My first period

I am officially bogged down with work again =( my honeymoon period is now over. After 2 months of slacking off and getting bad results, (actually I didn’t really slack off..I always do the readings before class, and study like crazy before exam but why does this method not work anymore??) I’m determined to do better! I was so upset when I got back my bad results cause I *thought* I studied hard enough (around 3 days before the exams..but like 3 WHOLE days) but apparently not. sigh.

Anyway enough about boring nerdy stuff. Obama won yesterday! He’s not even going to be my president but this is the most exciting election I’ve ever seen! Stupid college mates went crazy when they announced him as the president (cause i’m in massachusetts and most people are democrats here) and started screaming..non stop..which was fine by me you should have the right to scream all you want..but not for THREE WHOLE HOURS!!! and continue screaming the next day!!!!!!!1

So I couldn’t sleep thanks to all that noise and ended up skipping a class the next day (excuse wtf)

You should watch both obama and mccain’s speeches that night. They were both really excellent speeches which gave me chills all over!

ok anyway i don’t have anything funny/lame/emo to talk about now. I’m just still really upset at my results :( but maybe i’m being too hard on myself? wait i am not being too hard on myself. i’m an asian. this is not too hard at all. i have to do well. my parents don’t work so hard to send me here for nothing. but but…it’s just college..and it’s just some stupid classes in college..

sigh whatever.

Omg i hope I’m exaggerating but i could be developing some mild schizophrenia

Recently my thoughts have been very disjointed and I even have voices in my head. I am not kidding. I don’t know if it’s the result of too little gamma-aminobutyric acid that’s why my neurotransmitters are not working that well hence the signals are overlapping..which is why i’m having mild disorganized thoughts but i really hope this is not the case..

Also, I’m very VERY insomniac lately. It’s getting on my nerves cause I need at least 45 minutes to fall asleep, no matter how tired I am or how early/late I go to bed! I almost wanted to take cough syrup so I could sleep faster but I might get addicted then become drug addict how wtf


I was talking to suann about our mothers then I remembered something very very funny! Trust me this is REALLY funny if you don’t laugh I’ll give you $1 wtf

So I first found out I got my period when I was 13. I was very embarrassed about it and tried hiding it from my mom so what I did was, I stole pads from her room WTF. Haih thief from such a young age. Anyway yeah two days passed and I’d successfully stolen 6 pads or so.

Then one fine day I came out of the toilet and my mom saw that I have brown stains on my pants. I guess my period leaked or what cause I didn’t know how to put on the pad properly wtf so she thought I shat in my pants HAHAHAH

“serene did you shit in your pants?? got diarrhea is it??! lau sai ah?”


(ya my english name is serene yaya very funny)

Then I got SOOOO shy and said in a very dejected voice, “haiya I got my period lah”

Then she brought me into her room to tell me what to do and asked me, “so you know how long it usually is?”

And I thought she was asking me how long a pad is, so I put my palms 5 inches apart and said “mmm I think it’s this long” wtf cause wanna show off that I know allll about period/pad already

Then she said “no lah I mean how long the duration of the period!!”

By then I was too embarrassed so I said oh I know I was about to answer that too! the end

(please bear in mind that I was still fat and pudgy Suet, don’t know why but it makes everything funnier. so you can’t say aww so cute cause when you think of how fat/ugly i was it’s not really cute anymore wtf)

eh laugh la wtf



Okay so how many of you read my old blog when I first started dating Barry (my xfresh blog in 2004) and read his blog at the same time too? Did you find it interesting to check what we say about each other when we were both in the process of getting to know each other?

Well, the other day I saw these two cute blogs of a couple that reminded me so much of our glory days. It’s this really sweet couple who each has his/her own blog and they will update on their lives and blog about their dates together! How cute is that!

The guy’s name is Berry and here’s his blog. Berry=Barry hahahha. Berry is this typical Malaysian guy who describes his relationship with Lemon in a straightforward way (just like all the guys, no frills attached)

The girl’s name is Lemon and here’s her blog! She’s this really sweet girl who reminds me of myself when I first fell in love cause she’s really giddy and describes everything in great detail!

If only MY berry is still blogging right now (he was a terrific blogger really) sigh. BUT! Have no fear for Suet is here! For those of you who enjoyed reading his witty blog, you are in for a treat today cause I…am going to force him to start blogging again! He’s now trying very hard to think of something interesting to blog about for his great comeback but I’m going to make him talk about me me and nothing but me nyehehe

Oh wait I found the post where Barry first talked about me!!!

Beach Baz has some Good Vibrations
Met a rather fascinating waitress at an Italian restaurant today. Don’t think I’ve met anyone as spontaneous and friendly. Think I’ll drop by the restaurant again. Hope she won’t think I’m a crazed stalker.”

Nostalgia nostalgia. When I first met him and found out that he had a blog, I went and saw this part and my heart beat so fast it nearly jumped out.

Ok since I was overcome by nostalgia, I went and dug out our very first conversations together too! Here are some parts that I would like to share cause they’re really funny/stupid/emo.

(expectation = me, baz = him)

expectation : you know what i always dream of?
Baz needs to: nope. but if i guess right, do i win anything?
expectation : no
(damn potong steam hahahhaa)
expectation : i always wish i can lie down under the moonlight and stare at the sky
Baz needs to: it’d be ideal to have someone just talking beside you, and both fall asleep under the night sky. and wake up in the morning to find you’ve both been robbed.
Baz needs to: but yeah, i know. it’d be perfect actually.
expectation : don’t spoil the fun
expectation : yes. if we talk as in really talk
expectation : not saying stuff like i love you baby..ewww!

Baz needs to: …..who says things like that?
expectation : lovey dovey guys
Baz needs to: haha yeah maybe in form 2 or something
expectation : oh yeah and i wanna write under the moonlight too
Baz needs to: you’ll need a torch light.
expectation : the moon will be bright enough i hope
Baz needs to: bring carrot to munch on to compensate for the eyesight you’ll be ruining.

HAHAHHAA “I love you baby..eww!” “who says things like that” HAHAHAHA so obvious we both wanted to impress each other only! And Barry was so sarcastic all the time!

Emo parts:

expectation : sorry for keeping you till this late
Nine Inch Ba: aww heck don’t apologize, it makes me feel even guiltier
expectation : how long can you stay awake for me
Nine Inch Ba: remove the “for me” part, and i’d be asleep on the keyboard

Awwwww. Ok this is the most crucial part of our relationship, our very first date. And now I shall reveal to all of you what really happened that day and how it all began…jeng jeng jeng wtf

expectation : hey wanna watch sunrise together?
Nine Inch Ba: sunrise? where’s a good place?
expectation : i dunno
expectation : but we can find
Nine Inch Ba: haha boy you should get an award for planner of the year
expectation : c’mon
Nine Inch Ba: okayy. that’s a plan.

That was it! Hahahaha I can’t believe I was really as spontaneous and sporting and daring like that! I’d never met this guy before apart from the two times he ate at the restaurant, I didn’t know if he was a good person, or a serial killer, or if he had pets, or if he was smart, but I just went ahead and asked if he wanted to watch sunrise with me! At 5 in the morning! I could have gotten myself in real danger but I took the risk anyway and look where we are now =) (don’t do this at home, kids)

This next part is after we started seeing each other for a week, and I found out that he still didn’t know my full name.

expectation : okay I’m gonna talk and you dont need to reply. just read this after you finish doing your work. I’m too bored
expectation : if the blinking light is distracting, close your taskbar
expectation : anyway feel like confessing. I’m a terrible deceiving bitch. I’m a huge player. i two timed guys before..wait make tht three timed.
expectation : and i ditched guys whom i think ain’t up to par with me cause they just couldn’t keep up with my demands. i had guys whom i dated for their looks. and talents. and whatnots.
expectation : i hate myself. and i love to pull ppl into hating me too..
expectation : i hate this. my english is getting suckier, i have to use a dictionary to write this shits. i feel so fake
expectation : anyway my surname is liew. liew suet li. and my english name is serene. i HATE ppl calling me that except my family cause I’m nothing like a serene should be
expectation : i hate this
expectation : I’m going to bed

Baz Biz Buz : don’t go.

Jeng jeng jeng this is the drama/emo part

Baz Biz Buz : suet. i’ve only known you for a week. i want to know you now. i want to know you in a year’s time. i don’t care if i didn’t know you before. and i don’t care if i didn’t know what you were like before.
expectation : i’ll stay
Baz Biz Buz : and i don’t know if you just like me for looks, talents, sarcasm, whatever, and i won’t know until you ditch me, but until then, i don’t care.
Baz Biz Buz : i told you, suet, i really like you. i really liked the girl i met at pizza uno, i really like the girl i watched a stupid sunrise with, and i really like the girl i’m dating now.
Baz Biz Buz : and i guess that’s all i care about now.
expectation : I’m touched
Baz Biz Buz : so smile, say something stupid like you always do, like ‘whee!’ or whatever

(hahaha this is stupid. back when i was young and naive and talk in a weird way (don’t you think the way i talk was so..pretentious?) anyway back then, i used to say a lot of whee! wtf)

expectation : whee!
Baz Biz Buz : whee!
Baz Biz Buz : i don’t want to know about your past.

So there you go, some of our very first few conversations together. Aww this really made me smile =D I cannot believe that all this actually led to us being together for so long. a month to 4 years being together!

Who’s in favor of me forcing Barry to start blogging again?

p.s: thank you again those who tried editing my header! I asked Jammie to combine some of them and this is the final result. I LOVE it very much! It goes soooo well with my layout <3

hacked by ooib the cool

“hello i am liew suet li and i’m a boring nerd who would rather read (yawn) blogs than play time-wasting online games with my bored but handsome and charming all-round fockin awesome boyfriend.”

yeah, that’ll teach her to ignore me next time.



Hello! Today is Halloween! *throws candies around

I didn’t want to go to any parties at first but Giang got tickets to a party for us so I went anyway. I didn’t have a costume and I was planning to just go as whatever I have in my closet but I went to forever 21 and saw this dress!

And thought hmm ok I’ll just go as a prisoner then since the dress was only $4.

I even got handcuffs too! and I was gonna print out my number to hold.

Giang and I in her room getting ready. Guess what she went as!

Blair Waldorf =)

She wanted me to go as Serena but I die die didn’t wanna do it. Cause I look NOTHING like serena van der woodsen ok! No matter what I wear..or do..

I had on fake lashes, eyeshadow and curled my hair with a straightener!

Anyway after that, I changed my mind..

And went as Hello Kitty instead


I’m sooo not into hello kitty at all but Giang had those ears and my prisoner outfit was starting to look like crap wtf so why not!

^_^ (wtf)

lovely tights and shoes courtesy of Giang, which I didn’t wear later cause they were a size too small =(

So off to the party we went

I didn’t want to buy the cuffs for nothing so we cuffed ourselves together so we wouldn’t get lost later! which really worked..

she says i smell good wtf

don’t know what they were but they looked cool!

a guy with 14 arms hahaha quite freaky right!

i asked him what he was and he said he was a scientologist wtf!

scientologist in deep conversation with the preachers hahaha

giang’s pretty headband!

other people who were there. kenny your girlfriend was there too wtf

gay guys wtf. they were kinda hot! i wasn’t deliberately taking their picture ok they just uh..appeared outta nowhere

more people. look! got starbucks barrista!


with dan the turkey who was in my french class

giang with man with 14 arms

traffic light i think hahahah!

pretty peacock girl who stood all alone in the corner =(

Anyway that’s all! The party got boring so we came back and I camwhored more..well it’s not everyday that I’ll be a Hello Kitty right!

Why do I not look like Hello kitty at all wtf

hello kitty icon Pictures, Images and Photos

real hello kitty

scrunching my face in hopes that i’ll look more like a cat wtf

acting cute while i can!

ok now, back to my uncute self. DND me this whole weekend cause uncute Suet has serious business to attend to: study for Pysch midterm T___T

Happy Hello-ween!

p.s: Do I have any readers from around Orlando? I really need your help sigh :( please do leave me an email/comment. Thanks!!

p.p.s: oh and thanks for allll your efforts in trying to design my header! I’ve got the design nailed now so I’ll put it up as soon as I have time =)

p.p.p.s: i’m soooo upset that i’d have to miss nuffnang’s party this time =(((