These boots are made for walking

These boots are made for walking

If you know me well, you’d know that I’m not someone with very good fashion sense. If you know me better, you’d also know that I own a total of 5 dresses, 2 skirts, 2 jeans, and maybe 6 tshirts. Anyway to have a good fashion sense was never my dream because I always think you need to be willing to part with your money in order to dress well..which is partly true. No matter how cheap clothes from thrift stores may be, you need to buy a lot to be able to mix them well etc.

So yeah my point is, I never had good fashion sense and never will. My clothes are all under $10 but the other day, I bought something over $10 T___T I’ve always always wanted a pair of booties cause they seem to go so well with leggings! So I spent $30 on this pair I saw in forever 21 and now I regret it like crazy!!! Cause 1. they kinda hurt cause I’m not used to wearing heels and 2. i dunno if they’re nice or not!!

I couldn’t return them cause I walked in them once and lousy soles are now kinda stained after that 5 minute walk! So it’s either..I sell them on ebay wtf or just keep them. What do you think? Lemme show you.

This is the pair of boots I got. My favorite pair is actually this:

OMG SO PRETTYYYYY and it has v neck whatever you call it, so your legs won’t look as short!!

Alas, I couldn’t afford this, so I just got the grey ones from f21 =( they’re like 50% cheaper.

But now I can’t decide if they’re nice!!

Do they make my legs look shorter? Especially when I’m already so short

sorry not showing face cause look a bit like shit. a bit only wtf

the thing that sucks most is i got them in grey so they’re kind of hard to match..especially when my wardrobe is so limited. i don’t think they match that well with light colors?

see! with red scarf also they look a bit mismatched already

what about this hahaha

Anyway what do you think? Should I sell them off or keep them? Grey is so hard to play around with! sigh mummy why wasn’t I born with better fashion sense wtf


That aside, were you shocked when you first saw my blog? Sorry! please get used to it for this whole festive month! Besides, green is good for your eyesight =P And you can play with the bottle opener too! I wanted to match my entire layout with it but I don’t have time to look for a green layout.

Speaking of time, there are only 2 weeks left before the end of this semester, and 2.5 weeks before winter break! Yaysss I really need a holiday now (yeah thanksgiving break just passed i know but it wasn’t enough!).

Two exams, three papers and I’m done! I should really get started on my papers now…







I can’t bring myself to do it! How 🙁 I think I don’t wanna major in Economics anymore cause it’s such a boring subject. Why did I choose it T_T My stupid econometrics paper is on FDI and growth and it’s sooo boring I don’t wanna write it! I HATE ECONS I HATE AMERICA I WANNA GO HOME.

You know what I really miss right now? I miss the flexibility of being back home, where we can just go classes in the day and go wherever we want at night. Here, I’m stuck in my room 24 freaking hours a day. No one-u/pyramid/midvalley/going cinema/eat out/hawker/mamak nothing!! No car no public transportation I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere!!! with lesbians and weird people whine whine i’m such a whiny girl today i hate myself IT’S THE FUCKING WINTER BLUES i tell you (not that it’s snowing yet)