Notes from the hershey’s

Notes from the hershey’s

I’ve been waiting all this month to write this post but when it’s finally time to, I don’t even know what to say!

So yesterday when the clock struck 12,

*Queen Suet says:
*Queen Suet says:
i have something urgent to tell you

Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
what’s up?
*Queen Suet says

*Queen Suet sends C:\Users\Suet Li\Pictures\URGENT MATTER.jpg

*Queen Suet waits patiently for Barry to open it wtf

Barry Ooi Eu Hock says:
i just realized!!
*Queen Suet

Sorry for the lousy artwork I didn’t really remember until I saw that it’s almost 12 so simply paste some pictures next to the calendar that says 12 December and call it a day la wtf

Anywayyyyy 12/12 is a very special day for the both of us cause it’s our anniversary 🙂

1st year’s post here, 2nd year, 3rd year.

Do read the 3rd year’s post, I think it’s the best of the lot and I was just rereading it and still had goosebumps all over me! I don’t think I can ever write a post that’s sweeter than that! But I will not try. because it’s 3.30am now and I’m only done with 3 out of 14 chapters of my macroecon and my finals is in two days.

Ah who am I kidding! Of course I’ll try! I’ve been waiting to write this post for so long I’m not going to waste it away just cause I might flunk my exam. Anniversary post > exam, that’s the spirit right!! wtf

So hmmmm what can I say that I have not said already..Let’s read some of the hershey’s notes Barry wrote for me! Backstory: he wrote tiny notes and slipped them into 56 hershey’s kisses cause there were 56 days before we’d meet again.

omg I wanted to only choose some and write them here but it’s so hard to choose cause all of them are soooo sweet! Ok let me filter out the dirty ones first wtf. Ok here goes! In chronological order (sort of)

You served me my lasagna

yeap that’s right, that was how we first met!

I don’t know any other girl as crazy as you who’d ask me out on a sunrise first date

I’d always wanted to kiss a beautiful girl under the stars at an airport..

(back story in the 3rd year post, lazy wanna repeat)

“I don’t want this to be a December fling”

This is what he said to me 2 weeks after we started dating and it was in Dec. I replied “well then it can be a Dec-Jan fling!” and he said “I don’t want this to be a Dec-Jan fling either!” to which I replied “then it can be a Dec-Jan-Feb fling!” as you can see I’ve always been annoying wtf and then he asked me to shut up, held my hand and we continued shopping in Mid Valley wtf (but in retrospect, damnnn i was cute)

First love

The first song we made out to 🙂

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’

Sneaky boy! he recited this entire poem to me on an afternoon of a glorious sunny day and it was just sooo sweet (albeit a little cheesy) and I just started tearing! I’d never forget that.

White roses!

On our first Valentine’s, he got white roses for me after an advice from jolene, and it has been our flower since =) He got me white roses every month for the first year and then no more already oi start giving me flowers or no sweet posts for you anymore

Your smile when I make your heart tingle

Whenever he says something sweet or sometimes whenever he holds my hand, I get this funny tingling sensation inside! like somewhere near my heart I think..haiya this sounds really cheesy.

(eh are you guys sure you wanna continue reading this? got a lot somemore!)

I’d probably still be an emo goth if I hadn’t met you


Who else would I tickle and bully?

Dammit always bully me one seriously!!! He always always lies to me telling me nonsense stuff like:

eh suet you see that guy there, do you know he’s an undercover cop?

HAH?? how you know!!!

cause you can tell from the way he looks at people

What is he doing here?!

To arrest me for my crime of being too handsome


Seriously I always fall for his lies one why am I so gullible?!

You’re cute when you’re gullible

Haih it’s ok lah at least I’m cute wtf

You’ll read these all at one go although I told you not to!

Tekkk wrong! I read one by one every morning when I got up 🙂 You have no idea how much I looked forward to waking up just because I knew there was a note waiting for me and every note was a day closer to seeing you again =)

The way you say “hey!” when I squeeze your ass

yeah omg he’s so sneaky always squeeze my ass in public wtf?? someday I’m gonna make him pay, you think can squeeze for free one ah wtf

I’ll never forget how I felt when I first saw you..seriously!

Awwww. at least he’s sweet..alright one free squeeze for you wtf

I want to marry you

Don’t lie! The other day he told me he doesn’t believe in marriage pfft.

You understand me completely, although I don’t understand you fully yet

That’s ok I don’t think I understand myself too

I’d die for you

I’d double die for you. I win.

(i’m starting to steer from being romantic to being plain annoying am i?)

You’re always on my mind, I’ve reserved a spot for you.

Thanks baby 🙂

45 months, 0 times I’ve felt I didn’t love you.

Really? What about during the times when I say mean things when we fight? 🙁

Anyway that’s it!
It’s 4am now and I’d love to continue this post but I’m going to sleep now.

Happy 4 years baby.

They say the 3rd year is the hardest period of a relationship but we breezed through it easily. We’ve also heard the same thing about the 4th year but no problem there as well. Starting from today, it’s going to be our 5th year of trying to bust the myth yet again and I’m pretty confident we can do it too.

Despite all our arguments lately, you know I still love you just as much. Arguments are one of the only ways to bring ourselves closer to understanding each other more right? If you give me the chance, I’d love to understand you more each day until the day I die wahh corny kao kao must be the sleep-deprivation..

Sorry for this not so lovey dovey post, can’t expect me to write such sweet things all the time! After all, I am but a lost soul.. (a joke from the 3rd year post wtf)