Florida Day 2-4

Hello! I’m back in my college now finally so I can blog all I want! Before I continue talking about Florida, a little (good) news..I returned the stuff I bought the other day HAHAHA IT’S SO TYPICAL OF ME IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY

Sigh but then I felt sad cause I didn’t wanna be like that forever so what the heck I went and bought another bag but cheaper than the first one I bought. So err..it’s all good. What I bought this entire trip: two bags (one small one for $5 yays!), a pair of shoes and a cardigan. Not bad eh!

But I spent quite a bit on food and theme parks so it’s still a pretty expensive trip for me. BUT it’s okay this is Winter break and it’s okay to spend, as long as I’m happy and I am really really happy *tells self over and over again

So back to Florida! Oh wait let me just talk about the rides I went on on the first day, just in case anyone else plans to go too.

Simpsons Ride

This was a simulation ride so nothing much to describe. It was one of the better simulation rides though


We sat in a car and it went around this trail where there were aliens all around so we had to shoot them to get points. Yeah as you can tell, it was kinda boring


It was a roller coaster but try as I might, I cannot remember ANYTHING about this ride now so I guess it was quite forgettable


Ooh I liked this one! We were supposed to be the supporting cast in a disaster movie so we got to see how a movie was made etc


omg this ride was so bad…they put you in a room and show you how it feels like when there’s a twister. I guess it wasn’t thaaat bad but compared to the rest it was just meh. The effects were kind of cool though, like all the other rides

Jimmy Neutron

I have NO idea why I made Barry go on this ride with me, maybe to get my money’s worth wtf but this was the worst ride in Universal. I guess maybe cause it’s sort of a kiddy ride..it’s a simulation ride

Shrek 3D

This was for kids too but it was actually pretty cool. Basically just a 3D show but it was very real!

Continuation of Day 2

We only took half a day to see most of Universal so we had time left to go to Island of Adventure!

This was where alllll the thrill rides were, FUN FUN FUN

First ride- Hulk!

This was a roller coaster and it looked pretty scary but it was actually quite mild for us

Spiderman ride was soooo bad! It was sorta an indoor 3d roller coaster except that it wasn’t scary at all

The toon lagoon, the props are so good!

Blondies shop


This was so cute! There were a lot more of these speech bubbles around Toon Lagoon

Next ride- the Ripsaw Falls

We sat in a log (just like the one in sunway lagoon) and we had to go through a few mini plunges before the final almost 90 degree plummet down ripsaw falls! Quite good

The lost continent’s props

Poseidon’s Fury, sort of a show/tour.

The show. This was pretty cool, they brought us into a cave and pretended that we got stuck and Poseidon had to fight with some demon (the colorful thingy is actually sort of like a screen of water where they fought) and then we were freed wtf

Free alas wtf with Poseidon’s foot (i’m wearing something else here..maybe cause this is from another day wtf i’m so confused now..too many pictures!)

Seuss Landing, where all the kiddy rides were

Happy cheery colorful buildings!

Ended Day 2 with Grinch Who Stole Xmas’ show

Went dinner with Natasha and her cousins in this Jap place. Jap food + kids = all you need to make me VERY VERY HAPPY

Omg I’m only at Day 2! hahaha soooo many more pictures!

Day 3


Started the day looking bright and happy!

Then we went to Jurassic Park’s River Adventure which was realllylylyllyy good! We had to sit in a log thingy and it went around Jurassic Park where there were dinosaurs etc. Then we went up higher and higher and plummeted down like the Ripsaw ride but I think this was nicer cause of the dinosaurs!

Came out wet but still happy!

Engulfed in fog and mist

Went to see the Macy’s Parade next so here we are waiting for it

The Macy’s Parade

Barry while waiting to ride JAWS (omg i’m so obsessed with his nose! damn nice ok mine so big and ugly T__T)


oh i loved this one!! We went on a boat and there was a tour guide who brought us on this ‘boat tour’ thingy and we were attacked by a shark!! Then the tour guide pretended to not know what’s going on (as if we were really on the boat tour and we were attacked by real sharks) and started shooting the sharks but they were so big and real!!! Damn cool ok

Fear Factor

This was not too bad, it was like watching Fear Factor live with the audience as contestants and it was kinda fun!


Dueling dragons! You get to choose a dragon- fire or ice- and they are two completely different roller coasters. You choose to ride on one and these two roller coasters actually go around each other! Damn nice ok we went on this one like 4 times until we were pretty numbed to it. Sat front row too!

End of Day 3!

How ah should I continue with Day 4?

Ok I will! To make up for all the days I didn’t blog =D Actually I didn’t take a lot of pictures on day 4.

Started the day making sandwiches as usual. Barry better marry me wtf hahaha that whole sentence rhymes

I curled my hair every morning but the humidity in Florida was really bad for the curls no matter how much spray I use =(

Hahhah look at my face i look like a mouse but look at how not curly my hair is!

We finally finished every single ride there was in 2.5 days so we went to the mall

I love florida *big wet eyes. Where else can I wear a skirt like that in the US!

Barry in his pink shirt which he got for really cheap. Urban Outfitters!

I FOUND MY FAV SHOES!!! Remember the cute booties I wanted?? I saw these in Armani Exchange for $40 and I did NOT buy them T____T Cause it was kinda painful to walk in these and I suck at wearing heels anyway. sighhhhhh

Actually that’s all no more pictures for day 4! Will continue next day lah Barry is gonna kill me if I continue any longer. Hope you liked the pictures!


  1. green tea says:

    i think i’ve not commented for a really long time but i still read your blog frequently! too lazy to type these days why oh why =__=

    anyway i like these kinda travel logs. plus there are a lot of photos hahahaha

    feeling kinda random but anyway i realise the goodness of angelababy<3 from your blog too lol

  2. Cass says:

    oh gosh i so want to go hols with my bf now. :/

    sorry for not commenting for so long! been busy flying around -__-

    omg how can you guys be immune to the dragon ice/fire ride! it looked so scary O.o

  3. Jay See says:

    haha, the old suet is back. btw, still can refund the stuffs you bought eh? all the pictures damn nice, you look damn pretty, damn fair and nice legs XD and another thing hor, i think your skin looks better when you’re in the states comparing to those pictures you took back in msia =P

  4. jessflakes says:

    omg u make me miss disney world too much! ya i know when my fam & i were there, we rented a whole house, with a little pool at the back of the garden and wake up every day at 5, cook plain porridge and everybody brings their own tupperware and make tons of sand”witches” for lunch and dinner. so poor like that but it was cool cuz many of us were kids and we were never hungry. i love the mgm studio best. we were there for 1 week and couldnt finish visiting the whole world. i miss the stitch movie thing and the buzzlightyear one. sigh, what a lovely place.

  5. sj says:

    why didnt u buy the booties! look damn nice on you. just need to break into them then get softer then wont be so painful and you can practise walking all day wtf. barry’s nose like aud’s nose hoh. so sharp and nice i also want. T_T

  6. mustardqueen says:

    OMG $40 AX WHY DIDNT U BUY!!???? If you buy in KL or Singapre it will most prolly set you back for 300-400 bucks MINIMUM!!! T___T Why US always got good deals wan haih and I wanna go to universal studios also T___T I wanna see cartoon characters wtf and pretend I haev talking bubbles =((

  7. sweatlee says:

    dont worry i still remember u! haha she’s sooo pretty right im in love with her

    haha it’s ok! i hope u like your job =) yeah it was scary at first but we’re suckers for thrill rides!

    yeah the best thing about buying stuff here is u can return anything!!! haha nola actually my skin is worse here in the US! dunno why i think cause of the seasonal changes. just that it doesnt show on my hp’s camera

    i guess i’ll always be myself haihhh thanks!! =D

    u should it’s really fun! yeah make sandwiches so much cheaper!

    haha i wanted to do that with my frens too got jacuzzi and stuff!! but we changed plans and a hotel is much cheaper when there are only two of us. i went to the stitch thing but it was ok only.

    it’s not a ride, we watched them doing tht! but u can join the fear factor if u want, so fun!

    yeah i didnt realize until u told me abt noses wtf. spiderman ride damn suck so boring! yeah my curls look nice hor *gloat wtf

    i wish i can T_______T

    omg that’s my exact excuse for not buying them!! and all the stuff i like. omg this is freaky

    i know but $40…and i probably wont wear them alot… haihhhh yeah i love their noses!

    thanks! yeah the food is soo expensive!

    yeah haih im still regretting…

    it isssss!!!!

    haha i shall tell him that!

    will u really /boo ok let’s migrate to aust wtf

    i packed too little hahaha i had to wear same shorts twice i think wtf. u’re gonna have so much fun!! yeah if the ride doesnt allow u to bring bags, they have free lockers. but u can bring in a bag for most rides. for disney, the locker is only $5 a whole day, not too bad

    thanks!! nope haha cardigan is frm sg wang, black top from somewhere in NY and the skirt is actually a top i got from H&M!

    i dunno huhuh cause i know i wont wear alot cause so high and i cant wear heels one T_T

    haha really ah! thankss =D

    thanks!! =)

  8. *YenN says:

    So fun!!!!
    I miss it.
    I still don’t get how come u so yeng can wake up early in the morning to pack food. We wanted to do that but all of us were too lazy to wake up before 7.30
    Sumore u quite geng lor… can wear sandals. All of us work the walking shoes and we still ended up with super sore feet.

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