questions ah…Thanks!!!

    suet: wah so many!! ok no more ah after this! i met barry in a restaurant, and then 1 year later i met his sister and became best friends. then i met tze, and tze met aud, and tze’s friend jiameei met both of us and tada! the club was born wtf. hahaha

  55. MS says:

    What would you really want for xmas??? *shh..barry…shh*

    suet: eh why u change ur name to MS. (supply of money wtf) i want…erm more money wtf. serious!

    • MS (Money Supply WTF) says:

      Really? I guess people have to give you ang pows instead of presents for xmas :/ Thats what you are secretly hoping for right? Angpows for valentine, bday….

  56. jj says:

    Many many thanks!!finally can sleep liao tonight! =D This game is so fun xpecially when you are in the middle of all the mundane works!

  57. peng says:

    Hello hello! just out of curiosity, why did u decided to study in the States instead of in Msia or Aus or Uk???

    Btw love reading ur blog!!!

    suet: thanks!! mm cause it’s cheaper than aus and uk (with the scholarship) and it’s of better quality than msia!

  58. Nat says:

    Click on my website. Is my fiance cute? Must be honest!

    suet: haha i saw already! yeap cute 🙂

  59. aussiezombie says:

    eee so fun! can i ask another question?!? not another lame joke i promise… here goes…

    if you were to become a superhero/villain, what sort of powers would you want to have??

    suet: haha can ask one ques only la! okla okla lemme answer. ermm i want the power to teleport! so i can see barry everytime 🙁

  60. tw says:

    would u shave your head bald for barry? =D

    suet: it depends why! if it’s for his life of course i will!! if it’s just for fun of course not i’ll kill him for suggesting that wtf

  61. torrent says:

    why you like to say WTF so much ???? FTW

    suet: i try not to use that alot already! i use that to lessen the seriousness of the things i’m saying, so it’s taken more lightly and with a pinch of salt instead. but of course i dont use it when i’m trying to be serious

  62. Jay See says:

    which are the top 5 personal blogs you read besides the club, pinkpau and xia xue? =p

    suet: wah smart ah ask 5 questions!! erm i read all the ones i linked! more than 5 edi leh hehehe. other than that, i actually don’t read a lot of blogs…maybe i should.

  63. lorraine says:

    what is the most beautiful thing in the world?

    suet: my future kids 🙂 if for now…erm love 🙂 i’m cheesy like that

  64. Kwang says:

    if u cud change any of ur physical features wad wud it be n y?

    suet: i’d change my eyes cause i have small eyes =( i want big eyes!! eyes are the windows to the eyes so small how can other people see my soul properly!

  65. sibs says:

    swear on your tampons??! hahaha that made my night suet!

    ok the real question is: what is brown and sticky? hint: it’s not what you think it is. i’ll give you the answer if you cant figure it out 😀

    suet: ermmmmm chocolate pudding!!!

  66. What’s the first thing you think of me when you see my name? *coughs or maybe the uncalled for SMS I sent you coughs*

    suet: hahah when i first saw ur name i thought of..anime!! but it’s a nice name. is it your real name??

    • =( No. I like Autumn/Fall, and Kaede meaning Maple leaf in Japanese… (goddess Suet Li, yes it’s anime, I shall worship you)

      Lockhart was the last name of a fictional heroine I very very very like.

      OMG You ask me a question back, now I get one more question. hehe

  67. nc says:

    Hello suet li,

    What was the one thing you ever regretted doing?

    suet: hello! ermmm i regret trusting people too easily. it gets me in trouble all the time

  68. elle says:

    Are you exactly the same in person with the way you portray yourself in you blog?

    suet: haha i dont think im the best person to ask for this! of course i’m gonna think i try to portray myself exactly the same as i really am..but it might not be true. well i think i’m almost the same, except that i’m more emo and not as chirpy/happy all the time wtf

  69. himawari says:

    do u think some bloggers deserved to be hated? dont get me wrong 😛 coz i like your blog!! and u!!! so update moreee suettt!!! u r so pwettyyyy! u make kiamsapness look cute too!

    suet: hahha the answer to your ques is YES. haha thanksss!

  70. Shan says:

    my question is: have you ever had a bikini wax? if yes, can you share your experience? if no, will you ever?

    suet: hahah why ur url is dont have one! nope i’ve never. and yes i will! some day..

  71. Jay See says:

    suet, i just saw someone posted your pictures in lowyat forum…

    suet: what?!?!?! gimme the link!!

  72. hui wen says:

    Hahaha, I thought of digi man too!

    Emmm.. Am I really so noisy until you need to cover your ears!! wtf

    And one more thing wtf: why do you use ^_^ nowadays hahahaha

    suet: hahaha i like your noisiness! but sometimes the frequency of your voice goes beyond the threshold i can take WTF if i dont cover my ears i fear my eardrum will stretch beyond its means and explode wtf and ^_^ very cute what it conveys my emotion well wtf

  73. Ee Von says:

    do u like me?

    that question’s about u right? haahahaha

    ok real one: what kinda bloggers/blogs u dislike. and why are u upset (ur msn nick).

    dammit right after i posted this and refreshed page u replied all the other questions before me

    suet: haha yes i like u! erm there isn’t any general trait that i dont like in a blog/blogger i cant answer u. and im upset cause alot of things are not going as expected =( i hate it when that happens =(

  74. jason says:

    do you orgasm everytime barry and you *ahem*, if not, what do you do after that?

    sorry another sex question but to make it up, it’s because you are sexy!

    suet: haha! sorry i’m not gonna answer that. what do u mean what do i do after that

  75. lydia says:

    my question is about your wedding song! have you ever thought about the song you would want to dance to in your first dance? 🙂

    suet: hey u’re a suet too! ermm we actually have a song for us, it’s john denver’s “annie’s song” =) maybe this will be the song we’ll dance to

    • ..*AnNiE*.. says:

      it’s my song!Annie’s song!wtf

      lolz..i got to noe ur blog thru jessica..and u’re really a great blogger and i enjoy reading ur blog..^^

      u mek wtf bcum sooo

      question:what do u do 2 maintain ur long distance relationship wif barry?i’m in LDR wif my bf too..n we’ve been 2gether for 4yrs++..we’re coping well bt sometimes i just feel insecure..=.=”i noe it’s my i would like 2 noe how others cope wif

      suet: haha i think i’ll write a blog post about ldr next time! it’s too hard to summarize it now..lotsa trust i guess. i feel insecure all the time, just talk to him about it and work things out =)

  76. amy says:

    that song is so sweet, great for the 1st dance!
    my question is… that time u said my bf looked familiar (at the ‘made of honour’ dinner, who do u think he reminds u of? just curious! hehe~

    suet: hey! hmmm i dont remember..he just looked familiar. he doesnt remind me of a particular person la, more like i’ve seen before that kind.

  77. Jay See says:

    hmm can i ask another question? /rolleyes

    anyway, i really love reading your blog and you’re so different from other bloggers. there are some snobbish ones who think they are goddess and never care to reply comments, but you reply every single comment.

    i love you suet, haha!

    suet: haha cannot one ques only! thank you you’re really sweet =) i’m sure that’s just cause they don’t have time to reply! i have too much time on my hand..which is bad i have to studyyyy

  78. melanie says:

    Why do you link Hanis Zalikha and not Ringo (Cheeserland) when you have been friends with Ringo longer than you’ve been friends with Hanis?

    suet: hahah oooh sensitive question. that’s cause i can remember more easily so i don’t need to go through my links when i wanna read the blog! besides, i think more people know her blog already anyway.

  79. Ding says:

    how much do i worth to u?

    minimum 2 ok.

    suet: what is minimum 2!!! u are worth so much to me u dont even know it ok *emo wtf i love you wtf *still angry cause u didnt tell me about your cousin

  80. jed says:

    In your opinion, which one came first, the chicken or the egg? 😛

    suet: ok this will be a long answer. first we must reconsider the question. what chicken is the ques referring to? let’s say there are two types of chicken. one is the modern chicken of which is the one we know today, and one is the junglefowl, of which is the true descendant of the modern chicken.
    in order for the first modern chicken to be created, there must have been some sort of hybrid between the chickenfowl, some sort of mutation in the genes that created the modern chicken.

    zygote cell is the only place the dna mutation could happen, and thus producing the first modern chicken. this should have happened in the egg, where the mutation took place. prior to the first modern chicken, there were only non chickens (junglefowls), hence they cannot be the ‘chicken’ in this ques. therefore, egg must come first.

    but it depends on how you look at it i guess and how you interpret the question. my answer could be wrong in that, if so, where did junglefowl come from? another egg? dinosaur eggs? evolution? god created it?

  81. janice says:

    Hi Suet Li, I’ve been reading your blog since early this year and I’m so addicted to it.
    finally I’m given a chance to ask you a question.
    Does jealousy happen in The Club?
    Do you get jealous of both jammie & tze cos they have better family background?

    suet: wow. what a question. jealousy happens everywhere, even between the bestest of best friends. i get jealous of richer people all the time, but not of jam and tze because i’ve learned to control it. that’s my most honest answer in this whole question game =)

  82. MDG bitch says:

    do you support cindy+ringo or hanis+fiqa more?

    suet: hey u didnt follow the rules =( no fake names and email addresses!

  83. charis says:

    What would the names of your first daughter and first son be? =)

    suet: i dunno….i was thinking of either louva or lucy for the girl and jude for the guy..but it’s highly influenced by barry anyway. he likes the beatles so he wants jude and lucy.
    but if i dont end up marrying him, i want louva for the girl! dunno for guy yet

  84. lynn says:

    hey, do u ever get tired of bloggin? like thinking of what to write when there isnt much happening in life.. and like right now need to layan all the personal questions ><
    love ur blog btw 😉

    suet: haha i dont think so! sometimes i run out of things to talk about, but i end up talking nonsense anyway. thanks =)

  85. alicia says:

    would you consider plastic surgery? haha
    btw ur blog is addictive!! =)

    suet: errrrm yes i will. i need bigger boobs T_T thanks!!

  86. janice says:

    How old was Barry when he lost his virginity?

    suet: hahha why your question like this! too personal not gonna answer. somemore not about me wtf

  87. elly says:

    how many times do you brush your teeth in an day /shy

    suet: hahaha! twice! morning and night

  88. Joanne says:

    Hi Suet!!!
    I have been reading your blog and checking out all the answers for a few consecutive days already. It’s so addictive!!! =)
    Btw, my question is..
    Do you have any close guy friends apart from Barry?

    suet: thanks!! yeap i do have a few close guy friends, but not thaaaat close until we tell everything. i’m closer to my girl friends. but i love my guys friends too =)) we go way back.

  89. la la la~~~ says:

    omg this is so bes!
    kk… my question…
    what if u were in Malaysia (maybe came back for holidays or something) and u were with audrey and barry all shopping n evrything… and den, if a bunch of gals (me included) who stalk ur blog and audrey’s blog DAILY suddenly saw u guys from far and n starts screaming…. “OMG is that suet??? and aud…??? and omg barry!!! *screams screams screams*

    what will u do….?

    suet: aww u’re so cute ok!!! hahaha will u really scream like that meh?? we’re not celebrities also!! normal ppl only ma cannot act and sing also T_T anyway we’ll definitely talk to u guys la!! so flattering ok if people tell u they like ur blog!!! very happy one.

  90. la la la~~~ is jess says:

    sorry forgot to change my name! =)

  91. sue says:

    i enjoyed reading yr blog v much. Q – how did u liked dating malay guys before cause u were using Ya allah in yr older post? Cerita ler..


    suet: thanks! hahaha i actually dated a lot of malay guys before! and i have a lot of malay friends too. im indifferent, they’re just like all the other guys!

  92. June says:

    i wanna ask another question wtf..haha. suet, have you ever had your heart broken? answer please please =)

    suet: haha ok last one ah! actualllllly no i havent had my heart broke before. not very badly la. i’ve had unrequited love but not serious ones.

  93. Ting says:

    the place you most wanted to go..

    Tahiti? europe? hawaii? canada?

    suet: malaysia =((((( honest

  94. aaron says:

    what does ur father do for a living? out of curiosity

    suet: haha that’s kinda personal..he works in the construction line but i’m not gonna say do what exactly

  95. Ben says:

    Do you play online games? such as Ragnarok online, Dota, world of warcraft, gunbound?

    suet: nope not at all. i play the sims though….wtf

  96. sarah :) says:

    hi suet! I just started reading your blog.. And my my, im addicted to it! I love youuu Wtf so lesbian wth -.- anyways, my question is.. What do you normally give barry for his birthday or say, anniversaries?

    suet: haha aww thanks! i actually dont give him anything one. omg im so not romantic. i make hand made cards, we go for dinner, but this time i’m bringing him on a trip!!!

  97. steph says:

    considering that you love basketball and you proclaimed yourself as hanamichi sakuragi once (ok la just noted cause of your jersey number) i suppose that you read/watch/just-know about slam dunk.

    so… who’s your favourite character…? (don’t say sakuragi hanamichi just cause your jersey is of the same number (-_-) unless it’s for real)

    suet: eh why u say i self proclaimed myself to be sakuragi!! =.= as if i’m so shameless wuwuw. anyway my fav character is rukawa! (or haruko…i cant decide..i really like sakuragi tooo!)

  98. Kelz says:

    hihi… my question is Money or Love come first? (Choose one only ya) between i like your blog. 😀

    suet: hi thanks! ermmm love. as much as i like money, definitely love =)

  99. kim says:


    you wanted to be a gynecologist before, but among all medical specialist, why a gynecologist and what exactly was it that made you change your mind beside the fact that to be a doctor you first need passion before money in mind? do you regret? do you think you made the right choice?

    i know that’s like 4 questions (so greedy D:) but i couldn’t help but wonder, cause i myself really wanted to be a doctor but kinda went off to a whole other direction like you did and i don’t know if it was really the right choice… =(

    suet: heyy! i wanted to be a gynae cause there are so many male gynaes and too few female ones! and i feel like i wanna help all the women out there wtf. no serious one. i changed my mind cause i dont think im willing to sacrifice so much of my own life to help others =( i’m scared that at the end of the day, my passion for money overrides my passion to help people, that’s gonna suck. yes i do regret that decision sometimes, but i dont know. i dont know what will happen in the future, so no point regretting something i never got in the first it’s wayyy too much money to be a doc.

  100. Jia Meei says:

    what issit about me that you like! *follows aud

    suet: why all my frens like that T_T i like you cause u;re so cute and nice and sweeeeeeet and funny!! i love you!!!!

  101. jy says:

    wei how come i have no question to ask you one wtf?
    ok la i ask la..will u consider going out to the mall without any make-up? eh actually i wanted to ask u to click on my link and tell me is my make-up for prom night cun?
    ish 2 questions but just answer me larrrrrrrrr

    suet: haha. erm i go out without makeup a lot, so yeah haha. cun! i saw edi!

  102. martian says:

    if you were to give someone a birthday surprise, what would you do wtf.

    suet: stupid martian! what do u mean what would i do, just surprise the person la. ask everyone to come to his house then i bring him out then come back and surprise!!! *throws confetti wtf
    oh oh if u meant like the one in NY, i’d so do the restaurant one i told u! but u dunwan cheh

  103. devina says:

    EH NOT FAIR !! why everyone can ask so many questions >( i ask another also la okkkkkk 😀 what would you do if you like a guy and he is oblivious to it and he only sees you as another guyfriend wtf.

    suet: one onlyyy! hmmm i dunno i’ve never really had that before..dunno confess lor! i’d confess..

  104. Kim says:

    hehe, been silently stalking your blog for ages now, love the way you write. =)
    would you meet up your silent blog stalkers if they ever ask you to meet up in person at some random place? =P
    kinda scary and dangerous i know to meet someone who you dont know, who knows the person could be some perverted sick mental case guy. >.<”
    people like me could be very nice people actually riteeeeeee.. haha.

    suet: hey thanks =) haha nola i wouldnt do that! it’s too scary!! but it depends…i met a few of my readers before but by chance la not a meet up, and they are really very nice!!

  105. mrotaku says:

    Before you dated barry, did you have the nagging doubt that you’ll never find true love and left on the shelf forever to collect dust wtf.

    suet: hahaha nola i was only 16! still young and enjoying life wtf. i had a lot of boyfriends too but play play only one la

  106. yee says:

    hmphhhh..ok what is your female statistic.hehehe

    suet: it’s nothing to be proud of at all =( 33 27 34 T___T i think..dont have measuring tape!

  107. hipmuk says:

    how long is this game going to last? i want proper post 🙂

    suet: why everyone so demanding one =( im very busy now =(((

  108. carol says:

    okay okay my turn must answer okay /emo

    actually i don’t know what to ask you. =____=

    okay la i copy aud and jammie. what do you like about me? 😀 😀 😀 hahaha damn no shame.

    suet: cannot ask this laaa! ok la i like u cause u’re very nice!! =D

  109. MS (Money Supply WTF) says:

    ei when is the new blog entry

    suet: ppl very busy laaaaaaa

  110. Sandra says:

    from the day u attached with Barry what u think his biggest sacrifice for u? Barry’s answer might be different.if he can answer from his side then good.

    suet: erm i think his biggest sacrifice is his ego..
    barry: his social life T_____________T he’s so bad i wanna kill him now

  111. tea says:

    hi suet li! 🙂
    my question is what’s your favorite ice cream flavor! ^_^
    oh i’ve been reading your blog for some time, and i think its awesome… and you’re very prettyy =)

    suet: hey! im not a fan of ice cream but if i have to choose, it’d be strawberry cheesecake =) thanksss!!

  112. Ean says:

    Hellloooo, i am a stalker! I stalk bloggers, wth. hahahahaha. A question a question. how come you are so pretty!!! Not fair la *runs to the corner and eats choc cake* okok that’s not a question! ehh i duno what to ask.. um umm do you like Oreos? HAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE THEM.

    suet: hello! hahah im not that pretty la i swear if u see me in real life u’d just go chehhh. im ok with oreos la dont like them veryyyy much but like them abit wtf

  113. vivi says:

    what colour did you dye for your hair?

    suet: erm i dunno it’s mixed! the hairdresser mixed for me one.

  114. samantha says:

    what is your reaction if one day Barry smokes and what is your opinion on girls who smoke?

    suet: ermm i wouldnt like it if he smokes and will try to make him stop i guess. i dont like girls who smoke just the same way i dont like guys who smoke, but it’s entirely up to them so i wont judge..

  115. josephine says:

    emm this is really just out of curiosity; do you really believe that the world came after a big bang appeared randomly out of no where, and then atoms formed, and then molecules stuck together forming proteins, and then randomly, by change and organism is formed. and then by random chance again, the organism develops and the evolved into another new species and then evolve and evolve again to form the world we live in with multiple species?

    suet: YES. i dont think it’s random chance though, it’s just evolution. it’s better than believing there’s a superpower out there doing all this.

  116. DrewWVaL says:

    This is indeed interesting. Enjoy reading every bit.
    But the most important question is…
    WHEN IS THIS GONNA END?!?!? And when are you posting a new entry?
    No pressure =P

    suet: hahhaa!! sorry i’ve been very busy =(

  117. says:

    hello~ sorry i m.i.a. from your blog for some time. =(
    but i read all from where i stopped! and i hope u still answer our questions.
    my question is…if there is one trait about u that u wish to be handed down to your little suets and little bazs, which one wld it be? your kiamsap-ness? (so can save money =D )

    suet: hahha errr nola i dont want to be as kiamsiap as me! it’s bad! maybe not as spendthrift kua.. i’d die if my kids spend like noone’s business T_T

  118. fish fish says:

    Hi Suet, was wondering if I should ask this, but with your latest post, I decided to ask. You are encouraged to promote it in your blog for more students trying to apply for it.

    Do you want to apply for CSP10?
    In order to extend our vision of “Learn More About China and Chinese Culture”, the 10th China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth (CSP10) is now available for on-line application. The Programme date will be 2 – 19 July, 2009. Visiting cities include Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Xian, Shanghai and Beijing. Please refer to “Programme” section for application eligibility, fees and other information.

    The application deadline is 30 Dec 2008

    I strongly encourage you to apply. If not this year, at least next year. All friends that went gave two thumbs up for it. 🙂

    suet: thanks fish i’ll check it out!

  119. abby says:

    omg so many comments… anyway hi 🙂

    i just wanted to know whats your take on Long Distance Relationships?

    suet: hey! ermm what do u mean what’s my take? do i like it or not? i dont..but have to lor. i’ll write a post on it next time! remind me

  120. Angie says:

    So what issit about me that you like ? Please list at least 10 WTF

    suet: i seriously have to make it a rule not to ask me questions about other ppl except myself!! grr. ok
    1. funny
    2. pretty
    5. smart
    8. nice
    10. fun

    hahaha 10 already wtf

  121. Zoey says:

    Hey Suet! I love reading your blog! My question for you is… What are your fav things to do in KL? I’m going there for the first time in my life! (actually, first time to msia also haha) thx 😛

    suet: hello! i like to shop! klcc, pavilion, mid valley, one utama, pyramid, these are some of the malls in/near kl. actually i dont really go to the city often..check out the night life though! where are you from?

  122. violet voon says:

    Strawberry and orange, which one will you choose? Just curious la, because I prefer orange but strawberry is so cute so I force myself to like strawberry, HAHAHA 😛

    suet: ermmmmmm u mean to eat or wht? i like oranges better!

  123. alicia says:

    is your bf chivalrous?

    suet: err why such a question? yes..i guess.

  124. yuehuan says:

    are you happy with your life?? =)

    suet: haha yes! i am..but it could be better. grass is always greener on the other side!

  125. Kimberly Liew says:

    Which part of Malaysia are you from?

    suet: i’m from subang!

  126. jesus says:

    how many readers u get a day?

    suet: is your name really jesus??? i get more than 1 and less than 3000 wtf

  127. alicia says:

    will u say yes to abortion?

    suet: yes.

  128. keikei says:

    do your sister/family read your blog ?

  129. Shen Yee Aun says:

    What is your life philosophy ?

  130. sherlyn says:

    haaha dunno u will still be here o not~
    i saw this topic long time ago but then jz cant figure out wat to ask…
    but i jz found a question to ask ya haha

    its about *SEX*
    haha …hmmm y is ter a huge difference between western countries n our country as *SEX* is something quite normal for foreigners but for us, who stay in Malaysia perceive it as a really important issue n most of the gal is thinking on having sex only after the marriage…

    haha jz wanna know y cz i jz found tis in our gals talk during the new years eve hahaha :p

  131. Hannah says:

    What happen if one day they were no more advertorials for your blog? etc…nuffnang.

  132. sweatlee says:

    shen yee, believe it or not i don’t really have one. i just wanna be happy haha

    sherlyn, hello just saw your comment! cause we’re asians and we hold different values, that’s all. with all that globalization, it’s not gonna be long before we take it casually.

    hannah, if u notice, i hardly do any advertorials these days. the last time i wrote one was last year. i won’t have extra money to spend if there are completely no advertorials but it doesn’t really matter. there wasn’t any until very recently only anyway.

  133. Lisa Cheah says:

    I am not sure if this is too late now, I just discovered your blog. 😀

    But my question is, after almost hundreds of comments, who won the virtual oatmeal and Tupperwear?

    I would think you have eaten up the oats, and somehow lose the Tupperwear? 🙂

  134. jiashern says:

    How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck would chuck wood?

  135. JayC. :D says:

    is it too late to ask another question? 🙁
    your blog is addicting :] it makes me want to start my own blog but i’m probably not exciting enuf >_<‘
    my bf 3ko and i have been together since i was 17 same as u and barry but haven’t reached 3 yrs. yet though i turned 18 a couple months ago haha so lol but i hope to last as long as you guys ^_^ oh and i play Sims too just got Sims 3 a month ago soo expensive -____-” just for a computer game
    my question is,
    how do you have money to travel around and stuff but still save up? like what job do you currently have?
    maybe this question’s already answered in your blog =/

  136. sweatlee says:

    jayc, heh lucky i saw your ques! good luck with your bf =D
    i don’t work now but when im back in college i work! not that much lah but i get enough money for outside allowance like traveling cause i dont spend that much on other things =)

  137. JayC. :D says:

    thank you 😀 ♥
    i just started college this year and this semester ends in December 12
    i have a job interview tomorrow and hopefully i’ll get it and save money just like you cuz i really want to travel
    and i just started my own blog ^_^ you have inspired me

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  139. Noel Crawley says:

    Interested Blog, I find the posts well thought out and creative. Keep it up!

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