Florida Day 1-2

Florida Day 1-2

Hello! I have some time at the airport so let me blog for a bit! I’ll just put up lots and lots of pictures ok!

omg this is crazy, I have 100+ pictures just on Day 1 alone. Posting alllll the pictures from Day 1-8 will take a LONG time but I’ll do it anyway! Cause I really like to read other people’s┬átouristy blog posts so I’m going to assume other people like it as much too..You’re going to feel as if you went to Florida/Universal/Disney with me!

After we checked into our hotel, Natasha (my friend from Florida) told me her aunt packed nasi lemak for us so we had scrumptious malaysian food for dinner! Yays to warm weather + malaysian food

We were at downtown Disney where all the Disney shops are

With fake Cinderella

These were made of Lego!

The dragon in the water too!

Barry and I

Natasha and I. Sorry I look so ugly here T_T in fact I look quite ugly in ALL the florida pictures T__T either florida hates me or I need a new camera or I’m just..ugly wtf

Day 2

Barry at Universal! Look at the sky!!!!

Us in front of the globe.

On Hollywood Boulevard (can you see the SUN OH SO GLORIOUS SUN)

These were our first few rides!

I really like Universal for all their amazing props!

Bart and Lisa

First ride- the Simpsons Ride!

While waitingggg. Lots and lots of waiting cause there were so many people

Waiting was fun though cause they had a lot of stuff to entertain you while you wait.

The locker system is really cool cause you just have to scan your finger! No keys nothing AND IT’S FREEEE!

The men in black ride…which is kind of boring

For the JAWS ride. We reallyyy enjoyed this ride

While waiting again..

Inside the Disaster ride, which was really cool cause we became part of the cast of a disaster movie. Really nice too!

Our packed lunch to save money!!! whoever goes anywhere with me will get to save a lot of money wtf but at the expense of eating lousy food

Look at the blue sky! It’s so blue that it looks fake

Christmas tree and the blueeee sky

Bye bye Universal, your rides aren’t that nice!

Ok shit it’s time to board. I’ll have to continue this when I get to go online next time…which is in a long time cause I’m going to stay in Boston for a few days after this.

Have a nice christmas and new year if I don’t get to blog before then, byeee! Sorry if I made any typos cause I’m not in the state of mind to blog now wtf